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Nikki: I hope you’re right about victoria, that whatever this plan of yours is, it will work.

Victor: Yeah, I don’t have any more news than what I’ve told you earlier, okay? But I have a good feeling about this.

Nikki: With very little basis for it.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Victor: Well, we’ll soon find out.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Whatever that means.

Victor: It means that the pilot has some interesting news about the company jet. Hmm.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Hi, honey. You heading home?

Nick: Yeah, I got some work i got to do.

Victor: No, son, just hang on for a moment. You need to know this.

Nick: Know what? Is there news?

Victor: Well, the pilot has informed me that… victoria filed a flight plan to new york, and then right back to genoa city.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] She’s coming home?

Nick: How many passengers?

Victor: She’s by herself.

Nikki: Oh, thank god. Thank god.

Nick: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right? We haven’t actually spoken to her, so we don’t know what any of this means.

Billy: Why so serious?

Ashland: Oh. What’s going on?

Sally: Chloe doesn’t have to be a fan of yours to be an amazing right hand for me.

Adam: [ Sighs ] You know what? You’re right. Just forget I said anything, okay? I want you to have whatever you need to do your best here.

Sally: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Adam: So if you think chloe is a good fit for coo of newman media, then bring her aboard. Convince her it’s a good fit, regardless of her feelings for me.

Sally: Well, if chloe really wants to end her partnership with chelsea, I want to scoop her up before anybody else does.

Adam: Well, like I said before, chelsea came by earlier. She was there to have me sign some papers for connor’s camp, but I could tell that she was, uh, struggling.

Sally: Because of rey rosales’ passing. Yeah, chloe said that she’s been having a hard time.

Adam: Connor is, too. But true to form, she’s using work as a crutch. She’s avoiding her emotional well-being, and it has created a rift between her and chloe.

Sally: Well, that’s an understatement, because based on what she told me, chloe is truly at the end of her rope.

Adam: Yeah. It’s gonna be even more of an issue if she decides to accept the gig to do a new line for marchetti.

Sally: What?

Adam: Mm.

Sally: Well, I knew the company was moving here, but why would marchetti switch designers?

Adam: I don’t know. I don’t know, but summer wants to hire chelsea, apparently.

Sally: Well, it’s an incredible opportunity.

Adam: But she already thinks chloe is trying to micromanage her. And chloe doesn’t want her to take the job at marchetti because she thinks she can’t even handle the workload she already has.

Sally: Well, do you think chloe’s right?

Adam: I know chloe is right, because I know chelsea, and I made my thoughts on that subject very clear.

Sally: How did she respond to that?

Adam: She got defensive and accused me of criticizing her. She just — she’s not listening to any reason.

I mean, chloe wouldn’t badmouth a friend, but I can tell she’s just about had it. Chelsea isn’t holding up her end of the partnership, which is causing a strain on their friendship, too. Though, maybe parting ways… is the best thing for both of them.

Chelsea: Let’s see if I have the whole list of sins. I’m inconsiderate, ungrateful, I don’t send 100 apologetic text messages when I’m gonna be 5 minutes late.

Chloe: It was over an hour, chelsea — this time. You’re bitchy to me, you pick fights, I am tap dancing every damn day around the people who actually make our clothes because you’ve suddenly decided that deadlines are optional.

Chelsea: I’ve been under a lot of stress, too, okay? In case you haven’t noticed.

Chloe: Oh, my god, I have noticed. It’s like I have —

[ Breathes deeply ] You’re allver the place. I can’t keep up. I mean, I have tried every way I know how to help you navigate your emotional ups and downs. Meanwhile, all I get is snark and putdowns. You call me controlling. Well, you’re impossible. Things can’t go on this way.

Chelsea: “Things can’t go on this way”? What do you mean by that, exactly?

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provided by… my blood pressure is borderline.

Sally: So, I have your blessing to make chloe an offer?

Adam: [ Breathes deeply ] Yes, madam C.E.O. Hire away.

Sally: Ooh, madam ceo — I like that. I just hope the timing is right.

Adam: Look, I know I said not to worry about chloe hating my guts, but she does. She always will, so… no matter how civil we are to each other.

Sally: Do you hate her back?

Adam: No. No, not at all. I didn’t have any issues with chloe when we were creating the fashion platform. In fact, in the brief time it was up and running, I thought we did some pretty good things. I just — I don’t know if it’s still a problem for her. That’s all.

Sally: Well, I mean, it’s not as though she’d be working for

you this time. She would be my direct report, and you promised me autonomy.

Adam: Mm-hmm, and you will have it, ’cause I have total faith in your judgment.

Sally: Well, if I had a nickel for every person who told me that, I would have… a nickel.

Adam: I don’t think our old conflicts are gonna be a stumbling block for chloe but just something to keep in mind when you’re negotiating with her.

Sally: Yeah. No, I will just focus on how great it is to work here and the fabulous job that I know she will do.

Adam: Great. Knowing the media arm is in good hands, now I can focus on other areas.

Sally: Oh. So the better chloe and I do, the less she’ll see of you.

Adam: Bonus.

Sally: Okay. Then I’m — I’m gonna do this.

Adam: Great. And, honestly, I think dissolving the partnership is gonna be good for chelsea in the long run. This way, she can take the job at marchetti.

Sally: I love how supportive you are of people who matter to you. Including me.

Adam: If I ever neglect to show you how grateful I am for you —

Sally: Never happen. Because I intend to make it easy for you to keep showing me… every day.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Adam: Um, someone has lousy timing.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Adam: What the —

Sally: Problem?

Adam: The newman jet is en route to new york. I booked it to go to pittsburgh with connor for the game tonight.

Sally: Yeah, I remember. Some father-son time.

Adam: Yeah, well, now I have no way to get there. Um… it must have been dad who bumped me. He’s one of the few people that can make them.

Adam: I just — I don’t know why this sudden and urgent need to, uh, go to new york. Yeah. Hey, it’s adam newman. I got your text. Um, why is the jet going to new york? Who requested it? Victoria?

Victor: Billy boy, this is a family discussion, okay? If I were you, I’d continue wallowing in that trivial crap to prepare for your next stupid podcast. Okay?

Billy: Ooh! You’re a listener. Hot damn. I’m gonna have to tell the team. They’re gonna be ecstatic about that. Now, personally, I’m more interested in this dramatic family discussion that we’re having. Have we heard from victoria?

Nikki: The answer is no. None of us have spoken to her today.

Billy: But you know something? Don’t try to deny it, because I know that I’m right. You know, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the concept of having a conversation with johnny and katie about why their parents are living so far apart. However, I am thrilled for victoria that she’s finally breaking free and walking away from the man that’s been pulling at her strings since she was in diapers. It’s a shock to the system, huh, pops?

Nick: Billy, what mom said was the truth. We don’t know anything specific. We were just talking about how frustrating it is. And it’s a family matter, so… bye.

Billy: It’s all good. I’m sure I’ll hear from her. Probably even before you do because we do share those kids together. Facts of life. Enjoy.

Nikki: Thanks for sending him on his way.

Victor: That man is consummate pain in the ass, you know? And why he’s still involved in our family is beyond me, but such it is.

Nick: Let’s not waste any time on billy, all right? The only thing we need to concentrate on right now is making sure victoria is okay.

Victor: You’re right. You’re right.

Ashland: Uh, were you planning to sneak off without me?

Victoria: No, of course not. What are you doing back here so soon?

Ashland: Well, I left my tablet behind. It’s got all of our new company information on it, our corporate account number, login credentials, that kind of thing, so…

Victoria: It’s very lucky you remembered it.

Ashland: Yeah, it is. It would’ve been pretty lame if I couldn’t back up our interest in buying a big building in new york city with this proof of funding, which, of course, I can, because… because now we put our money together in a big account — $500 million. I’m sorry. Weren’t you — weren’t you on your way to the lawyer’s office?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Victor’s text to you. What’s that about?

Victoria: I have no idea.

Ashland: Oh. No, I’m sorry. I’m just, uh… very interested in what victor might have to say to you right now. It’s, uh… “jet is on the way. Are you all right?” Evidently, you were planning on sneaking off.

Victoria: No.

Ashland: Victoria… don’t lie to me. When you really need to sleep.

Chelsea: Are you quitting? Abandoning our deal with fenmore? Leaving me in the lurch with marchetti? You wouldn’t possibly consider dissolving our partnership, because without me, there is no business.

Chloe: See? There you go. Right there. Zero to 60 in a millisecond. When I say this isn’t working, it means I want to find a way that it caN. A new approach to our partnership so that we are both operating at our best. A better way of communicating that doesn’t involve you getting so angry and defensive.

Chelsea: I can’t believe I’m hearing this for my supposed best friend. Things don’t always go smoothly, chloe. That’s the nature of collaboration. I thought you knew that.

Chloe: That’s not what I’m saying.

Chelsea: What I do is not easy. Coming up with new ideas all the time? You act like just anybody can do it. You know what? I am sick of you not appreciating what I bring to the table.

Chloe: How dare you say that? After all I’ve done for you.

Chelsea: All you’ve done for me?

Adam: Right. Well, thank you for letting me know.

Sally: What does this have to do with victoria?

Adam: She’s the one that sent for the jet, and dad signed off on it.

Sally: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Soon as she boards at laguardia, the pilot is coming back here immediately with victoria as the sole passenger.

Sally: What could that possibly mean?

Adam: Can only mean one thing. Dad’s made up his mind. Victoria’s in, I am out. That’s it. Game over. Okay. Dad got his wish. The return of the prodigal daughter.

Sally: Okay, slow down. You went right to the worst-case scenario. We don’t know that’s what’s happening.

Adam: Yes, we do. We do. Sally, you don’t know these people like I do. Machiavellian behavior is the newman stock in trade.

Sally: Okay. Well, the way you described the blowout with victoria and her family before she left, turning her back on all of you forever, not telling you where she and ashland were going, doesn’t really sound like a woman who ever planned on looking back.

Adam: Exactly. You just made my point for me. So, what changed?

Victoria: I’m not lying to you. I have no reason to lie. I sent for the jet. It’s taking me genoa city.

Ashland: I see. Did — did victor get to you? Did he issue some kind of ultimatum?

Victoria: No, ashland. This decision is mine and mine alone. My father had nothing to do with it.

Ashland: Okay. So, um… so I guess this separation has been more challenging for you than — than I thought. I mean, cutting — cutting ties with your family, moving a thousand miles away — it’s — it’s a lot.

Victoria: I regret some of the things that I said to them, but it was necessary.

Ashland: In order for you to prove your independence.

Victoria: Yes.

Ashland: But now you’re having second thoughts about walking away from your family?

Victoria: I could never leave my family. And the fact that you would think that shows how little you know me.

Ashland: I-I-I’m sorry. I still don’t know that i understand. So you’re going back to your family to ask forgiveness…

Victoria: No.

Ashland: …Without even telling me.

Victoria: I had every intention of telling you everything. You just caught me off guard by coming back here so soon.

[ Breathes deeply ] The plan was to have my bags packed and be ready to go and have a moment to compose myself so I could decide exactly what I wanted to say to you. Oh, well. Here it goes. You and I will not be forming a new corporation together. And this move to new york was not about starting a new life with you. It was a calculated move to cut ties with you and to end your connection with me and my family for good. You know, you did everything exactly as I hoped you would do. You agreed to invest your own money, and you transferred what was left of the $500 million that my father gave you into the corporate account that I created. By the way, I have since drained that account, and now you have exactly what you deserve. Nothing. So maybe now you have a clearer understanding of exactly who I am… and what you’re dealing with. Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Chloe: Look. I am not keeping score. But I have come through for you so many times. As a result of your medical issues — which were not your fault — you went down a dark path, and you made me your unwitting co-conspirator.

Chelsea: And clearly, you still hold a grudge against me for that.

Chloe: No, of course not. But kevin works for the police, and if my involvement habecome part of the original investigation, we would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

Chelsea: Which is why I went along with victor’s plan. I confessed evetothing, and I went to the hospital. I protected you. So please don’t act like this is a one-sided friendship.

Chloe: All I am saying is that you worry yourself. Your whole life had gone off the rails. And you needed time. You needed time to heal and recover. You couldn’t even think about working.

Chelsea: And now you’re throwing that in my face?

Chloe: I am reminding you that even at your lowest, I was there, like always. I bent over backwards to buy you time. I worked for adam for you. I set up the whole fashion platform for you so that you would have a safe place to land, doing the work that you love once you felt well enough. I mean, I did what it took to keep things going, even though you left me dangling, claiming that you weren’t even sure if you wanted the job. I-I practically begged you to come back to work with me because I knew that it would be good for you and because I love working with you.

Chelsea: Well, lately, it doesn’t seem like that.

Chloe: I find it impossible to comprehend that you would even suggest that I don’t appreciate your talent. That I am not a good enough friend to you? That hurts. Yes, I am trying to find a way to make our partnership work, but I am also trying to preserve our friendship.

Sally: Victoria made this big declaration of independence and tied it to a man whose entire life is based on lies, who claims — how did he word it? — That he has been changed by victoria’s love?

Adam: Yeah, what a crock. I never, ever believed that.

Sally: Yeah, well, she certainly seemed to. So maybe, now that victoria has calmed down, she regrets the way she left things here, and maybe she’s coming back to make peace with her folks so they can continue to be a part of her life, even if it’s not the life that mommy and daddy envisioned for her.

Adam: I suppose that could be the case.

Sally: Victoria seems like a practical woman. She’s gonna want to know that she has her family’s support in case she ever needs it.

Adam: Or maybe ashland already pulled some new crap.

Sally: Could be.

Adam: Something that finally opened her eyes and made her realize everything that she had given up.

Sally: If victoria is so in love with the guy that she forgave for the whole faking cancer scam, I doubt that she would turn on him so fast because she’s too proud and she’s invested too much time.

Adam: Well, there could be a lot that we don’t know.

Sally: I get that. So we can’t rule out anything, like the possibility that, yes, maybe she is trying to come back to reclaim her place at newman. Keyword — “try.” Because if that is the case, she’s gonna have you to contend with.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Look, we have come way too far, babe. Don’t panic. It’s not gonna do us any good. It’s just gonna cloud our thinking when we need to be at our sharpest.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Good point. Thank you.

Sally: Any time.

Adam: What we need is more information. We need to figure out what we’re dealing with so we can act accordingly.

Nikki: I want to believe that victoria came to her senses, that something happened to make her realize that she made a terrible mistake.

Nick: That’s what we all hope.

Victor: Certainly possible.

Nikki: Or…could she be coming here to confront you about discouraging those investors behind her back? Because she was very clear about you interfering in her life any more.

Nick: Maybe ashland realized that he would always be facing that kind of hostility and decided he’d had enough. I mean, do you think there’s a chance that he broke things off?

Nikki: I just cannot bear the thought of that man hurting victoria again.

Victoria: Did you really think that I was so completely under your spell that you could just do anything that you wanted to do, and I would forgive you for it? Every single minute we were together was a lie. It was a massive betrayal. I loved you. I cared about you while you pretended to be overwhelmed by your illness. I suffered at the prospect of watching you die over this non-existent disease. Every day — every single day — I felt dread in the pit of my stomach over this. And when I learned the truth of — of what you had done, it didn’t just break my heart, it crushed me. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. You saved my life by pulling me from…a burning car. But, honestly, I’m not sure that that was really a selfless act.

Ashland: I saved your life because I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.

Victoria: That wasn’t enough to erase what you did to me and my entire family. You didn’t deserve that payoff money from my dad. And giving half of the money to nicholas? That was a transparent act. You did it to impress me and to try to ease your guilt. I don’t even know if you’re capable of feeling guilt. I doubt it. I decided that I wasn’t going to let you take anything from them. So I came up with a plan to get it back — by lying to you and deceiving you the same way that you did to me.

I’m a ganiac, ganiac,

check my drawers.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victor: Well, I, for one, am going to assume that victoria is in control of the situation. And that it was her decision to come back home.

Nikki: Let’s say you’re right that victoria’s coming home for good. Then what? Have you made any long-term decisions about where adam fits into the company?

Victor: I’m not going to make any decisions right now until I’ve talked to victoria.

Nick: I think that’s wise, dad. Even if victoria is leaving this jerk, I think she meant what she said about wanting her independence. And everything’s up in the air until we actually talk to victoria and figure out what’s going on.

Victoria: I know that you view the world in terms of profits and losses. It drives everything that you do. You have to win at all costs. I don’t even think you’re capable of feeling remorse. And certainly not love. But there it is right there, in black and white. Balance — zero. Your fortune is gone, and I know that hits you right where you live.

Ashland: This isn’t what you want.

Victoria: How the hell do you know what I really want, huh?

[ Scoffs ] That’s why I was able to pull this off so easily. Because you’re so arrogant. You think that you have this hold on me that nobody can break.

Ashland: Our love was not a scam. It was real.

Victoria: Yes, it was. It was. At least on my part. And, yes, I held on to those residual feelings a little bit longer than I should have when I learned the truth about you. But every word that I have said to you since I got back from switzerland has been a lie.

Ashland: Right. And I should have known something was wrong when you insisted on taking things slowly.

Victoria: Yeah, because you wanted to believe all the bull that I told you about starting over again. It’s the, um…secret of any successful con.

Ashland: Yes, it is. You got me. Congratulations.

Victoria: Well, so I’ve bared my entire soul to you. I think maybe it’s only fair — and I’m dying to know — how does it feel? How does it feel to be so completely wrong about me? To be bested and stripped of all of your ill gotten gains?

Ashland: You do understand you’ve just committed fraud.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] Fraud? Oh, that’s, um…

[ Laughing ] That is so rich coming from you. Someone who has lived all of their adult life under a fraudulent name, who built his entire fortune on a stolen inheritance, who defrauded everyone into believing that he was dying from cancer.

Ashland: So this is you stooping to my level. For money. Or — or was it just to prove that you could do it?

Victoria: Go ahead. I dare you. I dare you to try to accuse me of anything. I will let the world know exactly what you are capable of and the levels to which you will stoop. I have proof to back it up, and I can destroy your life with one phone call.

Ashland: And if you feel satisfied now, a sense of triumph? Was it worth it?

Victoria: Yes.

Chloe: I want to focus on solving the work problem.

Chelsea: By which you mean me.

Chloe: This dynamic. Every time I express concern or offer my advice, you lash out. Insist on taking it personally.

Chelsea: Because it is personal. You make it personal. I have asked you several times just to back off, to tru me, to trust the process.

Chloe: And you’re so wrong about that.

Chelsea: I am speaking!

[ Scoffs ] A prime example. Designing for marchetti would be a dream opportunity for me, and you won’t even consider the idea.

Chloe: I was merely suggesting, as someone who knows you and knows how intensive and time-consuming the creative process can be, that you consider the possibility that you might be taking on too much.

Chelsea: This is what I’m talking about. You always want to manage me.

Chloe: Okay. Well, what you consider a managing, I consider being a responsible partner.

Chelsea: You insist you know what’s best for me, what I can handle, like I’m some irresponsible child.

Chloe: So I’m not supposed to voice my concern?

Chelsea: It crosses a line. It’s controlling and patronizing. And I can’t take it anymore. When I insist I know my own limits, you throw the past in my face like I don’t have the emotional fortitude to do my job. It is insulting. That is what’s not working here, chloe — your attitude. So if you want out, by all means, be my guest.

Billy: Hey. You okay?

Chelsea: Not by a long shot.

[Acoustic soul music throughout]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey. You followed me.

Billy: You said you weren’t okay.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s — I’m — I’m fine. I just needed a minute.

Billy: Did something happen in society?

Chelsea: Yeah. Chloe. She’s really getting on my last nerve lately.

Billy: Is that why you hightailed it out of there?

Chelsea: I just needed some air. The truth is, with chloe, sometimes… forget it. You don’t want to hear all this?

Billy: I do. It’s okay.

Chelsea: We’ve just been disagreeing a lot. You know, this whole professional partnership has suddenly become very personal.

Billy: Yeah, that’s what happens when you work with someone that you care about. Lily and I disagree on things at times, as well.

Chelsea: I doubt you two fight the way chloe and I do.

Billy: We have our moments, but, yeah, we end up talking about it, and we — we find an understanding.

Chelsea: Well, it used to be that way with chloe, but lately, it’s like she’s constantly pushing my buttons.

Billy: As only the ones that know us best do.

Chelsea: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. Maybe it’s me, you know? Maybe I’m projecting my stuff onto chloe. I mean, she’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I mean, she’s always been so amazing to me. Maybe — maybe — maybe she’s just having to deal with all my issues.

Billy: Well, I’ll give you points for insight, but promise me this — do not start a podcast, okay? Because it’s gonna be a real downer. Worst of all, it’s gonna be boring. And who wants to listen to that? Not me.

Chelsea: Is that what I said?

Billy: You said that exactly, I think.

Chelsea: Huh. Well, look at that. Actually got through to you.

Ashland: So this is who you are now. This is who you want to be. Your father would be so proud.

Victoria: You know, and it’s just so predictable that you would use my relationship with my father as a way to get me to second-guess myself. I repeat — the plan was mine.And the satisfaction of crushing you the way that you tried to crush me, that’s mine, too. Leaving you with nothing but what you had before you masqueraded your way into my life and tricked me into loving you. Oh, you know what? Actually, it’s even less because your company has been absorbed into newman enterprises. Your name and your presence are completely wiped from the building. And you are now what you always should have been — nothing. No one.

Ashland: I loved you with all my heart and soul.

Victoria: I could’ve predicted that you would say that, too, only now I know you have neither.

Victor: Well, thank you for the information. Right. If something changes, kindly give me a call. Bye.

Nikki: What time will the jet be landing in new york?

Victor: In a couple of hours.

Nick: Which means, by tonight, victoria will be home.

Adam: I was going to use the jet to take connor to pittsburgh to see the brewers play the pirates. So imagine my surprise to learn my request was bumped so victoria could use it, someone who is not an employee of this company and, last time I checked, didn’t want to be a part of this family. So does someone want to tell me what’s changed? Hey, it’s me…your skin.

Billy: I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. This — all of this right here — is rhinoceros skin. Nothing gets to me.

Chelsea: Ah, except for my comments on your podcast, which apparently you can quote verbatim.

Billy: That got to me.

Chelsea: You don’t have to listen to me. Don’t take it to heart.

Billy: Excuse me. I always listen to the truth.

Chelsea: Always?

Billy: Mostly.

Chelsea: That’s more like it.

Billy: All kidding aside, I — I took what you said to heart because I think, deep down, I knew you were right.

Chelsea: Mm. Just like, deep down, you were right about chloe knowing me well enough to get a rise out of me.

Billy: There we go. So what did we learn today?

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Uh, I guess, on some level, what chloe said makes sense, and i just didn’t want to admit it. Maybe I’m not good at gauging my limitations. Perhaps I need to face reality.

Billy: Hmm. Look at us, huh? Being all mature. Who would have ever expected that?

Chelsea: No one, ever.

[ Chuckles ]

Sally: Is this seat taken?

Chloe: Hi. Uh, what are you doing back here?

Sally: Well, I forgot my card.

Chloe: Fair warning — I’m in a — I’m in a lousy mood.

Sally: Yeah, I just saw chelsea storm out of here.

Chloe: Right. That wasn’t upsetting or anything.

Sally: Look, the last thing i want to do is make things worse, so you can just tell me to shut up if I’m overstepping. But when we were chatting before, it was very obvious that things were strained in that relationship, work- and friend-wise. You just seemed like you could use someone to talk to. And…maybe an alternative.

Nikki: Can’t you and connor fly commercial?

Adam: I checked. All the flights, they’re booked. So poor kid is gonna be crushed, and now there’s nothing that I can do about it.

Victor: Son, victoria requested the use of the jet to bring her from new york to genoa city, okay?

Adam: I am aware of that.

Victor: Good.

Adam: If you’re not gonna give me the courtesy of speaking with me first, you could least tell me the purpose of her visit. Or is it more than just a visit?

Ashland: So what do you expect me to do?

Victoria: I gather that this hasn’t penetrated for you. Because you have come to see me as someone that you can still manipulate, someone who thinks they can’t live their life without you. Well, guess what. I’m looking forward to it. And as to what you should do? I don’t care. Disappear. We’re through. I don’t want to see you or hear from you ever again.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

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