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So where’s nikolas? Oh, he’s somewhere. He’s on a call. He’ll be here shortly. Do you have everything? Yes. Two quickie divorces, hot off the presses. Thank you for being so expedient. And you have the division of assets from nikolas’s lawyer? Yes. Yes. 50/50, right down the middle. You know, I got to say, you turned a nice profit here in a three-year marriage. Now — now, I told you, this divorce is… it’s just a gesture, you know? Nikolas wants to prove to me how much he trusts me by giving me half of everything. Yeah. Yeah. Ain’t love grand, huh, ava? That’s not funny. Well, I’m not trying to be funny. Once you sign these papers, you’re going to get half of what he has. And there is not a damn thing that he can do about it. Which is exactly why we are doing this. Our marriage, which started with blackmail, mutual distrust, will be a thing of the past, and the only thing that will remain is our love. Cam, take a break. No can do. We’re a little short-staffed, since you quit on zero notice. I’m sure that you can spare 5 minutes. This is important. I’d argue that work is important. Not that that means anything to you. Wow. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I’m sure that your mood is going to improve when I tell you that I found a way to help trina. You have proof that esmé recorded joss and me? No. But I have the next best thing. I found out who esmé’s biological mother is. I’m sure chase will be here any minute, but, uh, while we’re waiting, do you have any updates? Heard anything from elizabeth? She called. We talked briefly. Did she say anything about you visiting her? No. Oh, sorry. I know how difficult it is for you to bide your time while elizabeth is struggling. I’d do anything for her, dad. This is what she wants. I have to respect her wishes, stay away. Hey, it’s about time. Hey. Sorry, I overslept.

[ Chuckles ] Well, better get that out of your system before you start working back at the pcpd. Yeah, that’s not happening as soon as you think. Why not? My suspension has been extended. Hey. Hey. Have you been waiting long? No complaints. I’ve actually been enjoying the downtime. Good. Mom? Hey. Hi, joss. Trina, how you doing? Hey. What’s wrong? You seem distracted. Um, uh, you know, I’m just dealing with some work stuff right now. Carly, I am so sorry. I had no idea this was gonna happen. So how much set-up time do we get? Really? Well, that — that — that’s not a lot, but, oh, hey, we are going to make it work. Yes, we’re so excited and thrilled for this opportunity. Truly. Uh-huh. Oh, of course. Yeah. Ta. Whew, okay. That was our segment producer. And I got to talk to the on-camera talent. You spoke with haven herself? What did she say? Did she love the deception products we sent over? Love, love, loves it. She is a big fan. Okay, she is going to wear our femme fatale lipstick on camera today. That is amazing. Yeah. But she had a few teeny tiny changes she wanted to make in the order of the products, and I promised her we would make it happen, but it’s gonna be really tight. Deception goes live in 2 hours on tv, and sasha’s not even here yet! Oh, okay. It’s fine. I will call her. Whew.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. Sasha, where are you? I just stopped to get some coffee. Now is not the time for coffee. It is almost showtime. We have some product to move, stat. Okay. I’m on my way. You’re not leaving early, are you? Yes, I am leaving. What we agreed upon, that was a mistake. Really? Because I think I have exactly what you need. Brook lynn. Hi. Good to see you. Oh. Good to see you, too. I can’t remember the last time we talked. Uh, I know. You know, when you asked to meet me, I knew you wanted something. Oh, how dare you? I want to know how you’re doing. As you can see, I’m doing good. Yeah? So tell me what you want. Okay, fine. I-I’ll get to the point. I need you to take care of a sleazeball named linc brown.

Esmé’s biological mother help us with trina? Esmé has always wanted to know where she came from and why her parents gave her up for adoption. Which has nothing to do with trina or revenge porn. Cameron, it will. Once I tell esmé that I found her biological mother, but I’m not going to give her any of the information unless she admits that she made sex tape. Okay, but she’s not going to do that. That’ll land her in jail. My plan is for esmé to record her confession. I’m gonna give her a chance to skip town before I turn the recording over to the police. She was known to have been at the cabin just before the sex tape was made, and she was on campus when it was uploaded. Her confession is going to cause reasonable doubt in trina’s case. Wow. Spencer, that — that might work. It will work. Okay, wait, esmé has been looking for her biological mother for years. And then just out of nowhere, boom, you find her? That’s — that’s pretty convenient. I didn’t find her. My uncle victor did. You know, you two have the weirdest marriage and divorce I’ve ever heard of.

[ Scoffs ] Doubt that. Well, okay, maybe it’s not the weirdest, but it’s up there in the top ten. Where’s martin? He’s been delayed, but we don’t have to wait. Scott can walk us through the key points. No, I think, you know, your lawyer has to be here to look over the divorce agreement before you sign anything. I’m not worried. Shall we begin? Yeah. Okay. This is just your standard no-fault divorce. Divorce? But — but, mr. Cassadine, I — I thought you weren’t gonna tell her. Can we please talk about this somewhere else? Like in the gardens? Olivia: Yeah. Alright. Mom. Is everything okay? Yeah, it’s great. We’ll talk about it later. I don’t know. That sounded more like bad news. Well, it’s just business. I mean, as long as everybody in the family is okay, we can handle whatever the new issue is. I know what you mean. My family has really stepped up with me. Believe it or not, but my mom wasn’t even upset when I told her that we went to the biker bar. She said she supported me for taking steps to help myself. Wow, that’s awesome. I just wish that that stupid bar fight hadn’t broken out so we could talk to that bartender some more. Well, curtis said that he’s looking into it, and he said that the bartender hasn’t been there since that night. Curtis? Yeah. He took over the investigation. Wow. I’m glad to hear it. You know, I hate to say it, but we’ve run into another dead end. Maybe. But like I said, curtis is on it. And even if the bartender doesn’t pan out, something will. I swear, I’m not gonna let esmé get away with this. I’m surprised linc slithered his way back into town. What does he want now?

[ Scoffs ] I thought I put linc in my rearview mirror. You know, when valentin bought out my contract? But unfortunately, linc still owns the rights to my songs. You know, from when he was my producer. You know he’s selling my songs to push dog food and paper towels? He’s using my beautiful love songs as jingles. That’s not the reason why I-I asked to talk to you. No? No. I’m here because of chase. Your suspension was extended. I have questions. So do I. Is this why you were upset the other day when brook lynn called me? Yeah. I’m suspended until the civilian review board investigation is concluded. There’s a civilian complaint against you? Linc brown filed one yesterday. Who’s that? Brook lynn’s sleazy former producer. Used to harass her all the time while she was under contract, and his behavior hasn’t gotten much better. They got into it at the savoy the other night. What did you do? I punched him in the face. Oh, you punched someone else? Even after you got suspended for it the first time? Dad, come on. I’m sure the guy provoked chase. Oh, he did. Still, son. Was it worth potentially getting kicked off the force? Felty: Did you bringthe credentials that make me the official deception photographer for today’s appearance on the home & heart channel? I did, but I have changed my mind. Why? All I’m looking for is backstage access. The publicity will be great for deception too. It’s a win-win in my book. It’s not like we’re breaking any laws. Oh, come on. Everyone deserves a pick-me-up every now and again. Why are you so uptight about it? I don’t recognize those pills. What are they? These are prescription. Totally safe. Just a couple of these babies got me through fashion week last year. It’s great stuff. Trust me. And if I can be frank, you look a little run down, like you could use a boost. All you want are backstage photos, right? That’s it. And you want these. So… do we have a deal?

You and ava are getting a divorce? This is awful. What didn’t you tell me, nikolas? It’s just, I thought that, um… esmé, you misunderstood. Ava and i are getting a divorce, but we’re still a couple, still together. Our love for each other hasn’t changed. Esmé. What did you think nikolas wasn’t going to tell me? I knew he’d been contemplating getting a divorce, but I also knew that mr. Cassadine wanted to fight for your marriage. I thought he’d told you he’d agree to a separation, that’s all. Is that correct? Both esmé and spencer noticed the toll our rift has taken on me. He’s been so upset. I know that spencer would be delighted if you and I split up for real. Are — are you saying that you don’t feel the same? Deep down, spence wants his dad to be happy. And you make him happy, ava. Thank you for your concern, esmé. But you did interrupt something. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll — I’ll go. But first, could I have a moment with you alone, mr. Cassadine? I had no idea that ned was even considering siding with valentin. If I knew, I would have told you immediately. Please stop. Please stop. There’s nothing you could have done. But I still feel terrible. I know that the news of the elq-aurora merger being dead, it’s really tanked aurora stocks. I — how is it going to impact your deal with the hedge fund? It already has. Not in a good way, but I will figure something out. Oh, my god, carly. Could you lose your half of the metro court?

[ Sighs ] Linc mouthed off at brook lynn in a really crude and cruel way, and I didn’t take the time to think about the consequences. So, yeah, I — I decked him. But a cop shouldn’t go off the handle like that. You’re — you’re a good cop, right? And that should count for something. I know how much you love your work. You’re right. Like the commissioner pointed out to me, it is part of a law enforcement officer’s job to keep his cool in tense situations. And twice now, first with valentin and then linc, I haven’t been able to do that. God, I can’t believe I’m back here again. Back here? Yeah, I, uh — I almost lost my career because of janelle. Took me years to rebuild. That — that — that was a completely different situation. You were young. You didn’t know better. Mm-hmm. Different circumstances, yes, but my reaction proves it. I follow my heart. Is that what you were doing when you were defending brook lynn? You were following your heart? You got your uncle victor involved? That guy’s bad news. Are you serious? You’re the one who’s constantly complaining that my plan is taking too long, that you don’t like lying to joss and trina. I don’t like lying to them. Neither do I. So I went to someone who can get results. My uncle victor is the former director of the wsb. He has the right connections to access privileged information. That’s it. Yeah, alright. Make sense. So what did he find out? Esmé told me that she was left at a church when she was a baby. She later contacted that church, but the priest insisted that he had no knowledge of the woman who left the baby. Great. So a dead end? Well, that’s what esmé thought. But then uncle victor’s people tracked down a nun who said that she remembered esmé being abandoned. They, uh…convinced her to share the name of the mom who abandoned her child. And how did they convince her? I don’t know. Uncle victor didn’t give me any of the details, but his people tracked down esmé’s biological mom. She lives in portugal now. What, so that’s it? Esmé’s not gonna risk prison for a name and an address based on information she doesn’t even know is legit. No, of course not. And that’s why uncle victor got dna. Sasha was only stopping for a coffee. She should be here by now. Oh, sorry. I lost track of time. It’s okay. Yeah. There you are. Here you are. There you are. That’s all that matters. And we really need to get started, because there’s just a lot,

a lot to go over before we head over to the tv studio. I thought we settled everything last night. I’ve been going over my notes. I know them backwards and forwards.

[ Sighs ] What? So the home & heart people called, and their host, haven, had some ideas about our lineup. It’s good news, really. She’s very excited about our products. She just wants to start with the lipstick instead of the eyeshadow. So, lucy and I, we reworked the presentation. Yeah, so I’m going to get the script, and I’ll give you time to memorize all of it. Excuse me. Oh, hey! Make sure it’s version 3and not version 2! Lucy: Yeah, yeah! Got it!

[ Muffled ] Got it all right here! Here you go. Okay, the changes start on card 1.

I’m sorry. This affects you, too. You could be saddled with a business partner that you don’t agree with. I don’t care about any of that. I mean, of course, I care a little bit, but that’s not the most important thing. This — this hotel, this is our thing together. You have put so much of yourself into this place. The renovations — the pool and the gardens — that’s you. That’s all your energy, and us together, I don’t want to lose that spirit. I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose it either. When I invested in aurora, it never even occurred to me that the merger with elq wouldn’t happen. I thought it was a sure thing. And I love running this place with you. I can’t imagine not coming here every day. Alright, that settles it. I’m buying your half of the hotel. Esmé, what do you have to say to my husband that you can’t say in front of me? Oh, I was just… planning a surprise for spence this afternoon. I didn’t think you’d be interested. I’ll be right back. Haven’t any of your police contacts given you anything that could help trina’s case? Some piece of evidence that they haven’t mentioned yet? No, that esmé, she’s covered her tracks very well. Okay. You have my attention. What is this surprise for spencer you’re planning? I was planning on taking him on a day trip to the mountains. Would it be okay if we borrowed your convertible to take in the scenery? Of course, but you could ask me that in front of ava. I know. The truth is, I pulled you away because I need your help. Trina: Oh, my god. I totally forgot to tell you who I saw here last night. Who? Someone from pcu? Rory. Officer invisible was here at the pool? With esmé. What? Has she found a new victim to prey on? No, rory let me know that she sat beside him. I didn’t like it at first, but rory totally put her on notice. Esmé knows that he’s onto her. My uncle victor’s people got a dna sample from the woman that they believe is esmé’s biological mother. I got a sample of esmé’s dna, and I had gh run a paternity test. So what, you just ordered a dna test like ordering a hamburger? What can I say? Money talks. Anyway, it turns out that this woman in portugal is esmé’s real mom. Spencer, that’s — that’s huge. Mm-hmm. This information is going to be way more valuable to esmé than just sticking it to trina. I mean, spencer, you’ve found a way to save trina. You really think so? I mean, I was skeptical at first, but you convinced me. Good. Let’s hope esmé falls for it as easily as you did. Fall…? What do — what do you mean? It’s all a lie, cam. I made the whole story up. I’m not following my heart to brook lynn. She’s my friend. No, I’m just saying you’ve gone above and beyond for brook lynn. You pretended bailey was your daughter. You punched valentin and now this linc to defend her. This is nothing like janelle. I spontaneously stepped up to say that I was bailey’s father. Brook lynn never even asked. And for punching those two losers — look, I know I shouldn’t have done it, but in the moment, I could not stand hearing them insult brook lynn. But those were my reactions, okay? Brook lynn in no way asked or even wanted me to be involved. Just to be clear, I’m not criticizing brook lynn. I know you care about her, and I know she cares about you. I was impressed the other day when she reached out to me to let me know you needed cheering up.

[ Chuckles ] It’s funny. Brook lynn tries to downplay her good qualities. She likes to hide behind her rich girl persona and her tough, new york city attitude. I actually almost hit linc a few weeks ago, and she beat me to it. Just another sign that I can’t control my temper. You know, I’ve used a lot of words over the years to describe you, and bad temper never came up. I agree. I always describe you as “passionate.” You always have been. Even as a kid, you stood up for the little guy. It’s just in your nature. That was always my goal. I just… I got to figure out another way to do it. Linc was totally disrespecting me. He was treating me like garbage, and then he grabbed my arm. That’s when chase stepped in and punched him, which, in my opinion, he completely deserved. Only thing is that chase was already on suspension with the pcpd for punching valentin a few months ago, who was also saying horrible things about me. So now chase is on suspension again, or still, or whatever. Look, the bottom line is, chase might lose his job. Because of linc? No, because of me. I can’t let that happen. Chase is a great detective and he really loves what he does. So, look… any chance you can have a quote/unquote talk, you know, with linc? Get him to recant his complaint against chase? You know, as much as I’d love to, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. What? What? Why? Why not? Because chase is a cop? That’s no reason not to help. Your son dante is a cop. You’re misunderstanding me. If I get involved, word’s gonna get out. What did chase do to deserve a favor from me? Right? They’re gonna see him as a dirty cop. I didn’t think about that. I’m sorry. Best thing that chase can do is just go through the process and hope it comes out in his favor. Remember, when you’re speaking on camera, we want our customer to look in the mirror and feel empowered. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes. Very strong, independent, and could do absolutely anything. Be anyone. Ye– well, no, not just anyone. She wants to be you, sasha. Excuse me? What does that mean? It means that you, you are the ideal. You are the face of deception. You’re strong. But relatable. Fearless. But never, ever harsh. Oh, you just need to relax and be your natural and charming self. Let the audience see who sasha really is. Well, not totally, though. I think sometimes you have to maintain an air of mystery — oh, my god, just stop it!

Sasha: I’m sorry for snapping like that. It’s just — I put so much time into memorizing the original order. I-I just need a minute with all these last-minute changes. Look at me. It’s okay. It’s really okay. We understand that this is a lot. Yeah, and if we let our enthusiasm get away from us, we’re really sorry. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah. I’m just a little nervous, that’s all. Well, who wouldn’t be? Oh, look, my butterflies have their own little, teeny, tiny butterflies, but it’s gonna be okay. You are going to be absolutely magnificent. Thank you for all your faith in me. You got this. Easily. And besides, never forget, we are always by your side. I know you will be with me in spirit, but physically, you will be standing behind the cameras. I will be the one in front of them. So everything you told me about esmé’s biological mom is a lie? Yeah, I have no idea who esmé’s real mom is. Spencer, what the hell are you doing? What? I had to test my story before I use it on esmé. I needed to know if it sounds believable. You know what? You’re an ass. I’m sorry, cam, but I only get one shot at this, okay? As soon as I demand that esmé confess to this, she’s gonna know that I believe trina, not her, and it’s game over for me. I see your point. For what it’s worth, your story’s good. Yeah? What part convinced you? The dna test. Can your uncle fake one for you? No, not exactly. And that is where you come in. What kind of help do you need from me? It’s my internship at spring ridge. My work there has convinced me that I definitely want to major in psychology. Figuring out why people do what they do — fascinating stuff. You still haven’t explained why you need my help. Dr. Collins was being completely overprotective and managed to convince the administration that they should terminate my internship. And I know he thinks he’s acting in my best interest, but he’s not. I’m hoping you could get my internship reinstated.

[ Scoffs ] I’m not sure how I would go about that — I know you have connections at spring ridge. I mean, after all, you’re the one who got spence’s aunt alexis released early, right? I hate to bother an important man such as yourself with something so small, but… can you do this? For me? I will buy your half so that I will own the entire hotel. And then you can pay me back slowly, you know? Like an old-fashioned installment plan. Okay, olivia, stop. That is a very generous offer, but do you have the liquidity to buy my half? Well, I mean, I’d have to talk it over with ned. Oh, no, no. We could — absolutely not. Some of our shared assets? No.

It’s pretty genius, don’t you think? No, not genius. And not something I want any part of. Come on. It is not a big deal. All you have to do is get dna samples from joss and her mom for me to have tested. Is that all? Yeah. It’s going to give us a legit mother-daughter test result. Esmé can go to the lab and confirm it herself. What do you expect me to do, huh? Hug carly and snag a couple hairs? That’s not suspicious at all. Oh, don’t be so dramatic. You can swipe it from a glass that she drank from. Where is josslyn anyway? I’m supposed to meet joss and trina at the metro court pool after my shift is over. That’s great. Oh, my god. That’s so great. That’s so good. Carly is almost always working at the metro court. You can get both of the samples today. Just let me know when it’s done. Oh, no. If I’m doing this, then you’re doing it with me. I can’t believe you haven’t found anything to tie esmé to that sex tape. I mean, that little fiend torched my car, and she threw in kiki’s gh badge just for kicks. She’s got a devious mind, I’m telling you. Yes, she’s devious, but she covered her tracks well. Now let’s get back to what’s at hand here. To sign the papers, we’re going to need a witness. I’m just gonna wait for nikolas to get back, okay? Well, you said that he wanted this, as do you. I mean, was I wrong? Does it really matter? You’re banking billable hours no matter what. I’ve always been there for you, haven’t I? I care about you, and you know that. Why would you say that to me? Sorry. I know. I do know it. I just — I mean, I’m on edge because I’m very concerned about trina, and I’m just… I’m just being silly. Silly, silly. Silly how? I just can’t help thinking that nikolas and i are tempting fate, that this divorce, that it isn’t going to be the fresh start that he wants it to be — that it’s going to be the end. I’m not sure I can help you. Esmé, as you know, kevin is married to my mother. If this were to get back to her, it would be bad. You’re right. I guess this is what I deserve anyway. Losing my internship, I mean. This is my punishment, right? For sleeping with my boyfriend’s dad. No. No, that’s not how the world works, esmé. Hey, you’re just — you’re just feeling guilty, like I am. Because we should have never been together. But I will prove it to you by helping you get your internship back. Oh, nikolas, thank you so much! Oh, come on, carly. I really think that I could convince ned that buying your half of the hotel would be a really great investment. Okay, maybe ned would go for it, but I won’T. Ned double-crossed michael and drew, and he hung them out to dry, and now they’re scrambling to save aurora. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna take ned’s money, even if he was in partnership with you. You believe that drew and michael would think less of you? I would think less of me. Okay. What’s next? What are you gonna do? Sorry to keep you waiting. Where’s esmé? She took off. Well, I hope that she didn’t hit you up for money. Spencer’s allowance is plenty for the both of them. Esmé never brought up the subject of money. So, esmé asked rory if he knew someone that could help her get her internship back at spring ridge. Hello? What does it tell you that esmé is too crazy to get an internship there? Not the point. Rory claimed that he knew someone and offered to put the name and phone number in esmé’s phone. Mm-hmm. But she wouldn’t hand it over. Oh, there must be so much incriminating data on that thing. Exactly. There is no way esmé is going to let a cop hold it, even for a minute. Rory just outmaneuvered her. That’s nice work. I know, right? Especially when I got here and they were together. For a second, I thought esmé was winning him over. Trina, there is not a chance. Officer invisible is way too into you. Maybe. And you’re into rory, right? Maybe. If I go with you, that’s only going to make matters worse, cameron. How convenient. I mean it. I can’t go near joss or trina. They hate me. Especially trina. I guess you’re right about that. Maybe we could use that to our advantage. How? This time, you’re gonna have to trust me. I’ve got an idea. You know, chase, I’ll, uh — I’ll support you in whatever career path you may choose, but I still think the pcpd would be shooting themselves in the foot to give up on a detective as good as you are. I don’t know if they’ll have a choice in the matter. How long does this citizen’s complaint review board investigation take? I don’t know, but I know that I’m suspended without pay, and I’m gonna have to find another job, at least a temporary one. I can’t imagine anything that would satisfy me as much as detective work. I think you need to fight for the job you have, the job you love. And to that end, you probably want to stay away from this linc brown. You know, I got — I got to cut it short, ’cause I got to — I got to go to the metro court, meet with nina. You guys are an official thing now? Uh, well, you know, just kind of dating. Well, as long as she makes you happy. Well, that’s nice of you to say that, ’cause not a lot of people feel that way. I’m sure. So there’s really nothing you can do for chase? Look, like I said, chase is a smart guy. He’s gonna get another job. You know, a lot of former cops, they’re doing security. You mean like a mall cop? Not like a mall cop. Like a security consultant or like a bodyguard. That doesn’t sound much better. Listen, chase is gonna find another job. And I’m sorry I can’t make linc sing like a canary. But you know what? The review board, you never know. Uncle sonny, you’re a genius. Yeah. Thank you so much.

Yeah, it looks in order to me. You’re signing them now? Isn’t that why we’re here? No. Martin grey isn’t here. You shouldn’t sign any legal documents without your lawyer reading through them first. Scott: Uh, hang on a second, there, ava. I’m a little offended. You think I pulled some sort of a fast one when I drew up these papers? Ava… I want to do this for you, to prove that I have no doubts that we will continue to be together forever. I appreciate the gesture. I do. But there’s no need to take it this far, you know? You don’t have to rush through this divorce. Okay? Yeah. You know, you two are working my last nerve here. I got to go to court. So, are you gonna sign these papers or not? Not.

[ Sighs ] Let’s go home. Your only defense with the review board is the punch was in the heat of the moment, you weren’t thinking, and you’re sorry. But I’m not sorry. What? You can’t say that. I know. I know. I need to convince the review board that I’m very remorseful. And for my own self-preservation, that I won’t go anywhere near linc. I’m relieved to hear you say that. Me, too. You know, I… excuse me. I have to get to the hospital. And you have a thing with… I have to work on my book. Work on your book. Yeah. You may as well stay and enjoy the pool. Enjoy the pool. What? Good luck. Chase? I was looking for you. Okay, before we go any further, I want to make sure that you’re good with the plan. I’m going to go up to the pool, and you’re going to come up a couple of minutes after to create a diversion, okay? That’s when I’ll get the dna samples from joss and her mom. Look, there’s carly over there with olivia. Okay, what do we do now? We go to the pool first, alright? Start with joss. Promise to not leave me hanging? Yeah, I got your back. I promise. It’s time to go, ladies. Fame, fortune, and home & heart await. I’m so excited about what this means for the future of deception. This is huge. Okay. On three, group hug. Three!

[ Laughter ] Aw. Okay, break. Let’s go. Woo! Oh, wait, uh, I forgot something. I’ll catch up with you downstairs.

[ Sighs ] Cameron! Hey. I didn’t think you would show. Hey, you’ve finally taken the time to hang out and do nothing? Well, I mean, I’m here. Did you guys save me a chair? What’s wrong? You seem off. Okay, that’s been long enough. Time for me to go to the pool. Oh, spence. What are you doing here? What’s next? What’s your plan?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] Alright. You know, I understand you not wanting to take money from the quartermaines. What about your ex-husband? I’d say he owes you a favor or 500.

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