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Update written by Chris

At ll Giardino, Paris recites her vows.  Carter waits for Paris to finish. Ridge shakes his head at Paris and Carter getting married.

Outside, Quinn rides up to ll Giardino on the bike. Quinn sets the bike down and runs in to the wedding. No one sees her yet.  Carter senses Quinn’s presence and turns, then sees her, standing there, shocked. He says her name.  Everyone at the wedding party looks up.

Katie and Donna chat at Brooke’s place. Donna mentions the increased security to keep them safe from Sheila. Katie points out that Ridge also has heavy security for both Brooke and Taylor.

Meanwhile, Taylor reads at home.  Thomas comes in from surfing; he’s staying with her to keep her safe, despite Ridge’s security.

Sheila is still with Finn and begs him to wake up. She hugs him, saying she can’t lose him again.

Taylor and Thomas sit down at a table to have fruit and talk about Sheila. She still blames herself for not seeing the real Sheila. She wonders if she’s still in L.A. Thomas wonders how Sheila can live with herself after killing her own son.

Carter asks Quinn why she’s at the wedding. She sees the ring in his hand and sighs with relief. She apologizes to everyone for interrupting but insists that she has something to say.

Thomas asks Taylor to let him know if she goes to the office or anywhere, so he can keep an eye on her. She just plans to work at home.  He also wonders if Taylor has spent time with Ridge. Taylor jokingly coughs “Parent Trap” into her hand. Taylor explains that if something happens, it’s great; but if not, it’s okay. Thomas hopes that Ridge realizes that his future is with her, not Brooke.

Donna explains to Katie about her love life with Eric.  Katie doesn’t know what to say at first.  She tells her that Eric said he loved her and that Quinn is going to ll Giardino to stop Carter’s wedding.

Back at ll Giardino, Paris tells Quinn that they’re in the middle of  their wedding and to leave.  Carter is stunned into silence aft first. He looks over at Ridge, who shakes his head. Bill says that this has got to be good. Quinn tells him that she still loves him and that things have changed. She states that she can’t let him go. The others in the room just shake their heads.

Taylor and Thomas look at her photos on the phone of Steffy’s kids.  She frets about how Sheila has ruined their lives.  Thomas agrees that life has changed for Steffy, but they’ll be all right. He steers the conversation back to Ridge, so she throws grapes playfully at him. He points out that Ridge is not technically back together with Brooke, so he thinks he may realize she’s better for him.

Katie is shocked that Quinn went to try and stop Carter from marrying Paris. She notes that there’s a lot to unpack there.  Katie asks Donna if Quinn’s marriage to Eric is over now.  Donna says that what she and Eric have is really beautiful.  Katie thinks that’s called love, and Donna agrees.

Back at the wedding, Quinn tells Carter what she feels in her heart about him. Ridge asks what this is all about. Quinn responds that this is about her love for Carter.  He asks about her marriage to Eric, so she holds up her left hand, which has no ring. She tells everyone that her marriage to Eric is over. She goes on to say that Eric wants to be with Donna. Ridge wants to know more, but Quinn tells him that they’ll discuss it later. She just wants to be with Carter, the man she loves.

Paris is annoyed when Quinn mentions that Carter doesn’t really want to marry her. Quinn gives a big speech about how much she loves Carter.  Paris implores him not to listen to Quinn.

Sheila says aloud, “Why did you lie to me, Li?” Then she has a flashback to Li’s SUV accident. Sheila tells Finn, “Mama’s here… I am always here.”

Donna and Katie continue to discuss Quinn going off to be with Carter.  Katie is happy about Donna being with Eric.

Back at ll Giardino, Ridge says they should give Quinn and Carter a chance to talk.  Paris is not having this and wants to be married to Carter. She insists that he make it clear to Quinn that he doesn’t want her.  Quinn tells Carter more about how much she loves him.

Carter turns to Paris; he takes her hand and kisses it gently.  Then he caresses her cheek.  Then Carter turns toward Quinn with a smile, and she runs into his arms. They kiss. Everyone else looks shocked.

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