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Update written by Chris

At the club, Eric and Quinn talk about how they’re ending their marriage. Eric points out that Quinn loves Carter, who’s getting married right now to Paris.

At Il Giardino, the wedding March is played and Paris walks down the aisle. We see her mom Grace, with Carter in the background. Charlie is happy to be there, officiating the ceremony. Charlie refers to Paris as “Future Mrs. COO” and he welcomes everyone to the wedding. Grace doesn’t look happy at all, and Ridge doesn’t look too sure about it, either. Also in attendance or Hope, Zende and Bill. Zende also doesn’t look too happy to be there.

Eric urges Quinn to go. She’s reluctant, at first, but then leaves.

Charlie asks if there is anyone present that believes that Carter and Paris should not be married. Paris looks around to Grace, but there is no reaction. Carter looks around to Ridge, and again, there is no reaction.

Eric looks at his wedding ring thoughtfully. The door opens and Donna comes in, saying she saw Quinn leave. She asks if anything is okay. He holds her hands, and she caresses his cheek.

Quinn calls for the valet, but no one shows up. Quinn tries to get into the box with all the keys in it but can’t. She takes a hairpin out of her hair to try to open it, but it doesn’t work. She walks away, taking her phone out of her pocket.

Eric tells Donna that Quinn left to go find Carter. Donna wonders if he’s sure about this, and he shows her that he’s taken off his ring and that they’re ready to be together. Donna is happy to hear it. He tells her that Quinn was hurt and angry, but she left to stop Carter from marrying Paris. He hopes she can do it.

Quinn tries to phone Carter, but he doesn’t answer. She figures he probably doesn’t have his phone with him, but she leaves a message, anyway. She begs him not to marry Paris before calling her. Quinn is near a bike rental place on the beach, so she takes a bike and rushes off, telling the attendant to charge it to Eric.

Back at the wedding, Carter has a dazed look on his face. Hope gives a speech to say that their family and friends are thrilled that they have found love with each other (although no one looks too thrilled).

Quinn tries to get to the ceremony, speeding down the boardwalk on her bike, yelling at people to get out of her way. Trying to avoid hitting a man, she rides over to the sand, where she falls over after almost getting hit with a volleyball. She gets back up on the bike.

Charlie continues the ceremony. We see flashbacks with Carter and Quinn, to show that Carter is thinking about Quinn. Charlie tells the couple to join hands, but then Ridge interrupts the ceremony. Ridge talks about Carter’s good qualities and says that he’s not usually impulsive, but he is now. He guesses that if Carter is going to do that, he should do it with a “beautiful, amazing woman like Paris.” Ridge goes on and on about how great Paris is but then says that we should all have “true love” (as Hope said in her speech) and we shouldn’t settle for anything less. He’s hinting to Carter that he shouldn’t be marrying Paris if he’s not committed to her. Carter cuts him off by thanking him. He says that his friendship means a lot.  Charlie gets control of the ceremony again. They bow their heads in prayer.

Quinn continues to ride her bike, having her own flashbacks of being with Carter. She gets so hot and bothered thinking of Carter that she has to unbutton her shirt a little. Quinn keeps yelling at people to get out of her way: a skateboarder, a woman bouncing a ball, etc. She cuts through a park as a shortcut.

Carter and Paris prepare to read their own vows. Paris just speaks from her heart. She’s nervous at first and talks about how she fell for Carter unexpectedly. She lists his great qualities. Grace, Zende and Ridge frown throughout the entire ceremony. Carter says that, contrary to Ridge’s speech, he doesn’t feel like he’s acting impulsively. He’s wondering what took him so long to realize what he needs. Charlie tells them that it’s time to exchange rings, so Carter takes them out. Paris places one of the rings on Carter’s finger and repeats the vows after Charlie.

Quinn finally arrives, drops the bike and runs inside. She sees Carter and Paris standing together, smiling, and Charlie is also smiling at them. She looks shocked and perhaps wonders if she’s too late.

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