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Devon: Alright, so, we’ve taken care of all of the last-minute prs-credential requests, which I think is a great sign that the additional outlets want to send their reporters.

Lily: And what about the changes to the video presentation? Did that get made?

Nate: Not yet. The production team’s working on them now. We should be able to s the revised versions in a couple of hours.

Devon: Good. Hey, billy.

Billy: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Nate: No problem. I was just giving lily and devon an update on where everything stands for the launch. Looks like legal just gave the all-clear on the final contracts, and all of the footage and music’s been cleared for the promo spots.

Devon: Nice. They cut that pretty close, didn’t they?

Billy: Lily, uh, can I speak to you for a moment, please?

Lily: Uh, can we chat later? There’s a lot to get done before tonight.

Billy: No, I understand that. It’ll just take a second.

Lily: Okay, I’m gonna really need you to focus on the launch instead of on your ex. Can yodo that for me?

Amanda: Now, I know that we told nate that we were good to go, but I wanted to check out contracts one more time, and it looks like we have covered all of our bases.

Imani: Damn, we’re good.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. So now we can move on to the launch party and who you are bringing as your date. You know, I was thinking about that music producer who works with devon, the one that wanted to give you the grand tour. But there’s also the guy from marketing, the one who brought you the cup of coffee. I think that he’s a top contender, hmm?

Imani: Could you be more obvious?

Amanda: What? I just — I want to make sure that you have a good time at the big event.

Imani: No, you want me to focus on anyone other than nate. What are you so afraid of? That I’m gonna cast a spell on elena’s boyfriend and magically woo him into my web? After all, it’s not like she has any reason to feel threatened.

Nikki: I am just sick about this. I keep wondering if the was something we could have done differently. I mean, could we have prevented this?

Victor: Baby —

Nikki: Maybe there was something more that we could have said or done to get through toer to make her realize that she deserves a much better man than ashland.

Victor: Look, you can’t keep on beating yourself up over this.

Nikki: I can’t help it. I just don’t understand why she would choose a relatnship based on completely on lies over her family.

Victor: I don’t understand it any more thanou do.

Nikki: I mean, admittedly, she hasn’t always made the best choices in partners. I mean, there was biy with the gambling and all of that. But she did walk away from him. Why can she not see that this thing with ashland is even worse?

Victor: [ Inhales deeply ] As perplexing to me as it is to you.

Nikki: I just feel like we’re losing our daughter and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nikki: Hello.

Victoria: Do you know anything about this?

Nikki: Your father commissioned it and put a sh on it.

Victoria: Really?

Nikki: Really. We understand why you destroyed the one at ashland had made for you, but we felt that it needed to be replaced. And, darling, he may have broken your heart, but he certainly hasn destroyed your spirit or your strength of leadership. And that is exactly what that portrait represents.

[ Door opens ]

Nick: I was hoping to catch you before you left town.

Victoria: Because you thought you could talk me out of it? It’s not gonna happen.

Nick: No, that’s not why I’m here. I promise.

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Elena: Ladies. I was just thinking about you two.

Imani: You were?

Elena: Yeah. I was wondering how your mom’s doing.

Amanda: Oh, that is so nice of you to ask. Our mom has actually been following doctor’s orders, and her ib is under control, so i think it’s good news.

>>Lena: It is. I’m glad to hear she’s doing okay.

Amanda: You look ke you hada long night saving lives.

Elena: Very long. It’s been a crazy week at the hospital.

Imani: Mm. I really admire you so much. All the time you put in, you probably never have time for fun.

Elena: Mm, I manage to find the time here and there. But what can I say? I love wt I ha. And long hours are just a part of it.Imani: But I’m sure it was probably easier when you and nate were going through it together.

Elena: Nate is really happy where he’s at, and I’m hpy for him. And that’s what’s important.

Amanda: Spoken like a true partner.

Imani: Speaking of nate’s new career, this is gonna be a big night for him. He’s been working really hard on thisaunch party. But I’m sure he’ll understand if you’re too wiped out to make it. I mean, you — you do look exhausted.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Well, thanks. Believe me, I know how important this is for nate. And I wouldn’t want to miss it. All I need is a quick nap, and I will be just fine.

Imani: That’s really sweet that you are willing to sacrifice for him.

Elena: Oh, going to a party isn’t really a sacrifice. I’m actually looking forward to having a reason to wear a new dress. And constantly meeting new people is one of the things i love most about being at the hospital. So small talk with executives is not a problem for me.

>>Mani ithat’s so great. Well, I guess you’ll be the life of the party. I look forward to seeing you in action.

Elena: See you both tonight. Looking forward to it.

Imani: What?

Billy: I don’t like the way things ended last night.

Lily: This is not the time, billy.

Billy: Lily…

Nate: We are beininung te with calls from members of the financial press. They all want to get the inside track, a sneak peeof wk t we’re planning to unveil tonight.

Devon: That’s great. Keep them guessing.

Nate: You mean keep them guessing for now, but at the event tonight, we’re gonna get into more specifics, right? Because that was the middle-of-the-road approach we agreed upon?

Devon: Yeah, yeah. No, for sure. We’re gonna — we’re gonna tease what we have up and coming, but the focus of the night is gonna be on our overall vision of thfutue . We’re gonna drive home the message of that logo — two companies, two families uniting to carry on amazing legacies.

Nate: I respect those legacies, and I am honored to be a part of this.But I don’t think we should give the impression that this is just a symbolic change.

Devon: Yeah, no, that’s — that’s — that’s not gonna happen.

Nate: I’m not so sure. Listen, I think we need to go bold, capitalize on all of the attention we’ll be getting tonight. We need to give these reporters something juicy they can chew on and run with. We could talk about our upcoming dcast, building anticipation for their premieres. What do you think, lily?

Lily: I actually am gonna agree with devon on this one. I don’t think that we should go into details and that we should focus on the big picture.

[ Cellphone ringing

Devon: Hello? Yeah, hang on one second. Hey, we have an issue. Do you have the editing rundown?

Lily: Oh, yeah.

Nate: You agree with me, right, billy? The business community needs to hear more specifics about what we’re poised to accomplish.

Billy: We’ve had this conversation. I think the ceos have made their wishes clear. Anything else is above my pay grade.

Devon: Hey, I don’t know what to tell you because we need to have the finished product in hours.

Lily: I don’t understand wh the hold-up is.

Billy: I talked to the producer yesterday. They insted that this revision was gonna be done by this afternoon.

Devon: Do you guys need to put more editors on it? ‘Cause if that’s the case, just do it.

Lily: Yeah, whatever it takes to get it done, just do it.Nate: There’s got to be a way we can get them all the resources they need. Let’s figure out a solution.

Nick: I’m not here to interfere. I’m not gonna make that mistake again. I also don’t have any hidden agendas or secret motives. I kn I’m not gonna be able to talk you out of anything because you’ve made it very clear that no one can do that. I just have to accept that, you know, this is what you want. It’s what you need.

Victoria: Thanks.

Nick: I just cannot stand t idea of you leaving town, though, with all this distance between us… with all this anger. Vick, I’m really afraid I’m never gonna see my sister again. We do it every night

Cstalphyllis sends her apologies for not being here. Shwente o visit her son, but is offering spa comps for your team.

Lily: Yeah. Thank you. Phyllis actually already contacted me. Everything’s okay. Abby itaking over, so it’s all under control.

Crystal: She’s in the ballomowaing for you.

Lily: Oka thank you.

Don: So, abby is doing aa favor for yllis?

Billy: Go figure.

Lily: Well, no, it’s — it’s for us. It’s for the launch. I mean, thiss bigger than a feud with phyllis, you know? She cares abt us. Soke the event a success. Don’t worry.

Devon: No, well, it’s very cool that she stepped up like that. It makes me feel good that she’s involved.

Nate: There is so much positivenerg ebuilding around this launch. I mean, the buzz I’m hearing from the P.R. Team, the intense interest from the business community. It’s all starting to sink in, just how big of a deal this is.

Lily: I know. I’m excited.

Devon: Yeah. Your idea’s about to become a reality.

Billy: Congratulations all around.

Devon: We should go and do a sound check, make sure that’s taken care of,here’s no issues. See you.

Billy: Lily. Can we talk?

Lily: Billy, can we please talk later?

Billy: No, beuse cau said some pretty harsh things to me last night, and you’ve been avoiding the conversation ever since.

Lily: I’m not avoiding it. I have a lot going on right now. I don’t have time to talk about victoria.

Billy: Oh, I understand that. You made that clear last night. But I think it’s only fair that I’m able to explain myself.

Lily: Okay, billy, there’s a very simple solution for this. Just l vicetria and ashland go. Respect victoria’s autonomy as a woman and a mother.

Billy: I do.

Lily: No, stop thinking that she’s gonna put your kids’ lives in danger. There’s no need to change the custody agreement. That’s just your excuse to interfere.

Billy: No, that is not what this is about.

Lily: And, honestly, stop trying to think that you can fix victoria’s life. This is why she wants to leave town and cut ties with her family — because everyone is trying to micromanage her choices, which is exactly whatyou’re trying to do.

Victor: You’ve got to stop taking on all of this yourself. Nothing you could have said would have stopped her from cutting ties with her family.

Nikki: I guess I’m just trying to make sense of something that’s totally illogical.

Victor: [ Sighs heavily ] When I spoke with that obnoxious ashland locke last night, he told me there was nothing we could do to stop them. I just wish I had… wiped off that smug smile. But that only would have played into his hands.

Nikki: Might have been worth it.

Victor: Oh, he would have played the victim card. Would have made her feel more sympathetic to him.

Nikki: So, what did he have to say for himself?

Victor: That it was her idea to leave town and that it was our fault for pushing her away.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] You don’t believe that, do you?

Victor: I don’t understand any of this. I mean, how mu encouragement have we given her? But she has always felt that and she has let us know in the past that she didn’t feel we respected her enough. And I think anything we do now will convince her even more.

Nikki: So, then what do we do?

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nick: You’ve always been such an important part of my life. You know, you’ve understood me the way no one else can. I mean, how could they? They didn’t grow up the way we did. They don’t know at iwhs like to be children of the greatvictorewman, with all the complications and obligations that go along with that.

Victoria: He gave us everything that he didn’t have as a child. But he put a lot of pressure on us.

Nick: Always fighting for his approval competing to the chosen one. The business world was our arena, with the ultimate prize being, you know, newman enterprises. We learned from the best.

Victoria: And we did it well, sometimes together., We did, and newman for a time.

Nick: We were the best team. Yeah, I mean, there were times, obviously, we had some issues with each other. You know, we fought like hell, but what siblings don’t? But we always kn we could turn to each other. And I hope you know that hasn’t changed for me. I’ll always be here for you.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Is this the part where you expect me to say that things I ll do the same. From the very first touch.

Billy: Hey, will you stop, please? Just let me explain, please, because this is not about me being self-important. It’s not about me trying to be a hero. I’m not simply trying to figure out any way I possibly can to stay involved in victoria’s life.

Lily: Are you sure about that?

Billy: Yes. I have legitimate concerns, mostly because I hurt victoria in the past and I continued to do that after she took me back, until she finally had enough and got rid of me.

Lily: No, you’re making this abt you, and victoria would say that it’s not.

Billy: Well, maybe that’s ue, trt I can’t stop worrying about her, especially after erything I put her through. And you’ve got to be honest. It could have massive effects on my kids. You know that.

Lily: Billy, don’t go there, okay? This is not about them. This is about you. Just because you have children with her does not make it okay for you to try to run her fe.Li

Billy: Look, I don’t believe that I am e sath person now as I was when I was with her, but because of that experience, i can see how this whole thing is going to unravel, and I am simply trying to stop her from getting her heart crushed d her whole life derailed because once again she puts too much trust in someone.

Lily: Okay, if she’s making a mistake, it’s her mistake make. Look, I know that it’s hard for you to sit back and just watch this, but it’s not on you to fix it. And I hate that on a day when we should be focusing on the event, we’re talking about victoria.

Billy: Well, the way you say that, it almost makes it sound like you think I might have feelings for her still.

Lily: No, I don’t think that you have feelings for her. I just think that you are way too involved in her life. It goes beyond co-parenting.

Billy: Yeah. It’s a little bit difficult. I mean, we have a big history, you know? I can’t just cut ties like that.

Lily: Oh, you know, I have exes, too, okay? But they don’t cause issues in our relationship.

Bil>>: Yeah, but they don’t live in genoa city.

Lily: Well, you know what? Victoria might leave genoa city. So, is that why you have a problem with this?

Billy: No. This is about her not being able to let go of that monster of a person, okay? That’s what all of this is about.

Lily: Okay. I don’t know how to make this any clearer to you. I am done talking about this. You have to let this go.

Billy: Look, ly, I don’t want any of this to come between us, okay? I don’t want to focus on anyone else but you. And maybe you’re right. Maybe this has just as much to do with me and my own past as it does victoria. And if that is, then I got some work to do. I’m gonna have to come to peace with that and let victoria live helife.

Lily: Okay, well, I know that was hard for you, and i appreciate you hearing me.

Billy: I love you. And I trust you. And I know that you love me, and I know that’s where all of this is coming from. And we both know that I’m a fool. But I would be the world’s biggest fool if I didn’t listen to you.

Imani: But I’m sure he’ll understand if you’re too wiped out to make it. I mean, you — you do look exhausted.

Elena: Mnh. Good god. I do look exhausted.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh. But of course you do. That’s because you are exhausted. You actually do your work instead of sitting around plotting and scheming.

[ Sighs, chucks ] Why am I letting her get to me?Phone ringing ] Hello? You’ve got to be kidding me. Ugh. Oh, I can’t believe this.

Amanda: Hey, imani, was that dig at elena absolutely necessary?She just got off her shift.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Well, you were the one who sd shailooked like shead a hong nighT. And she did. I know if I were elena, the last thing I’d feel like doing is putting on a pair of heels and plastering on a phony smile for my boyfriend, no matter how fine he is.

[ Laughs ] Look at you, getting all word up and worried about me. Don’t trip. This is gonna be a great night.

Amanda: [ Shs ]Ig

Imani: Ooh! Well, what do you know? Right on time. It’s my dateor tonight, giancarlo om marketing.

Amanda: Oh, wow. Well, I thought I was right about him. Why didn’t you tell me?

Imani: I was just waiting for him to confirm. So you can relax. Elena has nothing to worry about.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Crystal: Devon and nate are in the ballroom.

Lily: Thank you, crystal.

Nikki: The idea that she will find happiness with the man who deceived her is ridiculous.

Victor: Just so damn painful to watch her go through all this, knowing full well this will cause nothing but heartache.

Nikki: [ Voice breaking ] Victor, we c’t lan her walk out of our lives.

Victor: But, sweetheart, what are we supposed to do? Shhas to get out of this trance by herself, you know, let this play out.

Nikki: I don’t know if I can do that.

Victor: [ Sighs ] We’re gonna have to let her go.

Nikki: Brea[ Ing heavily ] Okay everyone,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nate: I’m telling you, imani, tonight’s gonna be big. The displays in the ballroom look even better than i expected.

Imani: Yeah, you did an amazing job, nate. You should be so proud.

Nate: I am. It’s exactly what lily and devon wanted.

Imani: Mm.

Nate: But I can’t help feeling like tonight could be a real misseopportunity. Or, to be more precise, we may not be capitalizing on the opportunity we have in front of us.

Imani: What do you mean?

Nate: We have some really innovative, exciting initiatives in the works. But devon wants to focus on the big picture and the family legacy and not get into very many specifics.

Imani: Okay. So, if it were up to you, how would you handle it?

Nate: This is the time to show the world exactly what the merged companies are actually going to do. We need to let the business community see how we’re gonna innovate and druptis

Imani: Mm. I like it a lot. I assume you ran this past devon and li?

Nate: Well, devon wants to take the “let ’em ke gueeping” approach, and lily wouldn’t even consider the alternative. I even tried to get billy to back me up, but he’s taking the “go along to get along” approach.

Imani: Mm. Not your style at all. And not how big things get accomplished.

[ Tablet cses ]

Victoria: The truth is I’m just really red of the constant attacks and judgment of evything that I do.

[ Sighs ] I just wish that you would understand why I’m doing this and why I’m making this move.

Nick: Look, I can’t lie to you. I’m worried. If you leave town, you’re turning your back on this family who loves you very, very much, vick. And I’m afraid ashland’s gonna wind up hurting you again.

Victoria: You don’t know that. You’re just jumping to the worst conclusions.

Nick: I really hope that doesn’t happen. I hope this works out exactly the way you want it to. But you know I’m gonna worry because of who aland is and everything he’s done and all the games he’s played.

[ Sighs ] But when it comes to our personal lives, we have always shown up for each other. We’ve helped each other thugh the most terrible, awful things you could ever imagine.

Victoria: That’s all I’m asking you to do now.

Nick: Well, our relationship is more than just that because wee supported each other’s choice whether they were good or bad. And I can’t say the same for the rest of the family. You remember how badly mom didn’t want me to marry sharon?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Vividly.

Nick: But you knew how happy she made me. That’s all that mattered. Itas wy choice, even though i knew you had a lot of issues with her. The same way it was with billy. Dad ted you two being together, but I knew it was your choice to make. It’s your life.

Victoria: Yes. And this is my life now. And I choose ashland. Are you gonna support me now?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Of course I will. But I’m never gonna understa why you’re doing this. And I will always protect you and support you and defend you. Because you’re my sister and i love yound that’s never gonna change.

Nikki: I can’t believe we’re just gonna sit here and watch victoria walk away with ashland locke.

Victor: Sweetheart, what else can we do?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Even if she does come to rlize that she made a terrible mistake, I worry that her pride will keep her from admitting it. I mean, it could be that he ends up not just breaking her heart, but breaking her spirit, as well.

Victor: Have you forgotten how tough our daughter is? She will get through this.

Nikki: And what if she can never find it in her heart to forgive us?

Victor: [ Sighs ] In the end, she will realize — she has to realize that we have only always wanted what’s best for her. Think all the support I’ve given her — and you. She’ll realize that she’ll be welcome with open arms by us. She mustnow that, deep in her heart.

Nikki: That day can’t come soon enough.

Victor: But, you know… I think I have an idea of what will speed up her decision to come back home.

Nikki: Oh, there’s the victor newman I know and love. Please tell me what you’re thinking.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] No matter who you are,

Lily: Abby has done such a great job. I am so happy this event is in her hands.

Billy: Yeah, and because she’s taking care of the party, that means you two can focus on introducing chancellor-winters to the world and enjoying the night. Look, this is it, you two. This is — this is your moment.

Lily: Hey, it’s our moment.

Devon: No, guys, this night belongs to all of us.

Nate: This night also belongs to our talented and tenacious legal team. You two should be proud of all you’ve done to get us to the finish line.

Amanda: Thank you, nate. It was challenging, but also a joy.

Imani: Okay, let’s save all the compliments and the pats on the backs for later. We havthe whole night ahead of us to toast to all of our amazing talents.

Devon: Yes, we do. Speaking of, it’s getting pretty late. We should get home and get ready for the event.

Amanda: Yes, we do, and you need to practice your speech.

Devon: Oh, I know it already. I’m good. What about you?

Nate: You know it.

Devon: Yeah?

Nate: Ah.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Here we go again. That’s the P.R. Team. Excuse me.

Billy: Okay, I know you want to head back to the office, so, uh, I’ll meet you there.

Ly: Where are you going?

Billy: I won’t be long.

Victoria: Thank you, nicholas. Thank you so much for loving me and for caring about me. It means so much to me. I’m just so glad that you don’t want this anger and this distance to continue between us.

Nick: Well, it wouldn’t be the same without you in my life.

Victoria: I wish that you could share this excitement with me. I mean, I’m — I’m starting a new chapter on my own, away from the family.

[ Sighs ] I just wish that everybody else could understand that I need a little air, a little room to breathe so I canhart my own path.

Nick: Yeah. Sounds exciting.

Victoria: I mean, in a way, it’s like I’m beginning a new life. And I want to be able to share all of the news that I have with you.

Nick: Well, I hope you know you can, uh — you can call me, text me.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Hell, send a carrier pigeon. Whatever you want, whenever you want.

Victor: Victoria can take a break from our family because she knows damn well that we will welcome her back with open arms. But that does not apply to the company.

Nikki: I’m listening.

Victor: A company she has poured her heart and soul into. It was always her dream to become ceo of newman enterprises.

Nikki: A dream she seems content to walk away from.

Victor: But I know our daughter.

Nikki: So, tell me. What are you tnkinhi

Victor: I’m gonna make a very splashy announcement as to who will run the company as ceo, and that new ceo… will be her brother adam.

Nikki: Go on.

Victor: But you will stay on as co-ceo and rein him in whenever you deem that necessary.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] No, no. I should step down from co-ceo and go back to my old position as coo. That way, I can keep an eye on things without diluting the impact of your decision.

Victor: You’re thinking like a businesswoman, baby. I like that. Once our daughter finds out th her brother adam is nning the business… it’ll be too much for her to bear. To help prevent eeding gums,

Nate: Hey, babe. We should start getting ready.

Elena: I’ve actually got some bad news. You’re gonna be flying solo tonight.

Nate: What?

Elena: I am so sorry, but two doctors called in sick. I have to go to the hospital tonight.

Nate: And there’s no one else who can cover?

Elena: Believe me, I tried, but there’s not really anything I can do. M soi’ummed I’m gonna miss yo biguright.

Nate: No, no. It’s — don’t worry. It’s not your fault. I — it’s just part of being a doctor.

Elena: Yeah, but I’m still disappointed. I an [Sighs] I wanted to be there to support you and devon and lily and…everyone else and show them how proud I am of you.

Nate: I already know that. So does devon and lily. Why do you care what anyone else thinks?

Elena: I don’T. Okay, I ran into amanda and imani at the coffeehouse earlier and I made this whole big thing about how excited i was to go to the party tonight and now I’m not even gonna be there.

Nate: Oh. Okay. So you’re disappointed you won’t be spending timeith imani. Hmm. That’s a first.

Elena: Yeah, well, she, on the other hand, will be thrilled to know that you’re going to the party alone.

Nate: Come on. She’s as invested in making the launch of chancellor-winters a suess as much as I am. She’ll be focused on work.

Elena: Yeah, if you say so.

Nate: And without you there, all I’ll be thinking about is busine.

Elena: Now, that I do believe.

Nate: I’ll miss you like crazy tonight. But maybe when you get home after your shift, we can have our own little private celebration.

Elena: Mm.

Amanda: There. Perfect.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Mhmm. Now you are ready for your big night.

Devon: Oh, thank you very much.

Amanda: I’m glad th we, um, have some time to talk before all the festivities.

Devon: I know. Me too.

Amanda: I want you to know that I’m really proud of you. You know, everything that you’ve accomplished, first with hamilton-winters and now expanding your vision of this family business. You talk about neil a lot. And I know that he is smiling down, watching you and lily build this amazing company together.

Devon: Thank you for saying that. You kn you’re a very big part of it, too.

Amanda: Mm.

Devon: Well, you are. Look how far you and I have come since we met.

Amanda: Yeah, we have come a long way.

[ Both laugh ] Who would have thought?

Devon: Now we’re living together. Now we’re working together. And we are about to embark on this new adventure together.

Amanda: I can’t wait.

Devon: Me neither. You know what?

Amanda: What?

Devon: I think tonight is gonna change everything.

Billy: Okay, whatever you’re woing rk, put a pin on it ’cause it’time to celebrate. Your dream is about to come — come on.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Are you — look at yoU. My gosh, you are beautiful, and I am the luckiest man in the world. D haan I told you just how proud I am of you lately?

Lily: Well, no, not nearly enough.

Billy: Ah.

Lily: No, but seriously, I know that you say that I could

thidojob without you, which is true…

Billy: [ Chuces ]

Lily: …But it would be lot harder and a hell of a lot more boring.

Billy: Oh, yeah. We don’t do boring.

Lily: No.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Got you a little something.

Lily: Oh.

[ Laughing ] What?

Billy: It’s just a little something so you never forget tonight.

Lily: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god. It’s beautiful.

Billy: Yeah. It’s an amethyst. It represents faithful love, and that’s us.

Lily: Wow.

>>Illy: And thats to ihow you just how much I love you and to show you how much my commitment is to you.

Lily: I love it. And love you.

Billy: I meanevery word i said to you earlier. I love you more than I can ever say, and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize what we have. So I’m letting go of the past and I’m gonna focus on my future with you.

Lily: Tha younkor prioritizing us. I know that’s a big step.

Billy: Yeah, it is. But tonight is about the realization of a visio the future of a united family enterprise…and us.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Our future together. Tonight is going to change everything.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

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Summer: No need to call anybody because I already know the perfect person to run marchetti.

Kyle: You do? Who?

Summer: My brilliant husband.

Ashley: Please ask anything you want. Our lives are open books.

Devon: Where’s your coo?

Billy: Oh, she has arrived!

Devon: Jill!

Billy: Hey, the party begins.

Devon: So good to see you!

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