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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate asked Chad why he told Abby that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad said Abby was going to make Sami’s kidnapping the next investigative story. He said Abby tracked down the other henchman who kidnapped Sami. He said he had to stop her from going after a criminal. Chad said she wouldn’t say anything. She said he wouldn’t have to worry about Lucas. Lucas went to the pub and saw Clyde there. Lucas couldn’t believe he was working there. Clyde said he changed. Clyde said he heard his argument with EJ the other day. Clyde said any enemy of EJ’s was a friend of his. Lucas asked if he had a problem with EJ. Clyde said he had a business deal with EJ and he turned him down. Clyde said EJ used to mention Sami’s kidnapping. He said he blamed Lucas for it. Clyde wondered if Lucas would make a good partner. Lucas thought the opportunity was illegal. He said he wanted to stay out of prison. Clyde warned him that EJ was telling people that he committed the crime. Jan told Shawn that it was her first appointment with Marlena. She said she was determined to get better a be the mother her baby deserved. Marlena showed up for her session with Jan. Jan told her she would be the best patient she ever had. Shawn said he would give them privacy. He wanted to talk to Belle so he was going to Marlena’s. Marlena told him Belle wasn’t there. She said Belle was upset that she was treating Jan. She said Belle spent the night at the DiMera mansion. Shawn left.

Jan asked Marlena if Belle and EJ were together. Marlena said the conversation wasn’t about Belle. Jan said she was sorry. She said she was nervous. She said she needed to work on being a good mother. Marlena said she would end the session if it looked like the old Jan was back. Jan said she wanted to be better like Ben. Jan had a pain in her stomach. Marlena told her to stay calm, but Jan thought she was in labor. She asked Marlena to help her. Belle told EJ that she would love to help him with his problems with Gabi and Clyde. He said he had a plan to get revenge on Clyde. She said she wanted to do it legally. He wanted to talk over brunch. Susan told Abby that she felt a presence among them. She said someone isn’t supposed to be in the house. Abby told her it might have been the tooth fairy because Thomas said he ran into the tooth fairy. Abby wanted to go in the basement where Thomas saw the tooth fairy. Gwen called Abby. Gwen said she needed to see Abby. She said it was important. Abby hung up on her. Susan wanted to know who was on the phone. Abby said it was her sister. Abby said Gwen wanted her to visit her. Belle and EJ went in the living room. Susan asked if something was going on between them. Shawn came in and wondered what was going on. Belle said she didn’t have to tell him where she sleeps since there is a psychopath in their house. He wanted to know what was going on between her and EJ. EJ said she needed a place to feel safe. He said they were about to have brunch so he could leave. Shawn said EJ was trying to steal her from him and now he has succeeded. He asked if she was sleeping with EJ. She said she was in the guest room. He said she knew what she was doing coming to the mansion. She said she had to deal with her family betraying her. Marlena ended up calling him. He told Belle that Jan was in labor. Abby went to see Gwen. Abby thought she was going to admit to killing her grandmother. Gwen said it wasn’t about Laura. She said it was about give to him. Abby laughed at the gift. Gwen said she knew Abby hated her, but Jack was all she had. She begged Abby to give it to him. Abby picked it up and dropped it. Gwen asked why she did that. Abby said she ruined her life and had the nerve to want a favor. Gwen said she would make her pay for this.

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