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Ashland: [ Sighs ] Yes, this is Ashland Locke. I’ll be coming downstairs to check out. I just wanted to make sure someone would, you know, actually be there. The service in this hotel has been spotty at best. What? No, I have not enjoyed my time here in Geno City.


Ashland: Okay. Um… I don’t expect you to believe a word that comes out of my mouth. But I need you to hear this. Victoria, you changed me. You have made me an infinitely better man.

[ Sighs ] And even though I’ve lost you, I will be forever grateful for our happier times together. Besides Harrison, you have been the only bright spot in my entire life. My company has brought me money and power and success, but… it hasn’t brought me the happiness that I’ve experienced with you. And our love was real. I think we both know that.

Victoria: Why would I believe you?

Ashland: The trust is you shouldn’t. I lied to you. I betrayed your trust. And I will continue to try to make amends. I will. I’ll try to help people and i will make more contributions to charities like your brother’s. I know it’s not a lot, but…

[ Breathes shakily ] The truth is I would do anything for you. I would give up everything for you. I would walk through fire for you.

Victoria: You already have.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Yes, that’s true, I have.

[ Chuckles ] I pulled out of a burning car. I saved your life so that you could be set free…and be happy and fulfilled without me. Your family was right to push me away from you. I hate to say it, but… Victoria…you are better off without me.

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