Y&R Best Lines Monday, May 16, 2022

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Faith: Okay, now that that is out of the way, I just want to let you know that I am on top of this wedding. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your day.

Mariah: Where did we get this fantastic project manager?


Faith: Last night, as I was falling asleep, I had a realization. This is what I was born to do — to make this day unforgettable for you. So, if there’s anything that you need, let me know


Faith: Okay, staying on schedule. Should I call Kevin so he can come over and get ready with the rest of us? I mean, he is your man-of-honor.

Mariah: As seriously as Kevin takes his responsibilities as my most trusted dude, I don’t think he wants to be here when we’re arguing over curling irons.

Faith: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Mariah: Oh, wow. So, if this is the fourth course of that incredible brunch that you made me this morning, I’m good.

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