Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Summer tell Jack they are considering moving back to Genoa City but they want to work out some details before they talk to him about their idea. Jack tells them that Ashland lied about having cancer to gain control of Newman Enterprises.

Kyle and Summer are upset that Ashland lied to Harrison just like Diane lied to him about bring dead. Kyle and Summer take Harrison to the park and Ashland sees Harrison and asks Kyle if he can spend time with Harrison. Kyle and Summer tell Ashland Jack told them what he did and they don’t want him anywhere near Harrison.

Victoria calls Nikki and tells her she has decided to go to Italy with her.

Jack is happy when Allie decides to stay in town a little longer.

Chloe helps Esther update her dating profile to post on her dating app and she gets a hit on the app.

The show also shows some flashbacks of Wagner’s time working for Mrs. Chancellor and Jill at the Chancellor mansion.

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