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Phyllis: Diane, this is my hotel. Get out of the lobby — I’m serious. You don’t belong down here. If you want to relax, perhaps we’ll send a masseuse up to your room. That’d be great. Maybe a bottle of rosé. On the house, no arsenic.

Diane: Oh, that sounds lovely and not a threat at all.


Phyllis: Go. Don’t you dare leave this room without alerting me first, please.

Diane: Okay. So are you going to call room service?

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Diane: Well, you promised me a bottle of rosé, remember?

Phyllis: Get it yourself.

Diane: On the house.

Phyllis: No, we’re not doing that for you.

Diane: Phyllis —

Phyllis: And by the way, the masseuse, he’s not coming up. If you want a masseuse, you call for it on your own. Got it?

Diane: So in other words, you will lie to my face if it means keeping me locked up in here.

Phyllis: Yes! I will lie to your face until you understand the severity and the stakes of the situation.

Diane: I understand them perfectly.

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