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Victoria: It took a little bit of finesse, but I was able to convince Ashland that i continue to support him. And that I agree that he has been set up. In our discussions, an idea struck me — that maybe Adam could have framed him. He had the wherewithal and he had the motive to try to push Ashland out and make me look incompetent and naive at the same time. Adam has the naked ambition and the animosity towards Ashland, a long history of deception, and even lying about his own health crisis once upon a time, that make him the perfect suspect.

Adam: Okay. So your plan is to remove Ashland from Newman/Locke by throwing me under the bus?

Victoria: It’s all for the good of the company. And —

Adam: And you. It’s perfectly clear what’s in it for our “fearless leader.”


Adam: Okay. Let me guess. The plan is for Ashland to fabricate evidence against me — plant it — and then catch him in the act. You’re using the same aborted plan as Billy did on your own husband?

Victoria: Oh, I never thought of it that way. You’re right. That’s a very good parallel

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