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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony went to see Sarah/Renee. She said she wasn’t Renee. She said she was Sarah. She thought she was Tony’s daughter. Maggie came in and gave Sarah coloring books. Tony asked Maggie what was going on. Maggie said the drug made Sarah regress. He said she kept referring to him as “Daddy.” Sarah asked if Maggie was tricking her. She said she heard Maggie call him Tony. She said his name was Mickey. Xander told Gwen that Sarah thought she was a little girl. Gwen said she made his decision easier. He wanted to know what she was talking about. She said he was supposed to marry her if Sarah didn’t get her memory back. He was shocked that she was concerned about getting married. He said he had to help Sarah. Gwen said she was a little young for him. He thought it was an unfunny joke. Tony told Maggie that Sarah called him Mickey. He said he thought Neil was her father. Sarah said he was her father. Maggie said Sarah thought Mickey was her father at that age. Maggie said this was all Anna’s fault. Gabi told Rafe that Ava moved out of Rafe’s house to Jake’s. Victor told that he wanted him to be CEO of Titan. Sonny told him he had a life in Phoenix. Victor said they could move in with him. He said he had plenty of room. Sonny didn’t want the position. Sonny said the only way he would take the job is Victor had to talk to him. When Victor didn’t rush to do what he wanted, Sonny didn’t want the job. Victor agreed to what he wanted. Gabi went to Rafe and told him to keep Ava away from Rafe. Tony went to see Anna. He said Sarah didn’t think she was Renee anymore. Anna was glad. Maggie told Xander that Sarah called Tony “daddy.” Xander thought it was temporary. Maggie said the doctors did more test. She said the doctors said Sarah’s brain was more damaged than it was before.

Gwen went to see Ava. Gwen wanted to talk about Xander. Xander told Maggie that he was sorry. He wanted to see Sarah. Maggie said it couldn’t hurt. Xander went to see Sarah. She didn’t know who he was. He said she knew who he was. He said his name was Xander. He said they loved each other so much they were going to get married. He wanted her to try and remember. Sonny told Victor that he missed him like poison ivy. Victor said he was forgiven. Sonny said there was nothing to forgive. Victor said his father needed him. Sonny couldn’t believe him. Maggie went home and told Victor that Sarah was worse. She said Anna was going to pay. Anna told Tony that she was glad that Sarah wasn’t Renee. She said Sarah couldn’t press charges when she was a child. He said Maggie was upset with her. He said Maggie wanted her to pay. Gabi wanted Rafe to get Ava’s file. He said he couldn’t do that. He said he would get in trouble with Trask. She said he had to make Ava pay for what she did to him. He said there was a way. He said he could waive his right of attorney client privilege and he could give her the file. Gwen told Ava what she did to Sarah. Ava thought what she did to Sarah was cold. Sarah told Xander that she couldn’t marry him because she was going to marry Eric. Xander told her she married Eric’s brother. Anna couldn’t believe Maggie wanted to press charges against her was outrageous. Tony said it wasn’t outrageous. He said playing God with someone was outrageous. She said he was always mad at her lately. He said he wasn’t mad at her. She said she wasn’t trying to hurt Sarah. She said she was off. He said she wasn’t off. He said imagine Sarah having to live her life as a five year old. He said Maggie was going to have to deal with Sarah being a child. He called Anna selfish.

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