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Ashland: Hello! Our bags are packed. We’re ready to head for the airport.

Victoria: Thank you for handling that.

Ashland: No problem. How are those, uh, “loose ends” on your to-do list coming along?

Victoria: Oh, I’m almost done. I cleared my schedule for the next few days, and I was just putting some finishing touches on a couple of reports that i need to get out.

Ashland: Yeah, you do realize you can work on the plane, right? Or at the palazzo. I mean, it’s not like we’re going on vacation.

Victoria: I know that. I just — I wanted to free us up so that we could figure out what our next move will be without some deadline hanging over our heads. I’m convinced that once we get away from genoa city and all of its distractions, like my family, that we will be able to figure out who’s behind this attack on you and we’ll be able to clear your name…together.

Ashland: I am so looking forward to that. You have no idea.

Victoria: There is something that I should probably mention to you, however.

Ashland: Okay.

Victoria: My father has decided to put adam in charge of the day-to-day while we’re away.

Sally: You are going to be ceo of newman/locke?

Adam: Eh, the interim ceo. While, uh, ashland and victoria are in europe.

Sally: Victor put you in charge. Amazing. I guess he’s not ignoring you after all. That is a huge vote of confidence.

Adam: Ah, well, I have no illusions where my father’s concerned. But, um, I will take it.

Sally: So, while you are off steering the mother ship, where does that leave me?

Adam: [ Sighs ] You already asked me that once.

Sally: Well, I’m asking again.

Adam: The answer’s the same. You and I — we are a team. So I’m gonna need you to step up here big-time.

Sally: Well, you can count on me, adam. You know that.

Adam: I do.

Sally: And victoria agreed to this arrangement? No pushback?

Adam: Eh, well, she wasn’t thrilled, but, uh, she went along with the plan. Not that dad gave her any choice.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Ah! I love it. But then again, it actually benefits her in a way, frees her up so she can concentrate on how to deal with that piece of scum she’s married to.

Adam: Wow, that’s very astute of you.

Sally: Well, I have my moments. No, this all sounds very encouraging.

Adam: Look, I’m glad that you are very excited about this.

Sally: Aren’t you?

Adam: Sure. It’s nice when an opportunity like this falls in your lap. Still, I just — I can’t figure out what victoria’s game is. And make no mistake — she has one.

[ Glasses thud ]

Elena: [ Sighs ] Hmm. The only thing missing is nate.

Nate: Stop lying. Tell victoria the truth. Don’t let her live with this conflict and suspicion she must have.

Billy: That’s it. You wrestle with that lid there. Show it who’s boss.

Nate: Hey, billy. Um [Chuckles] How you doing?

Billy: I’m alright, man. I should be asking you that, though. Are you okay? It seems like you should be on cloud nine, with the way that your life is going lately.

Nate: Ah, you’re right. Yeah. I’m — I’m living the dream. Everything a man could ever want. But, uh, I had a run-in with ashland locke, and it kinda killed my good mood.

Billy: Yeah, he has a way of doing that. I was gonna ask you about him actually. What happened to that relationship? Because I know you two became pretty good friends.

Nate: Mm. Suffice it to say, I should’ve listened to your doubts about him. The friendship’s over. Turns out ashland isn’t the stand-up guy I thought he was. Actually, far from it.

Billy: Nate, can I ask you a question? What do you know about his current medical condition?

Nate: What do you know? (Rebecca) it wasn’t until after

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Billy: Victoria confirmed that her husband is a liar and that the betrayal runs deep. But she did not get into the proof. It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the one that shared the evidence.

Nate: Listen. I was given ample reason to —

Billy: You know, what, nate? I’m gonna stop you right there. I don’t want you to say anything that’s gonna put you in a compromising position, okay? Victoria told me enough. And to be honest, it’s sickening.

Nate: Yeah, I lost a lot of sleep over it. Mostly thinking about how devastated she must be.

Billy: You haven’t spoken to her yet?

Nate: I haven’t had the heart. I brought what I uncovered to victor and adam. I figured I’d let them decide how to proceed. But from what you’re saying, victoria learned the truth.

Billy: Well, what she learned and what she continues to believe could be two different things. I just hope she doesn’t let the guy in again.

[ Cellphone pings ] Excuse me. It’s from nick. “Vick and locke are heading to tuscany. You need to talk to her asap.”

Nate: What? Victoria’s leaving with him? How can she?

Billy: I don’t know. That’s what I’m about to find out. Listen. Thank you for what you did.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Trying to crawl inside victoria’s head is a waste of time. If you want to prove that you’re the better ceo, then I need to be a solid right hand, so I need to get up to speed on everything newman/locke, all the big-picture issues, so that i can help you strategize.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, where do you want to start?

Sally: Well, first things first. I am so hungry, I could eat this chair. So, why don’t I go out, grab us something to eat so we can hunker down?

Adam: Sounds good.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Wait. Hang on a second. Let me, uh — let me see who this is first. Chelsea? What’s going on?

Chelsea: What are you doing tomorrow?

Adam: Um…why?

Chelsea: It’s about connor. You know he’s been so out of sorts lately, so I got him tickets to a blackhawks game in chicago as a treat for him.

Adam: That is phenomenal. Those, uh, blackhawk tickets are hard to come by. And connor is so into hockey these days…

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. The problem is, I just found out I have to go to new york on business.

Adam: You’re kidding. Um…well, can you get out of it?

Chelsea: Believe me, I tried. So I was hoping you could take him?

Adam: Um, ordinarily, I would say yes in a heartbeat, but, um, the timing is — is not good for me, either.

Chelsea: Why? What’s going on?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I, uh — I’ve just gotten a promotion of sorts, and I’ve just got too much on my plate. I can’t even think about leaving town right now.

Chelsea: It would only be for one night.

Adam: If I could, I would. I’m not gonna have a free moment, let alone a whole day, for probably the foreseeable future. So, I’m — I’m sorry.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault. It was an impulse buy on my part. The problem is, I got so excited, I already told connor. He’s gonna be so bummed.

Adam: Uh, I wish that I could help.

Chelsea: Thanks. But it’s my mess. I’ll just have to dig myself out of it. Bye.

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Adam: [ Sighs ] You heard?

Sally: I could tell you felt bad turning her down.

Adam: Yeah, normally i would love a father/son outing with connor. But, you know, taking over for victoria — it’s the chance I’ve been waiting for. So there can’t be any distractions.

Sally: It was a tough call. I understand. And I know spending time with your son is very important to you. But there will be other trips to look forward to. Because you’re right — this is a very crucial moment for your career, so you need to focus, focus, focus.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

Ashland: Why does victor even have a say? We are co-ceos. I mean, this — this feels like the first move in a power play.

Victoria: Everything you just said — that was my first reaction. But I think that there might be a way for us to work this to our advantage.

Ashland: Really? How so?

Victoria: Okay, so, let my father think that he’s controlling his marionette. And fine — fine, let adam feel like he’s king for a day. It doesn’t matter if we’re here in genoa city or we’re at the palazzo in italy. We’re still the ones making the meaningful decisions.

[ Door opens ] And we’re the ones —

Billy: Victoria, I need to talk to you…now. Hi, I’m debra.

Ashland: Billy, as usual, your timing is impeccably bad. Victoria and I are in the middle of a private conversation.

Billy: I understand you’re leaving town, so I need to talk to you now.

Ashland: No. Hold on. How exactly did you know that?

Billy: Nick told me. But that’s not the point why I’m here.

Ashland: Then what is the point?

Billy: It’s an emergency involving the kids, okay? I’m sure you can understand. Vick?

Ashland: Well, fine. Go ahead. Talk. If it involves johnny and katie, then of course I’m concerned, too.

Victoria: I’m sure whatever it is won’t take long, okay? Just give us a few minutes. And then I’ll be right with you.

Ashland: Okay. Uh, yeah, there’s a few things that I need to take care of, too, so, uh, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Victoria: Okay. Thank you.

Victoria: So…what’s wrong with johnny and katie? Are they okay?

Billy: Yes. They’re fine. And I want to make sure that i keep it that way. Which is why I’m here — to help make sure that you do the right thing.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ] You forgot your key, didn’t you?

Devon: Oh, I know we’re friends, but we don’t have a key to your place.

Amanda: Yet.

[ Laughter ]

Elena: Hey. Come on in.

Devon: Thank you.

Elena: I thought you guys were nate. He just went to go pick up some food.

Amanda: Oh, well, now you have a little something to wash it down with.

Devon: And we got some housewarming gifts for you guys from the both of us.

Elena: That is so sweet. You shouldn’t have.

Amanda: Well, we wanted to.

Elena: Well, thank you so much. This is so kind.

Devon: You’re very, very welcome.

Elena: Well, let’s sit.

Amanda: You know, devon and I — we’re really thrilled to have the two of you so close by.

Devon: Yeah, we sure are. I know that, uh, neil really enjoyed living here. I hope you guys do, too.

Elena: I think we definitely will.

Amanda: And I love what you’ve done with the place, you know, all the little personal touches.

Elena: Yeah. Yeah. Here and there. I mean, we were lucky to be able to buy the place fully furnished, but I think over time, we’ll be able to add our own personal things. ‘Cause everything else in the house was a little more traditional and didn’t really fit in this space.

Devon: I see you got a lot of flowers and the champagne on ice and you’re all dressed up. I feel like, uh, we’re intruding. I think they’re trying to have a date.

Amanda: Oh, no. We can — we can do this another time.

Elena: No, no, no, no, no! Please stay. You are not intruding. Nate is running late, and i would love to be able to celebrate with someone. And besides, I think nate would love to christen this new place with our new neighbors.

Chelsea: Hello, sally.

Sally: Hi. Wow. That actually seemed polite.

Chelsea: Don’t look so stunned.

Sally: Is it possible that we might actually be able to co-exist in this town?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Listen, i don’t have a reason — or, quite frankly, the energy — to wage any kind of war with you anymore. We’ve both moved on. We’re not in each other’s orbit anymore.

Sally: Well, I mean, that’s not entirely true. We still kind of are. Orbiting, that is. Because of adam. When you called to have him take connor to the blackhawks game, I was in the office.

Chelsea: Oh, you heard all that.

Sally: I’m really sorry it didn’t turn out like you were hoping.

Chelsea: You actually sound like you mean that.

Sally: Connor’s cool. I have nothing against him. Or you. And I assume you must be really busy at work, choosing a business trip over a mother-son bonding experience.

Chelsea: Okay, well, um, it actually sounds like adam had to make that same difficult decision, apparently. Seems like his hands are really full over there.

Sally: Oh, more than full. We are buried.

Chelsea: Ugh, it sounds tedious. I’m just so glad to be away from the newman business and all that family drama.

Sally: To me, it’s an absolute blast. I love working with adam.

Chelsea: Mm. Good. Well, I wish you all the best. Both of you. I’m really hoping adam’s found what he was looking for.

Ashland: We need to get a few things straight.

Adam: Does this mean you’ve reconsidered my offer? I won’t publish the news about your fraudulent cancer if you leave genoa city and never come back.

Ashland: Yeah, you would like that, wouldn’t you? Well, the fact is, yes, I am leaving town, but not because of cheap threats and ultimatums. I am actually going to tuscany with my beautiful wife. But then, you already know that, don’t you? Because your daddy has appointed you pretend-ceo.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Why are you here?

Ashland: Oh, uh, I thought you could use a few lessons on how to conduct yourself in this new role you find yourself playing. First of all, you’re not gonna post any of those stories about me.

Adam: Why is that?

Ashland: Because, ironically, by putting you in charge, victor has neutralized that particular threat. Publishing anything about how i somehow hoodwinked the entire newman family into appointing me co-ceo would reflect very badly on the, uh, “interim” boss. That’s you. And, uh, the press would be hounding you for more details. You would be buckling under the pressure. The company itself would suffer irreparable damage. Not to mention the fact that all of that gets worse once I reveal that the entire story is based on nothing but lies.

Adam: Well, thank you for your cogent analysis. But I think I’ll make my own judgment calls, just as my father has empowered me to.

With age comes more…

Amanda: It’s beautiful.

Devon: Yeah.

Elena: Here you go.

Devon: Thank you so much.

Amanda: Thank you.-

Elena: You’re welcome.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: There he is.

Elena: There you are! The food must be ice cold. Where’s the food?

Nate: Uh, you know, I must’ve left it in the car.

[ Sighs ]

Elena: Excuse me.

[ Chuckles ] Everything okay?

Devon: We just came to welcome you to the building, but we can come and do this another time.

Nate: Guys, no. Stay, please. I’m sorry. I was just a bit distracted.

Amanda: Why? Did something happen?

Nate: Uh, when I went to pick up the food, I ran into ashland locke. He wasn’t happy that I turned down his job offer.

Elena: Did you guys exchange words?

Nate: No, it just unsettled me a bit, that’s all. Hey, but what better way to forget that than to toast to our new apartment, beautiful girlfriend, and our amazing neighbors?

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] You used our children to get me alone. That’s pretty low.

Billy: I did not lie. This is about our children. And the fact that you don’t seem to care that that monster lied to you about being sick in order to get control of your company. And then I find out you’re leaving the country with him, after everything you told me, vick. So, uh, forgive me, but I am concerned about you.

Victoria: Well, don’t be.

Billy: I need to know that you are not going to forgive him.

Victoria: Or what? Are you gonna try to take the kids away from me? You don’t even know what my plan is, and you’re passing judgment on how I’m handling this situation.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Vick, I am not here to attack you. I am on your side. I’m here as your friend and the person that you confided in when you found out what ashland did. So tell me your plan. You can trust me, I swear to you. Vick, I need to know that you are not going to let him convince you to give him another chance. And you jetting off to another country with him makes me think that maybe you are. So I’m worried.

Victoria: I promise you, i can handle care of myself. But don’t you dare suggest that I would ever put our kids in jeopardy.

Billy: I’m not worried about your actions, okay? I’m worried about his.

Ashland: Let me make something clear to you, adam. You are a place-holder. Nothing more. Your father has installed you in this position to put out fires, basically, not to make, you know, important decisions. You’re like the babysitter. You are babysitting the home office until we get back, not running the empire.

Adam: I find it interesting that you felt the need to come here to tell me this. ‘Cause victoria doesn’t have a problem with it. So, are you worried about something?

Ashland: Concerning you? No.

Adam: Because, from my perspective, you should feel lucky. You dodged one hell of a bullet. For victoria to still be taking your side, after all the evidence my family has shown her — it’s remarkable. Truly. I mean, she must still trust you, which just — it blows my mind. Maybe you really are indestructible.

Ashland: Or maybe she just has more faith in me than the rest of you put together. Maybe she’s not as easily duped as the rest of you. Imagine that. She knows better than all the newmans not to believe these ridiculous accusations against me.

Adam: You’re still playing the innocent card. God, you really are a piece of work. I admire you almost as much as i despise you. I mean, how is that for a dilemma?

Ashland: I couldn’t care less what you think about me or what your father thinks about me. Victoria’s opinion is the only one that matters.

Adam: What about harrison’s? I’d like to think his opinion matters. At least, when he gets old enough to understand exactly what his father has done.

Ashland: You son of a bitch. Don’t get too comfortable in whatever this position is. We’ll be back soon.

Adam: Have a safe flight! If you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nate: There is so much to celebrate, how can we possibly choose?

Devon: Oh. How about we choose amanda going back into the corporate world with her big new job at chancellor?

Amanda: Oh, no, no, no. Then we have to toast to you and lily and your merger and your redesigning of your companies.

Nate: Better yet, let’s drink to elena, a rising star at memorial, and to this next chapter in our life in this amazing penthouse which she’s already made into a home.

Elena: Not so fast. I think the biggest leap forward here, in my opinion, is nate’s huge career change. It’s not every day that you give up your life’s work to tackle a new profession. What’s wrong?

Amanda: Nothing. Your toast was fine.

Devon: I’ll ask the question. Uh, how do you really feel about nate leaving medicine and coming to work with lily and me?

Nate: That’s a good question.

Sally: Well, I appreciate the attitude change. Too bad we couldn’t have gotten there sooner because maybe together with chloe, the three of us could have saved newman fashion.

Chelsea: Mnh, I seriously doubt that…for the simple reason I don’t think the three of us would be able to work for adam and expect it to go smoothly.

Sally: I see your point.

Chelsea: It all worked out the way it was supposed to, you know? We all ended up where we belong.

Sally: Does this newfound civility extend to the personal as well as the professional?

Chelsea: Listen, I don’t know what’s going on between you and adam. And, quite frankly, I’m not interested. But know this — whatever it is, I will deal with it.

Billy: Victoria, leaving the country with ashland is not safe.

Victoria: Oh, come on. Don’t be melodramatic.

Billy: I’m not sure what’s going on here, but you were the one pondering what his end game is. You were the one questioning whether he is capable of harming you. And why do you think he would go to such lengths in order to con you to merger companies and then share the power? It goes against everything we know about him. And if newman is the ultimate power grab, then, victoria, you are simply someone standing in his way.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Enough already. I don’t believe for one second that he intends to physically harm me. You have to trust me on this.

Billy: You’re not asking me to trust you, victoria. You’re asking me to trust him, and I don’t because I know what he’s capable of.

Victoria: Okay, well, fine then. If it makes you feel better, my father’s men will be “secretly” shadowing me while we’re away. I’m sure they’ll be intermingled with all of the staff at the palazzo. So I have my own security team. Not that I asked for one, but you know my dad.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Yeah, that does make me feel a little bit better, but you still haven’t answered the question. Why are you going to italy with him?

Victoria: I have my reasons. Now please go.

Billy: That’s not good enough, victoria. I need to know more.

Victoria: Fine. When I needed somebody to talk to, I turned to you. I showed you my vulnerable side. Because I knew that deep down, you are the one person that knows me. And I know you care about me.

Billy: Yeah, I do.

Victoria: I’ve looked at this from every angle. And I don’t think that I’m at risk. And I have a plan. And when I’m through, I promise you, billy, our children will not be exposed to ashland anymore.

Billy: I hope you’re right about that.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Just promise me that you are going to be careful.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: [ Sighing heavily ] (Nathan m) secondhand smoke

Ashland: So, how did it go with billy? Are johnny and katie okay? Do we have to postpone the trip?

Victoria: No and no. He was just using it as a cheap trick. He used the kids as an excuse to talk to me alone.

Ashland: Alone. I see. For what reason? And, by the way, why is nick telling him that we’re going to tuscany? Since when does your brother confide in your ex?

Victoria: It seems that nick filled him in on everything. So billy took it upon himself to get involved. He warned me not to trust you and that you probably intend to do me harm and take over newman/locke.

Ashland: Do you harm? How dare he.

Victoria: Because he’s billy.

Ashland: What the hell is he doing putting ideas like that into your head?

Victoria: No. That’s not what’s happening, okay? I believe you. I know that you would never harm me. Ever.

Ashland: This smear campaign has got to stop. How long before it’s everywhere and we can’t control the story anymore?

Victoria: What do you expect? My family’s desperate. Why else would they involve billy?

Ashland: Please tell me he didn’t get to you. I can handle billy and your father and your brothers and your entire family thinking badly of me. I can even handle the public humiliation. But the idea that you would think, even for a moment, that i would harm you… all I care about is what you think.

Sally: Thank you. Anyway, it was really nice chatting with you. I mean that. And hopefully we can do it again sometime.

Chelsea: Uh —

Rey: Ladies.

Chelsea: Hey! Seeing you twice in one day — how lucky is that?

Sally: Lucky, indeed.

Chelsea: Well, I always love bumping into you.

Rey: Same here.

Chelsea: The bartender should be back any minute.

Rey: Yeah. No worries. So, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with sally, when you said that whatever’s going on between her and adam, you’ll deal with it. If you meant that —

Chelsea: Oh, I did.

Rey: Good. I’m happy for you. I know how hard it is for some people to get adam out of their system. I commend you for cutting the cord.

Chelsea: It wasn’t easy. I pretended I was okay way before I actually was.

Rey: I’m don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this.

Chelsea: Like what?

Rey: Happy.

[ Both laugh ]

Chelsea: I really am. Can you believe it? I mean, I was in a toxic cycle for so long, I don’t think i remember what it’s like to not be in one.

Rey: Good for you.

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, sally was over here earlier talking to me, goading me, trying to get a rise out of me about adam, and the truth is, the idea of the two of them being together doesn’t really bother me. I didn’t even have to put on an act with her.

Rey: What helped you turn the corner?

Chelsea: Honestly, I — I think you did.

[ Both laugh ] Your friendship and, you know, all those pep talks. It was really helpful. So keep them coming, detective.

Rey: Oh, I will. Although I think you’re giving me too much credit. I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked to transform your life.

Chelsea: I have. Thanks for noticing.

Rey: I mean, you even seem happier than when I saw you earlier today, when you were worried about connor and how moody he’s been.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Rey: Maybe I spoke too soon. Did he cop an attitude with you?

Chelsea: Not yet, but I have a feeling he’s about to. And I have no one to blame but myself.

Sally: I brought us a feast.

Adam: Good.

Sally: Do you want to eat it now, or should we hold off?

Adam: I, uh, thought you were starved.

Sally: I am made of tough stuff. What have you been working on?

Adam: I’m actually not much further along than I was when you left. Ashland came by.

Sally: Let me guess. He found out you were stepping in for victoria and he’s having a cow.

Adam: It was a bit more interesting than that.

Sally: Oh?

Adam: He decided to school me on how I should handle myself at newman/locke. Like I’ve never run a company before.

Sally: What advice did he give you?

Adam: He told me that I, uh, should not make good on my threat to publish articles about him faking his cancer diagnosis.

Sally: Well, sounds more like a warning than a tutorial.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Semantics.

Sally: You know, it’s really ironic that he would play that card since we already decided that it could damage newman if the story came out prematurely.

Adam: I made the same case. But I didn’t let him know that we came to that conclusion on our own. I mean, the guy seemed off. He was unnerved. Like the way he was coming in here and trying to intimidate me — it was a tell.

Sally: Like in poker.

Adam: Mm-hmm. It’s a weak move on his part. And ashland locke does not do “weak.”

Sally: Do you think he’s scared?

Adam: If he’s smart, he is. I don’t know. Maybe that was dad’s strategy, to do something so jarring by giving me the reins, throw locke off his game.

Sally: Apparently, it worked.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Like I said, victoria’s up to something, too. I’d like to think her eyes are finally open and she’s siding with the family behind the scenes. You know, that she’s playing locke the same way that he played her and then trying to remove him from her life and from the company with surgical precision.

Sally: I can’t wait to see it happen.

Adam: Well, if that’s the case, maybe she thinks the smartest way to do it is a one-on-one far away from genoa city. Which is fine by me. Give me the opportunity to show dad just how capable I am. And how much better equipped i am to run newman/locke than my gullible sister will ever be. People will say

Elena: Um, I have to say, nate’s decision did take some getting used to. I’ve only ever thought of him as a doctor. And he cares about his patients so deeply. Some would even argue too much.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: It sometimes takes a toll. And, as you guys know, we met in the medical world. And it’s been amazing, working together. I have learned so much.

Nate: Well, my hours should be better. And the pay is excellent. And I should have more time and energy to lavish on the woman i love.

Elena: Well, now, that is a great perk. But I will say the biggest reason that I am behind this decision is because nate is gonna be working with his family. And I think that is going to be so rewarding.

Nate: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Amanda: Look at the four of us. It really is incredible. We’re all so blessed.

Devon: Yeah, we are. And I think I have the perfect toast.

Amanda: Really?

Devon: I do. To new adventures for all of us. Cheers, guys.

Elena: Cheers.

Amanda: Cheers.

Nate: Cheers.

Devon: Mmm.

Amanda: Good toast.

Chelsea: The talk we had the other day inspired me to do something special for connor, since he was missing the sports program at his boarding school, you know? So I splurged on blackhawk tickets, the ones that you told me about. I was gonna drive us down to chicago and make a whole fun trip out of it.

Rey: Sounds amazing. -Why would connor be upset?

Chelsea: The problem is i just found out that I have to go to new york on business. Adam can’t take him, either, and I told connor about it already, hoping it would give him something to look forward to.

Rey: Only now, he’s going to feel let down.

Chelsea: Ugh. Royally. I’m gonna go back to “worst mom ever” status in no time.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

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