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Finn: Do I, uh — I look okay? I feel a little, you know… [ Inhales sharply ]

Elizabeth: You look very dapper for a man who’s been sleeping on the couch for the past few nights.

Finn: Are you kidding me? I’m starting to love that couch.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. I noticed Cam wasn’t in his room.

Elizabeth: Yeah, he and Josslyn went to visit Trina. She’s out on bail, and they just want to support her.

Finn: Hmm. I read Joss and Cam’s interview in The Invader. It took a lot of courage to get out in front of this thing and tell their side of the story. That’s a — that’s a pretty great kid you raised.

Elizabeth: Thanks. I agree.

Finn: Mm.

Elizabeth: But this whole thing with the video is far from over.

[ Mug thuds ]

Elizabeth: I’m just glad Cameron and Josslyn’s relationship is so solid and that they don’t have to go through this nightmare alone. And neither does Trina.

Finn: Neither do you. I’ll be right here, by your side, no matter what happens.

Elizabeth: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finn: Yeah?

Amy: Oh, my god. I mean, the lyrics, the lyrics and the tune.

Maxie: Okay, Amy, we get it. You like Brook Lynn’s song.

Amy: And I love that Lucy’s exclusively using local talent.

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckles ]

Amy: Speaking of talent…

Brook Lynn: [ Clears throat ]

Britt: Thank you. I owe you.

Terry: You do owe me, big time. I have better things to do than interview someone completely inappropriate to work at this hospital.

Britt: But you agreed to give Brad a chance.

Terry: Which is why you owe me.

Britt: I swear, Terry, Brad’s time in prison has changed him. He’s — he’s grown. He’s matured.

Terry: Not kept any newborn infants from their rightful parents and passed them off as his own?

Britt: [ Sighs ] Please, will you just go into this with an open mind?

Terry: Fine. [ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ]

Brad: Dr. Randolph. So great to see you again. I just want to say, you’re even more beautiful than I remember.

Nikolas: Spencer. You okay?

Spencer: Good evening, Father.

Nikolas: You all settled in?

Spencer: Thanks for getting all my things out of storage. My bedroom has been perfectly reconstructed.

Nikolas: Probably because your things were never in storage. Your room’s always been waiting for you.

Spencer: Even after I renounced all things Cassadine?

Nikolas: Even then.

Spencer: So you thought that I’d come crawling back? That I’d cave?

Nikolas: I kept your room intact because you’re my child. A father never gives up on his child. And if Esme is actually pregnant, you’ll learn that soon enough.

Ava: Nikolas, my sweet. Where are you?

Esme: He’s upstairs. Hello, Ava. Rough day?

Ava: What the hell are you doing in my house? Get out of here, before I throw you out.

Finn: You sure you don’t want to come with me to dinner?

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: Gregory would love to see you.

Elizabeth: This is… oh, thank you. This is Gregory’s first trip back in quite some time. I’m sure he would appreciate some alone time with you and Chase and Violet. And besides, you and I were just getting together when he left town. He’s not really used to seeing us as a couple.

Finn: But he knows we are, because — because I’ve become much better at communicating with him lately.

Elizabeth: Chase told him?

Finn: He would have, but Violet beat him to it.

[ Sighs, laughs ]

Finn: Okay, alright. Well, if you and Laura — you finish up early, then feel free to come on by. I mean, my dad really likes you. In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks you could do much, much better.

Elizabeth: Well, then, he would be wrong.

Finn: You’re amazing. You know that?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Elizabeth: It’s Laura.

Finn: Mm.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Laura: Hi. Hope I’m not too late. Or too early?

Finn: No, no. Your timing was perfect. I was just leaving. But, you know, if you change your mind and you want to have dinner at the Metro Court, I’m buying.

Elizabeth: No, go, go.

Finn: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: Have fun.

Finn: Okay, alright. I’m leaving.

[ Chuckles ]

Elizabeth: Come in. Thank you so much for coming over.

Laura: Well, I wish I could have gotten here sooner. Tell me, how is Cam holding up?

Elizabeth: Better than I am.

Laura: Oh, sweetie.

Violet: There’s Brook Lynn. Let’s go say hi to her.

Chase: Sure, we can try.

Brook Lynn: Okay, I’m just gonna —

Maxie: What — What — what are you doing?

Brook Lynn: I forgot something downstairs.

Violet: Hi, Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn: Hi, sweetie! It’s so good to see you. Oh, you look so beautiful.

Violet: I do. We’re having dinner with Grandpa Gregory. I wanted to look special.

Brook Lynn: Well, mission accomplished.

Violet: How’s your baby?

Brook Lynn: Um…

Maxie: Bailey is doing great. Do you want to see some pictures?

Violet: Yes, please.

Maxie: Come over here.

[ Brook Lynn clears throat ]

Chase: I’m sorry about that.

Brook Lynn: Sorry about what?

Chase: I spoke with Violet about Bailey, but she still doesn’t quite get it.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well, who can blame her? Even we needed a scorecard sometimes.

Amy: What about Chase?

Chase: What about me?

Brook Lynn: Amy, no.

Amy: Oh, come on. He’d be perfect.

Brook Lynn: No, he’s not.

Amy: Uh, I beg to differ.

Brook Lynn: Okay, we’ve been over this, okay? Chase has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to be involved.

Amy: We haven’t even asked him.

Brook Lynn: I did.

Amy: When?

Brook Lynn: Before!

Amy: Where?

Brook Lynn: Not here! Has it ever occurred to you that the entire universe still exists when you leave a room?

Amy: If you took that tone with him, it’s no wonder he said no.

Brook Lynn: I didn’t take a tone with him.

Amy: Do you mind if I ask him, then?

Brook Lynn: Yes, I mind, okay? He doesn’t want to be a part of it, and, frankly, I agree with him.

Amy: [ Scoffs ] Well, then you’re both idiots.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Terry: I’m not ready for you yet.

Britt: We’ll just wait outside.

Terry: Thank you.

Brad: [ Sighs ] [ Groans ]

Britt: What was that?

Brad: Sorry. I got nervous. I went for the compliment.

Britt: Okay, well, pull it together. I-I had to beg Terry to even talk to you.

Brad: And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Britt: [ Sighs ] You have no idea.

Brad: Britt, is this hopeless?

Britt: It’s a long shot. But Terry’s fair, and she promised she would give you a chance to plead your case.

Brad: Like about why I kept Wiley from his family and claimed he was mine and Lucas’?

Britt: No, no, do not say that.

Brad: Okay, then what case? I’ve been in the slammer. “Case” means something entirely different to me now.

Britt: Bradley, you’re going to go in there and tell Dr. Randolph — and please remember to call her Dr. Randolph, not Terry…

Brad: Dr. Randolph. Dr. Randolph. Okay.

Britt: …That you are a kick-ass lab tech who knows his stuff, which makes you the ideal advocate to explain medical tests and procedures to concerned patients.

Brad: Okay. Got it. I can do this.

Britt: Mm-hmm.

Brad: [ Exhales sharply ] Thanks, pretty lady. For everything.

Britt: I’m with you all the way.

Li: Dr. Westbourne? You need to come with me.

Spencer: How did you feel when you found out I was your son?

Nikolas: Shocked. Scared.

Spencer: Great. Thanks.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] That’s when I found out. The first time that I held you, all of that went away, and in its place, it… there was this love that I’d never experienced before.

Spencer: Those were the days, huh?

Nikolas: I still love you. Never stopped. And if Esme is pregnant, I will be right by your side, if you want me there.

Esme: Oh, there appears to have been a misunderstanding.

Ava: Nope. This is my house. You’re not welcome.

Esme: I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not leaving.

Ava: The only question is how much hair you’ll have left on your head when you go.

Esme: You might want to run that by your husband. He invited me to stay.

Ava: He wouldn’t.

Esme: Spence will be staying here, too. We’ll all be one big, happy family.

Ava: You’re lying. Nikolas would never do this without talking to me first.

Esme: Mm. And yet he did.

Ava: My husband may have fallen for this helpless waif act, but I haven’t. I’ll set Nikolas straight. I hope you haven’t unpacked.

Esme: Ava. You seem to be a little bit behind the times, so let me catch you up. You could be a grandmother soon. Well, step-grandmother. Because I just might be pregnant.

Ava: Nikolas!

Elizabeth: Cameron told me the police think Trina Robinson posted the video.

Laura: She was arraigned today.

Elizabeth: It’s impossible. Cameron and Josslyn are her best friends. She would never.

Laura: And from what I know about Trina Robinson, I couldn’t agree more, but Jordan couldn’t ignore the evidence.

Elizabeth: Oh, what, that they found the phone in her bag? Clearly, somebody put it in there just to frame her. I’m sure you know who the kids think it is.

Laura: I do. [ Chuckles ] But I’m afraid I can’t comment.

Elizabeth: No, I know. It’s okay.

Laura: What I can say — I have faith that the PCPD will uncover the truth.

Elizabeth: I hope they do it quickly, because right now, I don’t have it in me to weather another crisis.

Laura: The police haven’t found out anything about who broke in here and why they left the portrait?

Elizabeth: No, no. Apparently, they don’t have much to go on. But on the bright side, we did rule out another suspect.

Laura: Well, that’s good. Who?

Elizabeth: Jake.

Laura: Jake? Why do you think he would do that?

Elizabeth: He and Franco were so, so close, and he wouldn’t be the first kid to object to his mother’s new boyfriend. But also, he’s just… I don’t know. He’s been off lately. A-and I got worried.

Laura: Worried how?

Elizabeth: Well, I felt like he was keeping something from me. Turns out, I was right.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Keys chirping ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Brad: Li, what are you doing here?

Britt: Uh, I have my meeting with your aunt Selina tonight. But I was expecting her to text me, not send an escort.

Brad: Wow, why didn’t you tell me that was tonight?

Britt: Because I didn’t want you to worry. I know you were stressed about your meeting.

Brad: But I wanted to come with, run interference between you and my aunt.

Britt: It’s fine. I’ll be fine. Mr. Li, is it? We should get going. Uh, where are we going?

Brad: Call me the second it’s over.

Britt: I promise. Good luck.

Brad: Right back at ya.

Amy: You know, Brook Lynn, I’m done with your tone. Detective, explain yourself.

Chase: Uh, well…

Amy: Brook Lynn’s song?

Brook Lynn: There’s plenty of local talent to choose from.

Amy: But Lucy wants to give first dibs to people who’ve performed at The Nurses’ Ball, and detective Chase has.

Brook Lynn: Amy, can we just drop it, okay? He doesn’t want to, so you don’t have to pressure him.

Chase: Brook Lynn, can we…?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, sure. Okay. [ Sighs ]

Chase: I thought we were good.

Brook Lynn: We are. Amy just didn’t realize that you’d already turned me down.

Chase: It’s just, I’m not a professional singer.

Brook Lynn: We don’t have to go over it again, okay? I-I know that you think that singing for Deception would hurt your image.

Chase: I didn’t mean it in that way.

Brook Lynn: Oh, yeah? Then in what totally-secure-with-yourself, don’t-care-what-people-think of-you way did you mean it?

Chase: Okay, maybe I did mean it in that way a little bit, but I have to think about going back on the force. I mean, my suspension’s not gonna last forever.

Gregory: I should hope not.

Chase: Dad?

Gregory: [ Laughing ]

Chase: Hey.

Gregory: So good to see you, son.

Chase: Ohh!

Gregory: Ohh. I’m sorry it’s been so long.

Chase: No, it’s okay. You’re here now. Hey, I want to introduce you to Brook Lynn Quartermaine.

Gregory: It’s alright. I know exactly who she is.

Nikolas: Ava, I am so sorry —

Ava: What the hell are you thinking bringing Esme into my house?

Spencer: It’s father’s house, not yours.

Nikolas: Esme, Spencer, I need to speak to Ava alone.

Nikolas: Fine.

Esme: I hope I didn’t cause any trouble. I never meant —

Ava: We all know what you meant.

[ Door closes ]

Ava: Explain.

Esme: What did I tell you? We’re already coming between your father and Ava.

Spencer: Great. Let’s go.

Esme: Go? Don’t you want to stay and hear the fight?

Spencer: Normally, I’d enjoy nothing more than watching my father’s marriage implode, but right now, we have things to do.

Esme: Such as…?

Spencer: It’s time to take that pregnancy test.

Gregory: You’re the reason my son got suspended.

Chase: Whoa, Dad. I told you I punched Valentin Cassadine. I got angry and I lost control, and I’m responsible for my own actions. Brook Lynn had nothing to do with it.

Brook Lynn: Well, that’s not entirely true. Chase punched Valentin to defend my honor.

Gregory: And pretended to be the father of your child. A child who wasn’t even yours.

Chase: Dad.

Violet: Grandpa!

Gregory: Hey, there she is. How’s my little princess? I’m going to go claim our table.

Chase: I am so sorry.

Brook Lynn: What for? He’s not wrong. Chase, I had everything to do with your suspension. I don’t take accountability for anything in my life, but even I can’t deny that.

Chase: Well, I can deny it, because it’s not true.

Finn: Hey, I’m the last one here?

Gregory: Hey.

Finn: Hey! I missed you! Ahh.

Gregory: It’s good to see you, son.

Finn: You, too, dad. Good to see you, too.

Chase: Brook Lynn, listen…

Brook Lynn: Look, the gang’s all here. You enjoy your family tonight.

Finn: Who’s hungry?

Violet: I am!

Finn: You’re hungry? How about you? You hungry?

Gregory: -Oh, absolutely.

Finn: -Alright, we’re hungry.

Amy: Darn it, my shift’s about to start. I have to go.

Maxie: Bye, Amy.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Laura: Why would Jake hide the fact that his grandparents had reached out to him?

Elizabeth: He thought I would be angry if I found out. And truthfully, I’m furious, but not with Jake. My parents went behind my back, contacted him directly, without my knowledge, without my permission. Do you think I’m overreacting?

Laura: No. No. I think you have every right to be angry. You know, I’ve known Jeff for so long. I’ve just never understood why he and your mother don’t seem more interested in having a relationship with you and the boys.

Elizabeth: I’ve tried to come to terms with my parents’ choices. I mean, they’ve sacrificed a lot in pursuit of a higher calling. They’re worried about the world, just not about their daughter.

Laura: The hell with the world. You’re their daughter. It just makes no sense.

Ava: I just came from Trina’s arraignment. My Trina, in court because of that Esme.

Nikolas: There’s no proof.

Ava: Proof?! Are you seriously going to stand there with a straight face and talk to me about proof? You and I have done a lot of things. Is there proof? No. But we still did them.

Nikolas: You’re right. Maybe Trina didn’t do this, but that doesn’t —

Ava: Oh, please, Nikolas. Please tell me that you’re not falling for that helpless act of hers.

Nikolas: Esme is in danger.

Ava: Oh, God.

Nikolas: Sonny’s goons snatched her right off of the street, in front of Charlie’s.

Ava: So?

Nikolas: So, you know better than anyone how dangerous Sonny can be.

Ava: Yes, I do. And that’s precisely why I asked him to take care of Esme.

Spencer: Hey, unh-unh. Wrong room. Bathroom’s two doors down.

Esme: I need a second.

Nikolas: You’ve been putting this off for days.

Esme: This is a huge deal, Spence. What if I am pregnant?

Spencer: Esme, we’ve talked this to death. Just take the test.

Esme: Maybe I don’t want to take the test, because if I find out that I’m not pregnant, I could be at Sonny’s mercy again.

Spencer: Please. Uncle Sonny didn’t hurt you.

Esme: He said — he said he could make me disappear, so yes, I have been stalling, because no matter what this test says, my life is gonna change. I mean, if it’s negative, I’ll be all alone in the world again. And if it’s positive, you and I will be tied to each other forever.

Terry: Take a seat. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Brad: Oh, I’m just, uh, grateful for the opportunity.

Terry: The opportunity to be an orderly?

Brad: Uh, well…

[ Door closes ]

Brad: Look, I-I know I can never work in a lab again, but Britt — Dr. Westbourne and I talked about me being a patient advocate.

Terry: And here I thought this was a general interview.

Brad: Uh, yeah, that’s — that’s fine, too.

Terry: Okay, Mr. Cooper, I’m going to level with you. I do not trust you enough to let you advise patients. If I were to sign off on hiring you, and that is a massively big if, orderly’s the only job I’d consider.

Brad: If I may —

Terry: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Now, if you look at my old performance evaluations, you’ll see that when I ran the lab, I was consistently praised for my efficiency.

Terry: Well, lab tests take less time when you’re falsifying the results.

Brad: I made mistakes, and I’ve paid for them. I’ve served my time, and I-I’m ready to start over. And I was just hoping that, even with what you know about me, you might still believe in second chances.

Selina: Good evening, Dr. Westbourne.

Britt: Ms. Wu. And here I thought this place was popular.

Selina: I wanted us to have privacy, so I bought out the entire restaurant.

Britt: Oh. Better and better.

Selina: Problem?

Britt: No. It’s just been a night of surprises. Private dining, a personal escort. Here I was expecting a text, and instead… uh, I guess I’m just finding it all a little excessive for a friendly dinner?

Selina: But we are not friends.

Britt: No, I guess we’re not. But that’s what this dinner is all about, right? To get to know each other? For Brad’s sake.

Selina: No, Dr. Westbourne, that’s not what’s happening here.

Elizabeth: This all doesn’t sound petty to you? Like, “I know you’re saving orphans and refugees, but pay attention to me”?

[ Both chuckle ]

Laura: Honey, no. Look, I-I don’t want to minimize the good that Jeff and Carolyn are doing in the world, but I’ve seen it, you know? Every time your parents miss another milestone in your life, I see how much it hurts you. Weddings, births, deaths. You needed them to be there with you, and they weren’t.

Elizabeth: Thank you for saying that. And thank you for verifying that I’m not this awful, petty person I think I am.

Laura: No. Oh, my goodness. I understand your pain. I really do. But it worries me a little that holding on to all of this ill will, that could be hurting you now.

Elizabeth: So I should just let it go? I mean, really, I thought I had, but now here they are, talking to my kid.

Laura: This is just a suggestion, but if Jeff and Carolyn are reaching out now, maybe this is the time to let them back into your life. Not for them. For the kids. And for you.

Violet: Thank you.

Finn: Thank you.

Violet: Let’s go wash our hands before dinner.

Finn: You’re right. They’re absolutely filthy. Bring Sophia. We’ll wash her hands, too. Let’s go.

Gregory: So, how have you been occupying your time —

Chase: What the hell was that, dad? What was what? Why were you being so rude to Brook Lynn?

Gregory: Rude? How? By — by stating the facts? She admitted it was her fault you were suspended.

Chase: Okay. You want facts, Dad? I’ll give you facts. Fact — Brook Lynn was trying to pull one over on Valentin. But fact — Peter August is a very dangerous person, and Brook Lynn was risking her life for a child.

Gregory: That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think

Chase: He gladly would have killed her. Dad, he was the one who poisoned me. But Brook Lynn faced her fears and the wrath from Valentin and her family to keep Maxie’s little baby safe. And the whole time, she was falling for this little girl that she knew she would have to give back. So you want facts, Dad? There you go.

Gregory: Son, I have to ask… do you have feelings for Brook Lynn?

Chase: Brook Lynn and I are friends.

Gregory: That’s not what I asked.

Chase: Come on. You’re judging someone you don’t even know.

Finn: So, uh, sweetheart, what do you want to eat?

Violet: I want to know why Uncle Chase was yelling at Grandpa.

Gregory: It’s okay, honey. Your uncle and I were just having a discussion.

Violet: Discussion? That means quiet yelling.

Britt: Why did you want to talk to me?

Selina: I want what’s best for Brad.

Britt: So do I. Is this about the job? Look… I know Brad appreciates your job offer, but he really wants to work at G.H. again. It’s important for Brad to build a new life on his own terms so he’ll succeed after being in prison.

Selina: You consider menial labor at a hospital a new life? Success?

Britt: He’s owned up to his mistakes. He just wants to turn his life around, and we both know he can’t do that working for your organization.

Selina: What do you know of my organization?

Britt: Only what I’ve read in the paper.

Selina: Brad looks to you for guidance.

Britt: We look to each other. We’re best friends.

Selina: Which means Brad will listen to you, and you will listen to me.

Britt: And why would I do that?

Selina: Because I knew your father.

Esme: If it turns out that I am pregnant, then everything I thought about how my life would be just goes out the window. And if I’m not, I could have a mob boss after me.

Spencer: I can protect you from Sonny.

Esme: But only if I’m pregnant.

Spencer: Regardless.

Esme: Spence, what are you saying?

Spencer: That you can stay here at Wyndemere, no matter what the test says.

Esme: Do you mean it?

Spencer: I promise.

Esme: [ Sighs ] Thank you, spence. Thank you.

Spencer: Now it’s time we find out the truth.

Nikolas: You sent Sonny after Esme? She’s just a kid.

Ava: That kid blew up my car. That kid thought nothing of using my dead daughter’s memory against me. That kid is a monster.

Nikolas: I know what she did, but —

Ava: But nothing! And I don’t want to hear about how she did it for Spencer. That girl is responsible for her choices and her actions, and now she’s responsible for humiliating Josslyn and Cameron and for trying to destroy Trina’s life.

Nikolas: Well, Trina will have a day in court. Sonny won’t give Esme the same courtesy.

Ava: Nikolas, I am telling you, it would never occur to Trina to make a sex tape of her friends, let alone send it to everybody at PCU. Whereas Esme has already proven she’s capable of anything.

Nikolas: If Esme is pregnant —

Ava: Oh, God! That is the oldest trick in the book. Please tell me you don’t believe that.

Nikolas: Esme isn’t claiming to be pregnant. She’s just late. What? Spencer and Esme are two college kids having sex. Are you saying there’s no possibility that Esme could be pregnant?

Ava: What I’m saying is, pregnant or not, I don’t want Esme in this house. And after what he’s done, I’m not so crazy about having Spencer here either, but he’s your son. Esme, on the other hand, has got to go. So, what’s it gonna be?

Nikolas: I’m sorry, Ava, but I’ve made my decision.

Spencer: Well?

Esme: It’s not an instant result. You have to wait five minutes.

Spencer: Where’s the test?

Esme: It’s on the sink. It has to stay flat. If you move it, the results could be compromised. It says so right here.

Spencer: Fine. We’ll wait together, and we will look at the test together.

Brad: I’m ready to prove that I can be trustworthy again. Or at all. And if orderly’s the only option, then orderly it is. Alright? I’ll clean up after patients, push wheelchairs, do whatever it’s gonna take.

Terry: Well, Mr. Cooper, I have to say, you’ve made a better impression than I expected.

Brad: [ Chuckles ] Let’s hear it for low expectations.

Terry: I would have to check with Dr. Jones, make sure his ex-husband working here wouldn’t upset him.

Brad: Please tell Lucas I would do my utmost to make sure our paths don’t cross.

Terry: Well, those are all the questions I have.

Brad: Great. So…?

Terry: We’ll let you know.

Brad: Thank you for your time.

Terry: I’ll walk you out.

Brad: Of the building?

Terry: Of my office.

Brad: Right. Thank you. Thanks again. [ Sighs ] That could have gone better.

Amy: You!

Brad: Hello, Amy.

Amy: What are you doing here?

Brad: I…

Amy: Answer the question, Brad. What are you doing lurking around Dr. Randolph’s office? What are you up to?

Brad: I had an in–

Amy: Security! Security!

Violet: Daddy, can we order some apps?

Finn: Yeah, we can…

Maxie: I’m just saying, it sounded like Chase was defending your honor.

Brook Lynn: Oh, good God, Maxie. You got to lay off the romance novels and start seeing someone for yourself. Look, now that Peter is finally dead, you can get back to your own life.

Maxie: Actually, about that…

Brook Lynn: Excuse me for interrupting, Ms. Quartermaine, but, uh, it would seem I owe you an apology.

Brook Lynn: An apology for what?

Gregory: I made some assumptions about you without having all the facts. Rest assured, my son has straightened me out. Please forgive my rudeness.

Brook Lynn: Of course. You were just looking out for your son, doing what any good parent would do.

Brook Lynn: Thank you. Just don’t let it happen again. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. [ Laughing ] I’m kidding.

Gregory: [ Chuckles ] I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

Britt: Lots of people knew my father. He was quite literally infamous. I don’t remember him having any associations with the Wu’s.

Selina: So Faison took you into his confidence?

Britt: Not really. But there was a time we were closer.

Selina: I know. You traveled with Faison for several years before the authorities caught up with you in 2017.

Britt: I don’t particularly enjoy going down memory lane when it comes to my father. So what does this have to do with your mistaken belief that I’ll manipulate Brad for you?

Selina: Because I know what you and Cesar were doing in 2016.

Selina: You and your father were very busy in Lisbon back in 2016, weren’t you? Such a fascinating story. One the WSB and others closer to home would love to hear.

Britt: My father and I traveled all over. You’ll have to be more specific.

Selina: Mm. I don’t think I do.

Britt: You’re either bluffing or you’re fishing.

Selina: Maybe. But imagine for a moment that I’m doing neither. Imagine that I have all the proof I need to send you back to prison, for good this time.

Britt: What do you want?

Selina: I have plans for Bradley, and changing bedpans isn’t part of this. This is where you come in. You will keep Brad on the right path. The challenge, Dr. Westbourne, is that while you’re pulling Brad’s strings, he’ll never know that I’m pulling yours.

Amy: What are you after? Are you trying to steal records?

Brad: No. I had a job interview.

Amy: [ Scoffs ] Security!

Brad: [ Sighs ]

Terry: What is going on?

Amy: I caught Brad trying to sneak into your office.

Brad: I told you, I had an interview.

Amy: You’re a lying liar who lies. I don’t know who you bribed to get out of prison, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before you do something to get yourself thrown back in.

Terry: Nurse Driscoll. Lower your voice.

Amy: I don’t know why you’re mad at me. Brad’s the one —

Brad: Who is leaving. I’m leaving. Dr. Randolph, thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I sincerely hope we can work together again.

Amy: Fat chance!

Terry: Amy! That was entirely unprofessional.

Amy: [ Scoffs ] Brad deserves every word I said to him, and then some. Please, Dr. Randolph, you can’t let him work here.

Terry: I can if I want to.

Amy: Look, you’re new at the hospital.

Terry: I have been here for four years.

Amy: Four years?

[ Both chuckle ]

Amy: Time really does fly, doesn’t it? Even so —

Terry: Nurse Driscoll. Hiring staff is my decision, not yours.

Amy: But you missed Brad at his worst —

Terry: Nurse Driscoll. Please get back to work.

Ava: I see. So we’re not even gonna talk about this?

Nikolas: Are you actually interested in talking? Because it sounds to me like you’re making demands.

Ava: If Esme is pregnant, and that’s a really big if, Sonny won’t hurt her. She’ll be fine. And if she’s lying again? Sayonara, Esme. Set her adrift in the launch, and if she makes it to shore, let Sonny do his worst.

Nikolas: I can’t believe that I’m hearing this.

Ava: What about my position on this should even remotely surprise you?

Nikolas: That you, of all people, would be sending Esme to her fate with Sonny.

Ava: Sonny sees the situation a lot more clearly than you do. Now, understand this. Either Esme goes, or I go. Fine.

[ Timer beeps ]

Esme: Spence, if it’s negative, will you really let me stay here?

Spencer: I said that I would.

Esme: I’m so scared. Please tell me you’ll protect me from Sonny.

Spencer: I promise.

Esme: Thank you. Okay, then. Let’s find out if we’re having a baby.

Brook Lynn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So, wait, wh-what were you going to tell me before?

Maxie: What?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, before Chase’s dad came over. You were gonna say —

Maxie: That sure was something, wasn’t it? The way Chase stood up to his dad for you?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, of course he did. Chase always goes to bat for his friends.

Maxie: No, wait. Are you sure that’s all that is?

Gregory: I’m really looking forward to our next tea party. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to.

Violet: Me and daddy have been having a lot of sleepovers at aunt Elizabeth’s.

Gregory: Is that right?

Finn: Mm. Yeah, we’ve been, uh, staying at Elizabeth’s a few nights a week, uh, in — in case…

Gregory: More problems?

Finn: No, no. Not lately. I’m kind of hoping the excitement is over.

Elizabeth: Thanks for the talk.

Laura: Oh, anytime. You take care of yourself, now.

Elizabeth: I’ll do my best. Love you.

Laura: Love you, too.

Elizabeth: Night.

Laura: Night.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Thud ]

Elizabeth: What do you want?

Man in shadow: Don’t forget me.

Elizabeth: Who are you?

Elizabeth: Okay. [ Sighs ] Okay. [ Exhales deeply ] That was one hell of a dream.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Maxie: To awe!

Brook Lynn: You don’t owe me anything.

Curtis (to Selina): I have made my position clear.

Finn (to Elizabetha and the boys): We need to call in reinforcements.

Scott (to Ava): Is there trouble on Spoon Island?

Esme (to Spencer): I have a confession to make.

Laura: Telle me I’ve misheard you.

Nina (to Sasha): This is just the beginning.

Brando (to Sonny): If I can ever repay the favor, I’d be honored.

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