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Anna: [Moaning]


Abigail: Anna?

Anna: Abigail, is that you?

Abigail: Harold said that you weren’t feeling well, and, uh, maybe these will make you feel better. They’re from tony.

Anna: [Scoffs] How dare he send me flowers as consolation when he gives all his time and attention to that– undead zombie renee dumonde.

Tony: Hmm. Knowing anna, there roses won’t be enough. So which poet’s words can I use to assuage a woman scorned? Shakespeare? Eh, too obvious. Shelley? Eh, it’s too sentimental.

[Gasps] Byron! Anna always loved byron. “When we two parted in silence and tears–”

Maggie: Tony, have you seen sarah?

Tony: No, not in the last couple hours.

Maggie: Well, I’m worried because I can’t find her anywhere.

[Knock at door]

Xander: Hold your horses. God. [Groans]

Sarah as renee: You and i need to talk, alex. And for god’s sake, put on some clothes!

Allie: Johnny, what is happening? Are you okay? Talk to me. I want to help. I love you.

Johnny: Leave me alone!

Allie: Are you sick? Okay, I’m gonna take you to the hospital.

Demon johnny: God! I said leave me alone!

Allie: Oh, my god.

Demon johnny: Why does everybody in this town insist on throwing that other guy’s name at me?

Allie: No.

Demon johnny: He’s never around when you need him and he’s such a bore. Am I right?

Allie: Johnny, you’re– you’re possessed.

Demon johnny: That’s right, sis. Ain’t it cool?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Demon johnny: Aww. You look so scared, twinsie. Can’t say I blame you. These eyes do take some getting used to. But that’s just the beginning of what I can do.

Allie: Leave my brother alone.

Demon johnny: Oh, come on. Don’t you want to see my powers up close? I can move things with my mind, do all sorts of cool tricks. Want me to make you levitate like your grandma?

Allie: No! Stay away from me.

Demon johnny: Your loss.

Allie: When did this even happen? Did you jump into johnny at aunt belle’s exorcism?

Demon johnny: That’s an interesting theory, but your twin bro wasn’t even in the room when I was supposedly cast out.

Allie: Supposedly?

Demon johnny: Between you and me… your aunt belle was never really possessed.

Allie: What?

Demon johnny: Yeah, that was just me framing your poor aunt to take the fall for my sins.

Allie: No, but chanel said that belle was choking my grandma marlena.

Demon johnny: Oh, I did take a short, little trip into belle’s body, but just for a few minutes. Other than that, I’ve been partying down in johnny town since christmas!

Allie: My god. Now everything johnny did makes sense. The way he was so cruel to chanel at their wedding reception.

Demon johnny: Yeah.

Allie: How he came on to gabi.

Demon johnny: All me.

Allie: How he broke up me and tripp up in a way that would cause the most pain and heartbreak.

Demon johnny: What can I say? I love my work.

Allie: You’ve stayed hidden all this time. You had us all fooled.

Demon johnny: I did, didn’t I?

Allie: So why reveal yourself to me now?

Demon johnny: [Sighs] To be honest? I wasn’t planning on it. You made me do this.

Allie: Me? How?

Demon johnny: Oh, all that talk about your special connection with your brother seems to have given him an invigorated energy to fight me from within. But that ends now.

Anna: I know this sounds terrible, but there are days when I wish tony was back in that urn. At least then, I could hold him close.

Abigail: Well, you know, those weren’t exactly tony’s ashes in the urn that you were carrying around.

Anna: Well, I’m well aware of that! I just didn’t know it then, obviously!

[Phone rings]

Abigail: Oh. You know what? It’s chad. Can you just give me a moment, please?

[Groaning sigh] Hey. Were you able to talk to rolf?

Chad: I was.

Abigail: Please tell me you have good news.

Maggie: Well, I came through the kitchen and sarah isn’t there and she isn’t in her bedroom.

Tony: Well, she couldn’t have strayed too far. I mean, she’s hardly left my side since I came to stay here.

Maggie: Well, maybe she’s somewhere else in the house. I don’t know.

Tony: Well, I think if we split up, we’ll be able to find her. I’ll take the west wing and you take the east wing.

Maggie: Okay, tony.

Xander: I’m happy to put on clothes and I’m even happier to talk to you, but I do wish you’d stop calling me alex.

Sarah as renee: Oh, here we go again.

Xander: My name is xander.

Sarah as renee: All right. I will call you whatever you want, as long as you sign your true name on these divorce papers, allowing me to be with the man that I love.

Xander: There’s only one problem with that.

Sarah as renee: What?

Xander: I’m the man you love.

I’ve got moderate to severe

plaque psoriasis.

Sarah as renee: How dare you say that you’re the man I love. Like I’m an idiot? Like I’ve forgotten what I discovered about you?

Xander: You’re speaking of someone else.

Sarah as renee: I’m speaking of a con artist, a heartless gold digger, which is none other than you, alex marshall.

Xander: But that’s not me. I’m xander cook. And sarah, what you and I had, it was very real. You were without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me. You were the love of my–

[Door opens]

Gwen: What’s going on here?

Sarah as renee: Hello, gwen.

Gwen: Wait. You recognize her?

Maggie: Ah. No luck, I assume?

Tony: No, but I found this missive on my pillow. It’s in renee’s handwriting. She must’ve learned it by studying renee’s diary.

Maggie: So what does it say?

Tony: “When we two parted in silence and tears”– oh, my god. Oh. Maybe it was renee who had a passion for byron.

Maggie: Tony!

Tony: Oh, I’m sorry, i digress. Anyway, it finishes the verse and then it says, “tony, my beloved, not sharing a bed with you last night was torture. I did not sleep, just laid awake with dreams of holding you.” That’s quite poetic.

Maggie: Please. Go on. Are there any clues as to where she went?

Tony: “I cannot bear to continue this current arrangement, so I have to go about securing an immediate divorce from that wretch who stands between us, renee.” Well, that’s not good.

Maggie: You think she’s gone to confront anna?

Tony: Well, who else? I’d better get to the mansion before all hell breaks loose.

Maggie: Oh, god.

Anna: Years! I waited years for tony to come back to me and now this?

Chad: What’s going on with her?

Anna: Now a lunatic lays claim to his heart and he goes along with it?

Abigail: I believe you can call that wallowing. So okay, tell me about rolf.

Chad: Well, it wasn’t easy, but I was able to persuade the powers that be to allow rolf access to the infirmary.

Abigail: That’s great.

Anna: Even when I thought he was dead, I was faithful.

Abigail: Okay, here we go again. Um, sorry, just hold on. It’s hard to hear you with all of the– the moaning and the groaning!

Anna: I mean, I had many opportunities to stray, believe me.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Anna: Roman tried his best to woo me. But was I disloyal to tony’s memory? No, of course not, I would have none of it!


Abigail: Okay, all right, I think she’s done a few seconds, anyway. So did you get rolf to agree?

Chad: Well, I just, you know, it took some sweet talking, remind him about his loyalty to my father and that I’m my mother’s favorite son.

Abigail: So do you have the antidote? Was he able to recreate it?

Chad: He did. I’m at the hospital now. They’re just running some tests to make sure the serum is safe to administer.

Anna: What does he think I am? Does he think I’m some sort of wilting daisy?

Abigail: Oh, god, I give up. Okay, I’m gonna have to let you go.

Chad: Seems like a good idea. Good luck to you.

Abigail: [Sighs] You, too.

Anna: How long? How long must I suffer this insult, this indignity?

Abigail: [Chuckles softly] Well, it might not have to be much longer, because that was chad. He went to the prison to see rolf and he has an antidote to the drug that sarah was injected with.

Anna: Oh! Why? Why didn’t you say so?

Abigail: What? I just did.

Anna: Oh, abigail! [Gasps] Oh, abigail! This means that renee dumonde is going to be dead and buried again! And I’m going to get my husband back!

Allie: I won’t let you hurt my brother.

Demon johnny: The whole twin magic thing, it’s real. I can feel it. But you won’t have any connection with johnny if he’s dead!

Allie: [Gasps]

Demon johnny: What the hell?

Allie: Johnny, I know you’re in there. I’m your sister and i love you. I have loved you since before you were born and I will love you until the day I die!

Demon johnny: Well, that shouldn’t be hard since that’s today. Now let go!

Allie: No, no! Never! Johnny, johnny! Johnny, do you remember the first day of school when we were five and aiden conroy was making fun of me for wearing my unicorn backpack on the bus? And you saw I was crying and you came over and he pushed you down?

Real johnny: I remember! I saw you were hurting and it made me so sad. I couldn’t let him do that to you.

Allie: And then I came over and I helped you up and we went on either side of him and we squeezed him until he begged us to stop! And then, and then no one at school dared to mess with us! No one at school dared to mess with us and they haven’t dared since, okay? Not when we work together!

Real johnny: Like we are now. Keep going, allie. Don’t let go!

Demon johnny: This isn’t gonna work! Now stop talking to him!

Allie: Johnny, johnny! Johnny, johnny, I will never let you go, but you need to fight, okay? You need to fight to come back to me, okay? We can fight together and we will send this son of a bitch straight back to hell! Right before mike decided to say yes…

Shawn: Hello.

Belle: Oh, hey. How was your day?

Shawn: Oh, I gotta say, it’s nice being back at my regular desk.

Belle: Oh, you don’t miss being the commish?

Shawn: No. I’m glad rafe’s back where he belongs.

Belle: Mm, and exonerated of those trumped-up charges.

Shawn: Yeah, right?

Belle: Any luck proving ava’s the one who set him up?

Shawn: No, no. Not yet, but I’m working on it.

Belle: Mm. Well, I am working on proving that ej was set up and finding that proof shouldn’t be too hard considering I’m the one who did it.

Maggie: You don’t think that sarah would actually hurt anna, do you?

Tony: No, but I think renee dumonde might.

Maggie: Oh.

Tony: [Sighs] I can’t take any chances.

Anna: There you are.

Tony: Anna, my love. I was just going to come looking for you. Renee left us this this note.

Anna: I don’t care about renee’s note, I don’t care about renee’s anything, because this little charade is about to come to an end.

Maggie: What do you mean?

Anna: [Sighs] Chad went to the prison and he convinced dr. Rolf to cook up an antidote to sarah’s condition.

Maggie: Really? Oh, my god! That’s wonderful! So where’s chad now?

Anna: He’s at the hospital getting it tested. So let’s wrap up ms. Dumonde in a butterfly net, drag her over there, shoot her up, and then we can all get back to reality.

Tony: Ah. Well, anna, you didn’t allow me to explain. Maggie and I thought that sarah was with you. So obviously, she’s not, so we have no idea where she is.

Sarah as renee: Of course I recognized this woman. She’s your lover, gwen!

Xander: And how exactly do you know gwen?

Sarah as renee: Oh, god! Can we please cut the pretense? Everyone knows you two are in cahoots!

Xander: Cahoots?

Sarah as renee: Yes! So how’s it going, ms. Davies?

Gwen: Uh, actually, it’s rizczech.

Sarah as renee: I beg your pardon?

Gwen: My name is gwen rizczech.

Sarah as renee: [Laughs] You got someone to marry you?

Gwen: No, I’m not married, see, I’m engaged. Rizczech is my maiden name.

Sarah as renee: [Sighs] Okay. Well, I know you as gwen davies, attorney-at-law, and it’s obvious that you’re working with alex here to steal my dimera fortune.

Gwen: What’s she on about?

Xander: I have absolutely no idea.

Sarah as renee: Well, that is not going to happen, so why don’t you peruse these divorce papers that I served him with and convince him to sign them so that he and I can be out of each other’s lives for good?

Abigail: Hey. Allie? A lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher

Abigail: Allie.

Allie: Oh. Abigail. It’s you. You scared me.

Abigail: Did you not just hear me say your name?

Allie: I was on my phone. I guess I was just kind of in my own world.

Abigail: Oh. Well, what are you doing here?

Allie: I was looking for my brother.

Abigail: Well, did you find him?

Allie: No. I guess johnny’s not here. I don’t know where he is.

Anna: You’ve lost sarah? How is that possible?

Tony: Well, we haven’t actually lost her. I mean, she must’ve gone somewhere. But she’s a grown woman and she’s free to come and go as she pleases.

Anna: Well, so now what? Do we call the cops?

[Phone ringing]

Maggie: Excuse me. Xander, uh, have you seen sarah?

Xander: Actually, I’M… looking at her right now.

Maggie: Really? [Chuckles] She’s with you? Oh.

Xander: Yeah, she came to my room at the salem inn.

Maggie: Oh, thank god. And, xander, I may have some good news, too.

Sarah as renee: Gwen, can you please convince alex to accept reality? He needs to know that there’s nothing between him and I. He needs to move on. I have.

Gwen: Hmm. Yes, as much as i would love for him to accept that reality, renee, I don’t think that alex is quite ready to let you go yet.

Sarah as renee: [Sighs]

Xander: So rolf is going to give chad the antidote?

Maggie: He’s already brought it to the hospital.

Xander: Maggie, that is the best news ever.

Maggie: Oh, I hope so, xander. Listen, tony and anna are here with me. Do you think that you could keep sarah there until we get to you?

Xander: She’s unlikely to listen to me. But I think I know a way to get her to come back home to you. Just sit tight. I’ll keep you posted. All right. Show me where to sign.

Sarah as renee: [Gasps] You had a change of heart.

Xander: I have indeed. I decided to finally accept reality.

Sarah as renee: Good for you. What made you change your mind?

Xander: Well, let’s just say I, uh… it’s time for me to say goodbye to renee dumonde. Take that to tony. I’m sure he’s waiting for you.

Sarah as renee: Alex, you’re a miserable bastard. You have just given me my life back, and for that, I am oh, so grateful.

Xander: You’re so welcome.

Sarah as renee: [Chuckles] Well, goodbye, gwen.

Gwen: See you, renee.

[Sighs] So what does this mean?

Xander: That was maggie on the phone. Chad hit paydirt at statesville. Rolf agreed to make an antidote for the drug.

Gwen: Wait, so that means that sarah might be back.

Xander: That’s exactly what it means. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Xander: I’m dressed.

Gwen: So I see.

Xander: Gwen, I know it must’ve been awkward for you, walking in on sarah and me like that.

Gwen: What, with you wearing just a towel, holding sarah’s hand? Yeah, I think awkward isn’t the right word, really.

Xander: So what is the right word?

Gwen: I think you know. Seeing you with sarah makes me terribly jealous. How could it not? You have no response to that? All I get is just silence and this sad look on your face like you feel really sorry for me.

Xander: Gwen, I don’t feel sorry for you.

Gwen: No? Well, I feel sorry for me. Although the real love of your life is mad as a hatter, she’s still just that.

Xander: Just what?

Gwen: The real love of your life.

Xander: Gwen, listen to me. Hey. Hey, look at me. I have a past. So do you. But mine’s just a little bit more complicated because the woman I thought i was going to marry got kidnapped. And I thought that she didn’t love me anymore. But it turns out that that wasn’t true. So please, just try and put yourself in my shoes. See it from my perspective.

Gwen: [Sniffles] What I see from your perspective is that you never have, nor will you ever feel as passionately about me as you did, as you still do, about sarah. Oh, god, your silence is absolute torture for me. I mean, honestly, xander, I’d rather you just lie to me than just sit there and not say anything.

Xander: I can’t lie to you. I won’t–I won’t lie to you. Gwen, all I tell you is that I love you. You’re so very important to me and I hate that this situation is causing you so much pain.

Gwen: Okay, well, moving right along then, shall we? What’s next? [Clears throat] You say that chad’s using his dead daddy to guilt rolf into helping sarah? [Sniffles] I mean, do you think she’s going to go along with it? Because from what I’ve seen of her, renee dumonde would never want to take an antidote.

Xander: Definitely not. That’s up to tony and maggie to convince her to go back to the hospital now, but that’s why I’ve decided that–

Gwen: That what?

Xander: That I need to be there as well.

Gwen: Right. Of course.

Xander: Gwen, look, I’m–

Gwen: No, no. You know what? Don’t apologize. Don’t apologize. I–[Sighs] I’ve been selfishly indulgent in my own self-pity and I– I haven’t acknowledged that this is… this is all so very difficult for you. And I do understand that you have a certain… loyalty to sarah.

Xander: That means a lot. Can I hug you now?

Gwen: [Sighs] God, have i ever said no to one of your hugs?

[Both chuckle]

[Both sigh] Oh, xander, you are everything to me. I know I’m not really supposed to say a thing like that because it makes me sound clingy and needy. I know it does. And women, especially, are advised to not say things that make them sound clingy and needy because it’s, um… quite unattractive.

Xander: Well, I’m attracted to everything about you, gwen. And I’ve been feeling very lucky that you’ve been needing me, clinging to me. You might’ve noticed that I’ve needed you, too. I can be quite clingy myself sometimes.

Gwen: Then if you need me, and if you need to cling to me… I need to ask this of you.

Xander: Go on.

Gwen: If the antidote doesn’t work, if sarah doesn’t come back as sarah, can you promise to just her go and marry me?

Maggie: Assuming that this antidote is safe, how on earth are we gonna convince sarah to take it?

Anna: Easy. We don’t give her a choice.

Maggie: Well, we can’t force her, anna!

Anna: Why not? Maggie, this is for her own good. I mean, really, do you think sarah wants to live the rest of her life as a dead woman?

Sarah as renee: What is she doing here?

Tony: Oh, renee, there you are. Oh, anna just came to pay us a visit. And to help us out.

Anna: Help you out?

Sarah as renee: It better be a brief visit.

Tony: Yes, of course.

Sarah as renee: In the meantime, tony, I have the most wonderful news. Alex agreed to sign the divorce papers. I’m a free woman.

Tony: Oh. What a happy coincidence, because I was trying to explain to you why anna was here to help us out. She, too, signed our divorce papers.

Anna: What the?

Xander: Since sarah’s return, I’ve asked you to put up with a lot of uncertainty. I realize that, gwen. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night hating myself for putting you through this.

Gwen: No. This isn’t your fault. None of it is.

Xander: Well, even so, there’s a part of me that just wishes that–

Gwen: That you love me with all your heart.

Xander: No, I wasn’t going to put it that way.

Gwen: But you don’t, do you? Part of your heart still belongs to her. Doesn’t it? To sarah.

Xander: Part of my heart is aching, I’ll admit, because a woman I once loved is–well, she was very cruelly robbed of– of many months of her life.

Gwen: And robbed of you, which is really, really terribly sad.

Xander: Gwen, let’s get back to your question. You asked me if I would let go of sarah and marry you if the antidote doesn’t work.

Gwen: That was the question, yes.

Xander: And I think it’s a very fair one.

Gwen: I don’t think that’s an answer.

Xander: It isn’T. I’m sorry. I–I know it. So please bear with me while I try and express this properly. I not only love you, gwen, so much, I– I think of you as my best friend. The person who got me through a dreadful time in my life, and I’m beyond grateful that you’ve been so patient with me while I try and figure all this out.

Gwen: So your answer?

Xander: So my answer… is yes. If this antidote fails, sarah isn’t herself again, then… I will let her go. Then if you’ll still have me, you and I will be married.

Gwen: [Chuckles] Oh, xander, my darling. My love. My god, I’d be so lost without you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Sarah as renee: Is it true? You’re divorcing her?

Tony: [Chuckles] Yes, it’s true.

Sarah as renee: Oh, tony!

[Both chuckle] Oh, we’re free to both be married.

Tony. Yes, yes, my love. As a matter of fact, why don’t we do it today?

Anna: Today?

Sarah as renee: Yes! Yes! Oh, a thousand times, yes! Why spend another night apart?

Tony: Why indeed?

Sarah as renee: [Laughs] How will it work? Should we go to city hall?

[Gasps] Perhaps maggie could be our witness.

Maggie: Well, I–

Tony: You know what? My good friend, marlena, she’s an ordained minister.

Sarah as renee: She’ll marry us?

Tony: Oh, she’d be more than honored.

Sarah as renee: [Laughs]

Maggie: That’s a lovely idea.

Sarah as renee: Yes.

Tony: Yeah, the only thing, actually, to secure the marriage license…what we need is to get a blood test.

Anna: Oh, a blood test.

Sarah as renee: Oh. A blood test.

Maggie: Well, we can get it right away at the hospital. I’ll call ahead.

Sarah as renee: Oh, wonderful! Well, then what are we waiting for? Come on!

[Both chuckling]

Maggie: I’m calling ahead.


Abigail: You know, it doesn’t really seem like anybody else is here. I mean, chad is at the hospital, anna just left, and tony’s staying at the kiriakis mansion. But I did see johnny’s car.

Allie: Oh.

Abigail: Are you sure you’re all right? You just– you seem like you’re a little off.

Allie: I’m–I’m just upset. Johnny and I, I mean, you know how close we’ve been our entire lives. And we just haven’t been getting along since christmas. I was hoping to come over here and work things out.

Abigail: Hmm. Well, do you want to talk about it?

Allie: Not much to say. He just hasn’t been himself lately. I mean, I was hoping that we could just have it out.

Abigail: Fight the way only siblings can?

Allie: Exactly. I mean, when we go at it, we do not hold back. And I love that, but there’s always the chance one of us ends up dead on the floor.

Abigail: [Chuckles] Well, let’s hope it doesn’t get that far.

Allie: Of course. I was just joking.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Tony: Well, the nurse should be along soon.

Sarah as renee: Well, as soon as we get our blood test results, we can get on with our wedding.

Tony: [Chuckles] I can hardly wait.

Sarah as renee: Me either. Especially because it’s been really difficult coming back home to salem, with everyone treating me like there’s something wrong with me. But sitting here with you, with our entire futures ahead of us… I finally feel like myself. I feel safe.

Tony: Oh. I’m so glad. Because all I want for you is to be happy.

Sarah as renee: Tony, you are the most kind, loving man. Thank you for standing by my side. And now for making my dreams come true.

Anna: Where is chad?

Xander: How long’s it take to travel two floors from the lab?

[Elevator bell rings] Chad, you have it?

Chad: Here it is.

Anna: You have the antidote?

Maggie: And this is a single dose?

Chad: Rolf said it should work relatively quickly, so before long, sarah should be her old self again.

Anna: Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go give it to her!

Maggie: Wait. What did the lab say? Is it safe?

Chad: They ran some preliminary tests and the unofficial opinion is that it is.

Maggie: Unofficial?

Chad: Well, in order to fully vet it, they would have to run through all the proper safety trials before testing it on humans.

Xander: And how long would that take?

Chad: Months, maybe years.

Xander: Years?

Anna: Years of renee dumonde? No way.

Chad: But maggie, we both know that rolf’s work goes far beyond the boundaries of regular science, but he swore to me on my father’s grave that it would work.

Maggie: Chad, rolf is a madman.

Chad: He is, but he was absolutely loyal to stefano.

Anna: You have to do this, maggie.

Xander: For sarah.

Chad: Maggie, sarah is your daughter. You’re the only one that can make this call.

Belle: I still don’t understand why the devil went after ej.

Shawn: I always thought the dimeras were in league with satan.

Belle: [Chuckles] Well, from what I can tell, his only goal is to create chaos and pain. And that starts by ripping apart all of salem’s happy couples.

Shawn: And this time, he went after sami and ej.

Belle: Mm. And paulina and abe, and gabi and jake. I mean, he even went after our marriage when he’d turned jan into me on christmas eve.

Shawn: Oh, god, please don’t remind me.

Jan: Oops.

Belle: Thank god I walked in before you slept with her.

[Notification chimes]

Shawn: Listen, belle.

Belle: Oh, it’s the warden. It says a prisoner wants to speak with me.

Shawn: Is it ej?

Belle: Must be. You know, I should probably give him an update. See you at home?

Shawn: Yeah, see you at home.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn: Bye.

Abigail: You know, my sister gwen and I, were not raised together, but I can certainly relate to how heated things can get between siblings because my brother, jj and I, we have had our battles over the years.

Allie: The bond between johnny and me is so strong. No matter what happens, we’ll always be connected.

Abigail: Do you want me to go see if I can find him?

Allie: Yes, I’d appreciate that.

Abigail: Okay.

[Sinister music]

Demon allie: Well, johnny boy, it was fun while it lasted, but I have a new evil twin to play with, so what am i going to do with you? To be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means…

Abigail: Allie?

[Wind howling]

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: It’s freezing in here.

Abigail: I know. My cousin allie was just here, but she must’ve left.

Chad: What? Through the back?

Abigail: Pfft, it looks like it. She came looking for johnny, he wasn’t here, and I guess she gave up. Anyway, tell me about rolf and the antidote.

Chad: Well, I gave the shot to maggie so it up to her whether she gives it to sarah or not. I have no idea what she’s gonna do.

Anna: You aren’t seriously considering waiting?

Xander: Maggie, you hear chad before. The lab said the antidote is safe.

Maggie: The lab also said that it should be put through proper testing.

Anna: Which could take years.

Maggie: I want my daughter back more than anything, but I don’t want to risk her health and her wellbeing for selfish reasons. We’ve got to be sure that what’s in this syringe, it won’t hurt her.

Sarah as renee: What the hell is taking that nurse so damn long?

Tony: [Chuckles] Patience, darling. We have the rest of our lives.

Gwen: Xander… after everything we’ve been through, I can’t lose you to sarah.

Xander: Maggie, shall we call a nurse to administer the antidote?

Maggie: Hold on.

Anna: For what?

Sarah as renee: Nurse? Nurse?

Tony: Come on, darling.

Sarah as renee: What is the delay? We just need a simple blood test!

Tony: Why don’t you come back to the room?

Sarah as renee: What are you doing here?

[Laughs] I know what you’re doing.

Anna: Do you?

Sarah as renee: Yes, you’re trying to stop the wedding but you just need to admit it. You lost. Tony and I are in love and we’re getting married. As soon as I find someone in this damn hospital to stick me with a needle.

Anna: Why don’t I do it?

Maggie: [Gasps] Anna!

Jan: Hello, counselor. Thanks for coming.

Belle: Mm. Well, if I’d known the prisoner who wanted to see me was you, I most certainly would not have come.

Jan: Aw. That hurts my feelings.

Belle: You and I have nothing to talk about, jan.

Jan: Oh, I think we do!

[Dramatic music]

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