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Michael: That’s the advantage of this, considering the fact that i haven’t had a decent meal in weeks.

Lauren: Oh, the lobster enchiladas look good. Why don’t we start with those and a bottle of Society’s best wine and work our way through the menu.

Victor:  That’s a wonderful idea.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Let’s go for it. Be my guest.

Lauren: And all the wine in the world is not gonna erase the fact that Michael’s life was in danger and you, my friend, weren’t honest with me.

Victor: Now, your continued loyalty will be very well rewarded, okay?

Lauren: Unh-unh — continued?


Billy: Are you worried that you’re with a man that can’t keep a secret?

Lily: You can keep a secret.

Billy: Yeah, well, I’m having a really hard time with this one.

Lily: Okay, then tell me.

Billy: This really needs to stay between us for now.

Lily: Okay. [ Chuckles ] What’s up?

Billy: You know we always thought Ashland Locke was a back-stabbing piece of trash?

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: Well, it turns out he’s worse than that.

Lily: How is that possible? I mean, he stood by while his best friend died and lived under his name for decades and stole an inheritance and lied and cheated his way through most business deals.

Billy: And do you remember how he had cancer and went to Peru for a miracle treatment?

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: He lied about it all.

Lily: Which part?

Billy: All of it. He never had cancer. Didn’t go get a cure. He was never sick in the first place.

Lily: Wait, are you saying that he pretended that he had cancer?

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