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Gabi comes home to find Jake packing his things. Jake says he’ll see her around or hopefully never. Gabi stops him and asks if they are really going to end things like this.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and calls Rafe, leaving a message about how Abe is having a rough time so she hoped they could invite him to dinner. Nicole tells him to call back when he gets a chance and she loves him as she hangs up. Ava then appears and says she loves her too, then jokes that she wasn’t talking to her.

Paulina asks Rafe how the drug dealer overdosed if he didn’t use drugs. Rafe says that is the million dollar question. TR suggests he was looking for a quick exit after shooting a cop. Rafe points out that he had a gun which would be a bit quicker. TR jokes it’d be a lot less enjoyable. Rafe says that Lani thinks it was an accidental overdose but that seems unlikely since he had no priors. TR suggests maybe he thought it would calm him down. Rafe says that something just doesn’t sit right with him. Paulina argues that they know he overdosed and asks if it really matters why since he shot Eli, unless Rafe is suggesting that he didn’t.

Lani thanks Chanel for the flowers. Chanel knows Eli can’t enjoy them but she figured it brightens up the room. Chanel comments that Paulina said Lani has been here 24/7. Chanel asks how she can help. Lani thanks her but says they have it covered as Paulina has been all over it including cleaning her apartment. Lani adds that everyone has been really supportive as even TR came to see Eli. Chanel asks if that’s something she wanted. Lani responds that she’ll take all the support she can get right now. Chanel points out that just a few weeks ago, everyone was acting like TR was the Devil himself…

Allie goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Johnny to turn around and face her. Devil Johnny remains turned away with his yellow eyes and says he’s busy. Allie asks what the problem is and if he can’t look her in the eye. Johnny yells at her to go away. Allie then declares she will make him turn around and grabs his shoulder.

Rafe tells Paulina that he’s not suggesting someone else shot Eli. TR questions what he is suggesting then. Rafe says something just doesn’t feel right. Paulina sees how determined Rafe is and says Eli is lucky to have him on the case. Rafe calls Eli a good friend, so he owes it to him to find out the whole story as to why he was in the park and why he got shot. Paulina believes Rafe will uncover the truth.

Lani tells Chanel that TR swears he’s a changed man. Chanel asks if she believes him. Lani admits she was skeptical at first because Paulina has awful stories from the past, but he’s gone through treatment and therapy, so even Paulina admits he’s a changed man. Chanel says she never would have guessed TR was who Paulina was running from for half of her life as he seems really nice. Chanel reveals that TR did her and Allie a huge favor by allowing them out of their contracts in Johnny’s movie. Chanel says there is no way she could work with Johnny now and she can’t believe that she thought he loved her.

Johnny hides his devil eyes as he turns around and asks Allie what is so important that they have to talk about it right now. Allie complains that he told Tripp that she and Chanel are together and asks why he would do that. Johnny argues that he didn’t know it was a secret since they were all over each other in the town square. Allie says it’s not a secret, but she wanted to tell Tripp herself. Johnny claims he hadn’t realized that she hadn’t told him yet. Allie argues that Johnny knew that she hadn’t told Tripp about her and Chanel when she accepted his proposal. Johnny asks if it’s his fault that she cheated on Tripp. Allie says she owns that, but lately it’s like Johnny is enjoying watching her life apart and doing everything possible to make sure that happens. Allie asks him why.

Gabi tells Jake that she’s so sorry for how she treated him as she truly believed that he betrayed her first. Jake complains that she didn’t think to ask him about it or give him the benefit of the doubt. Gabi asks how she was supposed to know that the Devil morphed in to him. Jake says it’s about how she handled it as instead of asking him about it, she lied and plotted with Johnny then single handedly destroyed their relationship, his career, and his future. Gabi cries that she regrets all of that and wants to figure out a way to fix it. Jake shouts that there is no fixing it since them falling apart so quickly made him realize that the fundamental problem was that Gabi always wanted him to be Stefan, but he never will be. Gabi disagrees but Jake declares that all he will ever be to her is a pale imitation of his twin brother. Gabi says that’s not true. Jake questions why she won’t take off her necklace with Stefan’s ring on it then. Gabi calls it honoring his memory. Jake tells Gabi that they are broken and there’s no fixing them. Gabi asks where he will stay. Jake says he will go to his old place over the garage because it’s available, cheap, and all he can afford thanks to her. Jake then walks out of the house.

Ava questions Nicole and Rafe already being at the I love you stage but points out they’ve been hiding their feelings for a long time. Nicole tells Ava that she’s sorry. Ava doesn’t believe her. Nicole says she’s about as sorry as Ava is for setting Rafe up for a crime he didn’t commit. Nicole tells Ava that her revenge plot wasn’t clever enough since Rafe is now free of all charges. Nicole asks what Ava is going to do with all her pent up anger. Ava guesses she’ll just have to wait and find out. Nicole tells Ava to stop and just come at her if she’s going to. Nicole wants her to have the guts to do it to her face. Ava says okay and then slaps Nicole. Ava asks if she regrets telling her tor bring it to her face now. Nicole is glad that the gloves are coming off and then responds by slapping Ava. Jake rushes up to break up the fight.

Paulina tells Rafe that Lani said Eli wasn’t even working on this case when he got shot. Rafe confirms that and tells TR that he just spoke to Beth about that because Eli was interviewing Beth right before the shooting, so he thought she could provide some insight as to why Eli suddenly left the station and went to the park but she said that Eli only said he had to take care of something. TR says that’s too bad. Rafe says he will keep on digging. Paulina says they don’t want to keep Rafe if he has work to do. Rafe says he does. Paulina thanks Rafe for the update. TR claims it was nice meeting him. Rafe brings up that Lani saying TR has changed, so he hopes that she’s right for her sake. Rafe then exits.

Lani asks if Chanel is still hurting over Johnny. Chanel assures that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore but she can’t get over how wrong she was about him. Chanel says Allie is pretty much done with him too. Lani asks what happened with Tripp since he seemed upset when she came in. Chanel confirms that he’s pretty angry with her so Lani asks what happened. Chanel reveals that Johnny took it upon himself to tell Tripp that she and Allie are a couple now, surprising Lani.

Johnny tells Allie that he thought Tripp had a right to know what they were doing behind his back. Allie argues that she’s his sister. Johnny says he will still call her out on doing bad stuff. Allie agrees that Tripp had a right to know but says she was going to break it to him gently. Johnny asks when she was going to. Allie argues that this is not his business. Johnny says it is because Chanel is still his wife and she’s cheating on him with his twin sister. Allie argues that his marriage is over because he threw it away. Johnny brings up how that makes him look. Allie hopes it’s humiliating for him after how he dumped Chanel in front of her entire family. Johnny argues that Allie always said he’s a jerk and a player. Allie wishes Chanel listened. Johnny says Allie got what she wants in Chanel so he asks what she wants from him. Allie wants to know what happened to the brother that she loved her whole life.

Sonny goes to see Gabi, who answers the door in tears as she hugs him. Gabi thanks him for stopping by. Sonny asks if she’s okay. Gabi says she will be and invites him in. Sonny gives her a bracelet from Arianna and assures that Arianna and Will will be back. Gabi cries that it’s Jake.

Jake asks if Ava and Nicole are trying to kill each other and they say yes. Ava argues that Nicole told her that she could hit her. Nicole says not exactly. Ava remarks that Nicole already cheated with her boyfriend, so she doesn’t get to hit her back. Nicole argues that she tried to be her friend but now it’s every woman for herself. Nicole tells Ava to think again if she thinks she can get between her and Rafe. Nicole storms off as Ava starts to say what she would’ve done in the old days. Jake asks Ava about Nicole and Rafe. Ava confirms they slept together months ago and have been lying to her this whole time. Ava says Rafe finally had the decency to break up with her and now he and Nicole are in love. Jake tells Ava that he’s sorry. Ava brings up that Gabi will be over the moon since Rafe finally got rid of her. Jake informs Ava that he and Gabi broke up. Ava questions what happened. Jake points out that Ava’s cheek looks like it’s going to bruise. Ava asks if he’s avoiding the subject. Jake suggests they go inside and find her some ice and they can swap war stories over a drink. Ava agrees that she could definitely use a drink.

Lani questions Chanel and Allie seeing each other. Chanel admits it’s pretty new. Lani says she just always thought Allie was straight. Chanel says Allie identifies as bisexual and maybe she is too but she’s never done the whole label thing. Lani asks how this happened. Chanel explains that there has always been feelings but Allie was with Tripp and she was with Johnny and now that they are both single, they figured they would explore their feelings and see what happens. Chanel says so far so good. Lani asks if she’s totally over Johnny. Chanel admits she’s still hurt by what he did as she really did love him, but he’s just not the guy that she thought she married.

Johnny says according to Allie, he was always an insensitive jerk. Allie argues that he was a player but he wasn’t cruel as she always thought he had a heart. Allie wants to know why Johnny is acting like such a jerk. Allie acknowledges that they fought a lot but she always felt a connection. Allie sometimes felt like she could read his mind but now that connection is gone. Allie asks Johnny where the brother she loves is. Devil Johnny turns away again as Johnny’s voice inside of him tries to tell Allie that he’s here but the Devil won’t let him out.

TR tells Paulina that Rafe is wasting his time since they already have their man and asks who cares why he overdosed. Paulina thinks everyone just wants to know for sure what happened to Eli. TR gets a text and says there is a crisis with the movie so he has to go put out a fire. TR says he hates leaving Paulina alone with the kids. Paulina assures she can handle it. TR tells her that she can call him any time. TR says he never got to be with Lani growing up, but he does want to be there for their grandchildren. TR adds that he likes spending time with them and with her. TR says he was going to give her a goodbye hug, but he would never touch her without her permission. Paulina says that she is a hugger so TR hugs her.

Rafe goes to his office and finishes a call with Abe, saying he’ll let him know what he finds out and he will be in touch. Nicole arrives, so Rafe goes to kiss her but Nicole mentions her face being sore after a run in with Ava.

Jake and Ava sit together in the Brady Pub. Ava asks him what happened with he and Gabi. Jake asks how much time she has. Ava says it can’t be that complicated. Jake informs Ava that the Devil impersonated him so that Gabi would think he betrayed her and he thinks Gabi is still in love with Stefan. Ava acknowledges that it’s pretty complicated. Jake assures that they are done and he just picked up the last of his stuff. Ava comments on Rafe not changing the locks yet. Ava knows she should probably be sad but she would rather buy him a bottle of champagne and congratulate him for finally getting away from Gabi.

Gabi explains to Sonny that Jake thinks she only fell in love with him because he reminded her of Stefan. Gabi admits that when she first met Jake, she thought he was Stefan and desperately wanted him to be. Sonny feels that is understandable. Gabi assures that she really fell in love with Jake for who he was or at least she thought she did. Gabi admits that the minute she thought Jake betrayed her, she turned on him so fast, so maybe she didn’t fall in love with him for who he really was and maybe she was just waiting for him to let her down.

Allie asks Johnny if something is wrong. Johnny’s voice inside continues trying to get out. Allie questions why Johnny is acting like this and why he married Chanel if he didn’t love her. Johnny’s voice inside says he did love her, but Devil Johnny tells Allie that he just knew it would get to her. Allie asks if he married Chanel just to hurt her. Johnny jokes about how he used to take her toys when they were kids. Allie calls him a grown man now and says this is so not normal. Johnny’s voice inside continues trying to tell her it’s not him. Allie then declares that she knows what’s going on here.

Jake tells Ava that he’s staying at his old place over the garage since Ben and Ciara moved out. Jake asks where Ava is staying. Ava says she’s just been lying low. Jake recalls Ava being wanted by the police. Ava argues that they have nothing on her but she was staying a motel and only came out when she heard Rafe was out of jail. Jake asks if they will get back together. Ava assures they are through and adds that Rafe is convinced that she set him up on those charges for cheating on her. Jake asks if Ava did it.

Rafe asks Nicole if she came to press charges. Nicole says no and that she just came to see him. Nicole acknowledges that she dared Ava to hit her and came at her just as hard. Rafe tells her that she can’t be doing that. Nicole knows she should’ve controlled herself but it’s driving her crazy to not know what Ava is going to do next. Rafe tells her to call him next time. Nicole informs him that she did call Rafe earlier and left a message. Rafe remembers he turned his phone off and meant to call her but he was working on Eli’s case. Nicole though they knew who shot Eli. Rafe says they do but there are unanswered questions.

Lani hopes Chanel and Allie will be happy together. Chanel thanks her. Lani gets an alert that Eli is scheduled for tests so they will be kicked out soon by a nurse. Chanel asks if Lani needs anything. Lani says she’s going to duck out and go see the kids while she has a chance. Lani thanks her for the flowers. Chanel says she’s sorry she’s going through this. Lani responds that the only person who needs to be sorry is the criminal who shot her husband in cold blood.

Beth goes to see TR at his hotel room and says she got his message as she asks what’s going on. TR mentions hearing that she went to visit the police commissioner. Beth confirms that she signed her statement and didn’t tell him that TR was a drug user or about the abuse. TR says he knows because Rafe would’ve mentioned if she had. TR adds that he needs to make sure Beth will continue to keep her mouth shut because he’s asking a lot of questions about Eli’s shooting. Beth asks why he cares since he said he had nothing to do with that. TR argues that they can’t trust police, so he needs to know that he can count on her or things could dicey for the both of them..

Johnny questions Allie saying she knows what’s really going on. Allie says Johnny is saying all these horrible things but underneath it all she can still feel the real him. Johnny’s voice inside tries to get through to Allie. Allie senses Johnny is trying to push her away because there is something going on and he doesn’t want him to know. Johnny continues fighting from inside. Allie asks what is going on and if he’s alright.

Jake asks Ava if he would recognize the guys that accused Rafe from back in the day. Ava says of course not because no one uses their real names. Ava adds that she didn’t say it was her that set up Rafe. Jake points out that she didn’t say it wasn’t her either. Ava says if she told him it was her, he’d become an accessory and she’d never do that to him when she knows how hard he’s been working to put his life of crime behind him. Jake toasts to them being former business associates, now trying to walk the straight and narrow.

Nicole talks to Rafe about Eli looking up TR before he went to the park. Rafe talks about TR claiming that he’s turned his life around which is backed up by Beth and now Paulina and Lani think it might be true. Nicole says in her experience, it’s rare that guys like that change their stripes.

Beth feels like TR is threatening her. TR says he’s just pointing out the opportunity costs and she still wants to be in his movie. Beth informs him that she had a really great meeting with Johnny. TR asks what she told Johnny about him. Beth says she stuck to the story but Johnny was asking a lot of questions about how she got hired because apparently, he has final say on all casting, so he wanted to know why TR hired her without his input. TR asks what she said. Beth recalls telling Johnny that she agreed to keep quiet about TR’s past. Beth claims to TR that Johnny assumed she traded sexual favors for the spot and that she didn’t correct him. TR hopes she’s telling the truth because if Paulina finds out he’s not as reformed as he said, the whole film could go to Hell..

Allie asks if Johnny is alright. Devil Johnny claims he’s fine but Johnny’s voice inside says he’s not. Johnny’s voice inside calls for Allie to help him. Devil Johnny screams for him to shut up. Allie argues but Johnny responds that he wasn’t talking to her so Allie frantically asks who the hell he’s talking to then.

Sonny asks if Gabi is feeling okay. Gabi says she’s been better. Sonny tells her to get in bed and he’ll make her some tea. Gabi thanks him but doesn’t think tea will do the trick. Sonny encourages that he’s seen her rally and she will get over Jake. Gabi responds that it’s not just Jake but Kate told her that she’s doomed to be alone because she’s ousted everybody at DiMera that cared for her and she’s not wrong. Sonny tells her to never listen to Kate and that she’s not alone as she has Arianna, Will, Rafe, and himself.

Jake asks Ava where she’s going now. Ava confirms she’s staying in Salem because her son is here. Jake asks if she will get her own place. Ava is not really sure as she can’t have Tripp seeing her dig in to her inheritance to pay rent. Jake asks about staying with Tripp. Ava reminds Jake that Tripp lives with Steve and Kayla. Jake tells Ava that it’s not much, but she’s welcome to stay at his place while she figures things out. Ava doesn’t think he means it but Jake says she’d be doing a favor by helping out with rent or keeping the fridge stocked with beer. Ava points out that she’s a pretty good cook too and acknowledges that she doesn’t have many other options. Ava asks if he’s sure as they toast their beers together.

Nicole is sure that Rafe will figure out the whole story of Eli’s shooting. Rafe wishes he knew why Eli left that day and how he ended up facing the drug dealer that shot him. Nicole asks if he can’t find any witnesses. Rafe says not so far, so at this point Eli is the only one who knows what really happened.

TR tells Beth that he’s had to move some money around to cover some debts. Beth asks what Paulina has to do with that, unless he’s trying to get back with her because she’s rich. Beth asks if that’s how he will finance his film. TR warns her to keep her mouth shut because Paulina needs to believe that he’s a totally changed man. Beth realizes that’s so he can get his hands on her money.

Lani returns home where Paulina asks how she’s doing. Lani responds that she’s hanging in there and she hoped the kids behaved for her. Paulina says they tired themselves out and now are sleeping. Lani asks if Abe left. Paulina reveals that TR was there when Abe arrived and he didn’t react well and didn’t stay long. Lani notes that Abe is convinced that TR is bad news. Paulina understands but says it really does seem like TR has changed and he reminds her of the sweet guy she knew years ago before the drugs made him angry and abusive. Paulina talks about how good TR was with the babies. Lani acknowledges that it was nice of him to come by and help out. Paulina comments that TR could not have been more of a gentleman…

Chanel calls Allie, wondering where she is.

Allie questions Johnny as to what is going on. Johnny says it’s nothing and he’s fine. Devil Johnny tells her to get out and leave him alone while Johnny’s voice inside begs Allie for help. Allie asks what is happening to him as she wants to help him and she loves him. Johnny yells at her to leave him alone. Allie wants to take him to the hospital but Johnny transforms in to the Devil and screams at Allie to leave him alone.

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