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Victor: Glad you could make it, son.

Nick: Yeah. Sounded urgent. What’s up?

Victor: I wanted to thank you for reaching out to nate.

Nick: Yeah. Did it do any good?

Victor: [ Sighs ] A world of it.

Nick: What’d he do?

Victor: He got a hold of ashland locke’s medical records, of the scans that were taken at memorial after his heart attack.

Nick: Did he find something?

Victor: He found nothing. The images are clear. There’s no sign of cancer. Ashland locke is the picture of health.

Nick: Well, that’s when he received his terminal diagnosis for cancer. What about all his appointments for treatment?

Victor: No appointments, no prescriptions, no chemotherapy.

Nick: Son of a bitch. You know, for him to lie about something like this just so he could manipulate victoria and get his hands on newman enterprises — there’s a special place in hell for somebody like this.

Victor: You got it. And since he refused to do the only decent thing he should have done — namely, to leave town — it’s imperative upon us to show victoria the evidence that she has been betrayed.

Nick: Well, whatever punishment he gets is too good for him. I sincerely hope victoria boots his ass out of the company and out of her life for good, and then he’ll get whatever karmic payback he deserves.

Victor: But you know a lot of this is now in victoria’s hands.

Nick: I’m guessing I know what the next move is. I’ll call in reinforcements.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Ashland: Ah. Good morning.

Victoria: You’re early.

Ashland: Yeah. Ah. I, uh — I’m actually surprised I beat you here. I thought we were gonna drive in together this morning.

Victoria: Oh, I’m sorry. I actually had some errands to run.

Ashland: Yeah, imagine my surprise when I came downstairs and you weren’t there.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Is there something that you wanted to discuss?

Ashland: Well, actually, i was gonna ask you the same thing. I — I mean, the way you were tossing and turning last night.

Victoria: Oh. Was I? I hope I didn’t keep you up. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, right?

Ashland: Well, that’s kind of my point, actually. Um, you’re not alone in this anymore. We’re — we’re equal partners now. So whatever’s bothering you also would be bothering me.

Victoria: I am — I’m just beyond furious at my father for setting this in motion.

Ashland: I can see that.

Victoria: If word got out that you supposedly faked your cancer diagnosis, then —

Ashland: No, no, no, no. I have no intention of letting that happen.

Victoria: Oh?

Ashland: I know exactly what to do, something that will combat what your father is trying to do to us.

Elena: So, what do you think? Do you just want coffee? Or maybe we can split a pastry.

Nate: I’m not hungry, uh, but don’t let me stop you from getting something.

Elena: Hey, look, I know you’re still conflicted about what’s going on with ashland.

Nate: That’s an understatement. I felt like I had no other choice. But I’ve never violated someone’s medical privacy before. I didn’t just access the medical records of someone who was never my patient, but I shared the contents of those files with a third party.

Elena: I know you, nate. You wouldn’t have done it without good reason.

Nate: There was already evidence out there that ashland was lying about his condition. I informed the person whose family and business were directly affected by ashland’s deception.

Elena: So, do you wish you hadn’t given the evidence to victor? I mean, if you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Nate: No. But I still can’t stop thinking about what could happen after this.

Elena: For the newmans or for ashland?

Nate: Not just them. It also changes everything for me.

Nikki: I just hope this new evidence is enough to change victoria’s mind about ashland.

Adam: Yeah. It’s one thing to try to explain away that doctor in peru’s bank statements, but good luck finding an excuse for cancer-free x-rays and nonexistent chemotherapy appointments.

Nikki: And then to have the gall to try to convince victoria that victor made it all up. He is trying to drive a wedge between her and the rest of us.

Victor: Well, I’m glad we’re all on the same page now.

Adam: Yeah, once I heard what nate had to say, it was a no-brainer. He’s an honest man. I believe him.

Nikki: The evidence speaks for itself. So, what do we do now?

Nick: We need to come to some consensus about how to handle things with victoria.

Adam: I assume the two of you have something in mind?

Nick: Victoria seems to be very resistant to the idea that ashland is lying to her. We really only have one move left, and it’s gonna take all of us to pull it off.

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Nate: My, um, so-called friendship with ashland has gone up in flames. And we’ve both heard stories about how he deals with people who cross him.

Elena: What do you think he’s gonna do to you?

Nate: Ruin my reputation.

Elena: He wouldn’T.

Nate: He could, after what i did.

Elena: Look, you crossed the line, but ashland has bigger fish to fry after what he’s done. Besides, if he tries to come for you, he’s gonna have to expose his own deception, and he does not want the truth coming out.

Nate: But if people found out what I did…

Elena: They would probably give you the key to the city for exposing him.

[ Scoffs ] Please stop worrying and stressing about what ashland is going to do next.

Nate: You’re worked up.

[ Chuckles ]

Elena: Yeah. I am. What ashland did was reprehensible. He used you. He got you mixed up in his twisted scheme and made you believe that he appreciated your medical advice when he was really just pretending to be struggling with a deadly disease.

Nate: I thought I was a better judge of character.

Elena: Please don’t blame yourself. Even I feel like I have to question everything he’s ever said to me, every interaction we’ve ever had, because it’s all just been a part of this scheme to take over newman enterprises. That man is shameless. And someone should make him pay.

Nate: Someone like you?

Elena: Let’s just say if i hadn’t taken an oath to do no harm, he would be right at the top of my to-do list.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Thank you for being outraged on my behalf. And you’re probably right. Ashland won’t waste his time worrying about me when he has bigger fish to fry. The proof is already out there that he lied about his condition, and I confirmed it.

Elena: Yeah. And he didn’t see that coming. He thought he could walk all over you.

Nate: And he did. He had me completely duped, and I’m so mad at myself for falling for it. Knowing what I know now, I can’t believe I was his best man.

Elena: Look, he fooled us all. He even fooled his wife. And she’s spent, like, every hour of the day with him, at the office and then at home. He did his research, and he figured out how to play us all.

Nate: Yeah, that’s true. But it’s still so hard to process. How did I allow a man like that to have so much influence over me? He’s the one who got me thinking about changing my entire career path. And what if I had taken that leap? I’d be working for a man who had absolutely no qualms about lying about his disease, who would have continued manipulating me if the truth hadn’t come out. Now my plans are up in the air. If I’m not gonna work for ashland, what am I gonna do?

Lily: Hey. Just the man I wanted to see.

[ Chuckles ] Hey.

Victoria: You’re planning to “combat” my father? That sounds extreme.

Ashland: Nothing as aggressive as you might imagine.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] What precisely did you have in mind?

Ashland: I think we need to get away for a while. It’s become practically impossible to focus on anything of substance here. Uh, what if we were to escape to the palazzo in tuscany?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, that sounds really nice.

Ashland: Yeah. We could — we could stop in milan. We could, uh, take a couple of weeks to hang with harrison and then spend a few weeks working, of course, but also enjoying the peace and serenity of our italian getaway.

Victoria: Now?

Ashland: Yeah. Now. I think now is the perfect time. It would give me a chance to investigate these slanderous accusations against me. I could — I could be working in a relatively distraction-free zone. Whether it’s your father or whoever it is that’s feeding him this false information, we need to — we need to put a stop to this thing before it gets out of control.

Victoria: I just don’t want people to think that we’re in hiding or — or that we’re running away from these allegations.

Ashland: I don’t need to run away from anything. But I am beginning to wonder… if your father has planted more doubt in your mind than you’re willing to admit.

Nick: So, that’s the plan. We have to move fast.

Adam: Okay. I like it. I do. Don’t get me wrong, but —

Nick: Oh, here we go.

Adam: It’s never gonna work, nick.

Nikki: I’m more worried about how victoria will react. And whether this is successful or not, she may never forgive us.

Victor: We shouldn’t concern ourselves about that right now. Our priority must be to remove ashland locke out of victoria’s life.

Nick: We have to get her alone and make her look at all the evidence while she still has a chance of listening to logic.

Adam: Look, it seems to me that victoria is gonna take ashland’s word over anybody else’S. Besides, he’s already signed the contract making him partner at newman/locke. So, is this too little too late?

Nick: This isn’t about the company. I don’t give a damn what happens to newman/locke. I only care about my sister. Her future and well-being are at risk, and that should be your focus, too.

Adam: Well, of course, but…

Nick: If this was ashland’s plan all along, to merge his company with newman enterprises and then run it single-handedly, victoria could be incidental now, an obstacle that he has to get rid of by any means necessary. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Lily: Hope you don’t mind that we’re joining you.

Elena: Of course.

Nate: Please.

Lily: Thank you.

Devon: Couldn’t help but overhear you.

Nate: Uh, I believe the legal term is “eavesdropping.”

Lily: [ Laughs ] Yeah, we were eavesdropping. We heard you say that you’re uncertain about your plans for the future?

Nate: Ah, the world is my oyster.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Oh, yeah? Lily offered you a job at chancellor, and I told you i wouldn’t mind you working at hamilton-winters.

Lily: Yeah, and you turned us both down to work with locke. So, what happened?

Nate: Some things in life don’t work out the way you expect them to. I realized that, um, working for him isn’t the best fit for me.

Lily: Really? In what way?

Nate: Uh… [ Sighs ]

Elena: You know how it goes. You get an offer. It sounds good at first and then you do some digging and you realize that you have a different perspective, and what you want and what they want just doesn’t match up, right?

Nate: That about sums it up.

Lily: Okay. Anything to do with the concerns I raised when you first told me about the job offer?

Elena: Sorry, but what concerns are you talking about?

Lily: Well, I was just talking about, you know, the family politics, the tricky dynamics, the constantly shifting alliances.

Nate: Yeah, that did play a part in it, yes.

Devon: I guess it’s better to politely decline now so you don’t get caught up in anything you’d rather avoid, protect that friendship.

Lily: So, are you gonna stay on at memorial?

Nate: Uh, I’m still leaning towards stepping down as chief of surgery. I just need to figure out my next move.

Lily: Well, in that case, i think devon and I have the perfect solution for you.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: My god, you don’t actually think that ashland would harm victoria, do you? I mean, I can see him being cutthroat in trying to be the sole ceo, but to actually get rid of his wife?

Nick: Mom, I don’t want to believe that he’s capable of something like that, but we can’t take anything for granted. We do not know how far he’s willing to go.

Adam: But will you think about it? The guy left his best friend to die, and he stole his identity to get ahead. Now, I don’t know about you, but I doubt the part of his story that says there was nothing he could do to save the real ashland locke’s life.

Victor: Listen to me, all of you. No matter what that sob is trying to do, he is not going to harm one hair on victoria’s head. I’m gonna make sure of that.

Nikki: She’s really gonna need us when all of this is over.

Victor: And we will be there. All of us.

Nick: Are you in, adam?

Adam: [ Sighs ] 100%.

Nick: How about you, mom? You up for this? It all starts with you.

Nikki: I’m ready. Anything for my daughter.

Ashland: I know how close the newmans are and how hard it is for you go to against your father.

Victoria: My dad doesn’t make decisions for me. You know that.

Ashland: Yes, but I get the sense that you have doubts about me now. I mean, my god, victoria, the very idea that you would think for a moment that I would deceive you in the way that your father is claiming.

Victoria: You swore to me that none of that was true. So I’m sure you know how I would react if I learned that — that you lied to me again.

Ashland: Our marriage would never survive.

Victoria: You’d have to be both foolish and desperate to think that you could keep me in the dark about something like that and that we would be able to move past it.

Ashland: I take great pride in being neither of those things.

Victoria: You’re brilliant. And you know me very well. You know that I have a great capacity for forgiveness.

[ Sighs ] But there are some lines that cannot be crossed.

Ashland: I get the sense that you think that I’m about to break down and make some kind of confession here?

Victoria: If there is a confession that needs to be made, then now would be the time to make it. Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Lily: Well — sorry. Am I overstepping?

Devon: No. No. Step away.

Lily: No? We’re on the same page?

Devon: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Lily: Okay.

Nate: Does anybody want to fill us in?

Lily: [ Laughs ] Okay, well, before I go any further, I just really want to stress that this conversation cannot leave this table.

Devon: Yes, no, this is top-secret stuff, guys.

Lily: Yes, very high-level.

Nate: Alright.

Lily: Yeah? Okay. Well, devon and I have decided to join forces.

Devon: Mm-hmm. We’re merging.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Chancellor industries and hamilton-winters as one big happy family.

Elena: What?!

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: That’s great news.

Devon: We just made the decision last night.

Nate: I couldn’t be happier for you.

Elena: Oh, my goodness. Two major corporations turning into one entity?

Lily: Yeah.

Elena: That’s huge.

Lily: I mean, look, we have more details to work out, right?

Devon: Yeah, no, there’s a whole bunch of work before it’s final, but we’re — we’re cautiously optimistic.

Lily: Yeah. Well, that’s devon being devon, crossing all the t’s and being as low-key as possible.

Devon: Well, yeah, sure, sure. I wouldn’t have agreed to it, though, unless I thought we could create something very special.

Lily: Yeah, absolutely. And he’s not just talking about profits. I mean, we want to build something here that we can run together as a family.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: And we want you to be a part of that, nate, with us.

Ashland: You’re right. There is something I need to confess. It’s a pretty big thing. Earth-shattering.

Victoria: It’s alright. I’m ready to listen.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Okay. Here it is. I love you. I love you more than I have loved anything in my entire life. You are a gift that I do not deserve. And I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy. That’s it. That’s the confession. Victoria, I can see in your eyes you’re torn between your love for me and your fidelity to your family, that you hate the fact that we are forced to have this conversation.

Victoria: You’re right.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry.

Ashland: No. Don’t say that. You have nothing to be sorry for. Your family is breathing down your neck right now. They’re — they’re pushing this idea of some kind of insane conspiracy theory on you. Maybe they think if they say it enough times, you’ll start to believe it. I don’t know. But I’m asking you to shut out that noise. And I think the best way for you to do that is to agree to go away with me.

Victoria: You know changing our locations — it’s not gonna make our problems disappear.

Ashland: I disagree. Dealing with your family’s constant inference is neither a good way for us to function as a couple or to run a company. We need time to focus. I can’t think of a more fitting place than tuscany, where i first pledged my love and my life to you and where you said to me, “love transcends all.”

Victoria: I remember very well.

Ashland: Then let’s do it. Let’s go.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Today?

Ashland: Yeah.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: Sure. We’ll just pack a few bags. We’ll get on the jet. We’ll be there before you know it. Say yes.

[ Door opens ]

Nikki: [ Voice breaking ] Oh, victoria. I’m so glad you’re here.

Victoria: Mom. What’s wrong?

Nikki: You’re the only one i could turn to. You’re the — you’re the only one who would understand.

Victoria: What — what happened?

Nikki: It’s a private matter. Could we go someplace where we can be alone, please?

Adam: [ Breathes deeply ] So, what happens if it, uh, doesn’t work out? Do we have a, uh, plan b?

Nick: Can we just let plan a get, like, halfway through?

Adam: Look, I’m just saying that we need to be realistic that we might need a fallback plan.

Nick: Well, it sounds like you have something in mind, adam.

Adam: I floated an idea yesterday, but dad shot it down. So, what happens if victoria come around? Does the board have the power to nullify ashland’s contract? And victoria’s?

Victor: Son, that’s difficult because of the merger.

Adam: Yeah, but it’s not impossible.

Victor: Under no circumstances will you remove victoria from her position.

Nick: There’s no basis for firing her.

Adam: Oh, really? I beg to differ. I’d file this under “incompetence.” The ceo let the proverbial fox into the henhouse. It calls into question her decision-making skills.

Victor: Son.

Adam: I’m just pointing out the truth. When you had your suspicions about ashland, you investigated and you realized he was making a power grab. But victoria —

Nick: I know what you’re trying to do, adam, and I will not let it happen.

Adam: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Nick: You’re trying to spin what happened with victoria and make a power grab of your own.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Devon: I mean, the goal here is to really build a dynasty and to create an empire that we can leave behind for moses and for charlie and mattie, for dominic, and any other future members of the family. But it starts with us.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: And that can include you.

Lily: I mean, can you imagine what dad would say about all of this?

Devon: Oh, my gosh, that’d be a no-brainer for him. There would be no one who would be more proud or happy.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, he’d ask us what took us so long with that big smile of his.

[ Laughter ]

Devon: And think about it. Dude, when we sign these papers, this is gonna literally go down in our family’s history books.

Lily: I mean, this will be our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Elena: It’s amazing.

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: I’m not sure where I’d fit in, really.

Devon: I mean, where would you want to fit in? You’re already making this jump to the corporate world. You can blaze your path wherever you’d like.

Nate: It’s a flattering offer. I —

Lily: Well, look, we’re not blowing smoke. I mean, we want you because you’re bright, you have a wealth of knowledge, you know? You bring a lot to the table. And we love you.

Nate: I’ll have to think about it.

Devon: You have to think about it. Okay. Elena, what do you feel about this?

Elena: Um… I mean, I love the idea. I think it would be wonderful for you all to work together as a family. But I also think that nate has to make up his own mind.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Very diplomatic of you. I mean, look, no pressure, nate, but I think we —

Nate: Listen, I applaud your enthusiasm, and I’m sure it’s the perfect move for you, but I’m not sure it’s the right move for me, okay?

Elena: [ Clears throat ]

Nikki: Ashland, I would appreciate it if you would give us some space. I’m sure you have a million things you need to do.

Victoria: Mother, you’re being a little rude and dismissive. I mean, ashland and I — we’re partners, just like you and dad. So if you have something to say, you can say it to both of us.

Nikki: Victoria, if you think I share everything with your father, you are sorely mistaken. Right now I need some privacy with my daughter. Please.

Ashland: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, nikki, but if victoria wants me to stay, I’m gonna stay.

Nikki: Alright. If that’s the way you want to play it. I’m done being polite. I am no longer asking you. I am telling you to leave this office.

Adam: Victoria has made a colossal error. I think we can all agree on that. That doesn’t mean that I’m trying to throw her off the throne so that I can wear the crown, nicholas.

Nick: All historical evidence to the contrary.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] I have a vested interest in this company and the health and future of newman/locke because i actually work for the company, unlike you. And we can’t hit pause on work because there’s a family crisis. Somebody needs to be here to keep their eye on the ball.

Victor: Boys, I want you to stop it now. We’ll take this one step at a time. If any damage has been done to our business, we will deal with it. Your sister’s protection and security is our priority. Is that clear?

[ Door opens ] Lauren.

Adam: We, um — we’re in the middle of a private meeting.

Lauren: Well, just consider me the next problem on your agenda then. Victor, you have got to come clean with me. What exactly do you know about my husband? – When I was flying, I used to love sitting on the ramP.

Lauren: Have you heard from michael since we last spoke?

Victor: I received a package from him yesterday.

Lauren: Which could have been sent days ago when he was safe. So let me rephrase. Have you heard anything about michael? Because I’m aware that you have people searching for him.

Victor: How do you know that?

Lauren: It doesn’t matter. The point is, you should have shared that with me. Now I am asking you to tell me everything.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] I have lost contact with michael.

Lauren: [ Sighs heavily ] I knew that in my heart. Okay, well, it’s good that i went to kevin.

Victor: What does kevin have to do with this?

Lauren: When you refused to give me any information, I went to him for help. I have filed a missing-persons report with the gcpd, and they’ve contacted the peruvian authorities.

Victor: Lauren, forget about the gcpd, alright? I have my best people looking for him right now, as we speak. We’ll find him. Trust me.

Lauren: Trust you? Like michael did? And maybe I would have if you had given me any kind of information when this fact-finding mission went off the rails.

Victor: I didn’t want to alarm you. And I thought we would find michael much more quickly.

Lauren: But you didn’T. And you still said nothing. I don’t even know why he was sent to south america. And I suppose you two know more than I do. You’ve been conspicuously silent. I’d really love your take. Are you privy to any information that you think I should have?

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Oh, my god, why can’t you do this one simple thing for me?

Ashland: This is a matter of respect. You’re showing none to victoria or to me. And it’s not hard to imagine why you want me to leave.

Nikki: Can you really be this obtuse? Not everything is about you, ashland. I’m not here because of you. It’s a private family matter. It’s about victor and me and our marriage.

Victoria: What happened? Mom?

Nikki: Oh, we had a terrible fight. The things that we said to each other, the threats… now I’m worried. I-I-I don’t know what to do because we both said things that we can’t take back.

Victoria: Oh, I’m so sorry.

Nikki: Oh, no, I’m sorry to burden you with this. You’re dealing with so many other things. But I didn’t have anywhere else to turn.

Victoria: No, no, it’s okay. I’m glad you came to me. It’s alright. We’ll figure it out. I promise. I need to speak with my mother alone.

Ashland: You sure about that?

Victoria: Look at her. I mean, she’s obviously upset. And I don’t want to stress her out any more than she already is. She’s been battling enough. I don’t want to add to it.

Ashland: Perhaps you’re right.

Victoria: It’s just gonna take a few minutes. My mother is the strongest woman that I know, and I want to be there for her. Do you understand?

Ashland: Yes. This is one of the things i love about you. Even with someone who’s caused you so much consternation, your first instinct is to help.

Victoria: I want to support her.

Ashland: I understand.

Victoria: Okay.

Ashland: Nikki… I truly wish you the best. You’re very fortunate to have such a loving and caring daughter.

Nikki: Thank you.

Ashland: I’ll be back as soon as I can, and we’ll pick up where we left off, yeah?

Victoria: Yeah.

Ashland: Okay.

[ Door opens ]

Nick: Look, lauren, I know how concerned you are about michael.

Lauren: You have no idea.

Nick: I know my dad’s gonna find him soon.

Adam: Look, michael will come back with a hell of a story, I’m sure. He knows how to handle himself.

Lauren: Why won’t any of you just tell me what’s going on?

Victor: Because I want to keep what michael is working on confidential. It has to do with attorney/client privilege.

Lauren: And you are the client. You could tell me.

Victor: No, I cannot tell you. And I’m sorry that what should have been a routine trip turned into a dangerous situation for michael, but I will remedy the situation. I promise you.

Lauren: If only I could believe you.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: Yeah, adam and I need to take care of that issue we were discussing earlier.

Victor: I will join you shortly, son.

Lauren: Does that have something to do with michael?

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] It does in a way, lauren, yes. Okay? But I honestly cannot tell you what we’re working on right now. He’s on a very, very important mission. But I promise you that I’ll do everything in my power to bring him back safely. You have my word. Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Forgive me for blowing up like that.

Devon: No, man. Forgive us for offering you a cool job.

Lily: Well, no. We — we shouldn’t have bombarded you. I’m sorry.

Nate: No, it’s alright. Don’t apologize. This is good news. I couldn’t be happier.

Lily: Well, I mean, I’ve seen you happier. So, what’s going on? Just tell us.

Nate: It’s complicated.

Lily: Well, I mean, what isn’t? I think the three of us can help solve whatever problem it is.

Nate: Thank you, but, unfortunately, this is just the aftermath of making a bad judgment call.

Devon: Oh, man. Good thing none of us have experience with that.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Is there anything that we can do?

Nate: No. I just need time to regroup.

Devon: Yeah? You want to get out? You want to go for a run or something to clear your head?

Lily: I could bore you with some of the corporate conundrums I’m trying to tackle.

Devon: I got singers I’m thinking of signing. You can help me listen to their demos.

Elena: See? We are all here for you, whatever you need.

Lily: Yeah. You’re stuck with us.

Nate: Stop. I just need to take care of some things.

Lily: Okay, well, the offer doesn’t expire.

Nate: Good to know.

Elena: Talk to you later.

Nate: Thank you.

Lily: Uh, what was that? What’s going on?

Devon: Is everything alright with him?

Elena: [ Sighs ] It’s not my place to talk about it.

Devon: Is it something serious?

Elena: What I can say is he’s going to be okay and you don’t need to worry about him.

Lily: I mean, was it the wrong time to bring up the job offer?

Elena: No, no, no, no, no, no. I think once he cools down, he’ll appreciate it. And I love that you want to invite him into the legacy that you’re creating. He’s gonna need something to latch onto.

Nikki: Thank you so much.

Victoria: Mama, are you feeling better?

Nikki: I am, now that we’re alone.

Victoria: So, tell me about this argument that you had with dad. I know you told ashland that it had nothing to do with him, but — I’m sorry — I find that hard to believe, given what’s happened the past few days.

Nikki: Yeah. Everybody has been so tense.

Victoria: Yes, because of the accusations that dad makes towards my husband. I hope you told him that he’s crossed the line and he needs to stop.

Nikki: Victoria, there is no doubt in my mind that your father was right to investigate his suspicions.

Victoria: You didn’t really have a fight with dad, did you? You lied to me.

Nikki: And I’m very sorry about that. I had to get ashland out of the room so we could speak freely.

Victoria: There is nothing that you can say to me that i haven’t already heard!

Nikki: Victoria, listen to me. He has been using you. He has been lying to you since the day he claimed he was sick.

Victoria: How far are you and dad willing to go?

Victor: As far as is necessary to show you exactly what ashland has done.

Nick: And we’re not leaving until you’ve seen all the evidence.

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