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Brad: Okay, next question. “I don’t care about the rules. I do what I want.” Strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, strongly disagree?

Britt: Strongly agree.

Brad: No kidding.

Britt: [ Scoffs ] How many more? This is taking forever.

Brad: Ah, patience. “When it comes to making plans, I am willing to compromise.” Strongly agree —

Britt: Mm, somewhat agree.

Brad: Strongly disagree.

Britt: Pardon?

Brad: Nothing. Almost there.

Britt: [ Sighs ]

Brad: Only… 40 more questions.

Britt: What?

Brad: Stop complaining! All you have to do is answer questions. The matchmaker’s got the tough part. Just gotta take all your answers to find your perfect man.

Dante: Elizabeth, hey. What brings you here?

Elizabeth: I need to know if there’s been any progress on the break-in at my house. I mean, how can somebody sneak a gigantic portrait into my house without somebody’s doorbell Cam picking it up?

Dante: Yeah, you’d think so, right? But we’ve got nothing so far.

Elizabeth: Obviously, I’m disappointed — not surprised. However, there has been a development on my end.

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Come in! Back again? I-I-I — I thought this was all gonna stop.

Chase: Well, good morning to you, too. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Finn: I’m sorry, I just — I’m surprised. I just — I thought I’d be seeing a lot less of you now that Brook Lynn is back in town.

Maxie: Hey!

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Maxie: Oh, my gosh, did we have a meeting? You’ll have to excuse me. I need coffee. I usually stop by perks on my way here, but then I realized I didn’t have a free hand. And I keep forgetting Bailey’s stroller has a cup holder.

Brook Lynn: Oh, you’ll figure it out. I just cannot believe you have not had coffee. That’s the first thing I’d do in the morning — after Miss Bailey’s bottle, of course.

Maxie: Oh, no, no, no. [ Laughs ] I brew my first cup as soon as I wake up. Perks is my first latte.

Brook Lynn: Ah, got it. [ Laughs ]

Maxie: You should go see Bailey at daycare. I’m sure she misses you.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, thanks. I will. I miss her.

Maxie: How are you doing? I mean, I haven’t seen you since you got back.

Brook Lynn: I’m good.

Lucy: And that is the last one. Yes! You did it.

Portia: [ Squeals ]

Lucy: [ Laughter ]

Portia: I might have developed carpal tunnel from signing all these documents.

Curtis: Lucy, thank you. Thank you. This was a much better venue than somewhere in some stuffy room in a bank.

Lucy: Well, I do aim to please. [ Gasps ] Oh, forgetting very important something. Uh, stay there. Don’t move. Excuse me for just a minute.

Portia: [ Chuckling ] Okay.

Curtis: We’re homeowners.

Portia: [ Laughs ] We got a beach house.

Curtis: Baby.

Portia: Oh, my god!

Selina: Thank you for seeing me. I’m sorry to bother you at home. There was a time I would have gone through Jason. But since you still have no second, I had no choice but to approach you directly.

Sonny: Well, you know, Jason’s very hard to replace. Um… what’s on your mind? Do we have a problem?

Maxie: You know, you don’t have to do that, Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn: Do what?

Maxie: Pretend that you’re okay. I can tell you’re hurting.

Brook Lynn: You are correct. Look, life is not exactly great at the moment, okay? But how could I complain after everything you went through all those months and months?

Maxie: Hey, you didn’t exactly have it easy, okay? People have been judging you and giving you grief.

Brook Lynn: Well, I would do it all again to protect that baby girl. I am just so thankful that Bailey is safe and that Peter is finally gone.

Maxie: Yeah, she’s safe because of how you love and protected her. I’m never gonna forget that.

Brook Lynn: Don’t give me all the credit. Chase helped, too.

Maxie: Have you, uh, seen him since you got back?

Brook Lynn: Um, yeah, he stopped by the house.

Maxie: Oh, did he? What was so important that he just had to rush right over?

Chase: I actually have a legit reason for being here completely unrelated to Brook Lynn. You are looking at the organizer of this year’s community softball league.

Finn: Congratulations.

Chase: Thanks. I volunteered. Can I put you down for a team?

Finn: If you must.

Chase: Oh, and, uh, furthermore, can I get you to spread the word around here, get your colleagues to sign up?

Finn: You might want to recruit someone that’s a little more of a people person. I’m not really the best choice to be rallying the troops.

Chase: Well, I talked to Elizabeth, but I figured she’d be busy with Jake.

Finn: Well, good news on that front. Jake’s innocent. He has an alibi.

Chase: Wow, what a relief. W-where was he?

Finn: Library.

Chase: Why wouldn’t he just say that in the first place?

Finn: I guess he didn’t want Elizabeth knowing he was video conferencing with his grandparents.

Chase: Elizabeth’s parents? Why is that a problem?

Finn: I couldn’t tell you. All I know is, Elizabeth is determined to keep her parents out of her life.

Epiphany: Well, they look happy.

Marshall: That they do.

Epiphany: [ Chuckles ] You want to go say hello?

Marshall: No, no. I, uh — I don’t want to be pushy.

Epiphany: You’ve been pushy about getting me into your band.

Marshall: Well, that’s just common sense. You know, we could have a lot of fun playing music together.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm.

[ Both laugh ]

Marshall: I wonder what they’re celebrating.

Lucy: And here we go. [ Laughs ] One for you.

Portia: Oh, yay!

Lucy: One for you.

Curtis: Thank you.

Lucy: Here is to your new home. Cheers.

Portia: [ Laughs ] Cheers!

Curtis: Hear, hear.

Lucy: Mmm. Mm! Oh, dear. Okay, I have to go. I really want to get your papers filed. So, here — for you. Oh! For you. And I gotta get back to Deception, or I’m simply gonna have to fire myself. So, ta. Enjoy.

Portia: [ Laughter ]

Lucy: Thank you. Congratulations.

Curtis: Thank you.

Portia: Babe, I can’t wait to move in. I got some big plans for the new house. [ Laughs ] With your agreement, of course.

Curtis: I have some big plans of my own.

Dante: I will, uh, send someone over to the library, get them to check the computer logs, be sure we can confirm Jake’s story. But I’m very relieved to hear that.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I know. Me too. But now that we’ve ruled out Jake and Betsy, we’re back to square one. And I certainly don’t like knowing that somebody’s been in and out of my house doing all these creepy things.

Dante: Right. Um… but, you know, you do have that key hidden outside that allows access to your house pretty easily.

Elizabeth: I know. I-I-I’ve removed the key. I’ve changed the locks, and a security system is being put in today.

Dante: Oh, good. Okay. I’m gonna make sure there’s a patrol car going by the house every day, too.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Dante: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Um, I’m also here on another matter. It concerns Cameron. Apparently, there is a video going around.

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, I’m aware of the video with Cam and Joss. Actually, Michael was just arrested for assaulting the tabloid reporter who asked him about it.

Selina: We have no problem. In fact, I’ve found our collaboration very beneficial, so far. I hope you feel the same.

Sonny: Well, th– you know, I was surprised ’cause everything was going smoothly when you asked to meet with me. What’s so urgent?

Selina: We used to be the five families. Right. Now we are two.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Selina: Corinthos and Wu. And since our territories are consolidated, it’s only natural that our business interests would overlap more than previously.

Sonny: Cut to the Chase. What do you want?

Selina: Use of the Port Charles harbor. Of course, you’d get a cut of any business I do in your territory.

Sonny: [ Chuckles ] Ah. Yeah, I could consider that. But you gotta play by my rules.

Brook Lynn: Chase stopped by to drop off a few things I left at the beach house. Okay, more than a few.

Maxie: Poor Chase. He seemed so lost while you were gone.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I’m sure he’s missing Bailey. His suspension’s also weighing on him.

Maxie: Yeah — yeah, all of that is true, but I don’t think Bailey’s the only person he’s been missing.

Brook Lynn: Look, Chase has made it clear that we are friends, which is exactly how I want it. Where’s Lucy, by the way? Deception’s about to go public, and we haven’t even finished planning the party.

Maxie: Lucy’s wrapping up some real estate business or whatever. What’s in there?

Brook Lynn: Oh, nothing. It’s just my songbook. Chase found it at the, um — the beach house.

Maxie: You’re writing songs again?

Brook Lynn: No, no. [ Laughs ] Not exactly. I haven’t been able to look at them since, um, Nelle attacked me. I just couldn’t face it. I thought I shouldn’t write anymore since I can’t sing anymore.

Maxie: But you’ve changed your mind?

Brook Lynn: Well, Chase thinks other people might want to sing them. Says they’re pretty good.

Maxie: Oh, does he? Oh, that’s very friendly of him.

Chase: Wait, does this mean “the pause” is over? You and Elizabeth can get back together?

Finn: We haven’t talked about it yet.

Chase: Well, what’s stopping the two of you?

Finn: I think Elizabeth got a little spooked, certainly with all the craziness going on and also with the speed in which things happened with us. It’s been a little over a year since she lost her husband. They’re still a family in mourning.

Chase: I mean, I get it. I can see how all those Franco-centric events might have kicked up some doubts and sensitivities for Elizabeth. But has anything happened since the portrait?

Finn: No, nothing.

Chase: So, maybe it’s all over.

Finn: Whether it is or isn’t… I’m not giving up on my relationship with Elizabeth without a fight.

Elizabeth: So, what happens now?

Dante: Well, Michael will be arraigned this morning. He’ll probably make bail and have his day in court. But I-I-I’m telling you this because you and the boys, you’ve gotta be careful. This guy, Smoltz, he’s a real piece of garbage, and he’s not gonna let this story go.

Elizabeth: But this was an invasion of a very private moment. This isn’t news — it’s smut. And it was intrusive and hurtful.

Dante: Right, and I agree with you, but it is news to them because of Josslyn’s connection to Sonny. The Corinthos name is clickbait. And — and you have to remember that Cam and Joss are consenting adults now. So technically, he is allowed to go after them.

Elizabeth: God, haven’t those kids suffered enough? What about the person responsible for the video? Are you going after them?

Dante: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course, we are. Totally. And the PCU is also conducting their own investigation.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but how long is that gonna take?

Dante: I don’t know.

Elizabeth: I mean, what else can we do?

Dante: Really? Um, stay cool. Don’t punch any reporters in the face. If they ask any questions, just keep walking, say “no comment,” and hopefully they’ll get bored and move on to something else soon.

Elizabeth: Easier said than done. Yeah. Well, like you said, the Corinthos name is clickbait. If this becomes a story about a kingpin’s stepdaughter…

Dante: Well, you know what? I am gonna talk to Sonny and tell him he’s gotta stay out of it.

Elizabeth: Good luck with that. We both know no one tells Sonny what to do.

Selina: Please, define your rules.

Sonny: No drugs, period. Full stop.

Selina: That’s been your policy for decades. It’s not a problem for me.

Sonny: Okay, I’m gonna need advance notice on all your traffic, and I’m also gonna choose the point person to facilitate the process.

Selina: Won’t that create more work for you?

Sonny: Those are my terms.

Selina: Then I agree.

Sonny:  I also need to hear from you at least 48 hours before the first shipment.

Selina: Of course. I’ll make sure there are no disruptions on my end.

Sonny: I’m counting on it. Anything else?

Selina: One other matter. I heard about your son Michael’s arrest. So vexing.

Sonny: Okay. Michael is my problem. You take care of your family. I’ll take care of mine.

Selina: Oh, I do. I promise. I keep a very close eye on my family.

Brad: Now we need to list the qualities you want in a man.

Britt: [ Groans, sighs ] Smart. Resourceful. Resilient. Not too self-absorbed. Someone aware that there’s a world out there that’s bigger than him and his workout routine or his career path.        [ Sighs ] He needs to be sexy. Maybe even a little dangerous. But someone that I can rely on.

Brad: With a leather jacket and a motorcycle?

Britt: That’s a low blow.

Brad: I’m sorry. I’m sure Jason Morgan will be a hard act to follow. But [Hisses through teeth] Guy wasn’t perfect.

Britt: Just perfect for me.

Brad: What if we try for, uh, sexy and resourceful, but with a little fashion sense? And maybe loves to dance. Oh, and knows good wine.

Britt: Are we still looking for me? [ Laughs ]

Brad: Trust me, I don’t want a man right now, especially with Aunt Selina circling. But you know what I really want? A job. So, how goes it, bestie? Any luck finding me a gig here at GH?

Epiphany: You, um, got me thinking. And… [ Sighs ] …I’m going to take the MCATs.

Marshall: Good.

Epiphany: [ Laughing ] Oh, my —

Marshall: Wonderful! Well, I’m going to order us a round of mimosas.

[ Both laugh ]

Epiphany: Mm. [ Laughs ]

Portia: I took your advice. I stopped pushing Trina to stay away from Spencer.

Portia: And I do — I do. I’m glad that Trina’s learning how to live life on her own. I want that for her. But it’s times like these that I wish I could just knock on her bedroom door, poke my head in there [Laughs] Ask her how her day was. And she would confide in me. And we just…talked. No matter the age, parenting is hard.

Chase: I’m rooting for and Elizabeth. You two make a cute couple.

Finn: Did you just say “cute”?

Chase: And I’m impressed to see you go after what you want.

Finn: Well…

Chase: Way to be proactive.

Finn: Yeah? You like that? Well, now that we’re on the subject, have you at least spoken with Brook Lynn?

Chase: Um, Brook Lynn and I are friends who went through an intense time together, and now it’s over. So, you know, I’ll see her when I see her.

Finn: Well, it’s good that you can still be…friends.

Chase: Totally. I mean, why wouldn’t we be? I mean, I’m sure we’ll be hanging out again — eventually. We’re still movie buddies — although she can be a little possessive over the popcorn.

Finn: And you’re fine with that? The “buddy” part?

Chase: Totally.

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Chase: Why wouldn’t I be? I mean, it’s time I… get back to living my own life.

Brook Lynn: We’re friends, okay? Those were his words, so… if Chase wants something more, he can darn well say it.

Maxie: Yeah, but do you want more?

[ Bag thuds ]

Brooke Lynn: Uh, no, thanks. I’m not hurling myself into some awkward, “I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me” situation, okay? I am fine with the friendzone. Look, we really need to jump on this party. I think we should start without Lucy, and Sasha’s obviously not coming.

Maxie: I got a text from Sasha. She’s extending her time away. Kind of surprising.

Brook Lynn: Ahhh.

Maxie: Hey.

Lucy: So, you haven’t heard.

Maxie: Heard what?

Lucy: [ Laughs ] Sasha and Brando got married.

Brook Lynn: [ Gasps ] [ Exhales sharply ]

Britt: Here you go –a list of your job options.

Brad: Wait. None of these are lab positions.

Britt: We’ve been over this, Brad. Terry is co-chief of staff. I mean, we make hiring decisions together. There’s no way she’ll agree to let me hire you to work in a lab where you could tamper with test results. Given your history, the liability would be too high. I’m sorry, but that’s just reality.

Brad: There’s reality, a-and then there’s “food service coordinator.”

Britt: Did I include that? It should be “food service aid.” You don’t have the qualifications to be a coordinator. But you — you could be promoted.

Brad: [ Exhales sharply ]

Selina: Detective Falconeri. Thank you for your hospitality.

Dante: [ Chuckles ] Hospitality, eh? Selina Wu, the alleged head of the alleged crime family of the same name, yeah?

Sonny: Is there a question in there?

Dante: No. [ Sighs ] No, there isn’t. I came to tell you about Michael. He’s being arraigned today.

Sonny: Can you tell me what happened?

Dante: Why? He didn’t tell you what happened?

Sonny: No, he said that he was protecting his sister and then some reporter was harassing her. Is that because of me and Carly or what?

Dante: Uh, not directly, no.

Sonny: What you mean, “not directly”? Well, what I mean is that the reporter wanted a headline with the name Corinthos in it, so he went after Michael because… there’s a video… with Josslyn and Cameron Webber.

Epiphany: I just hope that I am not fooling myself thinking that I can juggle med school with my job. Becoming a-a doctor is a major endeavor, and… I will have to work while I’m in school. If I get in.

Marshall: Oh, you’ll be accepted. You will. I bet you know half that stuff already. How many young doctors have you trained?

Epiphany: Quite a few. [ Chuckles ]

Marshall: Mm-hmm. There you are. There you are. You got this, girl.

Epiphany: Maybe you should get a job as a hype man.

Marshall: No hype. No hype needed. I believe in you.

Portia: So, how are things going with you and your father these days?

Curtis: Cautiously optimistic. Things are sure looking cozy with him and Epiphany.

Portia: Mm-hmm. Maybe Epiphany would be good for Marshall.

Curtis: Yeah, but… would Marshall be good for Epiphany?

Epiphany: Part of me expects people to laugh and tell me I’m crazy for putting myself through this rigor after all this time.

Marshall: I understand too well about not having faith in yourself. But you’re strong. You’re strong enough to face these things.

Curtis: I hope you two…

Marshall: hmm? Oh.

Curtis: …are enjoying your morning.

Marshall: Even more so now that you’re here.

Epiphany: [ Chuckles ]

Marshall: I see you and Portia are celebrating.

Curtis: Yeah, we just closed on a house.

Epiphany: Oh! [ Laughing ]

Marshall: Whoa! Well, that is good news! Come here, man! Well done!

Epiphany: Oh, boy. You know what? I think that I am gonna go and offer Portia my congratulations. Have a seat, Curtis.

Marshall: Absolutely.

Curtis: Oh, let me — I-I-I don’t mean to interrupt.

Epiphany: No, no, baby. It’s okay. All right.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: [ Chuckles ]

Marshall: No, no, no. You, uh — you didn’t interrupt. Epiphany? She’ll definitely be back. I ain’t even worried about that.

Curtis: Okay. A little — little cocky, aren’t you?

Marshall: Well, you know, it’s called swagger, son.

[ Both laugh ]

Epiphany: Curtis told us about the house. Congratulations.

Portia: Aww.

Epiphany: You must be excited.

Portia: Yes, thank you so much.

Epiphany: [ Laughs ]

Portia: And I admit, it’s a huge step.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm.

Portia: But it feels right. And sometimes, you’ve just gotta go for it.

Epiphany: I know the feeling.

Portia: Wait, wait. A-are you saying that you and Marshall are starting to get serious?

Epiphany: [ Gasps ] Oh. No, no, no, no, no, no. We just enjoy spending time together. [ Laughs ] I don’t think either one of us is interested in anything serious.

Curtis: I’m not buying this lack of confidence routine. You’re Marshall Ashford. You’re a musician. I’m quite sure you’ve got plenty of game.

Marshall: I do.

Curtis: [ Laughs ]

Marshall: Yes, I’ve — I’ve been a player. But I don’t want that for Epiphany. I like her. I, uh — I respect her. I don’t know, maybe — maybe I just want to romance her.

Curtis: Okay.

Marshall: Yeah. You know, maybe that’s why I — I feel so much out of my depth. And I admire what you have with Portia. Wish I could build a meaningful relationship like that.

Maxie: Sasha didn’t even tell us. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Brook Lynn: I didn’t even know that she and Brando were talking marriage. She never even mentioned it.

Lucy: You know, I’m not sure they really were.

Maxie: Yeah, but why was Gladys hell-bent on stopping them? I thought she and Sasha were on better terms. I mean, Gladys really stepped up when they lost little Liam.

Lucy: Right, so I don’t — I don’t think it was about Gladys not liking Sasha. I think it was that Gladys just thought it was all happening really fast.

Maxie: Brando and Sasha have been together for a year.

Brook Lynn: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Gladys kind of has a point. Sasha and Brando just lost their baby. They’re still reeling.

Maxie: Right. But sometimes, an intense emotional experience can really bring two people together. I trust Sasha and Brando’s bond, and I have faith that their relationship will only deepen from here.

[ Door closes ]

Finn: How’s Jake?

Elizabeth: Um, well, somewhere in between being righteously indignant and mortified. I was able to convince him that I’m not angry with him for wanting to communicate with his grandparents. However, I’m furious with my mom and dad for encouraging him to keep secrets. But what really bothers me is how upset Jake is that I thought he was behind all of these strange happenings. Not that I blame him.

Finn: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well… I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me with the boys. And — and now, there’s this thing going on with Cameron. [ Stammers ] We don’t have to talk about it right now.

Finn: I want to. I mean, whatever we… whatever we are, whatever we — we become… …I want to be there for you. Because I think we’re stronger when we’re together. I know I am. So I’m gonna be by your side for whatever comes next. I know I just said “whatever” way too many times, but I need you to know… …you’re not alone anymore. I mean, there’s probably times you’re gonna be on your own, but not necessarily alone.

Elizabeth: Finn?

Finn: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Kiss me.

Finn: Okay.

Curtis: It’s like any relationship. If you want it to work, gotta be real with each other.

Marshall: Is this about you or Epiphany?

Curtis: Ah, both. But we’re talking about Epiphany. Let her see who you really are.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ] Oh, no, no, no. No one wants to see that.

Curtis: What are you, a werewolf or something?

Marshall: [ Growls ]

Curtis: Right, right. Okay. But — no, no. I mean, I’m serious. Instead of trying to be who you think she wants you to be, show her who you really are.

Marshall: I could have used that advice on one of my first dates with your mother. I took her to a skating rink.

Curtis: Oh, Mom loved to skate.

Marshall: Yes, she did. And she was very good at it — much better than me. But I couldn’t let her know about that. So — so there I was. Trying to be smooth, right?

Curtis: [ Laughs ]

Marshall: I’m rapping to her. I’m talking more smack than actual skating. Then her favorite song came on. Man, and out to the rink we went. I get out there. I tried to — I tried to bust a move. Next thing I know, I’m doing a James Brown split —

Curtis: Oh, no.

Marshall: Blap! On the ice. And, oh, man, that split went right up the back of my pants.

Curtis: You’re kidding.

Marshall: I busted ’em wide open, man!

Curtis: Oh, no, no.

[ Both laugh ]

Marshall: Mm.

Curtis: Ahh. I-I never knew any of that. Mom never — she never mentioned this.

Marshall: I loved your mother. I really did, Curtis.

Britt: What about “clinical patient advocate”?

Brad: I assumed that was a joke. Who’d want me at a patient’s bedside?

Britt: Did you even read the job description? It’s technical. It’s not warm and fuzzy.

Brad: What do you mean?

Britt: You’d explain lab test results. You’d guide the patient through essential versus nonessential tests and procedures.

Brad: Wait a minute. I could do that.

Britt: Uh, yeah.

Brad: You mean, I can do that? For real?

Britt: You’re hired! Uh, w– pending Terry’s approval.

Brad: [ Laughs ] Ooh, you’re the best. What would I do without you?

Selina: Interesting question.

Sonny: What’s this reporter’s name, and where do I find him?

Dante: No, no. You don’t find anybody. You’re gonna stand down. The — the reporter wants you involved. That’s why he went after Michael in the first place.

Sonny: You want me to s-sit back and do nothing while somebody put a camera in my cabin? Released a video to embarrass Cam and Josslyn? You’d better figure this out real quick, ’cause I’m putting an end to it.

Dante: No, you’re not. You’re not gonna do anything. I’ve got this. Spinelli’s already taken the video off of all the public sites. He’s gone through your cabin. There is no camera there, okay? I’m not gonna let this drop, all right?

Sonny: How’s Josslyn?

Dante: I don’t know. I haven’t talked to Josslyn. But Carly says she’s devastated — obviously. I mean, I can’t believe Michael didn’t tell you about this.

Sonny: Michael says that, uh, Josslyn’s not my family anymore.

Dante: Wow. Okay, so things have gotten worse, not better between you two.

Sonny: I haven’t seen Michael this angry since he went after custody of Avery. He says that I’m choosing Nina over my family.

Dante: Are you?

Elizabeth: I came here to tell you the exact same thing. I think we’re better together.

Finn: Really?

Elizabeth: Really.

Finn: And here I thought it was my speech that changed the tide. You know, I h– I had more. I mean, really, really good stuff.

Elizabeth: I’m happy to hear more.

Finn: I like your approach better.

Lucy: I think that we should throw Brando and Sasha a “happy wedding” party as soon as they get back.

Maxie: I am all for it. But I agree with Brook Lynn, and she’s been saying all morning we need to focus on our own party, because the IPO is coming up fast.

Brook Lynn: Thank you.

Maxie: And it can’t be some cookie cutter launch party, okay? It needs to be something that gets people talking about Deception. I want to make a splash.

Brook Lynn: I vote live music. We have a venue that can handle it.

Lucy: Ooh, I love that. Okay, string quartet. Eh, very classy, but kind of stuffy, huh? And I don’t want some wedding band, you know, that just plays horrible covers.

Maxie: What about an original song?

Lucy: Wow, that would be great, but it’s awfully tight. I don’t think we have time to hire a composer that could come up with some sort of arrangement for us.

Maxie: What if we don’t have to do that?

Brook Lynn: I may have some songs that might work.

Lucy: You’re a songwriter?

Maxie: She’s phenomenal.

Lucy: O-okay. But then, I mean, who would we have sing? Because, I mean, I know you can’t. You could have Amy, but I’m not gonna have lip synching again.

Maxie: Lucy!

Brook Lynn: It’s okay. Look, I know what I did. I was desperate after my injury. But I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t sing anymore, because now I know I don’t have to give up music altogether. I’m a songwriter.

Epiphany: I’m gonna trust you with something I’m not quite ready to let out yet. I’ve decided to take the MCATs.

Portia: [ Gasps ] What? With all your nursing experience?

Epiphany: I know, I know. It just doesn’t —

Portia: I-I had no idea. Epiphany, you’re gonna be an amazing doctor.

Epiphany: You really think so?

Portia: I know so. In fact, why don’t you let me mentor you? I can help you study for the MCATs.

Epiphany: Yes, please.

[ Both chuckle ]

Curtis: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You turned down an opportunity to play with Dexter Gordon to take mom to see Aunt Stella out in California?

Marshall: I knew how much Irene was missing her sister, and I wanted to make that happen. She said that’s what sealed the deal. She knew I-I really loved her. I did. It’s been a long time since I felt anything close like that with anyone else.

Curtis: Except now? With Epiphany?

Marshall: No. No, not yet. But I-I feel potential. She’s strong. She — she’s kind. She’s resourceful, straightforward, fun. She doesn’t judge anyone. She takes people just the way they come.

Curtis: All the more reason why you should be real with her. I mean, I hear you. I feel the same way about Portia. I’m so excited we’re taking this next step.

Marshall: I’m excited for you, too.

Curtis: [ Chuckles ]

Marshall: And I’m — I’m really glad to see you so happy.

Brad: Uh, Aunt Selina, you’re back. H-h-how’d you find me?

Selina: I was looking for Dr. Westbourne.

Britt: What can I do for you, Ms. Wu?

Selina: Since Bradley insists on keeping you in his life, I have decided to get to know you better.

Britt: Well, you can start by noting that I prefer to say “come in” before people enter my office.

Selina: Noted. Are you free for lunch?

Britt: I’m sorry. I can’t today.

Selina: Oh, perhaps you should consult your calendar.

Britt: I don’t need to. I know my schedule.

Brad: H-having lunch together sounds great, but it might be a little hard to sync up. I mean, you’re so busy, and Britt’s working all sorts of hours. I-I’m gonna be busy soon, too. Uh, Britt just offered me a job here at GH.

Selina: That’s kind of you, but unnecessary. My nephew is working for me.

Sonny: Are you really asking me that?

Dante: Yeah, I am asking you that. I wanna know what the hell’s going on. Michael’s upset with you for cheating on Carly with Nina. I know that, but is something else happening?

Sonny: I’m just trying to talk some sense into Michael about Nina seeing Wiley. I think everybody would be a lot happier if — if — if Nina and Michael weren’t at each other’s throats. Now, Nina… wants to go to court for visitation rights. It — you know, it — she’s Wiley’s grandmother, so that’s not gonna change. I’m just trying to, you know, make sure this all goes away so I can just have my family back.

Dante: I understand that, but you, of all people, should know that that’s not gonna be that easy.

Sonny: W-what is that supposed to mean?

Dante: [ Scoffs ] Well, dad, you — you’re not exactly known for your ability to forgive. Where do you think Michael got it from?

Sonny: I just don’t know — I don’t like being at odds with Michael like this.

Dante: Honestly, I don’t think he likes being at odds with you, either. He loves you. But he’s — he’s angry. I’m sure he would love to forgive you, but it’s — it’s just gonna take time. It’s not gonna happen overnight. You gotta — you gotta put in the work.

Sonny: I just — I tell you, I just picked the — the wrong time to stop drinking.

Dante: You stopped dri– why? Why? Something going on?

Sonny: After Carly asked for a divorce, um… I just started drinking a lot more, and I was going down the wrong path. And then Nina, you know, wants to help, and she told me I should stop drinking.

Dante: She did, huh? That’s good. Are you saying there might be an actual future with you and Nina?

Elizabeth: I’m glad that’s settled.

Finn: Me too. And the boys will be okay with us? With me?

Elizabeth: How could they not be? They’ll see what a good man you are and how happy you make me.

Finn: That’s the plan. Whatever happens from here, we face it together.

Lucy: This one. I love it. I think it’s perfect. I love it.

Maxie: I love it, too.

Brook Lynn: Well, it’s a duet. Who would sing the male part?

[ Knock on door ]

Chase: Excuse me, ladies. May I have a moment of your time?

Maxie: Well, look who it is — Detective Chase.

Brad: I-I’m working for you? I think there’s a misunderstanding. I’m working at GH.

Selina: You should have checked with me first.

Britt: Why would he have to do that?

Selina: I thought we had an understanding, Bradley. I provide you with a job, along with your rent-free apartment. I’m happy to pay rent. I have to go. My assistant will contact you about setting up a lunch date.

Britt: Should I be worried that she’ll try and poison me?

Brad: No. Probably not. Just don’t let her take you to a second location.

Sonny: Right now, I’m not planning anything with Nina.

Dante: Then why are you pushing so hard for Nina to see Wiley? Like, you want your family back together. Is that what you’re saying? Like, are you including Nina in that family?

Sonny: Nina is Wiley’s grandmother.

Dante: I know, so maybe you realize that you can’t be with Nina if she can’t see Wiley.

Sonny: It’s not — that’s what I’m trying to say. It’s not a choice between Nina and my family, no matter what Michael thinks.

Dante: Right. Look, I uh — I sympathize with you. I do. But maybe you have to accept that right now, the way that things stand, maybe you can’t have both Nina and Michael in your life.

Portia: I can’t wait to start decorating! [ Laughs ]

Curtis: Yeah, we’ll go, uh, do a walk-through later. You know what, I am really glad things are coming together.

Portia: Does that include your relationship with Marshall? Looks like you two were having a good talk.

Curtis: Yeah, he finally opened up. I really think I’m starting to get to know my father.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Curtis: Oh. Hey, Drew. Okay. Really? Okay, tell me when. All right.

Portia: What?

Curtis: Drew just found some inconsistencies in Marshall’s past.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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