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[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Come in.

Nikki: I am taking a lunch break, and I’m hoping you can join me.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. I wish I could, but I need to deal with something before, okay?

Nikki: What’s in the envelope? The way you’re handling it, could be gold or it could be a bomb. Which is it?

Victor: These are the documents I asked michael baldwin to send from peru. And I think they will show without a shadow of a doubt that ashland locke has been deceiving our daughter.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] The it’s definitely a bomb. What do you intend to do with it?

Victor: I think she deserves to find what’s in here.

Nikki: Victor, please handle this carefully. You know how upset she is already. Do you really want to risk alienating her further?

Victor: Sweetheart, this is the last thing I want to do, believe me, but he has pushed my hand. Victoria needs to know…what kind of a man she’s married to.

Jack: I’d like to talk to you about hao nguyen. I knew him as keemo. He was my son.

Allie: Look, you guys must be mistaken. Hao — hao is a common name, and as is nguyen. You guys have him confused with someone else.

Jack: No, I’m certain I’m right.

Allie: What is it that you guys want? He’s dead.

Jack: I came here in search of answers about my son.

Allie: Look, hao couldn’t possibly be your son. Because he’s my dad, and he never mentioned you.

Victor: We need to talk.

Victoria: Well, unless you’re here to apologize…and to take back those disgusting allegations about ashland, then we have nothing to discuss.

Victor: You don’t even know how much I wish I were wrong about ashland. You need to see this. And I won’t leave until you do.

Ashland: Nikki, no, wait, please, don’t leave. Can’t we just sit for a moment and talk? I need you to hear me out.

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Allie: You must be mistaken. My dad never knew his father. He was born after an affair that his mother, my grandmother, had in vietnam.

Jack: Her name was luan. He told you that he never knew his dad, he never even knew his name?

Allie: Yes. Are you claiming that you’re that man? And you’re here tracking down your son after all of these years? After he’s died?

Jack: I’m afraid your father didn’t tell you the complete truth. I did have a relationship with luan. Hao was our son. Keemo was his given name.

Allie: But my dad told me that he never knew anything about his father growing up.

Jack: Actually, that is true. I didn’t know of his existence for many years, until he was a young adult. That’s when luan and I were reunited, when I met him, but we were reunited.

Allie: Why should I believe anything that you’re saying to me?

Jack: Allie, I have no reason to lie about something like this.

Allie: Do you have any proof?

Jack: Um… have you ever seen this picture of your grandmother?

Allie: No, I never met her. She died before I was born. But I do recognize her from other photos that my dad had. This is you and my grandmother.

Jack: On our wedding day. And your father was our best man.

Nikki: I’m sorry, I don’t have a lot of time. I’m just picking up lunch.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Well, please, I realize how all of this must look to you. I’m sure that victor has filled your head with all kinds of accusations about me.

Nikki: Nobody puts any thoughts or ideas in my head that I don’t think I deserve to be there.

Ashland: I’m sorry if it sounded that way, but, see, this is exactly the reason I was hoping for the opportunity to talk to you directly, alone, so I could tell you my side of things and you could decide for yourself. See, I have a sense that you are not as convinced as victor is by the word of one unscrupulous doctor.

Nikki: Alright. What do you have to say for yourself?

Ashland: Well, uh, you and i have been working together for a while now, and I think you know me pretty well. You — you see how profound my love is for victoria and how happy I have made her. Certainly that must be enough to at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

Nikki: What makes you think i haven’t done that already?

Ashland: Well, if you have, then you must realize that i would never, ever mastermind the kind of plot that victor is now accusing me of. I would never hurt victoria in that way. You must know that.

Victoria: I’ve seen everything that I need to see, dad. And I have already faced the truth. That you are so single-minded in your need for control and power that you would stoop to anything, including trying to destroy my marriage. All because you feel threatened because another man has a controlling say in the newman family business.

Victor: Sweetheart…I don’t want to hurt you. I really don’T. But this man has been lying to you about his illness this entire time.

Victoria: Did you really think that you could blackmail ashland with these outrageous lies and that he would just disappear into the night and leave me, with no questions asked?

Victor: I thought he would realize it would be the sensible thing to do.

Victoria: Dad, how could you plot to destroy my life like this, all for your own hubris?

Victor: I understand your anger at me. And I understand that you prefer to be angry at me rather than be enraged about what ashland has done to you.

Victoria: Oh, come on, please. I can’t stand being patronized this way. Maybe you’re forgetting — this is my office, so just go. Just — just leave, please.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m not telling you this to hurt you. I’d rather be at the receiving end of your anger than not tell you what I know. I will not stand by and watch you be deceived by that man any longer. I can’t do it.

Victoria: I am really so sick and tired of all of the men in my life who proclaim that they love me so much, and then they cause me so much pain.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m not trying to cause you any more pain. I’m really not. I just am trying to prevent you from suffering more pain, okay?

Victoria: [ Scoffs ]

Victor: It breaks my heart to tell you what I’ve learned about ashland.

Victoria: Yeah, you’ve learned lies, dad, spread by someone who has it in for my husband.

Victor: Who would come up with such a complex web of lies? Who and why?

Victoria: I don’t know. I don’t know, dad, and I don’t want to spend one minute of my time trying to figure it out.

Victor: There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence.

Victoria: Evidence, really? Really, what evidence? What evidence — some shady video of a disgruntled and angry doctor? That — that hardly proves anything. I even reached out to michael baldwin. He hasn’t called me back. You haven’t me shown me one shred of credible evidence.

Victor: Michael baldwin sent this to me this morning from peru. All the evidence is right in here.

Victoria: Why? Why would you go to such lengths to prove something so hurtful?

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m trying to protect you and protect the company. Do you understand that?

Victoria: Oh. I see. There you go. You’ve admitted it.

Victor: What?

Victoria: This is all about newman/locke, right? Well, I have to tell you something, dad. Ashland is now the co-ceo of the company. We’ve signed the contracts. So it looks like you’ve lost the game.

Nikki: You’re right about one thing. I don’t want to believe that you’re capable of coming up with a plot that could so callously hurt victoria.

Ashland: Then trust your instincts.

Nikki: Victoria desperately wants to believe that — that somebody is out to get you. But according to victor, there is too much evidence to the contrary — evidence that he does not believe could have been fabricated.

Ashland: Oh, and yet he’s willing to believe that i fabricated mounds of evidence to somehow fake an illness I don’t have? Do you not see the contradiction there?

Nikki: All I see is that someone concocted some very ugly lies, and nothing would make me happier than to find out that person is some disgruntled doctor at the clinic. But it’s becoming harder and harder for me not to think it’s you.

Ashland: Hold on, are you saying that victor has found more of this so-called evidence against me?

Allie: This — this doesn’t prove anything. If my dad knew who his father was, why didn’t he tell me? Why would he lie to me and my mother like that? This picture — this picture just shows that you married my grandmother. It does not mean that you’re my…

Jack: Your grandfather. Here, I want to show you something. This is a gift I gave your father the day of the wedding. It legally and personally acknowledges that I am his father.

Allie: Why would he — why would he keep this from us all these years?

Jack: Your father and I had a major falling out. When luan fell ill, she didn’t want anyone to know, even family. She never told me. I found out my accident, and i never let on that I knew. I thought I was being true to her wishes…by not telling keemo that his mother was dying.

Allie: You never told him?

Jack: I know now that was a mistake. When he found out he never would have a chance to say goodbye to his mother, he was devastated, and he was furious with me. And I tried to fix that, I — i worked hard at it. I thought I had bridged the gap between us, but then I started receiving very bitter e-mails from him, and it was clear I was wrong. He just could not forgive me. He cut himself off. He changed his name. He refused to communicate with me.

Allie: If this is all true, then clearly my father wanted nothing more to do with you. He denied your existence to me and my mother. So why have you come here? What are you after? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Victoria: Daddy, what is this? What is it supposed to prove?

Michael: These are records of the money sent to the doctor in peru, before he disappeared. He received much more money than he would have earned in years.

Victoria: Well, that’s because whoever this is that is trying to bring ashland down obviously paid the doctor to make those slanderous statements.

Victor: I didn’t want this to be true. If anything, I was hoping I was wrong about my presumptions about ashland locke. That’s why I sent michael baldwin down to peru to do a thorough and discreet investigation. And he traced the money back to an account of a shell company belonging to locke communications. The papers are in there. They were sent to me by michael baldwin this morning from peru just before he disappeared.

Victoria: Wait, what? What do you mean “disappeared”?

Nikki: What kind of proof do you think victor could have come up with?

Ashland: You know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna begin to try to out-guess what’s going on in the mind of victor newman. And I don’t want to spend another minute listening to the possible crimes I could be falsely accused of. I’m just trying to figure out a way to get past this.

Nikki: So you think we should just forget about them?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I know it’s not that simple.

Nikki: What exactly do you expect from me?

Ashland: I need someone to be on my side. Nikki, I need you to be on my side. Victoria believes me now, but victor is gonna be relentless about this. You know that. He’s not gonna stop until he has poisoned my wife’s mind against me and destroyed our marriage.

Nikki: Why would victor do that if he was convinced that the evidence against is authentic?

Ashland: I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] Unless, uh — unless he’s being motivated by the threat level he feels now that I’m recovered.

Nikki: Oh, oh, please. Stop that right now. That theory is completely baseless. Victor is not easily threatened, certainly not by you. All he cares about is protecting victoria, period. He has no other agenda.

Ashland: All I care about is protecting victoria, period, and our marriage. Nikki, be honest. Have you ever seen your daughter happier or more in love?

Jack: Allie, when I came here, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had received a series of texts from someone who refused to identify themselves, giving me this address and telling me to get here quickly.

Allie: So you’ve been going through the house, searching through his private things?

Jack: I understand you’re upset. Believe me, I have been conflicted about this myself. I’ve been wandering in the dark. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. I came here to try to find some closure. My son died. I wanted to know what kind of man he became. And I found some answers. Not always the answers I wanted. In fact, some were very painful.

Allie: What are those?

Jack: These are letters your father wrote.

Allie: How dare you read his private letters. What gives you the right?

Jack: They’re addressed to me. Go ahead, look. Go ahead.

Allie: [ Sobs ] No, sorry. I can’t do this. Just — just tell me what they say.

Jack: They reveal that your father was thinking of connecting with me again. He wasn’t quite there yet. He didn’t have a chance to reach out to me before he died, and…with his death, any chance of us reuniting…came to an end.

Allie: [ Sobs ] God, seeing his handwriting again…reading little snippets of what he wrote…hearing his voice in my head…

Jack: I know. It’s a lot to take in.

Allie: I can barely face the fact that he’s really gone. And now this is a side of him that I have no idea even existed.

Jack: Tell me something. Is there someone in your life, someone who you can turn to, someone who can give you the support you need to get through all of this?

Allie: Well, my parents divorced a few years ago. My mom, she moved to the east coast. We really haven’t been able to spend much time together since. But, you know, at least she came for the funeral. Of course, she couldn’t stay long. Claimed that she had to get back to work.

Jack: I realize I’m probably the last person you would turn to for comfort, but…it just kills me that you’re alone.

Allie: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

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Phyllis: Um, allie — allie, um…is it possible that your mom knew the truth and maybe she’s the one who’s sending the texts to jack?

Allie: I doubt my mother had anything to do with those texts. She believed my dad’s story about his parents.

Phyllis: When we arrived here, that box was here, and it has… well, it just has a lot of your father’s belongings. You helped clean up, so is it possible that you knew the box was here?

Allie: Are you suggesting that i was the one who sent those texts? Until today, I had no idea who jack abbott was. I mean, I d– I still — that name still has no meaning to me.

Jack: I believe you. But someone thought we should meet.

Allie: And I have no idea who that person could be.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I’m sorry, alright? Whoever sent those texts clearly wasted your time. I got — I got to go. I — I have grad school, I have a life I need to focus on. If my father couldn’t bring himself to reconcile with you, well, then I have no reason to either. I think you and your friend should just go back to where you came from, and please, please do me a favor and pretend that this encounter never happened.

Jack: Allie. Allie, I’m sorry, there’s just no way I can do that.

Victor: Michael baldwin has completely fallen off the radar.

Victoria: Since when?

Victor: We used to communicate at least two or three times a day, either by e-mail or text. Now nothing. Silence. I know that lauren is very worried about him, as well. She’s heard nothing from him.

Victoria: Well, surely he couldn’t have just disappeared off the face of the earth.

Victor: I should have found him by now.

Victoria: What are you implying?

Victor: Ashland locke knew that we were onto him. We were on his trail. He knows that the only way you would buy into this story is if I showed you hard and cold facts. Now, suddenly, the man that i sent down there to find those hard and cold facts disappeared.

Victoria: I think you’re making a lot of assumptions right now.

Victor: So what do you think happened?

Nikki: Ashland, you know how supportive victor and I have been of your marriage and of your happiness. Do you recall that beautiful wedding we planned at the tuscan villa that we gifted you and the lengths that victor and his sons went to to protect your past from destroying your reputation and your company?

Ashland: Yes, yes, I’m — I’m thankful for all of that, but it — it — it’s why it’s — this sudden turnaround is so puzzling.

Nikki: Don’t you see? After everything we have done for you, for you to then betray us, it just makes it that much more devastating. It is an unforgivable act.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] The most unforgivable thing about all of this to me is the precious I’m losing with victoria. I am not lying about my illness. The treatment has given me a reprieve, but no one is promising me that it’s some kind of magical cure.

Nikki: Well, what have your doctors been promising you? You’ve been a little bit vague about your condition.

Ashland: Only that, for the moment, my cancer is in remission, which makes it all the more horrible that instead of spending this time, this extra time that I have with victoria, working side-by-side as equal partners, I’m spending that time having to fight for her, having to fight for the love of my life. From the very first touch.

Nikki: Well, based on your argument, it is crucial that we get to the truth, isn’t it?

Ashland: My thoughts exactly.

Nikki: Good. If you’re being honest, you’ll have to prove it.

Ashland: I’m working on it.

Nikki: Ashland, you — you can’t just expect us to take you at your word. You’re going to show us your evidence to the contrary. If you can do that, I promise you victor will apologize and back off.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: It’s insane to think that ashland would harm michael in any way.

Victor: I don’t know that michael baldwin has been harmed. But he’s missing. Maybe ashland has him locked away so he can buy himself some time.

Victoria: No, dad, I won’t hear this anymore. This is just nothing but lies. I am telling you right now, my husband is innocent. And no matter what you say, I am sticking with him.

Victor: [ Sighs ] The proof is in here. Read it. Okay? But know that I have copies of this, hmm?

[ Sighs ] Sweetheart, I really am deeply sorry that I’m the bearer of such bad news. I really am. And I hate that this is happening to you. I want you to know that I adore you and I love you. You’re my daughter. And I only want what’s best for you.

Jack: I’m sorry, there’s no way I can walk away now and pretend we never met. I know this is hard for you. Learning of my existence, learning that your father misled you about his past. I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting a lot of things I’ve learned. And I’m sure that’s only a tenth of what you’ve dealt with. And I hope you take all the time you need to process it. But, allie, somebody wanted me to come here. And as painful as it has been to find out about all that I lost, I’m so glad I came. I got to meet you. No one knows better than I how difficult it is that you can’t go to your father now and ask for answers. I know that feeling. I can’t either. But I’m hoping, maybe in time, you and I can find those answers in each other. I know I’m a stranger to you right now, but I want very much to be a lot more than that.

Allie: I’m sorry. I’m not interested.

Jack: Okay, okay. You have my phone number. If you change your mind, please, please, don’t be afraid to pick up a phone and call —

Allie: Thank you for the offer.

Jack: Allie, there’s one other thing. I — I need to ask a favor. All of these things that were your father’s, I’d like to keep them if I may.

Allie: I don’t see anything in here that I would want. You’re welcome to it all.

Jack: There is something here that I’d like you to keep. This was your grandmother’S. I gave it to her as a gift.

Allie: No, thanks. I am so sorry for this waste of everyone’s time.

Jack: [ Sighs ] (Geri) I smoked, and I have copd.

Jack: Maybe that wasn’t goodbye, maybe allie just needs time to process.

Phyllis: Okay, you know what? Enough about allie. Let’s talk about you. Your mind must be racing. You just found out you have a granddaughter.

Jack: Yeah. Quite a surprise. I came here because my son died, and…I found a granddaughter.

Phyllis: Yeah. She doesn’t want a relationship with you yet.

Jack: No, not yet. She’s as stunned as I am. I can’t expect her to embrace me. She didn’t know I existed.

Phyllis: Right, because keemo kept your identity from her.

Jack: I can’t really blame him for that.

Phyllis: Alright, jack, it’s me. It’s me. Don’t suppress your emotions.

Jack: Red, I don’t want to dump all this on you.

Phyllis: That’s why I came here. That’s why I’m here, so you can dump all of this on me. I came here to help you.

Jack: It’s all pretty overwhelming.

Phyllis: I’ll bet. You know, she doesn’t want a relationship with you yet — not yet. Okay? But maybe that will change. I mean, it seems like keemo has passed along his bitter feelings to the next generation.

Jack: You know, I think she was just honoring her father’s wishes, and I admire that kind of loyalty. I’M…I’m glad they had a relationship. It sounded like they were close. And it gives me a lot of comfort to know that, in the end, keemo was loved. He wasn’t alone.

Phyllis: Well, that’s lovely and it’s very optimistic. But, you know, you can tell me how you really feel. Again, that’s why I came here.

Jack: You want the unvarnished truth? Yesterday, I learned that my son was thinking of…repairing our relationship. Today, I learned…that keemo didn’t even have a name for his father when he spoke to his daughter, a daughter he never wanted me to know, never wanted me to meet. And that’s heart-breaking.

Phyllis: I know. You can’t undo that, right?

Jack: No, I can’T. I got to focus on the here and now, and here and now is allie. That sweet young woman who’S… dealing with the loss of her father on her own. I could hear in her voice when she spoke about her mother that there was a lot more strain there than she wanted to reveal.

Nikki: I have the food.

Victor: Perfect timing.

[ Exhales sharply ] Just came back from seeing victoria.

Nikki: Did you present her with michael’s evidence?

Victor: [ Sighs ] She was furious with me, understandably so.

Nikki: I worry that this is causing irreparable damage to your relationship, after the two of you have come so far.

Victor: I know, and I also know that her anger wasn’t directed at me. I didn’t take it personally.

Nikki: You sure about that?

Victor: She may not believe it yet, what’s in those documents, but I think, slowly but surely, we’ll find out that she would be on my side of the issue. She’ll find out how devastatingly deceitful ashland locke has been to her. And it will be…very traumatic for her.

Nikki: And you have no doubts about this? None at all?

Victor: No.

Ashland: Hey. I’m back. Lunch time.

[ Clears throat ] What’s wrong?

Victoria: I had a very unpleasant visit from my father.

Ashland: Fantastic. What did he want?

Victoria: He wanted to let me know that michael baldwin has disappeared in peru.

Ashland: And, of course, he’s accusing me of somehow being responsible for that, too.

Victoria: That is his theory, yes.

Ashland: Okay, what’s he saying, that I kidnapped michael baldwin, killed him, hacked him up into tiny pieces, threw him in a river, something like that?

Victoria: He brought print-outs of bank statements. Ones that document money being sent to that peruvian doctor’s account. It was well camouflaged, but… ultimately, it traced back to a small and obscure radio division owned by locke communications. One that you would have to look really hard to find. Which is apparently what michael did.

Ashland: Is that so?

Victoria: Tell me something, ashland. Why would a small company that we own, that’s barely on anyone’s radar, be sending a steady stream of money to a doctor in peru who was connected with your treatment?

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