Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack calls Kyle and they speak via video chat about Keemo. Jack tells Kyle about his niece Allie. Allie arrives at Keemo’s house to say goodbye to Jack and give him a paper weight Keemo kept on his desk. Allie tells Jack she isn’t ready to have a relationship with him yet but if he ever returns to Los Angeles she would like to have coffee with him. Jack makes the same invitation to Allie if she is ever in Chicago or Wisconsin.

Sally tells Adam he should be ready to step in for Victoria in case something happens with her and Ashland. Victoria admits to Nick that she isn’t sure what to believe about Ashland.

Nate tells Ashland that he remembered that he was diagnosed with cancer after his heart attack so he checked his X-rays and CAT scans and didn’t find any cancer. Nate also tells Ashland that he checked all the chemotherapy infusion centers and there isn’t any record of him having chemotherapy at any center. Ashland threatens to revoke Nate’s medical license for his breech of ethics. Nate tells Ashland to go ahead and revoke his medical license because he was leaving medicine to go work for him. Nate also tells Ashland that he intends to tell Victor and Victoria what he found out about him.

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