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Brook Lynn: What would I even say?

Chase: Hi. You’re back.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Looks that way.

Chase: Well, did you collect your award yet?

Brook Lynn: What award is that?

Chase: The world’s fastest getaway.

Esme: Joss, how are you doing?

Josslyn: How should I be doing after someone humiliated me and Cam with that video?

Esme: It’s so awful. You’re really brave being out in public like this. Ugh. I don’t know if I could do it.

Josslyn: Oh. No?

Esme: Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Carly: I don’t think so. Sit down.

Esme: I have plans.

Carly: Really? Whose life are you planning on ruining now?

Cameron: Happy birthday, jailbird.

Spencer: My birthday was days ago.

Cameron: I know it’s late and slightly disfigured…

Spencer: I can’t accept it.

Cameron: Look, I-it’s not as good-looking as it’s supposed to be, but trust me — it’s really, really yummy. Aiden’s been working on it, and there’s —

Spencer: I’m sure it’s delicious, but you can take your peace offering and go straight to hell.

Brad: You ready for some bubbles and trouble?

Britt: Ooh, champagne brunch on my day off? Hell yeah!

Brad: [ Chuckles ]

Britt: Uh, but given the classy establishment, how much trouble do you really think we can get into?

Brad: Is that a challenge?

Britt: [ Laughs ]

Curtis: We’re not open.

Selina: I was hoping you’d make an exception in my case.

Curtis: Ms. Wu.

Selina: You know who I am.

Curtis: Well, we know some of the same people.

Selina: Indeed. And I trust we can be of help to each other.

Brook Lynn: What getaway? I told you I was going to Brooklyn to visit my mom.

Chase: I know. It’s — it’s just…

Brook Lynn: Just what?

Chase: It’s nothing.

Brook Lynn: Okay. So what’s with the box?

Chase: Oh, funny you should ask. You know, what kind of ingrate leaves all the moving to their roommate? No, seriously, I almost slipped a disc moving your deception cosmetics trunk.

Brook Lynn: Okay. Michael told me he helped you.

Chase: Oh, Michael made things easier, but…it wasn’t as fun.

Brook Lynn: I’m so sorry I skipped out on you. Look. Can I just say I…I… it wasn’t about you.

Chase: Really? Because you took off right after I kissed you.

Curtis: Ms. Wu, I’m a little busy at the moment.

Selina: Preparing for the night ahead?

Curtis: Yeah. Some administrative work. And, uh, my staff will come in later to handle the prep.

Selina: Your head bartender, N’Neka, usually arrives 15 to 20 minutes early, which is a good 15 to 20 minutes from now.

Curtis: So you’ve been watching.

Selina: An establishment such as yours merits attention.

Curtis: Okay, well, uh… you’re more than welcome to come back after we’ve opened.

Selina: Am I? I’ve heard The Savoy’s rather exclusive when it comes to welcoming certain businesspeople.

Curtis: Ms. Wu, my nightclub is a place of leisure, so it’s my hope that people leave their business at the door regardless of what their profession is.

Selina: You have very diplomatic. Judicious. And that’s what makes you perfect.

Curtis: Perfect for what?

Selina: To partner with me.

Cameron: What’s with the hostility? I’m sorry I haven’t come to see you sooner.

Spencer: You’re on my list for that, too. But right now, I’m pissed at you for what you did to Josslyn. What were you thinking, filming her?

Cameron: No. No way. You can’t possibly believe that I had anything to do with that.

Spencer: Process of elimination. Trina passed out. Esme and I were already gone. The only person left who could have made that video is you.

Cameron: No. You are insane. You think that I secretly filmed Joss and I having sex and then e-mailed it to everyone at PCU? You think I’m twisted enough to do that?

Spencer: No, I don’t.

Cameron: Thank you.

Spencer: I think that you’re a jerk who wanted a memento of his first time but was too reckless to protect the footage.

Cameron: Oh, go to hell, Spencer. You don’t think I know what you’re doing? It’s not gonna work. You can’t drag me down with you.

Esme: I haven’t ruined anyone’s life, but… …I do feel guilty.

Carly: Really? What for?

Esme: I’m not sure what Josslyn’s told you, but I-I certainly couldn’t blame you. I only wish that I had the closeness that you and your mom share.

Carly: Can you just spit it out, Esme?

Esme: At the cabin, I brought up some things that were very painful for Trina, and I truly regret that. But how could I have ever imagined that she would lash out by betraying her best friend?

Carly: You’re seriously gonna try and pin this video incident on Trina?

Esme: Well, there’s no other explanation.

Carly: Yeah, there is, and she’s standing right in front of me. When I was your age, I was angry at the world and I thought I was owed. And that’s how I know — hurt people hurt people. You need to get some help. And soon. Because if you don’t, the mothers of the people you hurt, they’re not gonna keep it so civil.

Esme: Mrs. Corinthos — it is still Corinthos, isn’t it?

Carly: [ Scoffs ]

Esme: I’m not sure what Josslyn told you, but I certainly can’t blame her, given how confused she must be. I mean, I can’t even imagine the epic humiliation you must be feeling. But it’s not my fault you were pris en flagrant délit.

Josslyn: Oh, I’m sorry. Is that French for “set up by a complete psycho”?

Carly: You did this, and you need to own it.

Esme: But I didn’t!

Carly: And if you don’t own it, I’m gonna find proof. I know that you think you’ve covered your tracks, but I have resources you’ve never even dreamed of. And when I have that proof, I will make you very, very sorry.

Esme: I understand you’re going through a difficult time right now, but your anger is misplaced. I mean… unless you think that I’m also responsible for the infidelity that destroyed your marriage. I wouldn’t worry. Your bed won’t be cold for long, Mrs. Corinthos. Like mother, like daughter.

Carly: You are missing with the wrong people! You hear me?!

Esme: Aah! [Sobbing] Ow! You’re hurting me!

Carly: Oh, you haven’t seen hurt.

Nikolas: Carly!

Carly: What?!

Nikolas: Let her go!

Carly: Esme is fine.

Esme: [Sobbing] My arm!

Carly: Oh, knock it off! This is none of your business, Nickolas.

Nikolas: Well, it’s my business or police business. Up to you.

Carly: Oh, please call the police. I would love for you to call the police. Don’t you think we should call the police?

Nikolas: Hey, whatever you think Esme is up to, it doesn’t justify assaulting her!

Carly: Assault?!

Esme: I didn’t do anything, I swear. Josslyn has it all wrong. You really hurt me.

Nikolas: Geez. Let’s get that arm checked out.

Carly: Oh, please, get her out of here.

[ Esme sobbing ]

Carly: Oh, my god. Okay, look. She’s not gonna be able to hide behind Nickolas forever.

Josslyn: I can’t hide behind you forever. I need to fight my own battles.

Nikolas: I may not be perfect, but at least I never made a sex tape and let it go viral.

Esme: No, you just got your girlfriend to blow up a car because you didn’t like daddy’s new wife.

Cameron: You made your point.

Spencer: You may not be perfect either, but at least you’re not as big a screw-up as me? Thanks for stopping by, man.

Cameron: You know what I think? I think you love it when other people’s screw-ups make yours look not as bad, or at least when they can distract from them.

Spencer: Wow. Intro to psych is really paying off for you, huh? But see, unlike you, I owned up to what I was accused of.

Cameron: Because you were caught! I didn’t film anything. I am not responsible for this sex tape. You want to believe that I am because you don’t like the alternative.

Spencer: Which is? If I didn’t set up the camera and leak it, there’s only two other people that could have — the girl you’re crushing on or your girlfriend.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, the timing was questionable, but it wasn’t personal.

Chase: Are you sure? Okay, how would you feel if I was the one who vanished without so much as a “smell ya later”?

Brook Lynn: Smell ya later?

Chase: Yeah. It’s what the kids are saying.

Brook Lynn: The kids who said that are on their second divorces.

Chase: Okay, the point is, as soon as we got close, you literally went out of your way to put as much distance between us as possible.

Brook Lynn: We had just given Bailey back to Maxie. I thought I was prepared, but… I was a mess. And none of it was real anyway.

Chase: Wha– none of it?

Brook Lynn: We were playing house, Chase. We were pretending. We got really good at it. So we were confused, right?

Chase: Right. Confused. So that’s why you left me holding the bag. Correction — boxes. So many boxes.

Brook Lynn: I had a million things running through my head, okay? And being in Port Charles without bailey was… [ Sighs ]

Chase: Must have been unbearable.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, it was.

Chase: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Brook Lynn: I’m so sorry. I know you do. I’m sorry I left you alone to work through all those feelings.

Chase: Look, I am not trying to — to guilt you or to compare my time with bailey to the months that you were her mother, because that is what you were to her, pretending or not. It’s just… I-I miss my friend.

Brook Lynn: Right. [ Clears throat ] But once Peter was killed, look, our job was finished. There was no reason for me to stick around. Was there?

Chase: I guess we’ll never know.

Brad: Thank God he’s dead and all of this is over. Now you, Maxie, Bailey are — you’re all free.

Britt: Are we? I mean, yes, Peter is finally gone, but we all have to live with the damage he left in his wake.

Brad: Peter really put you through it, huh?

Britt: Maxie said something about letting go of the past to embrace the future. Do you think that can work?

Brad: I have to. Because the alternative is being trapped by my mistakes.

Brad: Mr. Ashford, what would you say to a joint business venture, one that can benefit us both?

Curtis: I would say thank you for thinking of me, but my plate is full.

Selina: Without hearing the details? That would be premature.

Curtis: Ms. Wu, no disrespect to you, but The Savoy is a legitimate business, and all my dealings are above-board.

Selina: What I’m proposing is legal and profitable.

Curtis: No offense, but, uh, I don’t need money.

Selina: If you were to allow me the use of The Savoy twice a month, it could pay off in ways beyond monetary gain.

Curtis: Use of my club. For what?

Selina: A private social event.

Spencer: That’s low, Cam, accusing Tina.

Cameron: I’m not accusing Trina.

Spencer: Or Esme. Insinuating that I feel something…

Cameron: [ Scoffs ]

Spencer: …Other than friendship for Trina…

Cameron: Please! Anyone with ears and eyes can tell you your feelings for Trina is what set this whole thing in motion.

Spencer: How do you figure?

Cameron: You made your girlfriend feel so threatened and so jealous that she had to take it out on your friends in the most humiliating way she knew how to.

Spencer: How do you explain that Esme and I were miles away from the cabin when that footage was taken?

Cameron: Have you heard of a little thing called technology? When you plug in a video camera or a phone and press record, it will keep recording even after you leave a room or a cabin. Take your pick.

Spencer: It’s a nice theory, Cameron, but it’s not proof.

Cameron:  You know what else is a nice theory? You want it to be me. Because if it isn’t me, then it’s Esme.

Spencer: Mm-hmm. How do I know that you’re not just trying to make Esme look bad?

Cameron: Oh, like she needs my help looking bad? She’s your girlfriend! You know what she’s capable of! Look. Spencer. I swear on the memory of Franco, on my brothers, everything I care about, including Josslyn… I did not do this.

Spencer: Okay. You made your point.

Cameron: Why would I? That footage being out there, it’s humiliating. But it’s — it’s not just my pride that this cost me. This could cost me Josslyn.

Carly: I’m sorry that I overdid it. Alright? But, oh, God, when Esme started running her mouth, I just — I couldn’t take it. And I barely touched her.

Josslyn: Well, that’s not really the point.

Carly: No. It wasn’t my place. You’re an adult now. I’m still getting used to that. But, man, she pissed me off.

Josslyn: Yeah. Tell me about it. She’s the worst.

Carly: I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.

Josslyn: You know, after everything that’s happened, I think I’m pretty much immune to embarrassment. I just hope that Esme doesn’t try to blame you for something.

[ Knock on door ]

Nickolas: Esme, uh, the PA said she’s done examining you. Okay to come in?

Esme: It’s fine.

[ Door opens ]

[ Telephone ringing, indistinct conversations in distance ]

Nikolas: How are you doing?

Esme: Still aches. I’m getting a prescription for pain.

Nikolas: Will you need an x-ray?

Esme: I thought Carly might have sprained my arm, but by some miracle it’s just bruised.

Nikolas: No wonder you’re in pain. Carly should know better than to handle you like that.

Esme: Actually, I sort of admire her. Josslyn’s lucky to have a mom who defends her, even though they’ve got it all wrong.

Nikolas: Have what all wrong?

Esme: Haven’t you heard? I’m the resident scapegoat in Port Charles.

Nikolas: Well, it’s not as though you haven’t done a few deeply regrettable things.

Esme: I take full responsibility for all of my mistakes, which is why this hurts so much. I mean, even after Spence confessed, his friends still accuse me of pulling the strings. Like Spence was a puppet instead of his own man.

Nikolas: We all know that’s not true.

Esme: When I apologize, they tell me I’m…insincere. When I try to make peace, I’m being manipulative. And now they’re accusing me of leaking Joss’ little sex tape. They’re convinced all the trouble between Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina over the last few months is because of me.

Nikolas: And are they right?

Curtis: What kind of private event?

Selina: High-stakes poker.

Curtis: Absolutely not. Ms. Wu, there is no way I’m gonna allow illegal gambling in my nightclub.

Selina: It wouldn’t be illegal, nor would it be just any Friday-night card game. We’re talking exclusive no-limits hold’em where reputable players are vetted to ensure they meet the minimum bankroll and a buy-in of no less than $20,000.

Curtis: Why my place?

Selina: Why not? It’s chic and popular.

Curtis: I’m quite sure The Savoy is not the only nightclub in town with a back room.

Selina: Well, those other places don’t have you, Mr. Ashford. You’re a well-respected man known for your integrity and with ties to the police commissioner.

Curtis: Oh. I see. So you want to exploit my relationships.

Selina: Not exploit. Capitalize. I would never ask you to persuade your ex-wife to look the other way. It — be no reason to. But your standards and boundaries will put the players at ease.

Curtis: So what’s in it for me besides the money?

Selina: Well, since financial gain is not a motivating factor with you, perhaps this will be — the players are from a myriad of backgrounds, from the music industry to real estate and tech. I have many connections.

Curtis: I’m quite aware of your “connections.”

Selina: If you’re concerned about these unsavory characters occupying your establishment, you needn’t worry. The players are legitimate businessmen like yourself.

Curtis: And you?

Selina: I won’t be present. I’ve delegated family to manage the games.

Curtis: Family? Would that be “family” with a capital “f”?

Selina: [ Chuckles ] An actual relation of mine. The person I have in mind is as far from a boss as you can imagine.

Brad: Ahh.

Britt: Bradley… has anyone been giving you trouble since you’ve been out?

Brad: [ Scoffs ] With you as my BFF/bodyguard, who would dare?

Britt: [ Laughs ] Well, I can think of at least one person — Aunt Selina. She has not been shy about her displeasure with our friendship.

Brad: So? I am a grown-ass man, and she’s… still out of town.

Britt: You know what? Why don’t we go somewhere more casual, low-key?

Brad: Oh. What did you have in mind? Someplace with peanut shells on the floor?

Britt: [ Chuckles ] At least at some dive we don’t have to worry about one of Aunt Selina’s minions spotting you and reporting back.

Brad: Good point. No. Screw it. We’ll be careful… next time. Okay? Today we risk it all. Because today… we are celebrating.

Britt: Oh! Great! What are we celebrating? What obscure pagan holiday have you found to justify our inebriation this time?

Brad: We are celebrating… …my new job!

Britt: [ Laughs ]

Chase: Well, at least you’re consistent.

Brook Lynn: What did I mess up now?

Chase: Oh, it was this time last year that you returned to Port Charles with that fake baby bump.

Brook Lynn: [ Exhales sharply ] Really? I didn’t even realize. How did you know?

Chase: I pay attention.

Brook Lynn: Right.

Chase: So what is it about this time of year that makes you want to leave or brings you back?

Brook Lynn: You.

Chase: Me?

Brook Lynn: You, like, everybody. The collective. Like, my dad and Maxie and Leo. It was really nice visiting Brooklyn, but Port Charles is where I belong.

Chase: I’m glad.

Brook Lynn: I’m glad you’re glad.

Chase: Oh, uh, speaking of where things belong… you left a few things at the house, and Violet spent the night the other night and found… this.

Brook Lynn: What are you doing with that? That’s private.

Brook Lynn: Tell me you did not read this.

Chase: Uh, Violet was flipping through it, so I checked it out a little bit, but…

Brook Lynn: I don’t show my songbook to anyone.

Chase: Okay. Um, it’s not like it’s a diary. It’s —

Brook Lynn: It’s the closest thing I have to one. [ Sighs ]

Chase: Okay. I-I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. How long have you been writing songs?

Brook Lynn: Doesn’t matter. It’s not like they’re any good.

Chase: Yes, they are.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ]

Chase: They’re very good.

Brook Lynn: You don’t have to say that.

Chase: No, I-I know I don’t have to, but here I am saying it. Look, and I might not know much about songwriting…

Brook Lynn: Clearly.

Chase: …But I do know good lyrics and a good melody. I actually… sang one of them.

Brook Lynn: You sang one of my songs? That was meant for someone el– [ Sighs ]

Chase: They were meant for you to sing.

Carly: So, you ready for some blueberry pancakes?

Josslyn: [Voice breaking] I’m sorry. I lost my appetite. I have to go.

Carly: Come here. Come here. That video… it was meant to hurt you and throw you off balance. It was meant to torture you.

Josslyn: Mission accomplished.

Carly: Yeah, for now. And right now you get to feel your feelings. You get to scream and cry as loud as you want and let it move through your system.

Josslyn: Well, assuming that happens, when will all of this pain and this humiliation go away?

Carly: Eventually.

Josslyn: Great. [ Sighs ]

Carly: Hey. When’s the last time you talked to Cam?

Josslyn: Yesterday.

Carly: That’s not like him to be M.I.A. You guys need to be a united front right now.

Josslyn: No, it’s not his fault. I turned my phone off. I…needed time.

Carly: I get that. What about Trina? I mean, Esme’s trying to pin this whole video thing on her. You need to rally around her, too. You know that. Baby, eventually, none of this is gonna matter. People won’t remember. And hiding and running isn’t gonna make that happen any faster.

Cameron: Joss says she knows I wouldn’t do this, but… there’s a hesitation. It’s like she can’t trust me anymore because she doesn’t trust people anymore, and I’m just worried that all this — this trauma and humiliation will make her not want to be with me.

Spencer: I wouldn’t worry. Joss is made of stronger stuff than that.

Cameron: I know. But we’ve both been receiving some weird and creepy messages.

Spencer: Like what?

Cameron: Well, there’s random people congratulating me. And there’s some people critiquing my technique. But for Joss, it’s so much worse. It’s — they’re calling her… well, you can imagine what they’re calling her.

Spencer: Yeah.

Cameron: My first time was broadcast to the world. Do you really think I wanted that?

Spencer: No. I know you didn’t. I’m sorry. I should never have accused you. You’re right. I do know you better than that.

Cameron: Thank you. I’m sorry for shoving your rap sheet in your face.

Spencer: Yeah, man. You’re really awful. I can’t even believe that I wanted you to stop by.

Cameron: Well, then I guess I should be going.

Spencer: Hey, hold up. Now that we’ve, uh, established that you’re not some predatory creep, you want to split this cupcake?

Esme: Spence and I weren’t anywhere near the cabin when it all went down, but they’re still blaming me.

Nikolas: That doesn’t seem fair. But you have to admit, your track record hasn’t been great since you showed up here.

Esme:  Yes. I’ve made mistakes — for Spence. When he asked. I’ve tried to convince Joss and Cam and Trina that I’ve grown since then, but they won’t let me move on!

Nikolas: I know firsthand… what it’s like to have people think the worst of you. But you don’t seem the type that’s easily defeated. Yes, you know, having a colorful past, it makes it harder to prove yourself. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying.

Esme: Thanks. You’re right, Mr. Cassadine. It’s just been so hard… being on my own while Spence is in prison.

Nikolas: He’s only gonna be gone a month. He’ll be out in no time.

Esme: Still… I feel like the time he’s in there, people still judge me.

Nikolas: Maybe you feel that way because the people around you haven’t been supportive. My family and I could definitely do better on that front. Tell me, Esme. Be honest. Have we made it harder for you?

Britt: So, when did you land this gainful employment?

Brad: I haven’t started yet.

Britt: What does it entail?

Brad: You tell me. I need to keep busy, do some good. Can you get me a job at G.H.?

Britt: [ Chuckles ] Uh, wow. That is a tall order.

Brad: You know my qualifications.

Britt: No, it has nothing to do with that. I-I could lobby for H.R. To look past your criminal record.

Brad: But…?

Getting coworkers, and especially Lucas’ friends, to accept that you’re coming back? I mean, it would — it wouldn’t be easy.

Brad: No, I — I get it. [ Chuckles ] And I don’t want to put you in a bad position. It’s just that I’M… really scared. I’m living off my Aunt Selina right now. What if she decides to trade on my dependence? I can barely sleep at night from the… last task she assigned me.

Britt: Okay. Fine. I’ll — I’ll go to bat for you.

Brad: You will?

Britt: Of course. But just remember, I am not sole chief of staff. I can’t do anything without Terry’s approval.

Brad: [ Chuckles ] Not a problem. There’s nothing you can’t sell.

Britt: [ Laughs ] I’ll sell if you’ll buy. This bottle is empty.

Both: Waiter!

Selina: As host, you would oversee my nephew, who in turn will oversee the games.

Curtis: Your nephew? Brad Cooper?

Selina: I see you’re familiar with my nephew’s history. I assure you Bradley has turned over a new leaf, and I will be keeping him on a tight leash.

Curtis: Okay. So how does this work? Because it’s illegal to profit off of this without a gaming license.

Selina: It’s illegal to profit off the promotion of the games or to collect any part of the pot. But this could still be a winning proposition for me. High rollers are grateful for creditable venues to play, and gratitude is a currency in my line of business.

Curtis: I appreciate your interest, okay? But my plate is full.

Selina: Let me stop you right there, Mr. Ashford, before you make a mistake you’ll live to regret.

Curtis: You know, for a minute there, it sounded like you might be threatening me.

Selina: Not at all. I’m merely making a plea for you not to act in haste.

Curtis: Or I’ll live to regret it.

Selina: Mr. Ashford, my grandfather was from the old country. He was fond of his proverbs, often told the story of a man who was down on his luck and prayed for prosperity. This man discovered a money tree and took it home. He watered it and nurtured it for many days and many nights, but no money grew. Eventually, his wife grew disgusted with him and the tree and demanded that he remove it from the house. But the man persisted. Before long, he realized the tree provided seeds, which he planted. The tree never grew money, but the man grew a fortune, cultivating and selling the trees themselves.

Curtis: I appreciate the story, but I’m not sure how it applies in this situation.

Selina: If you don’t open your mind to possibility, you’ll never know what you can grow. Take some time. Mull it over. I’m confident you’ll move forward with my proposition. Then you’ll discover… I can be a very valuable friend to have.

Brook Lynn: I was writing these songs for my album when that psycho Nelle cut my throat. Lot of good these songs will do me now. Maybe I should just trash ’em.

Chase: Don’t you dare.

Brook Lynn: What? Why not? What’s the point?

Chase: Look, a singing career… might be over, but — but a songwriting career is still possible.

Brook Lynn: It’s a pipe dream.

Chase: [ Scoffs ]

Chase: {singing} I was two minutes late / I stood and watched it fly away / in the days sitting next to you / You said that you would miss yours, too / Oh, whoa

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckles ]

Chase: {singing} It feels like the sky is fallin’ / shattered like a vase / I’m starting to think I’m falling into place / feels like the sky is crashing / crashing over me / I’m starting to think / I’m falling into place

Brook Lynn: Wow.

Chase: Look, and — and I’m — it’s probably not much with me singing it, but do you believe me now? You are incredibly talented.

Brook Lynn: [ Exhales sharply ] Go on. No, really. I-I could use a boost.

Chase: Okay. On — on top of being incredibly talented, you, Brook Lynn, are compassionate. You’re brave. You’re funny. You’re beautiful. And did I mention that you were funny?

[ Both chuckle ]

Brook Lynn: Out of all those compliments, that’s the one you repeat?

Chase: See? I rest my case. If you ever need reminding… just how great you are… …you know where to find me.

Brook Lynn: Thanks. And, um… just for the record, I really miss my friend.

Spencer: Have you heard from Trina? I’ve been trying to text her.

Cameron: Phones are allowed in here?

Spencer: Of course not. I am not now, nor have I ever been in possession of a phone, but I know that this must be killing Trina. She cares a lot about you two.

Cameron: Joss and I, we’ve been so busy with putting out fires, we haven’t been able to reach out to her yet.

Spencer: You should. As long as you don’t suspect her. Because I know that it wasn’t her.

Cameron: We both know that. Your girlfriend disagrees.

Spencer: Esme doesn’t know what I do. Trina didn’t send any text when that video hit.

Cameron: How could you know that?

Trina: Do not make this about me! I’m not the one who snuck out of country club jail so I could tool around some old cemetery.

Spencer: I just know that Trina wouldn’t do that.

Cameron: Right. So that only leaves one option.

Spencer: It wasn’t Esme.

Cameron: That’s the best you can do? Spencer, you saw what happened when we all went to that cabin. She was stirring the pot. She was upsetting Trina. She’s jealous of the bond that you and Trina have.

Spencer: I told you. Trina and I —

Cameron: Are “just friends.”  Yeah, sure. But what if Esme wasn’t in the picture? Would you be more? Spencer, can you really tell me that you’ve never suspected that Esme is behind this sex tape?

Esme: Spence’s grandmother, your mom, has shown me a lot of grace taking me in while Spence is away.

Nikolas: My mother can be pretty tough. I’ve been on the other end of that more than I can count.

Esme: No tougher than anyone else in the family. And I’ve earned it.

Nikolas: Well, I’m part of your new family, too. If you ever need to talk… I appreciate it. And I’d like to return the favor by giving you something that you want more than anything in the world.

Josslyn: You’re right. I have to stop hiding.

[ Cellphone chiming rapidly ]

Josslyn: Oh, God.

Carly: Josslyn, don’t read those.

Josslyn: Oh, God. There’s so many messages! They’re vile!

Carly: Let me see.

Josslyn: Mom, I’m gonna have to delete everything.

Carly: You’ve got to be kidding me. What happened to you and Cam wasn’t just invasive and cruel. It was criminal. And the viper who’s responsible… is gonna pay.

Chase: I should leave you to get settled in. It must feel good to be home.

Brook Lynn: Well, the beach house felt like home, too.

Chase: Same. I’m really gonna miss it. Especially…

Brook Lynn: Especially?

Chase: Um…especially the…sound of the water, falling asleep.

Brook Lynn: Right.

Chase: What will you miss?

Brook Lynn: I will tell you what I won’t miss. Sand. I hate it. It’s the worst. In my hair, in my clothes, in my notebook.

Chase: Well, you should – you should write a song about it. I’m sure you could tweak the words you just said and turn it into a really big hit. And when you do…I’ll be happy to sing it for you. I’ll see you around.

Brook Lynn: Hey, Chase. Smell you later.

Chase: [ Chuckles ]

Man: Curtis Ashford?

Curtis: That’s me.

Man: Sign here, please.

Curtis: Thank you. “To our growing friendship and shared good fortune.” “Selina Wu.”

Britt: As for your other problem.

Brad: What problem?

Britt: Your love life.

Brad: What love life?

Britt: [ Chuckles ] I happen to have a membership to a super-exclusive matchmaking service. All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire, and your cold nights may be a thing of the past.

Brad: Are you re-gifting me your mother’s Christmas present to you? Hey, I certainly won’t look a re-gift horse in the mouth. And with the right match, I might not need that job after all.

Britt: Dream big.

Brad: [ Chuckles ] Until then… we have each other, and for that, I am so, so grateful. Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

[ Glasses clink]

[ Both chuckle ]

Britt: That’s silly. [ Laughs ] That’s funny.

[ Both laugh ]

Spencer: Of course, it has, um, occurred to me that Esme could have done this.

Cameron: Great. Can you ask her about it?

Spencer: Then I realized that we were gone, so she couldn’t have done it.

Cameron: Right, ’cause she couldn’t figure out how to set up a timer or a motion sensor or simply leave the camera running. Spencer, she didn’t have to be there. I get you’re trying to save what you have with Esme, but don’t lose the people you care about in the process.

Esme: I know it would mean the world to you to have Spence at your vow-renewal ceremony.

Nikolas: It would mean the world. Ava wants him there, too.

Esme: I’m sure.

Nikolas: And we both want you there, of course.

Esme: I’ll make sure Spence is there, and I’ll do everything I can to help you restore your relationship with your son. I mean, Spence may be angry, but he still loves you, and I know he misses the closeness you used to have.

Nikolas: Thank you, Esme.

Esme: No. Thank you, Mr. Cassadine. For accepting me and for having my back with Carly before. And, um, for this talk.

Nikolas: Call me Nickolas.

Josslyn: Crime or no crime, my life is destroyed.

Carly: Oh, baby. I know it feels that way, but that’s not the truth.

Josslyn: Okay. Well, I need to go wash up. Excuse me.

Carly: [ Sighs ] God. Diane, it’s Carly. I need to see you as soon as possible. It’s about Josslyn.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Anna (to Felicia): I might have found something.

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Laura: So Victor took the bait.

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Michael (to Willow): That right there is a problem!

Ava (to Nina): You do want Sonny, don’t you?

Sonny: We all get what we want.

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