Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Faith has a long talk with Tessa and Mariah about love and in the end of the talk she learns that it is worth it to be brave and risk bring hurt if you find the right person.

Chance tells Abby that he feels he is betraying the members of his team if he doesn’t hold on to his guilt over the fact that they all died.

Noah introduces Cindy, a girl he just met, to Sharon and Faith. Cindy freaks out when she meets Tessa and Mariah since she is Tessa’s biggest fan.

Ashland tries to make Victoria believe that Victor set him up and wants her to believe these lies about him. Victoria doesn’t believe Victor set-up Ashland but she is very upset Victor believes these lies about Ashland. Victoria tells Ashland that Victor doesn’t know what she is capable of and he won’t get away with this like he has done with other things in the past.

Nick and Victor try to persuade Nate to help them prove Ashland lied about being sick with cancer. Nate refuses to believe Ashland would do such a horrible thing. Victoria bursts into the Newman Media office and tells Victor that he has gone too far this time and she won’t ever forgive him.

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