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Abby: If you’re here to see Dominic, your timing couldn’t be any better.

Devon: Really? Why, what happened?

Abby: Well, he just got out of the bath and he smells delicious.

Devon: Uh-oh, a bath in the middle of the day — I hate to ask. Why?

Abby: He tried sweet potatoes and peas for the first time.

Devon: Oh, okay.

Abby: Yeah, it was a mess.


Nick: So what’s the game plan? What’s dad’s next move?

Adam: I couldn’t say.

Nick: Is that code for “i know what it is, but I’m gonna keep it quiet”?

Adam: Look, I understand why you would be suspicious after everything that went down in Tuscany, but honestly, I do not know what dad has in store any more than you do.

Nick: Alright, I guess we’re both in the dark.

Adam: I mean, if you want me to speculate, I’d be happy to. Victor said he was gonna try to force Ashland’s hand, so he’ll probably try to get him to confess or get him to turn himself in to the police.

Nick: Why would the police get involved? Is faking an illness a terrible and awful thing to do? Yes, but it’s not against the law.

Adam: He used the fabrication to trick Victoria into marrying him — that is fraud.

Nick: Okay, grounds for annulment, but is it a crime? Victoria can invalidate the marriage, but it’s gonna be very difficult for her to get him out of her life for good. He owns half of Newman/Locke.

Adam: Yeah, he went through a lot of trouble and deception to make the merger happen.

Nick: If he goes, it won’t be quietly.

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