GH Short Recap Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Carly, Nina, and Sonny persuade Gladys not to go to Niagra Falls to stop Brando’s wedding and allow Brando to live his own life. Brando and Sasha get married inside the garage where they are getting their car fixed because the mechanic happens to be ordained. The mechanic and his wife offer let them stay at their house since the fuel pump needed to fix their car won’t arrive until tomorrow. Brando calls Gladys to tell her the news and Gladys wishes them blessings for a happy life.

Sonny asks Nina to hold off on going to court to get visitation rights with Wiley until he can talk to Michael and try to reach a compromise. Diane advises Michael and Willow to try to avoid going to court with Nina but if they must go to court she will start looking into case law.

Anna and Felicia head to Austria to try and find proof Victor was responsible for Luke’s death.

Mac, Frlicia, and Diesel warn Austin he better not hurt Maxie. Felicia tells Mac she thinks it is too soon for Maxie to be in a relationship.

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