Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Adam: What is this issue brewing with Victoria and Ashland? I mean, you asked if you could count on me, and I said that you could, but I cannot help if you’re not gonna let me in on what’s going on. Nick. What are you doing here?

Nick: I have no idea.

Victor: I asked your brother to come here, okay?

Nick: I don’t know if I’d go with “asked.” It was more like commanded. What’s going on?

Victor: My boys, I have some news for you that will change everything.


Nikki: Oh, well, I would say you already have a strong hand at Newman/Locke. I’ve seen the deference you’re treated with. They clear the halls when they see you coming down.

Ashland: [Chuckles] That’s only because I’m standing next to, you know, her. No, look, what I need is for people —the employees here — to respect me in the same way they respect Victoria at an equal level.

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