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Nate: Ashland, hey. How are you?

Ashland: Uh…fine, fine. Good to see you, nate.

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: Glad I ran into you. I was gonna call you. I’ve been thinking a lot about your proposal that I come and work for newman/locke.

Ashland: Really?

Nate: What you said about the difference I could make in the world, using the company’s resources to have an impact on healthcare on a global scale, really excited me.

Ashland: I thought you might find that appealing.

Nate: Of course, we need to discuss the details of the job before I could officially commit, but I’m leaning towards yes.

Ashland: Fantastic. Good to see you, nate. We’ll talk.

[ Clears throat ]

Nate: Is there a problem?

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Tell me what? What is it that dad is supposed to say to me?

Nick: What do you mean? Dad — dad talked to you. You already know.

Victoria: Do I?

Nick: Look, I didn’t come here to cause you problems, vick. I just wanted to see how you’re doing.

Victoria: Why are you not telling me the truth? That is the one thing that I can always count on with you. No matter what, even if we’re disagreeing, you never lie to me.

Nick: What am I lying about?

Victoria: You didn’t come here to check on me. You are concerned about me for some reason, so tell me — what is it? Alright, then I’m gonna find out for myself.

Nikki: Oh.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Vick, is this necessary?

Victoria: You have all made it necessary by conspiring behind my back.

Nikki: Conspiring?

Victor: I know you’re angry with me, but there’s no reason for you to throw accusations around.

Victoria: Well, then will someone please tell me what’s going on?

Victor: You already know what’s going on. I asked you and ashland to hold off on signing that binding contract that makes both of you co-ceos. Let’s find out how his health is doing, how he’s recovering.

Victoria: I know what you asked me, but now I need to know what you’re keeping from me.

Phyllis: This is it. I mean, this is the address that was mentioned in all those mysterious texts.

Jack: This is keemo’s house.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Yeah, somebody obviously wanted you to come here.

Jack: I didn’t think I’d feel this nervous. I…I don’t know, maybe it’s the unknown and not knowing who or what’s gonna meet me on the other side of that door. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: Hello! No one’s home.

Phyllis: Well, it seems that way. Um…

Jack: Well, we can’t —

Phyllis: It’s unlocked.

Jack: Well, no, what — we can’t just walk in.

Phyllis: Well, we didn’t come all this way to stand on the front step.

Jack: We didn’t come all this way to trespass either.

Phyllis: Okay, well, obviously the person who is sending you the texts, they wanted you to come here. They wanted you to walk in.

Jack: Well, there’s some world-class rationalization.

Phyllis: It’s not a rationalization. This is your son’s house. I mean, it — it’s basically — it’s not trespassing.

Jack: No, according to the law, this is trespassing.

Phyllis: No, it’s not. There was no next-of-kin mentioned in the obituary. There was no wife, no —

Jack: No, they didn’t even mention his half-sister and, my god, she’s been out of the country for decades.

Phyllis: Okay. So since nobody else was mentioned, you might be the next-of-kin.

Jack: I don’t know, it just — it just doesn’t feel right.

Phyllis: Jack, we didn’t come all this way for nothing. We need answers. You need answers. This is where we start.

Jack: [ Exhales sharply ] Goal!

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Jack: O-okay, let’s do this.

Phyllis: Okay. You first.

Jack: Hello! Hello? Is anyone home?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Huh. Doesn’t look like anybody’s here and, um, somebody was obviously packing.

Jack: Yeah, the question is who.

Phyllis: A friend?

Jack: God, I would like to think keemo had someone close in his life.

Phyllis: Maybe it’s the person who was sending the texts.

Jack: Doesn’t make sense. We have all these questions, no answers. Someone wanted me to come to los angeles to an empty house to find what? There’s nothing here. And just standing here, I feel like I’m trespassing.

Phyllis: Um…why would you feel that way? Listen, you just said there’s nothing here. It’s not like we’ve uncovered some deep, dark secret.

Jack: I feel like keemo wouldn’t want me here. He made it very clear he wanted no part of me in his life. He wanted nothing to do with a father at all.

Phyllis: Maybe you can think of this as a way to reconnect with him in some way?

Jack: That’s the thing — keemo died not wanting to reconnect with me.

Ashland: I’m sorry, nate, and please don’t read anything into my mood at the moment. Huh?

Nate: Is everything alright?

Ashland: Yes, everything’s absolutely fine, and I’m no less enthusiastic about the possibility of you joining us at newman/locke than I was the day I made the offer. I’m thrilled that you’re actually considering it.

Nate: I’m glad.

Ashland: We need to have a significant conversation about this. The problem is I’m late for an appointment, and that’s why I’m a little distracted right now, so how about if we plan on some dinner sometime this week? How’s that?

Nate: I’d like that, but are you sure you’re okay? You seem frazzled, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you look a little unwell.

Ashland: Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

Nate: Yeah? You don’t sound fine. What’s going on?

Ashland: Nothing. It’s — I’m fine.

Nate: Okay, look, I don’t mean to pry, but I’m concerned.

Ashland: Seriously, it’s — it’s just…

[ Sighs ] Okay, okay. I — it’s stupid of me to try to fool you. I, um…I’m not feeling 100%.

Nate: What’s going on?

Ashland: The old symptoms — fatigue, occasional shortness of breath — they’ve come back. And it’s made me a little nervous.

Victoria: Nicholas assumed that dad had told me something, but when I asked what that something might be, he wasn’t very forthcoming.

Nick: I was just trying to explain —

Victoria: I think that maybe you were trying to cover something up. So tell me, dad, what is this about? Is this really about ashland becoming co-ceo or is there something else, given that you seem to be spying on us lately?

Victor: I don’t need to spy. My name is on this damn building.

Nick: Look, vick, you’re making a big deal out of this. It’s nothing. I thought dad had talked to you about not signing the co-ceo contract, but then I saw you react so I couldn’t be sure. That’s it.

Victoria: Nicholas, you don’t have any business knowing that information. You don’t even work here.

Nick: Well, I’m your brother, and I care about you. That means I care about how everything in this building affects you.

Nikki: We all care, darling. Nicholas is just looking after you.

Victor: Just as I do when i ask you to hold off on signing the damn contract. It’s better for you and ashland.

Victoria: Why?

Victor: What do you mean “why”? He just left to go home in the middle of the day to rest.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] So what?

Victor: That’s why I believe he’s not 100%. I think you should leave the story of your positions and titles alone for now.

Victoria: For how long?

Victor: Until we find out how his health is doing. You’ve been running this company by yourself and done a damn good job.

Victoria: Ashland’s increased presence at newman/locke will only strengthen it.

Victor: You’ve assembled a very good team with him and your mother as coo. Why change that?

Victoria: I know there’s something else going on here. It’s just that none of you are willing to admit it. So until somebody wants to come clean and tell me, this conversation is over. And now I’m gonna go home and check on my husband, who’s feeling under the weather, and that’s all. And I’m telling you for the last time — stay out of my business and leave me and ashland alone. When I get a migraine,

Phyllis: Listen, I can’t possibly understand what you’re going through. I’m sure it’s just a swirl of emotions, but I just want you to know I’m here for you. Take all the time you need.

Jack: Thank you for that.

Phyllis: But I’m not gonna let you second-guess yourself, jack. I mean, you could’ve blown off those texts, and you didn’T. This is a journey you wanted to take, and…I’m here with you. It’s a way to reconnect with your son in some way.

Jack: Yeah, a little late for that, huh?

Phyllis: I don’t think it is. I mean, you can find out the man he became, the man you didn’t know. Hey, at least we could find out who’s been texting you.

Jack: That — that i definitely want to know.

Phyllis: Yes, and you deserve to know that.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: So we are not leaving. We’re getting some answers. We didn’t fly all the way here to spend the night in a hotel room and then leave the next morning. Let’s dig in and get the answers.

Jack: Yeah, if I left now, it — it would just haunt me. I want to know who reached out to me. More than that, I want to know something about keemo’s life. I…I want to know that the world he built for himself had some happiness in it, even if it didn’t include me.

Nick: So let me get this straight — victoria wants to make ashland her co-ceo.

Victor: His idea.

Nick: This guy’s unbelievable.

Victor: He is inching closer and closer to wanting to take over the whole damn thing.

Nikki: Allegedly.

Nick: Mom, don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, he’s lying about being sick, about getting some miraculous cure all so he can get his hands on the company.

Nikki: I am just saying, there may be other information that we don’t have.

Nick: We have enough.

Nikki: Alright, I admit, things aren’t looking good for ashland, and I advised victoria to not sign the contract.

Nick: Obviously, she didn’t listen. And clearly you haven’t told her that he’s lying about being sick.

Victor: I will not tell her anything unless there’s no other option left.

Nick: I’m just not comfortable keeping these secrets from victoria while you figure out how you’re gonna deal with ashland in whatever covert way you settle on.

Victor: I will take care of things.

Nick: I don’t doubt that, dad. But you don’t know how it’s gonna play out. Victoria’s already furious at us.

Victor: Too bad that she’s furious. Beats the alternative — that guy taking over our family’s business.

Nick: This is exactly why i wanted to just stay out of it. But I can’t turn my back on victoria, and I got to make sure that ashland gets everything he deserves.

Victor: Son, I told you, i will take care of everything.

Nick: I hope you’re right.

Nate: How often are you experiencing these symptoms?

Ashland: Not frequently.

Nate: What does that mean? Four or five times a day? Once a month?

Ashland: Couple times a week, maybe a little tired, a little light-headed, but it’s manageable.

Nate: Yeah, it’s manageable now, but what if it gets worse?

Ashland: [ Stammers ] Maybe it’s just a bug.

Nate: A bug, that’s your diagnosis?

Ashland: Okay.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t have your medical expertise, but I don’t really think there’s any reason to jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Nate: There’s every reason in the world to do that. You’re not in the position to take chances. You need to see your oncologist, have some tests run.

Ashland: I’ve already made that call. In fact, that’s the appointment I was talking about earlier. That — I’m on my way there now.

Nate: What are you waiting for? Go.

Ashland: You — I was going, and you stopped me, and now we’re talking.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Would you like me to come along? You know, just for support. It might help to have a friend in the room who happens to be a doctor.

Ashland: No, that’s not necessary, but I really do appreciate the hell out of it. You are a good man, nate. I’ll tell you what. I will call you and tell you what happens at the appointment, and we’ll set up the dinner for later in the week because we need to talk about your future.

Nate: I look forward to that.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Hey. I just stopped by the house to check on you, but you weren’t there. Where did you go? I’m at crimson lights, and I’m getting ready to head back to the office, but I want you to call me, ashland. I’m a little bit worried about you. Hello, how can I?

Nikki: I think nicholas is right to be concerned. When you confronted ashland and demanded that he leave town, he didn’t blink. He didn’t confess. He didn’t have any remorse at all.

Victor: He’ll be gone soon enough.

Nikki: Well, he didn’t agree to leave.

Victor: He will if he knows what’s best for him.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Victor, you have him trapped in a corner. And that’s when men like ashland are most dangerous. I mean, you know how he is. He — he won’t back down from a fight, same as you. And he’s desperate. I just worry that you have less of a handle on this situation than you think you do.

Victor: If he tries anything, I will show him no mercy.

Sharon: Well, hey, victoria. What can I get you?

Victoria: Coffee to go, please.

Sharon: Okay. Is everything alright?

Victoria: Yes, everything’s fine. I’m just busy. Has ashland stopped in here today?

Sharon: No, I haven’t seen him. Why? You seem worried.

Victoria: Well, maybe I am a little bit. He said that he wasn’t feeling well, and I thought that he went home to rest, but when I went to the house to check on him, he wasn’t there. I guess I ought to know by now that he’s not one to sit around doing nothing, even though he should.

Sharon: Yeah, some people don’t know when to stop. But I hope he’ll take care of himself.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Yes, me too.

Sharon: You know, if I see him, I’ll tell him that you’re looking for him, and then I’ll tell him to go straight home and rest.

Victoria: Thank you, sharon.

Nick: Hey. Can we talk?

Victoria: I was just leaving.

Nick: Just one minute.

Victoria: Okay, fine, one minute.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, I don’t like the way things unfolded at the office. I do not want to get caught up in the middle of something with you, dad, and ashland.

Victoria: It seems that you know more about what’s going on than I do, and you just don’t want to say anything to me.

Nick: I just — I need you to know that my only concern is you and that you can rely on me for anything. We haven’t been the same since your wedding, and I hate that. But don’t shut me out, alright? Can you meet me halfway on this?

Phyllis: Wow. Well, the rest of the house is as empty as this room.

Jack: Is this the room he spent most of his time in? Think he woke up early for california sunrise? Was there — was there laughter and music and raucous joy in this house or was this a quiet, contemplative space? I… that’s the hard part. I’m trying to piece together the life of someone that was very important to me, who I don’t — I don’t feel like I knew at all.

Phyllis: For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing a great job.

Jack: I should know so much more. I’m sorry, I… was this his favorite place to sit? Was this…was this where he’d read a book or where he’d write or… oh, my god.

Phyllis: What is it?

Jack: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: These are letters to me. They all have the same return address — keemo nguyen, at this address. There’s no stamp. These were letters to me that he never sent.

Phyllis: I mean, it seems like he wanted to reach out to you. Listen, um…this is the only box in the place, so obviously it was left here for you.

Jack: Apparently.

Phyllis: Listen, um…I’m gonna leave you alone with this, okay? I saw a coffee shop down the way, and I’ll just — and you can give me a call.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I don’t want to be alone. Would you stay? I’d like you to be here with me.

Phyllis: Of course.

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Victoria: I thought that we were getting back to normal, nicholas. And I really don’t want to lose the progress that we’ve made either, but after what happened today, it’s kind of hard to believe that you’re on my side.

Nick: I am, always.

Victoria: I still know that you don’t like or respect ashland, and it breaks my heart.

Nick: I’m trying. Alright? I’m really trying. Can you accept that?

Victoria: That’s all I want is for my family to accept ashland and to just respect my relationship with him and stop trying to undermine my happiness.

Ashland: What is going on here?

Victoria: Hi.

Ashland: [ Laughs ] Hello, sweetheart. I got your message that you were here. Hello, nick.

Nick: Ashland.

Ashland: Um, I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying, and I just want to go on the record that victoria speaks for me as well. We both want the same thing. For you to see how much I love her and care about her and that I would do anything to make her happy.

Jack: He signs all of them with his birth name — “keemo.” Not hao. And he’s clearly working through all these conflicting feelings about me. I don’t think he ever intended to mail any of these. I think this was purely therapeutic.

Phyllis: I mean, I don’t want to pry, but if you want to share any of them, I’m happy to listen.

Jack: Yeah, let me show you something. “I said I’d forgiven you, and i tried to let everything that happened go, but after I left genoa city, something inside me could not let me be at peace.”

Phyllis: Okay. Does it make you feel better that he was conflicted?

Jack: Yeah, maybe a little. Here. Um… alright. “I want you to know that I’m sorry about those angry e-mails I sent. I became consumed by grief and rage I felt over the time I lost with my mother. I wonder how different things would’ve been if I’d known she was dying.” Luan didn’t want anyone to know that she was ill. She didn’t want to burden anyone. I… she didn’t tell me. I found out by accident. Kept it to myself.

Phyllis: Listen, that must’ve been very difficult for you to keep that from everybody, including her.

Jack: Yeah, I didn’t tell keemo because I thought I was honoring his mother’s wishes, and…our son could not, would not accept that.

Phyllis: Well, that was very difficult for you, I’m sure, keeping that secret. You know, and I’m sure that you thought maybe, with time, keemo would get past it.

Jack: NO.

[ Chuckles ] He…he kind of did. Is this it? Yeah. “I finally found some peace. I changed my name to hao nguyen. It was my maternal grandfather’s name. Now I’m honoring my mother’s memory. I am freed from the conflict of being jack abbott’s son. I feel like I’m on a new path.”

Phyllis: You’re a wonderful man. You are. And you’re an incredible father. You would’ve been an amazing father to keemo if he would have let you.

Jack: Well, it seemed he found a way to move on.

Phyllis: Did he really? Did he move on? Or did he just let this fester?

Jack: Is this the one? Yeah. “I’m no longer angry, but i can’t look back for fear that rage will return. So while I’ve forgiven you, i can’t ever have a relationship with you. It’s better for everyone. I hope that you can understand that and forgive me. Your son, keemo.”

Phyllis: Jack, you’re being very selfless. The path that keemo chose, it was good for him, it was not good for you.

Jack: No, it was not.

Phyllis: No.

Jack: I hate that he never felt comfortable enough to reach out to me, to respond to my correspondences. I’M… I’m glad at least he found some forgiveness in his heart at the very end.

Phyllis: How do you know it was the end?

Jack: Well, I — every one of these letters was written in the last 12 months. It’s as if he knew he didn’t have much longer.

Phyllis: Well, the obituary said that he died of a heart attack.

Jack: Yeah, and I know and that’s very sudden, but maybe he was diagnosed with some kind of condition, and…and that’s why he was working through all of this. Maybe, was this — was this about a health condition? Oh, god, there are so many questions.

Phyllis: And we’re gonna get the answers. We are. I promise you.

Victor: There, my darling.

Nikki: Oh, nate! How are you?

Nate: Excellent. Always good to see the two of you.

Nikki: Well, thank you. You as well.

Victor: You’ll be seeing more of dr. Hastings at newman towers.

Nikki: Oh?

Nate: I’m considering taking a job with newman/locke.

Nikki: You would really leave medicine?

Nate: Sometimes need to make a change to keep things interesting.

Nikki: Oh, well, it can get very interesting at newman/locke. But as the person in charge of operations, I’d prefer it didn’T. I — I like smooth sailing.

Nate: I promise not to rock that boat.

Nikki: Huh, wow. Well, I guess memorial’s loss is our gain. I hope I get to welcome you to the team.

Nate: Me too.

Victor: You mean the deal is not done yet?

Nate: No, I still have to hash things out with ashland. I saw him earlier, and we were trying to set up a time to talk things through.

Victor: You saw ashland today?

Nate: He was just here.

Victor: Oh. Huh.

Nikki: Um, how did he seem?

Nate: What do you mean?

Nikki: Oh, I don’t know, just physically, did he seem okay?

Nate: Last time we spoke, you were asking me about his condition.

Victor: Dr. Hastings, ashland is now a member of our family, you know. We’re concerned about him. And when we saw him earlier, he had a hard time breathing, so you didn’t see anything wrong with him?

Ashland: You don’t need to worry about victoria, especially where I’m concerned. And besides, she does not need protecting.

Nick: [ Clears throat ] That is good to know.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] You know, I think it would mean a lot to her if she knew you were on her side.

Victoria: I was just telling him that.

Nick: I’m always on her side.

Victoria: I want to believe that.

Nick: You should. It’s true.

Ashland: Well, that’s fantastic. I just want victoria to have anything her heart desires, so how about this, nick? Why don’t we all just work together, hmm?

Sharon: Ashland, nice to see you.

Ashland: Ah.

Sharon: I made your favorite. I’m sorry to interrupt, but i have some news about mariah and tessa I want to talk to you about. If you don’t mind that I steal him for a minute.

Ashland: No.

Nick: We’ll talk later. Hey, thanks for the coffee. I don’t remember ordering it.

Sharon: You didn’T. I just thought you needed it.

Nick: Okay, what’s going on with tessa and mariah?

Sharon: They have decided on a wedding idea, but that was just an excuse.

Nick: Excuse for what?

Sharon: I just really wanted to get you away from ashland. Nick, I’ve known you a long time, and I know that you were a split second away from doing something you would regret. You can’t go back in there.

Everyone remembers the

moment they heard,

Phyllis: The backyard is extraordinary. It’s gorgeous. There’s a garden and an orange tree, so many flowers. You want to go back there?

Jack: You know, I think we should leave.

Phyllis: Oh. I don’t think so. Look, there are so many more letters to go through.

Jack: You know what? It’s — it’s kind of overwhelming.

Phyllis: I’m sure it is. You can’t stop now.

Jack: You try to make the right choices, you…try to make the world a better place, you try to help, and you look back and all you can see…

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: What is this?

Jack: What? What is it?

Phyllis: It’s a picture of keemo with two women and a young girl.

Jack: He looks so happy.

Phyllis: There’s something written on the back.

Jack: “Vietnam, june 2012.”

Nick: I was this close to losing it with ashland. You know, telling him what i think about him and all the lies he’s told. But it would’ve been a disaster. Thanks for interrupting.

Sharon: And you would’ve made a scene in my coffee house, and I can’t let that happen.

Nick: It would’ve just come back to bite me. I mean, ashland would’ve denied it, vick would’ve sided with him. She’s already on the defensive.

Sharon: Why do you say that?

Nick: I went to check on her earlier and kind of created this accidental minefield with her and the parents, but, uh… it’s okay ’cause dad has a plan.

Sharon: Of course he does.

Nick: I don’t know any of the details, but dad seems to think he can get ashland out of our lives for good without victoria ever knowing the truth.

Sharon: I’m just worried about the fallout from all of this. It’s gonna take a toll on your whole family. I’m so sorry this is happening.

Nick: Thanks. I really appreciate you pulling me away from that, and knowing that you are always there for me.

Sharon: Anytime.

Nate: Victor, you know how i feel about disclosing medical information.

Victor: Nate, you made your stance clear last time we talked.

Nate: So you can see why I’d be reluctant to give an opinion about ashland’s health.

Victor: But I’m not asking for test results. I just want to know if you thought he looked healthy.

Nate: He did seem a bit under the weather, but that could be stress or just a common cold. It’s best not to presume anything.

Nikki: You’re right, of course.

Victor: Thank you for stopping by.

Nate: Bye.

Nikki: Bye, nate.

Victor: What do you think?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] You mean the fact that ashland came here instead of going home like he said he would?

Victor: It was a lie.

Nikki: I know you think he’s lying about everything.

Victor: Because he is.

Nikki: Maybe he just wanted to stop and pick up some food on the way home. Maybe he wasn’t acting at all. Maybe he just isn’t feeling well.

Victor: Sweetheart, that’s the least likely of all possibilities, alright?

Nikki: I don’t know. I’m still struggling with the idea that he lied about his condition.

Victor: And I understand how you’d want to think that way, for victoria’s sake. I’m telling you he has deceived our daughter in the most profound way.

Nikki: What if the information that michael got in peru is wrong? I mean, maybe those doctors just said what they thought you wanted to hear in the hopes of a big payout.

Victor: Sweetheart, how long has michael baldwin been my lawyer? I trust that man.

Nikki: I understand that. I am just saying that we need to really be certain about this situation because the stakes are too high. So before you do anything, we need more information.

Ashland: I hope we were able to get through to nick.

Victoria: Time will tell. Right now, I’m still a little bit more concerned about you. If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t be out, you should be at home in bed.

Ashland: No, I’m — really, I’m much better now.

Victoria: Well, I’m still worried about you, and I hope that my father’s interference in our plans didn’t contribute to how you’re feeling.

Ashland: It was just a momentary thing. I’m fine.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Good. And I want you to know that I am still 100% committed to moving forward with the co-ceo arrangement. Have you signed the contract yet?

Ashland: Not yet. Um…

Victoria: Why not?

Ashland: Oh. Sorry. Mm, okay. Um, I’m sorry, where were we?

Victoria: I asked you if you had a chance to sign the contract.

Ashland: Right. Uh…no. Victoria…there’s something I need to tell you about your father.

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