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Sasha: [ Breathes sharply ]

Brando: Morning.

Sasha: Good morning. Mm, did I oversleep?

Brando: Mnh-mnh. There’s no such thing on vacation. You can go back to sleep if you want. We can have coffee later.

Sasha: Thanks, but I need to wake up. Mmm! That is good.

Brando: Mm-hmm. Making coffee is one of my many skills.

Sasha: The others being?

Brando: We have an entire vacation for you to find out.

Sasha: I can’t wait.

Brando: Well, we have a lot to celebrate. [ Sighs ] Maxie is finally home safe. Peter August is gone. And we get to spend time together. Just the two of us. This is exactly what we both need.

Professor Khan: Read chapter 8 for the next class. Be ready to discuss. See you next week. Uh, Ms. Robinson, a moment of your time. You seemed, uh, pretty silent in class today. Are you alright? That’s not like you.

Trina: Uh. There’s just been a lot on my mind.

Professor Khan: I know freshman year can be overwhelming, but you seem to be handling it well. You’re one of my few “a” students this semester.

Trina: Thanks.

Professor Khan: But remember — class participation is a third of your grade, and I’d hate to see you get lost in the shuffle.

Josslyn: Thanks for walking to class early with me. I know you have a lot going on at home.

Cameron: Doesn’t mean I can’t be there for you. Things still weird between you and Trina?

Josslyn: We’re roommates, and we barely see each other. A lot of that’s on me. I mean, between practice and team meetings, I’m really busy. But Trina only comes back to the room to sleep. She’s not returning any of my texts or my calls.

Cameron: Things have been weird since the cabin with Esme and Spencer.

Josslyn: They’ve only gotten worse since. And it’s all thanks to Esme.

Esme: Happy belated birthday.

Spencer: Are you crazy? You’ll get me in trouble.

Esme: Lighten up, boyfriend. I know you spent your birthday in here alone last night. That kiss is my present.

Spencer: And if the wrong guard sees you, it blows back on me.

Esme: I’m sorry to have bothered you. Lucky for you, I’m leaving. Class calls.

Spencer: Fine. See you around.

Esme:  Someone woke up on the wrong side of his prison cot this morning. What’s with the mood?

Sam: Hmm. I guess a day of hatchet throwing didn’t cheer you up.

Carly: It did. And you and Olivia were right. I definitely needed to blow off some steam. I’m sad today.

Sam: Why?

Carly: Been thinking about Courtney. Today’s the anniversary of her death.

Sonny: Hey, Courtney. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since you left us. Your son is a full-grown man getting himself in trouble. I couldn’t make it last year because — well, I’m sure you know what happened. I like to think that you’re always watching out for me. But I just want to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you. And you’re still in my heart.

Nikolas: Mine too.

Ava: [ Chuckles ] I haven’t seen you in a while, Victor. Nikolas is joining me for brunch. If you’d like to join us, that’s fine.

Victor: Oh, uh, unfortunately, I-I can’t stay. I have some business I have to attend to.

Ava: Oh. Well, you — you’ve been keeping yourself scarce since — since Valentine’s Day.

Laura: Keeping a low profile. Trying to avoid being implicated in an ongoing investigation. That sounds right, doesn’t it?

Anna: Thank you so much for meeting me. Oh, I didn’t realize it was gonna be so cold out here.

Drew: Ooh. Too bad we weren’t in port Charles during the heat wave.

Anna: [ Chuckles ] I just wanted to talk to you in private.

Drew: Yeah. Your message sounded pretty urgent. What’s going on?

Anna: I just have this feeling that we’re headed for danger, and at the center of it all is Victor. And you.

Sonny: I didn’t expect to see you here.

Nikolas: Courtney was important to me, too.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nikolas: I loved her.

Sonny: Um, was it worth it, Nikolas? Breaking up your marriage to Emily and Jax’s to my sister for an affair? I’m just curious.

Nikolas: I loved Courtney. I was gonna marry her.

Sonny: So, if Courtney were still alive, you think you’d still be together?

Nikolas: I’d like to think so. In truth, I don’t know.

Sonny: Well, at least you’re honest. [ Laughs ]

Nikolas: I do know this, though. You know, Courtney, she’s always gonna be the mother of my son.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Nothing’s gonna change that. It’s just like Carly. She’s always gonna be the mother of your children.

Carly: You know, the Metro Court is named after her.

Sam: Yeah, I do know.

Carly: Wow. Courtney and I were really close. You know, and with Jax out of town and Spencer and Josslyn on the outs and my impending divorce from Sonny, I just feel like all my connections to Courtney are slipping away. And you don’t need to hear this. [ Laughs ]

Sam: [ Chuckles ] No, it’s — it’s true, though. No, Courtney and I were not the best of friends, but maybe if she would have lived, we would have become friends. I mean, if Elizabeth Baldwin and I can become friends, anything’s possible.

Carly: Hell sure did freeze over there.

[ Both laugh ]

Sam: Who knows? Maybe Courtney and I would’ve been able to bury the hatchet. Or throw a hatchet at a wall instead of each other. [ Chuckles ]

Victor: I’m sorry, Mayor Collins, but I have no idea what you’re referring to.

Laura: I don’t think it’s coincidence that Victor resurfaced at the same time Luke died and the Ice Princess was stolen. It’s all connected. Luke’s death was not an accident. And Victor was behind it.

Laura: There have been a lot of suspicious activities in Port Charles recently.

Victor: Is this your way of accusing me of helping Peter August escape? Because if so, I categorically deny having anything to do with it. Peter August was a blight on this city, and all of us are better off without him.

Laura: Well, you can deny it all you want. If you were involved in it, there will be a way to prove it.

Victor: I’ll take that as my cue to leave, shall I? Ava.

Ava: Mm.

Victor: It’s a pleasure, as always. Madame Mayor.

Ava: Well, that was fun. Do you want to tell me what’s going on between you and Victor?

Drew: So, I’ve been working under the same assumption — right? — That Victor is dangerous and that his agenda did not die with Peter. How did — how did you get there?

Anna: Liesl bugged Victor, and she overheard a conversation he had with you and Sam.

Drew: At the docks.

Anna: Yeah.

Drew: Yeah, Sam and I were convinced that Victor was trying to activate my old conditioning.

Anna: Exactly.

Drew: Does Valentin know about this? Did you mention this to him? Because we shared a cell in Crete for a little bit, and he seemed to have such solid insights into Victor.

Anna: Valentin’s out of commission right now. He was, um — he was abducted.

Drew: What?

Anna: Right before Peter escaped. And he turned up in an alley. He was drugged, disoriented, and he was still recovering from the gunshot wound in Crete. And, you know, he developed an infection. He’s at a clinic out of town, but he’s making progress. He’ll be home soon.

Drew: Well, good. I’m glad to hear that. Make sure you send him my regards next time you talk to him, okay?

Anna: Yes, yes. My wish is that we — we expose Victor and whatever his crimes are before Valentin comes home.

Drew: That is a tall order. I mean, we’re gonna have to move very quickly.

Anna: See, I just feel that Victor is going to exploit the father-son relationship and manipulate Valentin the same way that he’s co-opting the rest of his family.

Spencer: Sorry, I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you. Forgive me.

Esme: I get it. Spring Ridge may be minimum security, but it’s still a prison and you’re still incarcerated.

Spencer: It’s more than that. [ Voice breaking ] Today’s the anniversary of my mother’s death.   [ Crying, sniffles ] And even though I never knew her… I still feel that we have a connection. Every year, I made sure that there were flowers on her grave. And I’ve never missed a year…until now.

Esme: Hey. Your mother understands, Spence.

Spencer: It’s not about her understanding. It is about letting the world know that I remember her… …because my mother lives on as long as I keep up these little traditions. When I was talking to Trina about how she felt after she thought that her father had died, she said that she felt the same way.

Josslyn: I hate that there’s tension between me and Trina. All I did was call Esme out for playing mind games with her.

Cameron: And I’m sure you were very nice and polite.

Josslyn: Hey, my mom taught me that you can’t just ignore an Esme and hope that they go away. They’re like sharks looking for blood. So, the best way to deal with them is to punch them in the nose and hope they retreat.

Cameron: I believe the expression is to bop them on the nose.

Josslyn: Oh. It’s not how I do it. Trina. Uh, how brutal was Khan’s class?

Trina: Uh, lots of participation required today, so be prepared to be called on more than usual.

Josslyn: Hey, wait. Are you still mad at me for what happened with Esme the other day?

Esme: That’s a beautiful sentiment, but you don’t only need to keep your mother’s memory alive on the anniversary of her passing. I mean, you can visit her grave anytime you want and leave out flowers for her when you get out, which won’t be that long.

Spencer: True.

Esme: Besides, you were in boarding school for years. What did you do those times?

Spencer: Alfred and Ross left flowers on her grave for me.

Esme: Well, there you go. You can do that again. Or… I’d be more than honored to leave flowers for your mother.

Spencer: That’s not the point. The point is… …that I finally am here [Chuckles] In Port Charles, and that I should be able to do this for her, but I can’t! Because of the choices… …that I made. That I made.

Esme: I was only trying to help.

Spencer: But you don’t understand.

Esme: But Trina would?

Brando: You know… it is too bad we spent most of the night talking.

Sasha: You could have made a move.

Brando: Mm. Well, I was waiting for a signal from you. I didn’t want to pressure you.

Sasha: Anyone ever tell you what a great guy you are?

Brando: [ Sighs ] A great guy? That’s what you say to someone you want to put in the friend zone.

Sasha: Not in this case.

Brando: I missed you. I missed us.

Sasha: Did we have plans in town?

Brando: Um, lunch reservations, um, tickets to Maid of the Mist. Um. Or we could just hang out here.

Sonny: Carly and I may not be together, but she’s still a great mother to Michael, Josslyn, Donna, and Avery.

Nikolas: Ava is Avery’s mother, not Carly.

Sonny: I’m not here to argue with you, Nikolas. Especially in front of my sister’s grave. I’m just saying she would have been an amazing mother to Spencer if she had lived.

Nikolas: Courtney had a kind soul.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nikolas: She was patient as a saint.

Sonny: And you know what? I would have loved for Spencer to get to know her.

Nikolas: She would have had a good influence on him. She might have even negated the mistakes I made while raising him. Now you tell me I’m wrong, that I did the best that I could with Spencer.

Sonny: I wish I could do that if — if I believed it, but I’m not gonna lie.

Trina: Joss, I’m not mad at you.

Josslyn: Just too busy to respond to my calls or my texts?

Trina: Okay, maybe I’m a little annoyed. You made me collateral damage when you got up all in Esme’s face.

Josslyn: Oh, Trina, come on. You know that apology was as fake as she is. All I did was call her out on it.

Trina: And then you told her something I told you in confidence.

Josslyn: Look, I said I was sorry for that. I did. But obviously you don’t believe me.

Trina: I do. I just need a little bit of time to process. You put me in the middle of your war with Esme.

Josslyn: But Esme wasn’t coming for me. She was coming for you. Trina, the whole thing was a setup, start to finish. I mean, Esme texts you that she wants to meet up, she shows up to apologize, she gives you some saccharine speech about how she made a mistake and wants to be friends. Look, I admit that I lost my temper. And the thing about Spencer giving you that book, it just slipped out.

Cameron: Spencer gave you a book?

Trina: He asked his grandmother to give it to me, and I happened to get it on Valentine’s Day. But it was not a Valentine’s gift. It was just a gift. And what part of keeping a confidence don’t you understand?

Josslyn: Cam cares about you, Trina. Unlike Esme. I’m sorry for betraying your trust, but I’m not gonna apologize for defending my friends.

Esme: [ Voice breaking ] So only Trina understands what it’s like for you to lose your mother?

Spencer: Hey —

Esme: She hasn’t experienced real loss. Her father isn’t even dead.

Spencer: I’m sorry. Hey, that was a stupid thing to say. It’s just that you never really talk about your parents.

Esme: I don’t like talking about them.

Spencer: I get it. But I forget sometimes. Hey, I promise to do better. It’s not gonna happen again.

Esme: And what about the gift you got Trina?

Spencer: I get all my friends thank you gifts. It’s a lot easier than sending handwritten cards.

Esme: And it’s a coincidence that your grandmother just happens to give your gift to Trina on Valentine’s Day.

Spencer: It was. Esme, hey, you have to believe me.

Victor: Spencer, my boy, my apologies for not visiting you on your birthday. Oh, I’m sorry. Would, uh — would you like me to come back another time?

Laura: What do you think’s going on, Ava?

Ava: I think Victor helped Peter August escape from that prison van that was taking him to Pentonville, and then I think he somehow managed to smuggle him out of the country. And I think you think the same thing.

Laura: Does it matter now? I mean, Peter’s dead.

Ava: But this isn’t about Peter, really, is it? It’s about dear uncle Victor. And for you, that’s very, very personal.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] You can think whatever you like, Ava. Actually, you know, I-I came to meet Sam.

Ava: Don’t you trust me?

Laura: I was watching you earlier with Victor, and it looked kind of close to me.

Ava: [ Breathes sharply ] Well, you know, keep your enemies closer and all that. I trust Victor as much as you do.

Drew: Victor co-opting his family is one thing, but what use does he have for me?

Anna: The working theory is that Peter was stringing Victor along.

Drew: Right, Peter was gonna give Victor the means to my conditioning to activate it. But I still — I don’t get it. I don’t understand why. I mean, what use does he have for an ex-Navy Seal to do his dirty work? He’s got plenty of ex-military on his payroll.

Anna: Don’t you think it’s possible that Victor thinks you know something — or, rather, that you did?

Laura: I think that Victor is planning something that could spell trouble for all of us.

Ava: Well, he has made some cryptic comments about his plans.

Laura: And Spencer now just idolizes his great-uncle, and it seems like Nikolas is warming up to him, too. So, I feel like I can’t say anything negative because they’d both defend him, and then that would just drive them closer to Victor.

Ava: Well, I know that Nikolas does have his guard up. But I think you’re right, and Victor is making some progress there. And Spencer we know is already firmly in Victor’s camp.

Laura: But you, Ava, you’re smarter than that.

Nikolas: [ sighs ] Walked right into that one, didn’t I?

Sonny: You’ve made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that have changed Spencer’s life, shaped his character. You can’t change that.

Nikolas: Yeah, what do you want me to do, Sonny? Own up to my decisions, my past?

Sonny: That would be a start, now, wouldn’t it? Move forward with the people you love. Don’t run away from your mistakes. ‘Cause when you do that, it makes your pain worse.

Sam: I guess we’re all starting new chapters.

Carly: So, things are good with you and Dante?

Sam: I don’t want to jinx it, but, yeah, things are going pretty good.

Carly: That’s great. What about Drew?

Sam: Yeah [Sighs] That’s definitely…over. We just realized that we’d be better off as co-parents and friends. Why do you ask?

Carly: I don’t know. He’s been really supportive while I’ve been going through everything with Sonny and the divorce. And so, I don’t know, I was trying to look out for him the way he’s been looking out for me.

Ava: I’m listening.

Laura: Victor is trying to make nice right now with Nikolas, which means he’s going to do the same with you.

Ava: Hmm. He’s already trying pretty damn hard.

Laura: Good, good. Let him. Get him to lower his guard so much with you that he might even confide in you.

Ava: And if Victor says something incriminating, you’d like me to pass that on to you?

Laura: If you’d like.

Ava: And I’m guessing that you don’t want me to tell my husband about this arrangement.

Laura: You know, Ava, we dealt with that situation with Ryan together. I wouldn’t ask for your help if it wasn’t serious.

Ava: And I’m sure I’ll know if Victor says something relevant.

Laura: I’m sure you will. I have every confidence in you. Thank you.

Carly: I was ready to lose my mind the night that I walked in on Sonny and Nina at the haunted star.

Sam: Oh.

Carly: And I ran into Drew right after, and, um [Chuckles] Well, he let me vent. And he didn’t try and fix me. He didn’t try and stop me or make it better. He just let me talk.

Laura: Sam, sorry I’m late. I got a little sidetracked. Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Sam: Oh, n-not a problem. Um, it was really nice talking to you.

Carly: It was nice talking to you, too.

Sam: What was so important that you couldn’t talk to me on the phone about it?

Laura: It is about Victor’s associate.

Sam: Johann?

Laura: Some new details have come to light, and I thought you should know about them, considering it involves Drew.

Esme: As always, a pleasure, Uncle Victor. I-I wish I could stay and chat, but I need to bounce. Um, class calls. Hey. Bye, spence.

Spencer: Bye.

Esme: Time to get this done.

Victor: So, what was that all about?

Spencer: [ Sighs ] My fault. I-I took my frustration at being stuck in here out on Esme. She didn’t deserve it.

Victor: Mm. Ah, you take after your grandfather. He always had a much shorter fuse than the rest of the family.

Spencer: Hm.

Victor: So, what exactly lit this particular powder keg, hm?

Spencer: Every year, I leave flowers on my mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death. I can’t this year for obvious reasons. Mm. Unless…

Victor: Unless what?

Spencer: Well, unless you bust me out.

Drew: So you think that Victor is trying to access my old memories?

Anna: It’s possible. But, look, Andre confirmed for me that those memories were gone.

Drew: But Peter made him believe otherwise.

Anna: Well, Peter and Faison, they were in charge of the whole memory experiment. But then Victor, he took custody of you at Crichton Clark. And this — this kind of tracks with this new information that I’m privy to. [ Sighs ]

Drew: Such as?

Laura: It’s alright, Anna. I think Drew has a right to know the truth.

Victor: Absolutely not.

Spencer: Come on, Uncle Victor. I know that you have connections in Spring Ridge. You arranged for Samuel to make sure that I was safe. How hard could it be for you to arrange a furlough?

Victor: Furloughs are almost exclusively reserved for family funerals and deathbeds.

Spencer: Then it can be off the books. It’s not like this place is surrounded by barbed wire. I can be shuttled out of here and brought back in an hour.

Victor: I will not risk extending your sentence, much less joining you in here. Not when there’s so much in the works for the future of this family.

Spencer: And I want to be a part of that future. We are Cassadines, Uncle Victor. Family is everything to us. We don’t get to pick and choose who we love, who we trust. Just because my mother died hours after me being born doesn’t mean that I don’t miss her every single day. I know I screwed up. And I’m being punished for it now, deservedly so. But think about the people who you’ve loved and lost. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure that they weren’t forgotten? There must be something you can do.

Trina: We were so close to getting past this, but you just can’t help yourself, can you?

Cameron: Okay, let’s just take a moment right now. I understand —

Trina: I didn’t realize you were taking a course on mediation, Cam.

Cameron: None of my business?

Trina: Mm.

Josslyn: Am I wrong for defending my friends?

Trina: No, you’re not wrong, but it doesn’t make it any better when you say there are certain things you won’t apologize for after saying you’re sorry.

Josslyn: Trina, I’m trying my best here. We all lose it sometimes. Like you did at the cabin.

Trina: Oh, my gosh, apologies aren’t transactional. You made my feelings for Spencer part of “the Josslyn Jacks show.”

Josslyn: That was Esme, not me.

Trina: It’s always Esme, isn’t it? Can’t you just take responsibility for making things worse? Can you, for once in your life, think about what I’m going through?

Esme: My, my. You can cut the tension with a knife, can’t you?

Nikolas: Spencer’s loved, Courtney. Maybe I need to remind him of that more often.

Sonny: [ Groans ] Okay, Courtney, I’m sorry. I should — I know I should have been nicer, but I think… that’s what Nikolas needed, and that’s what Spencer needs. And I’m gonna — I’m gonna — I’m gonna look out for your boy, just like I trust that you keep an eye on… my dad, Morgan, Jason. And Brando and Sasha’s baby boy.

Sasha: I love you.

Brando: I love you, too.

Sasha: That was good.

Brando: Mm.

Sasha: Better than good.

Brando: Mm-hmm. Mm, like the first time. [ Sighs, chuckles ]

Sasha: Yeah, except – except in a bed this time.

[ Both chuckle ]

Sasha: Instead of the backseat of a car you were working on.

Brando: Yeah, yeah. Well, there is that. [ Sighs ]

Sasha: I’ll trade my pillow mint for your thoughts.

Brando: Oh. I was thinking. It’s been a while since we’ve been with each other. Not since…

Sasha: well, let’s not wait so long next time. [ Chuckles ] I’ll be right back.

[ Water rushing in distance ]

Brando: Hi.

Sasha: Wait. Don’t move. I want to take a mental picture of this. It’s beautiful.

Brando: Oh, the — the view?

Sasha: Mm, that too.

Cameron: Best to stay out of this, Esme.

Trina: I should go.

Josslyn: Wait. What if I ditch class and we can talk?

Trina: I’m all talked out. Maybe another time.

Josslyn: Well, text me. I’ll always answer.

Cameron: Trina… for what it’s worth, I’m very sorry.

Trina: Thanks.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Esme: Trina.

Trina: I really don’t want to hear from you, Esme.

Esme: [ Sighs ] Don’t worry, Trina. You’re probably never gonna hear from any of us soon enough.

Nikolas: You holding up okay?

Carly: Are you?

Nikolas:  I should join my lovely wife. Take care, Carly. Courtney would have loved what you’ve done with the place. What it’s become. I’m sorry that I’ve never told you that before.

Carly: Thank you. You just missed your mother.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah? What did she have to say?

Carly: No, I-I didn’t get to say anything to her but hello, but she did seem to be getting into it with Ava and Victor.

Drew: You really think that Victor had something to do with Luke’s death?

Laura: We don’t have proof. We only have circumstantial evidence.

Anna: But we — we all believe that he’s been planning something for months. So what if Luke stumbled upon it, and then Victor would only have one way to stop Luke?

Drew: But, I mean, I-I barely even knew Luke. So — so how would he have come across something that relates to me?

Laura: Crichton-Clark, Helena, Victor, the Ice Princess?

Anna: The common threads is the Cassadines. But we can’t stop Victor until we have proof.

Drew: There’s like dozens of people died in that crash in Innsbruck, dozens.

Anna: And the only way for us to prove that Victor is responsible is to go to Austria.

Laura: You’ve got to tread very carefully. That was deemed an accident.

Anna: Right.

Laura: If you reopen the investigation, it’s going to let Victor know that we’re on to him.

Anna: Yes.

Sam: You know, there is another way to find out what Victor wants.

Sasha: It’s so beautiful here, so peaceful. [ Sighs ] I really don’t want to go back to the real world. I never want this trip to end.

Brando: Yeah, I wish I could give you that. But what I can try to do is make the real world just as special.

Sasha: Mm-hmm?

Brando: Mm-hmm.

Sasha: And how do you plan on doing that?

Brando: By planning to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sasha: Let’s do it.

Brando: Do what?

Sasha: Let’s get married. Today.

Sam: Something in your past motivated Victor to help Peter escape.

Anna: And Peter misled Victor, right? But now Peter’s dead.

Laura: Anna, is it possible that Victor could have gotten access to Andre Maddox and questioned him about Drew’s memories?

Anna: I don’t know, but I can contact Andre for sure. I-I’m confident that he would never reveal that kind of information, and certainly not to someone like Victor.

Drew: So Victor still believes that he can access my memories.

Sam: Exactly. So what if we set a trap for Victor by convincing him it’s possible?

Victor: No, no, no further action from Anna or Drew with regards to our connection to Peter August. But [Sighs] I fear this is only the calm before the storm.

Nikolas: Starting without me?

Ava: Mm-hmm. Never too early to keep celebrating Peter’s demise.

Nikolas: [ Chuckles ] Amen to that. [ Chuckles ] Carly…just told me that she saw you and my mother having a pretty intense conversation. [ Breathes deeply ] What was that about?               [ Sighs ]

Ava: Oh, we were just gossiping about you. Every once in a while, Laura needs a little reassurance that I’m taking very good care of you.

Nikolas: Had nothing to do with my uncle?

Ava: No, I told her that I had a nice conversation with him.

Nikolas: Really?

Ava: Yeah. And I’m making more of an effort with Victor.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] I’m making more of an effort with Spencer. Not having much luck.

Ava: And you will keep trying until you do. In the meantime, since your uncle wants to be closer with you, what do you say we invite Victor to dinner?

Spencer: Hello, mother. Sorry I was late this year. [ Sighs ] I see that someone beat me to it. I’m glad that you weren’t alone.

Trina: Spencer? What are you doing out of Spring Ridge?

Professor Khan: Despite having been born nearly a generation apart, Locke and Rousseau shared similar ideas about free will and a social contract. Locke and Rousseau were not considered criminologists.

Cameron: You okay?

Josslyn: Who is being stubborn, me or Trina?

Professor Khan: However, in their social contract with society, they believed that an individual…

Cameron: Maybe neither.

Professor Khan: …enter the contract…

Cameron: I mean you both had great points.

Professor Khan: …giving up their rights…

Josslyn: No, no, I need to find her.

Professor Khan: …to act in their own self-interest.

Josslyn: And I need to apologize again before we start fighting.

Professor Khan: In fact, it was Jerem Bentham who devised the roles of imprisonment and incarceration. Bentham understood that punishment should be used sparingly, and he also understood that happiness was when the greatest good was shared by the greatest number. However, as Bentham said—

[ Cellphones, computers chiming ]

Professor Khan: Alright, alright. Exactly what is more important than Jeremy Bentham?

Male student: See for yourself.

[ Students murmuring ]

[ Gasping, laughter ]

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