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Adam: Did someone call a family meeting?

Victor: Well…

Adam: It was not on my schedule.

Victoria: Your ears must have been burning. Congratulations on your new title.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: Well, surely you have more important things to talk about than us.

Victoria: True. In fact, I should be going.

Adam: Well, we won’t keep you. We’re just here for a working breakfast. We’re talking about Sally’s ideas on how to capitalize on a bigger and better Newman Media.

Victoria: Great. Ashland and I would love to, um, hear your ideas. I’m sure that we’ll have some thoughts.

Sally: Yeah, I would love that. I mean, there’s no time like the present. Would you like to do it now?

Victoria: Oh, no. Unfortunately, I can’t. I’m running late for something. But maybe dad would like to join you for a family meal. He loves those.


Adam: Oh, please help yourself.

Sally: [ Laughs ] What am I doing? I got so caught up in spit-balling, I did not realize that I was…

Adam: You were stealing my breakfast in broad daylight.

Sally: [ Laughs ] I did not mean to be a food thief.

Adam: It’s fine. I don’t mind sharing. I could get used to it.

Sally: I’m actually not used to having such a big breakfast, so maybe I should sneak in a trip to the gym before I head back to the office to burn off some energy.

Adam: Yeah, I was — I was actually thinking the same thing. It’s very important to have a work-life balance, you know

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