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Billy: So much for tip number one on getting a good night’s sleep. Nighty-night. Ahh. Process, reflect, and meditate on your thoughts. Process and reflect. What am I to process? I don’t feel like I have any fears. I don’t feel like there’s anything gnawing at me.

[ Sighs ] Meditate. Yeah. Let me see where that goes. Ahh. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Too lazy to type. Too wired to sleep. So, all you get is the sound of your own soothing voice. Some would say you like the sound of your own voice. Those people would be right. At least I know somebody is listening. Okay, so, how do we start? Who are you?

[ Chuckles ] What are you? Me.

[ Sighs ] You…are a man that had everything… and then lost almost everything.

[ Sighs ] And then you got most of it back except for the one thing that you miss the most — your sweet baby girl Delia. But what about all the other things that you lost? Because you were — because you were being an idiot, because you fought wars for no good reason, because you didn’t acknowledge what you had at the time. That is a tricky one. But that is a recipe for disaster. Have you learned anything? Have you learned anything?


Rey: I can’t imagine what that must have been like, with your mom involving you in all of her criminal activities. That must have been pretty scary for a little kid.

Chelsea: Not really. I didn’t know anything different, you know? It was just…normal. Dodging a bill collector? Sure. Skipping out on rent? Always. Working a con? Absolutely.

[ Laughs ] It was just the way to our next meal. I mean, most parents — they wake up in the morning and they go to work to put food on the table. Not Anita. No, no. Not my mom. She would stay up all night plotting how she was going to sucker some poor, gullible guy out of his hard-earned cash.

Rey: Pschew. Sounds rough, pretty lonely for a child.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Yeah. I guess it was. But Anita and I — we were a team. We didn’t have any other friends. We didn’t have any other family. It was just us. And she would remind me of that all the time that we needed to stick together, you know, not let anybody else into our world.

[ Sighs ] All outsiders could not be trusted. “Do unto others before they do unto you.” That was her motto.

Rey: Wow. Talk about imposing a warped sense of the world on a young mind.

Chelsea: I guess I… it wasn’t till I was older that the reality of it all started to set in.

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