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Lily: [ Sighs ] Oh, my god. I am so exhausted. I remember when the twins used to ask if they could fall asleep on the couch because they were too tired to go to bed and i thought it was so hilarious and now I know exactly how they felt. Are you ready to go to bed?

Billy: No, not — not yet. I’m still, um — still a little wired.

Lily: Wired? I thought the podcast project was gonna help you curb your insomnia.

Billy: It will. I promise it will, eventually. But right now I still got a bunch of thoughts running through my mind, and I think it’s better I kind of clear the slate a little bit before I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling, like I’ve been doing for the last little while.

Lily: You know, you keep saying that this isn’t a big deal, but it’s been going on for a few nights.

Billy: I don’t want you to worry about this, okay? Because I am not worried. This is just a little bit of a phase, and everything’s gonna be fine. Now, you jump into our bed, get all cozy, and I will see you there soon.

Lily: Okay. Well, don’t be too long.

Billy: I won’T.

[ Sighs ] What the hell is going on with you?

Abby: Do you think dominic woke up ’cause he could sense my anxiety and concern? I mean, babies are sensitive like that. They can pick up on those things.

Chance: Hey, let’s try to relax, okay? It’s all good. I doubt he’s picking up on your stress. He’s just not feeling well. That’s probably why he woke up, right? Let’s try not to worry. Now that he’s asleep, there’s nothing we can do. He’s gonna be totally fine.

Abby: You really think so?

Chance: I do. I mean, devon would not have gone home otherwise. Trust me. And when we get these latest test results, we’ll update him.

Abby: Just the waiting is so excruciating.

Chance: I know. I know. Look, I know it won’t be easy, but you should get some sleep.

Abby: I — I don’t know if i can.

Chance: Well, do me a favor and at least try.

Abby: My mind keeps going over all of these different scenarios, scenarios that would require a bone marrow aspiration. Chance, how did this happen? Dominic has been fine in every single one of his check-ups, and now his red blood cell count is so low that the doctor is jumping to these invasive tests? What if the procedure is painful? What if it causes an infection or an allergic reaction? I mean, those are all risks.

Chance: Hey, come here. We have to do our best to stay calm and to stay positive.

Abby: I’m just so scared.

[ Sighs heavily ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Chelsea, we have talked about this. Okay, we will always share a connection, but we’re in a different place now. And I think that is a great place. Don’t you think?

Chelsea: Sure.

Adam: Okay, well, then getting back together, even if there are some feelings between us, would be a mistake.

Adam: We will always be in each other’s lives, but I don’t know how to say this any plainer — there is no future between us.

Chelsea: [ Sighs heavily ]

Adam: You need to let go of the past and move on. My personal life is not your business anymore until it involves connor.

Chelsea: Are you falling for sally spectra?

Chelsea: You know, and for the record, sally doesn’t deserve you. I know the type. I’ve seen go-getters like her my whole life. They can’t see beyond what’s in it for them, and frankly, I am shocked that you haven’t been able to figure this out about her yet.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Chloe, hi. Oh, I’m so glad you picked up. Ohh. I can’t sleep. I was thinking we could go over our business plan for lauren? Oh. You’re up with bella? What kind of a horror movie did kevin watch with her to make her have nightmares like that? Are you serious? That would give me nightmares, too. What was kevin thinking? No. Go. Sorry. Go. Be with your daughter. Of course. Of course. Yeah, we’ll — we’ll work on our proposal tomorrow. Okay. Give bella a hug for me. Alright. Have a good night.

[ Sighs ]

[ Inhales sharply ] Hi. This is chelsea lawson. Um, can you bring my car around for me? I’ll be down in 10 minutes. Thank you.

[ Phone hangs up ]

[ Sighs ] From the very first touch.

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Billy: The only podcast I’m interested in right now is how to get a good night’s sleep. “Seize the night — how to sleep like a baby.” Yeah, right. “Hints to avoid disrupted sleep and keep a peaceful sleeping environment. Number one — limit alcohol consumption. Number two — avoid caffeine. Number three — turn off screens. Number four — exercise daily.” Yep, a little too late for those to work with me tonight. “Stressful and worrying thoughts may make it difficult to sleep and may wake you up during the middle of the night.” Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. “Set aside time to process, reflect, and meditate on your thoughts.”

[ Sighs ] Set aside time to process, reflect, and meditate on your thoughts.

Chance: You got to fight your fears, abby. Look, we will get these test results tomorrow, we will find out what’s causing this, and then we will do what we have to do to help him. And I’m sure it’s just something minor.

Abby: Well, what if it is something serious?

Chance: Well, until we know exactly what it is, it’s no good to dwell over the worst-case scenarios, right? Look, I understand why you’re worried. I am, too. But we got to be strong for our boy, keep a positive mind-set.

Abby: Yeah. You’re right.

Chance: How about this? How about you go upstairs and take a nice, long, hot bath? Yeah? Maybe throw in some of those sweet-smelling things that you like. You know what I’m talking about? I bet it’ll help you wind down so you can get some sleep.

Abby: Yeah. A bath does sound nice. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: Thank you.

Chance: For what?

Abby: ‘Cause, I mean, you’re dealing with so much, and here you are taking care of me. It just means a lot to have you here to lean on.

Chance: That’s what we do for each other, right? And, abby, you have been just so patient and understanding with me while I work through all this. And that’s what we got to do. We got to keep leaning one each other and do what’s best for dom. That means do what’s best for us, too.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales heavily ] Hey, partner. Yeah, I, uh — I just want to apologize again for — for bailing earlier. You know, I’m sorry I couldn’t start today like we planned.

Rey: No apology needed. Really, man. Paul and I completely understand. Family trumps work every time. How’s the baby?

Chance: He’s okay. He’s okay. We’re, uh — we’re gonna know more in the morning after we get these results from the follow-up tests.

Rey: Good. Keep us in the loop.

Chance: I will. Um…hey, what’d I miss today? Did I miss anything, any new cases?

Rey: Actually, my day’s not over yet. We’re doing surveillance on a suspect in a series of robberies. I’m just getting some coffee now.

Chance: Really? Well, look, I — you know, I’m probably not gonna sleep much tonight. I keep thinking about this appointment in the morning. Abby’s about to crash. We got the nanny here. You want some company?

Rey: Are you sure?

Chance: Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’ll — it’ll be nice to have something else to focus on. One prilosec otc in the morning

Billy: So much for tip number one on getting a good night’s sleep. Nighty-night. Ahh. Process, reflect, and meditate on your thoughts. Process and reflect. What am I to process? I don’t feel like I have any fears. I don’t feel like there’s anything gnawing at me.

[ Sighs ] Meditate. Yeah. Let me see where that goes. Ahh. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Too lazy to type. Too wired to sleep. So all you get is the sound of your own soothing voice. Some would say you like the sound of your own voice. Those people would be right. At least I know somebody is listening. Okay, so, how do we start? Who are you?

[ Chuckles ] What are you? Me.

[ Sighs ] You…are a man that had everything… and then lost almost everything.

[ Sighs ] And then you got most of it back except for the one thing that you miss the most — your sweet baby girl delia. But what about all the other things that you lost? Because you were — because you were being an idiot, because you fought wars for no good reason, because you didn’t acknowledge what you had at the time. That is a tricky one. But that is a recipe for disaster. Have you learned anything? Have you learned anything?

Chance: You’re okay, buddy. You’re okay.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, right? It’s all good. You’re okay. Look at you, little dude.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I need you to be okay. You hear me? But don’t you worry. You don’t have to do this all by yourself. You can count on me, bud. I’m gonna do whatever I got to do to get you through this. I promise you that. Me and your mom. She loves you so much, man. She’s been here since the very beginning. She’s managed this whole crazy journey all by herself. But I’m here now. Mm-hmm. I’m here for you, and I’m here for her. And together we’re gonna make sure that you’re always okay. I just need you to trust me ’cause I’m doing everything i can to get back on track and make up for all that time I missed. So just be patient just for a little bit longer. I promise. I’m gonna be the best dad that i can be. Watch.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, going back to the force and focusing on work, finding that sense of purpose. Yeah, I think that’s exactly what I need. I think that’s the answer to all this. So I can get back to where i need to be. So that you know that you can always count me.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Chelsea: Hey.

Rey: HeY.

Chelsea: I didn’t expect to see you here so late.

Rey: Yeah, I’m surprised to see you, too.

Chelsea: Oh, I came for some herbal tea. I need something to calm my mind. Too many crazy thoughts racing around in my head.

Rey: Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes my mind refuses to give me a break.

Chelsea: Well, it’s sweet of you to come help sharon close this place up.

Rey: Well, actually, sharon’s gone home for the night, and the barista’s gonna shut everything down. I’m looking at what could be a very long night on a stakeout. So I’m here for the complete opposite reason you are. I am trying to keep my mind stimulated, active, firing on all cylinders.

Chelsea: Hmm. Wow.

Rey: Yeah.

Chelsea: So, while the innocent citizens of genoa city are sleeping sound in their beds, you’re out fighting crime.

[ Chuckles ] That must make sharon really nervous, her husband out all night risking his life in potentially dangerous situations.

Rey: Well, sharon’s come to terms with the crazy hours, accepts it as part of the package. But risking my life may be a bit of an overstatement, especially tonight.

Chelsea: You know, I went on a stakeout once. Well, no — I mean, sort of a stakeout. I was a kid. I was with my mom. We were scoping out a mark, planning a con, figuring out the right angle to make it work.

Rey: I can’t imagine what that must have been like, with your mom involving you in all of her criminal activities. That must have been pretty scary for a little kid.

Chelsea: Not really. I didn’t know anything different, you know? It was just…normal. Dodging a bill collector? Sure. Skipping out on rent? Always. Working a con? Absolutely.

[ Laughs ] It was just the way to our next meal. I mean, most parents — they wake up in the morning and they go to work to put food on the table. Not anita. No, no. Not my mom. She would stay up all night plotting how she was going to sucker some poor, gullible guy out of his hard-earned cash.

Rey: Pschew. Sounds rough, pretty lonely for a child.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Yeah. I guess it was. But anita and I — we were a team. We didn’t have any other friends. We didn’t have any other family. It was just us. And she would remind me of that all the time, that we needed to stick together, you know, not let anybody else into our world.

[ Sighs ] All outsiders could not be trusted. “Do unto others before they do unto you.” That was her motto.

Rey: Wow. Talk about imposing a warped sense of the world on a young mind.

Chelsea: I guess I… it wasn’t till I was older that the reality of it all started to set in.

Billy: So, is that what’s keeping me up, the worry that i can’t break free of my past? Or maybe it’s the worry that I can’t break free of who i really am. Can that be who I used to be?

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Billy: So, this is interesting. You’re both the analyst and the guy on the couch.

[ Chuckles ] So, what do you say, billy boy? No escaping this shrink, is there? There is no sugar-coating this. There is no turning a blind eye. There is no lying to yourself no matter how desperately you want to justify your mistakes, your missteps, your misgivings, your miscommunications.

[ Sighs ] There’s no running away from those. The night. What a trip, isn’t it? Your inner monologue just constantly reminding you of all the dumb things you did and said throughout the day and all the smart things you didn’t do or say. And then there are those big moments in your life… around and around in an unchangeable loop. But we hold on hope. What are we hoping for? What am I hoping for?

Chelsea: So, tell me — did you always want to be a cop?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, honestly, I can’t ever remember wanting to be anything else. At an early age, I was always on the lookout for possible danger. Yeah, I had to be vigilant because I felt responsible for my mother and brother and sister. After my dad went missing, i became obsessed with what happened to him. Was he dead? Kidnapped?

Chelsea: Did you ever find out?

Rey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Turns out he hadn’t gone missing at all. He was just off on one of his various affairs.

Chelsea: Ohh.

Rey: But I never forgot the rush I felt when I was solving the mystery, tracking down the clues. That feeling stuck with me. What about you? What set on your path?

Chelsea: Uh, I became a con artist in my own right because it’s all I knew. And I was good at it. I mean, how could I not be, right? I was trained by the best of them at a very young age. It was my way of life — until i got pregnant with johnny, actually. I knew I had to quit, even though I wasn’t going to raise him, I knew that I had to just be better in my life, be a good person. I know I’ve made some mistakes since then…

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Chelsea: …For reasons that I’m not proud of, but I — but I can honestly say that i have let that part of my life go. I had to, for my son’s sake. Connor — he needs me. This whole separation — it’s been so hard on him, and he’s still struggling.

Rey: Yeah. I saw that firsthand in the time we spent together. And I can also see that you’re not that person anymore. You’ve changed. Which is admirable because some people never do, no matter how hard they try.

Chelsea: Yeah, but what difference does it make? The new me — I mean, it doesn’t make anything better. I’m still lonely and alone.

Rey: Yeah, but you got your son. And the good thing about that is that you’re not gonna raise him the way that your mother raised you. That’s something to be proud of.

Abby: You were right. I feel so much better after that bath.

Chance: Well, good. It is nice to see you so relaxed. Girl, you smell delicious.

Abby: Oh, do I?

Chance: Mmm.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Chance: Hey. Dominic, uh, woke up again, but I got him to sleep down here. And now, as you see, he is resting peacefully.

Abby: Oh, well, you are becoming quite the expert at comforting him.

Chance: I’m trying. Hey, now that you and dom are feeling better, I thought I’d go meet rey, help out with a stakeout. If that’s okay with you, of course.

Abby: What happened to postponing your return?

Chance: Well, you know, i called rey just to check in. He told me what was going on tonight. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty amped-up ’cause of what’s going on with the little guy, so I’m probably not gonna sleep much tonight anyways. Figured I’d join him. I’d probably get assigned this case if I went in today anyway, so… but if you don’t want me to go, I won’t go. I won’T.

Abby: No. It’s — it’s fine. I mean, you were saying that it would help you deal with your trauma to go back to work, so, um…go. Yeah. Yeah. You should go. But, um… hey, be careful, okay?

Chance: Yeah. I will. Promise me you won’t worry, okay?

Abby: [ Sighs ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Billy: And, look, two or three years ago, you couldn’t stand to be in your own skin. So, that’s good. You’ve — you’ve changed your life around. Give yourself a pat on the back because this is a good place for you. You are in a really great place. And so much of that has to do with lily. You’re lucky to have her. So, if you’ve really been able to let go of all this baggage that you — you claim you have, what is it? What’s keeping you up at night? What is this restlessness, this unsettling feeling? Is there something deep down that is eating away at you? And if there is, what is it? How do you find it? Do you want to find it? Maybe that is the something that I need to process, reflect, and meditate on. But knowing you, you’re gonna want to find it, acknowledge it, and bury it in the back as quick as you can. Hi.

Lily: Hi. Sorry. I know I was intruding.

Billy: It’s okay. No. Sorry. Did I — did I wake you up?

Lily: No, no, no. And, look, don’t feel like you have to tell me what you’re doing if it’s private.

Billy: It’s not. It’s — it’s totally fine. I’m just having a little bit of fun, letting my subconscious run free, kind of like a successful therapy session, except I’m both the doctor and the patient.

Lily: Right. So I’m guessing what you said earlier about staying up to brainstorm was a cover story. Are you worried about why you’re not sleeping?

Billy: I think “worried” is too strong of a word. But, uh, I’m intrigued. I’m curious by it. I’m gonna let you hear something.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no. Don’t do that. That’s fine.

Billy: No, I think it’ll help you give a little bit of perspective.

Lily: No, but if it’s like a therapy session, it should stay private.

Billy: There’s no aspect of my life that I want private from you.

Chelsea: And I — I remember this one con we ran involved this real-estate heiress who was used to getting everything she wanted. And she had made up her mind that she needed to acquire this famed necklace. She felt like her jewelry collection just wouldn’t be complete without it. She was obsessed with getting her hands on this piece. And anita — she knew the type. She knew she was ripe for the picking, perfect mark for the perfect con.

Chance: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to interrupt. I couldn’t help but overhear some of that, and I actually know a little bit about your past from adam, believe it or not, and I find it pretty fascinating. I’d love to hear more, if you don’t mind.

Chelsea: Uh…okay, sure. But the statute of limitations have long passed, my friend.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: Perfect. I won’t have to worry about listening to all the details then.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, so then anita comes up with a really clever plan. She forges some documents and gets a disguise for me to wear. She convinced this woman’s representatives that I was the princess that owned the necklace. So, we said that we needed a buyer but that it had to all remain confidential because i had some money trouble and we were trying to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

Chance: Wow.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Chance: Wow, wow, wow. You know, it’s pretty impressive, how far you and your mom were willing to take it, as far attention to detail goes, strategy, and all that. Pretty impressive that you were able to just walk away from that life, too.

Chelsea: Well, I was just telling rey I had to walk away from that life for my son. A lot of people — they still judge me for my past mistakes. Luckily, rey’s not one of those people. I mean, you’ve seen me at my worst. You know all about me. You know all the things, yet you choose to believe me when I tell you I’ve changed.

Rey: Well, it’s only because I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked to rebuild your life.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Time to get to work.

Chelsea: Ohh, I’ll let you go. Um, thank you for, uh, spending this time with me. I appreciate it. The tea and the conversation helped. I think I’ll be able to sleep now.

Rey: Well, I’m glad I could help.

Chelsea: Well, good luck at your stakeout.

Rey: Thank you. Alright. You sure you’re up for this?

Chance: Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Are you kidding me? The baby and abby are asleep, and this is exactly what I need to be doing right now. Bring it.

Rey: Okay. Let’s do this then.

Chance: Let’s do it.

Why hide your skin

Billy: No matter how many times you go over it, you’re still stuck with the decisions you made, the ones you want to take back and the ones that you wish you made sooner, like stepping back from that soul-sucking battle with adam, all the rabbit holes you could have avoided going down, the times you gave in to reckless, self-destructive impulses that turned out to be very costly for not only yourself but for the ones around you and for the people that you love, as if going over all these events are going to somehow magically allow you to rewrite history or change the trajectory of your life. Moving forward, things aren’t automatically going to go right. You have to make those decisions, becoming the bigger man and letting go of this grudge with adam and moving on. Can you continue to be that man? I don’t know. Something still seems to be missing.

Lily: Wow. That’s really deep. It’s revealing to hear you talk about the darker parts of your history. But thank you for sharing that with me. Does it bother you to relive it all this way?

Billy: No. No. Maybe in the past, it would have, in a past relationship, but it doesn’t with you. I don’t know. I think I trust you and… it feels cathartic. To say it out loud kind of takes the edge off a little bit, and to be able to joke about it — you know, it’s kind of liberating a little bit.

Lily: Well, I am very impressed with how far you’ve come.

Billy: As far as I’ve come is directly linked you to. But what I’m most excited about is just how far we’re gonna go together.

Lily: I’m really proud of you.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: You can come to bed when you’re ready, okay?

Billy: I’ll see you in a bit.

Lily: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Key card clatters ]

[ Sighs ]

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Rey: Alright. So, there have been five break-ins in this neighborhood over the past two weeks. So far, they’ve all taken place at night while the victims slept. We think the perp’s a guy who knows how to disable security systems, slips in and out, and takes whatever he can get. So far, he hasn’t left us any clues or prints behind. But it’s like he’s taunting us now, daring us to catch him. I’m more than happy to oblige.

Chance: What makes you think he’s going to strike again tonight?

Rey: We did a chart comparing the timing of the break-ins to locations of the houses that were hit, and this distinct pattern emerged. And based on that, we think he’s gonna strike on this street next. But don’t get your hopes up yet. Might be a long night of waiting for nothing.

Chance: Come on, man. I know the drill. I’m down for whatever.

Rey: So, how’s your son doing?

Chance: Uh…well, his, uh, red blood cell count is low. So he’s got to get a bone marrow aspiration to see why.

Rey: Ohh. Sorry, man. That sounds serious.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. I keep telling abby not to automatically go to the worst-case scenario, you know? Got to be patient and wait for these test results to come back.

Rey: Well, it must be tough.

Chance: [ Sighs ] It is. Yeah. I’m having a hard time listening to my own advice.

[ Sighs ] And there’s nothing worse than that worry you feel when your kid’s going through something, man. I don’t know. It’s real heavy.

Rey: I totally get it. I got a taste of that with faith when she got into that car accident. She had a kidney transplant. That was scary stuff. And also with connor. When I was spending a lot of time with him, he seemed so sad and confused about his parents’ split. I just — I wanted to reach out and help. I mean, I know it’s not the same when it’s your own kid.

Chance: No. Come on, man. She’s your step-daughter. I know how much you love her. It’s that impulse you get. You want to protect them, right?

Rey: That’s exactly how i feel.

Chance: You know what? I’m sure chelsea is so grateful that you’ve been there for connor like that.

Rey: Yeah. He’s a good kid. Oh. Alright. There we go — right over there, there’s our guy. You see him?

Chance: Yep.

Rey: He’s disabling the security system. Alright, so, I’m gonna circle around to the east side of the house. When I get there, you come at him from the other side, alright?

Chance: Yeah. Okay.

[ Smashing ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Nyquil severe gives you powerful relief

Billy: Okay. Okay, so, what is it? What did you find? If this is the end of chapter one, what did you discover? What is keeping you up at night? What is making you feel so restless? If everything is as good as you say it is… are you worried about screwing it up again? Are you worried about backsliding like you always do? You’ve always been a “one step up, two steps back” kind of guy. Do you have the courage to change that? Can you get two, three, four steps in the right direction? Can you get some momentum? You know you can. You can feel it.

[ Sighs ] You have lily. And she is great for you. She challenges you. She calls you on your B.S., Which is exactly what you need, and in spite of it all… she loves you. And it is the right choice to let go of that constant need for revenge. It’s a waste of time. And it’s an energy suck. You are in a golden place right now. You have got to have the courage to acknowledge it. Make the change. Level up your life.

[ Door closes ]

Abby: Hey. You’re home. I thought you were gonna be gone all night. I’m glad you’re home. Is everything okay?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fine. I, uh…just felt like my place was here…with you and dom.

[ Sighs ]

[ Lock whirs, disengages ]

[ Door opens ]

Rey: You are the most complicated and intriguing woman that I have ever met. I’m mesmerized. I can’t stop thinking about you. There is something from your dark past that…fascinates me.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

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