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we have louise, it’s gonna be okay, sweetie. If you want to see our daughter, it’s gonna be on my terms now. And what are those? I’m leaving the country with louise. And I want you to say goodbye to her here and now, knowing it’s the last time you will ever see her. Or… …you can come with us. And we’ll be a family forever. She must be cold, peter. Let me take her someplace warm. Not to worry. Our daughter will be warm and comfortable and safe on her journey to our new home.E.The question is… will you be joining us? Alright, thanks, ted. Keep me posted.

[ Sighs ] No news on peter’s whereabouts? It’s like the guy disappeared into thin air. How does he do that with a baby? Isn’t that supposed to make him easier to spot? I can’t believe I let my guard down, chase. I can’t believe I didn’t hear when he just waltzed in here and took bailey from upstairs. Hey, hey, hey. This isn’t your fault, okay?

[ Sighs ] This is on peter, and peter alone. And the pcpd is not gonna stop searching until they find maxie’s baby and they bring her home.

[ Doorbell rings ] Let me get that. Hi, we got here as soon as we could. Finn: Hey. Any news? Chase: Afraid not.

[ Sighs ] Brook lynn, I am so sorry, I know this is every parent’s worst nightmare. Listen, I know he’s nuts, but… why would peter snatch your child? What does he get out of taking bailey? I mean, w– what’s he looking for, ransom? You know, hoping the quartermaines pay him so much he could just disappear forever? What’s going on? You know something?

[ Sighs ] Um… bailey isn’t bailey. Papa. Why are you here? What happened to you?

Pardonnez-moi, ma petite. I will tell you everything. But first you have to tell me who took you. Peter august. I thought he was the pizza delivery man. I opened the door, and he grabbed me before I could run away. And then he blindfolded me.

[ Monitor beeping ] Charlotte, can I ask you something? Did he hurt you? He wouldn’t let me take the blindfold off. He took me someplace in his car and then locked me in. As soon as he was gone, I took the blindfold off. I-it was a warehouse. I was trying to find a way out when grandpa victor found me. Quite the introduction ,wouldn’t you say, charlotte? Laura: Okay, I have about a million questions, but right now I do have to get in touch with the pcpd and let them know that we’ve found charlotte. Thank you, victor. Thank you, father, for being a hero. Being exactly the right place at exactly the right time. It’s almost as if you knew where to find charlotte. Yes, that’s what charlotte said. She said it was peter august who grabbed her. Yeah, she has been checked out. She’s absolutely fine, thank goodness. I have no idea what peter’s motivation could possibly be, except maybe to sow panic, to distract us from finding him and bailey and — I — [ Scoffs ] What am I saying? Uh, h-him and louise. Um…

[ Elevator bell dings ] Yes, I talked to mac’s doctor. He said he’s expected to make a full recovery. So that’s something we have to be grateful for. Mm. Okay. Listen, please keep me posted on the search for peter august and louise. Thank you, dante. Hi. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t intend to overhear. But you knew that louise was masquerading as bailey? Robert scorpio filled me in. I’m thinking louise has not yet been found? No. But every available officer on the force is looking for her and peter august. Listen, I know you have a personal interest in the baby being found. You delivered her, right? I did. But it’s not just that. I’m afraid I’m responsible for louise being taken. There isn’t much time, maxie. You know, if you think you can stall until the cavalry arrives, it’s not happening. But I’m gonna give you the choice that you never gave me. I’m taking the baby regardless. But if you come with us, you’ll never have to suffer the heartache that still haunts me, all the questions — where is my daughter? Is she safe? Will she grow up not ever knowing who I am?

[ Ship horn blows ] Is that ship taking us somewhere? Where is it going? We don’t have time for questions. You have to make a choice now. Are you with me and louise…or not?

Gh saying goodbye to louise when I gave birth to her. I’m not sure I can do that again. Even if it means saying goodbye to your family, your friends? Forever?

[ Voice breaking ] She’s my whole world, peter. Everything I have done has been to protect her. From me. Yeah, but you — you found her. Because you love her as much as I do. Because of how much I love you, maxie. That’s why I called you here, otherwise I would have just left with louise. Why didn’t you? Because I want us to be a family. The way we were supposed to be. But only if you want to. Louise is my family. I-I made her with you. There really is no choice, is there? Sounds good on paper. What’s the catch? Finn: What does that mean — bailey isn’t bailey? I-it started over a year ago. And — chase. I should explain. You only got involved ’cause you were trying to help. I was in on it from the beginning. In on what?

[ Sighs ] Protecting an innocent baby from her psycho father. Hey, he’s — he’s a lot of things, I’ll admit, but psycho is a little harsh. No, no, no, no, no. Not — not chase. Peter august. Maxie needed to make sure he never got his hands on their daughter. But what does this have to do with your baby?

[ Sighs deeply ] I never had a baby. I was never even pregnant. I faked the pregnancy, and when maxie gave birth, she told everyone that the nurse peter hired handed the baby off to some mystery accomplice who disappeared. But that was a lie? You took maxie’s baby and passed her off as your own? That’s right. So, bailey’s really louise, and you said she was yours to help maxie keep her daughter away from peter.

[ Sighing ] Yeah. So, um… how much do you guys hate me? Brook lynn, nobody hates you. I think you’re amazing. Yeah, you certainly went above and beyond to help a friend. Thing is, maxie and i weren’t friends, not at first. I only helped her for selfish reasons. I wanted to get one overon valentin cassadine. Why don’t we discuss the details as to exactly how I found the lovely charlotte until later, hm? All that matters is that you’re safe and unharmed. Thanks to grandpa victor. Mm, mwah! And I promise we’re gonna keep you safe. Peter august is gonna be very sorry for what he did to you. Very sorry. When I got to town, I took on the quartermaines, and I made an enemy out of brook lynn. And it cost me my place in the quartermaine family, and it almost cost me my place here at general hospital. So, I gather you were looking for payback? Yes, I was. So I approached valentin. And I thought maybe we could join forces and plot some kind of revenge against brook lynn. And somehow his father, victor, managed to insert himself.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, no surprise there. Victor never met a revenge plot that he didn’t like. So, victor came to me with a sonogram that he said he found on the street, and all of the personal information was missing. And I told him how he could find out who the sonogram belonged to. I see. And somehow, the sonogram led victor to realize that brook lynn’s baby is really maxie’s baby? I’m — I’m assuming. I don’t know who else would have passed off that kind of information to peter august. What I don’t understand is why it mattered to victor. Well, victor and peter august formed an alliance in greece. So whatever matters to peter august — like finding his daughter. …Would also matter to victor. And if victor could find out louise’s whereabouts, he could use that information against peter, to get him to do… whatever he wanted. Well, like what? I don’t know. But I’m gonna find out. No, peter, I’ll go with you. There is no catch, I promise. What, all the while plotting to run off with our child the first chance that arrives? I can’t just jump into your arms, say that all is forgiven and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. No. I-I didn’t think so. But I-I think if we get out of port charles, away from the place that brought out the worst in you, you will — you will start to become the man that I fell in love with again. The one who was kind and considerate… talked me off the ledge when I was spinning, or made me laugh when I wanted to pull my hair out. The one… the one I trusted and believed in. Maxie, yes. I swear to you on our daughter’s life, that will happen. I will be the best man and husband for you and louise that a man could possibly be. Not louise. Excuse me? I’ll go with you, peter. Whenever. Tonight. Right now. But if you love our daughter as much as you say you do, you’ll understand why we have to leave her behind.

I don’t understand. Leave louise? After I spent a year trying to find her, searching, risking my life to find her, to be with her? I understand the sacrifices that you’ve made, peter. I’m asking you to make one more — one that we’ll make together. Why are you doing this? Th e world knows youas peter august… …wanted by every law enforcement agency. It doesn’t matter where you take us. We will constantly be on guard waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder and take you away in handcuffs. That hasn’t happened so far, though. Yeah. You’ve done a good job, peter. Up until this point. Robert and anna did find you. They arrested you and brought you back to port charles. It’s only a matter of time before the wsb or interpol is on your trail, and the longer we stay in one place, the better the chance someone will recognize you. We will constantly be changing our names and our identities. We will always be on the run, never able to build a stable home for our daughter. Is that something you want for her? The child you claim to love? And then, thanks to austin’s vendetta and gladys corbin’s big mouth, valentin grew suspicious. And, um… when he finally cornered me, I was about to tell him the truth, and that’s when chase came in and claimed bailey was his. Did you know that bailey was louise all along? I didn’t find out until the day I claimed to be bailey’s father, but once I put the pieces together, I — I couldn’t let peter find out that the baby was his. That’s when your brother came to the rescue. Look, I got into this for selfish reasons, okay? I went to maxie and offered a mutually beneficial arrangement, right?

[Voice breaking] She would have a safe place to hide her baby, and I would get some leverage over valentin. But once bailey —

[ Sobs ] …Louise actually got here, there was this living, breathing, little baby that was solely dependent on me.

[ Sobs ] I just — I never thought I…

[ Sobs ] I never knew how much I’d grow to care…

[ Crying ] Does valentin know that bailey is maxie’s daughter?

[ Sniffles ] I-I don’t know. Why? Someone found him passed out drunk behind a — a dumpster. What? Called the paramedics. How did that happen? Valentin doesn’t go on benders. The blood tests showed there was no alcohol in his system. So, alcohol was poured on him to make him appear drunk? I mean, to what end? And if he didn’t pass out from alcohol… we’re waiting to hear back from toxicology to see if he was drugged. But right now, we have more questions than answers. I have to see him. Wait, uh, brook lynn, I don’t think that’s — no, chase, I’m sorry. I have to do this. Want to say goodbye to your dad?

Bonne nuit, papa.

Je t’aime.

Bonne nuit.

Je t’aime aussi,

ma petite. Feel better. I already do.

[ Monitor beeping ] Come on, sweetheart. Hm. Impressive young lady, that charlotte. Does the cassadines proud. Thank you for finding her and bringing her safely back to me. I know that peter august kidnapped my daughter — I just want to know why. You know, my father had a lot of beef with the quartermaines and pretty much — pretty much everybody else in port charles, but whenever your name came up. Jimmy lee always said, “there’s a woman to reckon with.” Mm. And jimmy lee would be right. But you must also be someone to reckon with for maxie to have entrusted you with the truth about her baby. I just wish I knew the truth before peter snatched louise. But as for maxie…

[ Sighs ] Yeah? What about maxie? Well, after I told her that I was probably the reason that peter found out about louise, s-she just doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. Can you blame her? Think of your life with your father, peter. Faison dragged you from place to place so he could be one step ahead of the law or a vengeful enemy. Think of how much you’ve resented that life. How it gave you scars that still haven’t healed. Do you want that for louise? If we leave her here in port charles, she can grow up in a safe and stable family. A family that despises me. A family that’ll plant lies in her head about me.

[ Crying ] No, I can’t do it, maxie. I can’T… I can’t be abandoned again.

[ Sniffles ] Not by my own daughter. Peter, I’m willing to leave georgie with her father. And — and I’m hoping that my parents will — will take care of james. I’m — I’m even hoping that one day y-you and I could have another baby. One that won’t be taken from us. You are? Don’t you get it, peter? Our love can live again. We just have to start over. Just the two of us.

You upended your entire life just to ensure that I’ll never see louise. You made me believe she was stolen, maxie, gave her to brook lynn quartermaine for her to raise as her own. N-not to mention all the accusations you made to my face. The anger and hurt that still haunts my dreams. And now what? I’m supposed to believe that you can simply forget all that and start all over with me? Maybe not forget… but weigh the past and the things we regret against what really matters. We made louise.

[ Breathes sharply ] She connects us. A-and by giving her up, we can be connected again. It’s a second chance, peter. I’m willing to take it. Are you? Maxie… of course I am. You know I am. Hey, look, I know the only thing we care about right now is the safe return of that little girl, but…

[ Sighs ] Bro, have you given any thought at all to what this is gonna mean to your life and to your career in law enforcement when this comes out? It’s already out, man. Ned came by earlier, and he gave me an earful.

[ Sighs ] I… bailey was safe as long as she was under his roof, but then I came up with the brilliant idea to bring bailey and brook lynn here just so we could keep up the lie. And then — and then peter comes, and he takes bailey out from — I’m a cop! This is my job! Hey. Alright, hey. I — shut up. Shut up. Hey, come here.

[ Crying ] Come here. Look. You did good.

[ Sobs ] Alright? You did good. What makes you think I know what’s going on inside peter’s twisted mind? I — I don’t know. Perhaps he took charlotte hoping the pcpd would focus on finding her rather than looking for him and brook lynn’s baby.

Brook lynn’s baby? Are you saying she’s not? You found charlotte minutes after the police issued a missing child alert. How did you do that? How did you know where to look? Valentin, you should not be taxing yourself with these kinds of questions right now. As anna said, you need your strength. Get some rest. I want answers, dad. About charlotte’s kidnapping and what happened to me. I was just heading to my car, walking through the G.H. Parking garage. I’d just left you. Next thing I know, I’m flat on my back by a dumpster, smelling like a distillery. Did peter do that? Or did somebody else? Are you suggesting I knocked out my own son to help peter august? I’ve known since crete that peter has something you want, or you would never have put up with him. Now, you saw me at the hospital collecting bailey’s medical records. Had you figured out that bailey has always been peter’s long-lost daughter louise?

[ Scoffs ] So, what, I made some kind of devil’s bargain with peter august? I’d help him get what he wants, and then he’d help me get whatever allegedly I want? Well, what — what do you think that would be, hm? If I knew the answer, I wouldn’t ask you the question. I do know that peter kidnapped charlotte, and I suspect that you knew where to look because you have made a deal with him. You do have a very vivid imagination. Valentin! Oh, thank god you’re okay. Yeah, no thanks to you. I don’t know how to make up for my mistake with maxie if she won’t return my calls or my texts. Maybe she can’t? Wait. You really think…? I-I don’t want to think the worst, I really don’t, but, um, just in case, um —

grand-mre! Papa has to rest, but I can go. Yeah, charlotte’s doctor checked her out. She’s fine. Oh, good. Good. Everything alright? Okay, if we’re gonna leave, we should do it now. Give me your phone. I left mine behind. I’m gonna call someone I trust. Wait, who is this person you trust? Brook lynn quartermaine? Peter, I promise brook lynn will take louise and look the other way while we get on that ship. She won’t ask any questions. Hell, no. Absolutely not. Peter, brook lynn could not love this baby more than if she was her own, and we cannot leave her here for some random person to find her. Oh, I have no intention of putting our daughter at risk. This is how much I love you. By giving up the child I searched so long for. I know where we need to go and what we need to do. Lead the way.

Peter… we can’t leave her here. The firehouse has a special drop-off f-for parents w-who can’t care for their infants. No surveillance cameras, n-no questions asked. It’s just — it’s so anonymous. Maxie, that’s the point. Open the special door, you put her inside, and when we close it, it triggers a silent alarm notifying the firefighters that she’s here. She’ll be well taken care of. I promise. I can’T. I can’T. I did good? I mean, h-how can you say that when I lied to you and everyone else? But your heart is good, and you lied for the right reasons. You protected maxie’s baby when peter was one step closer to figuring out bailey was his. Thanks, but given the fact that peter still found out, I feel as if I only made things worse. Hey. That’s what this guy does. He takes you to the dark side where he lives, and he makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Like try to kill him? Victor, will you leave brook lynn and me alone for a second so we can talk? I’ll be right outside if you need me.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door closes ] Forgive my father. Brook lynn: Oh, forget him. What happened to you? I don’t know. But it begins and ends with peter august. Oh, my… it’s all my fault. You never would have been on peter’s radar if I hadn’t lied about bailey. Come on. Her name’s louise. You know. I’m so sorry I lied to you about being pregnant. It was creative. You got your elq shares back, and you protected the life of an innocent child. So, that was good. That was a smart move. Even if I made you suffer? Better me than bailey, so… I guess that makes me grateful. Uh, dr. Gatlin-holt a-and i were just talking about maxie. I-it seems that she’s not answering her phone. Oh. Uh, yeah. For maxie to leave mac’s side, it would have to be something extremely important. Absolutely. Thank you for what you just shared. Okay. Charlotte, I’m so glad you’re doing well. You’re a very brave young woman. Oh, you’re tired.

[ Laughs ] A very brave woman who’s tired and needs some rest. Uh, you know what? I just need one second with anna, and then we’ll go home. Can you wait? Take as long as you need. I’m gonna wait.

[ Laughs ] Oh! Such a good girl. Anna. Yeah. Listen, I know this is a big ask, but the pcpd is stretched so thin at the — no, laura, it’s fine. I’m on it. What is austin doing? What did you show him on the phone? Uh, somebody who might be able to help him locate maxie. I-I’m grasping at straws, but that was all I had. Damian spinelli? This is austin gatlin-holt. We met at jason and carly’s wedding, and I got your number from mayor collins. I need your help. Um, maxie’s awol. She’s radio silent. And mayor collins says that you’re the best hope I have of finding her. Maxie, you’re the one that convinced me we can’t take louise. Or was everything you said about leaving town together and starting a new life… just one more lie?

[ Sighs ] Look, I’m — I’m sorry for bringing up bad memories. That’s all I can think about, you know? Peter throwing that antidote off the rooftop at G.H. The antidote that was keeping you alive. You know, you would have done the world a service if peter died when you shoved him down the stairwell. Even if it cost me everything I believe in. And that’s the real evil that he brings to the table, right? He turns people like us into people like him. And that’s why he’s got to be locked up and put away forever. So, do me a favor. No more blaming yourself. I can’t help it. Brook lynn and I were right outside on the patio when peter broke in and he took bailey. I-I should have been more aware. I should’ve known that he could have figured it out. Come on. You can do this. No, peter, I can’T.

[ Crying ] You have to.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Louise… my little one… I know it probably seems like I’m always saying goodbye to you. But I know that you’re going to be safe and cared for by people that love you. And maybe, one day, you’ll forgive me.

[ Sobs ] And you’ll understand that nobody loved you more than your mommy did when she gave you up. We have to hurry. Maxie: [ Sniffles ] Louise. My little angel. This isn’t goodbye. One day the three of us will be together again. One of the first things they teach us in medical school is you’re not god. You’re not even close. You can’t control all the circumstances all the time. You know what? All you can do is your best. And you did that. Thanks. That being said, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t tell dad and jackie about your sudden fatherhood.

[ Breathes sharply ] And have to break their hearts to tell him that violet is still their only granddaughter. Yeah. Speaking of broken hearts… can you figure out a way to tell violet she’s minus one cousin? You’re grateful I lied? I’m grateful you’re protected bailey. And, yes, she’ll always be bailey to me.

[ Monitor beeping ] I’m grateful you protected bailey from that sick son of a bitch who gets to be her biological father.

[ Breathes sharply ] There were times when me, you, bailey, and charlotte were together… I mean, I knew it was make-believe, but it just… felt like a family. Yeah. I’m really sorry I took that away from you and charlotte. Me too. So, valentin disappearing and then suddenly turning up, obviously drugged, charlotte being kidnapped… laura: Yeah. …And victor just somehow miraculously knowing where to pick her up just makes me… I thought you were taking charlotte home. I am, but I also have a job to do. Evil people are at work in my city. Unless you haven’t noticed.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Anna, take a look. Got it. Anything I can do? I think you’ve done enough, haven’t you? Thank you for getting me the location of maxie’s car. I’m on my way now. Call the cops. I wonder the hell happened to valentin. I mean, obviously, he was drugged and left in an alley, but why? And it couldn’t have been peter, because he was locked up at the time.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I don’t know. It’s anna.

[ Sighs ] Anna, what’s up? Are you up for some freelancing tonight? Peter? Yeah. It’s unofficial, though. I’m already in hot water with the, uh, department. Why not kick it up a notch? I was hoping you’d say that. I just sent you directions.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I got ’em. Good. And, chase — don’t worry. I’ll come prepared. What does anna want? Uh, I will tell you on my way out. Sure. Cameron said aiden baked him austrian pastry and violet picked movies. Lots of disney princesses, of course. And jake is asleep on the couch. Ah. Yeah. Been there, done that. Chase… hey, I am so sorry, but anna needs a favor. Hey, don’t forget you’re suspended. Lock up.

[ Door closes ]

Chase is a mess. I’m going after him. Don’t worry. Anna’s with him. She’s gonna make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Oh, he’s not thinking straight right now. He’s taking risks he shouldn’t be taking, alright? He’s — he’s on suspension. But that’s his choice to make, not yours. I know you want to be the big brother and you want to protect him, but as long as peter is still out there with bailey — I m– I mean louise — then this nightmare is never gonna end. Somebody has to stop him.

[ Sighs ] You’re right. A-as usual, you’re right. And I know you’re worried about your brother, but if you go after him, then I’m gonna worry about you. And what about violet? Aw! Oh, you — you play dirty, you know that? All’s fair when it comes to our kids.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay, um… why don’t I take you home, and I’ll grab violet, and hopefully she didn’t eat too much australian cake. Austrian. Austrian. And I have a better idea. Mm? Why don’t you put violet to bed in my guest room, and then you both spend the night? Safety in numbers, right? Can never be too careful or too safe. No. You can’t be. I’m sleeping on the sofa, aren’t I? The pull-out bed’s surprisingly comfortable. Yeah. Laura: C’mon, sweetie. Time to go home.

[ Chuckles ] Can I, uh — can I give you both a lift? No, thank you. I have a police escort. I’m not taking any chances. Oh, well, in that case, I’ll settle for a goodnight kiss from my granddaughter. Mm? Mwah! Good night, dear charlotte. Sweet dreams. You too, grand-pre. What about me? Oh, of course.

[ Whispering ] If I can prove you aided and abetted peter august, you’ll share his fate. Goodnight. Oh, thank you, sweetheart. Let’s go. Chase: Anna. Why’d you want to meet here? Laura got an emergency message from the firehouse saying a baby was dropped off here tonight that… fits louise’s description. So, anyway, I texted ahead to say that we might have an I.D. Great. Yeah. You are…? Oh. Agent anna devane. And this is — detective harrison chase. We, uh — we worked a few arson cases together. Oh, glad you could help out, detective. I’ll be right back. Okay, I-I want to believe that he’s got bailey, but it can’t be that easy, right? I… that’s why I turned to you. I just didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Okay. Her? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s her. Hey, baby girl. That’S… you’re not alone anymore. Oh, may I? Yes. Thank you. Okay, so, um… this child was kidnapped by peter august. Did you see who left the child? All drop-offs are anonymous. I mean, a silent alarm triggered the door, and we found her in the safe place. Great. Thank you. Chase: I-I don’t get it. Why would — why would peter just give up the baby? Maxie. Maxie convinced him to. That’s the only explanation that makes any sense. Maxie met up with peter. Oh, my god. I thought she was brave before, but… she just made the ultimate sacrifice. She just — she convinced peter to give the baby up. What’s that? It’s maxie’S. She was wearing it tonight. Do you think she left it on — like, on purpose? As a clue? Yeah, she did. Where did maxie and peter go? That’s what we have to find out. Maxie!

[ Ship horn blows ] Maxie!

[ Scoffs, sniffles ] Hi. There’s been a-a kidnapping. We need the — the pcpd and the coast guard. They’re on a boat. And if the boat gets into international waters, it could be too late. Wait, why aren’t we heading back to the pier and the ship? Well, because the authorities will be checking every ship between here and canada. You have it all figured out, don’t you? Soon, maxie, we’ll be putting port charles and our past behind us.

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