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Victoria: Again, what makes you think that?

Billy: Because I can see it in you. You get that look in your eye when you get all pumped up about a big deal.

Victoria: Oh, please. I run a major conglomerate. We have several deals on the table at any given moment.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, but I doubt any of those deals are gonna give you the same thrill as kicking your brother to the


Adam: [ Clears throat ] It just — it sure feels like you’re trying to send me a message, and, I mean, is t
his you expressing your disapproval with me?

Victor: I got to be honest with you. I was rather disappointed when you didn’t see through Billy Abbott’s pitiful attack on our company. Took Victoria to step in and stop him.

Adam: Okay, I had no intention of publishing anything about Billy.

Victor: This is water under the bridge, son. This discussion is not related to that. This is about business.

Adam: Then what is your problem with me? Huh?

[ Scoffs ] I mean, after everything that I did to make our launch go smoothly. I successfully established the fashion platform. I negotiated this collaboration deal with Nicholas and New Hope. Not to mention all the advertising dollars that i brought in. I mean, every goal was hit at every level.

Victor: I agree with you. That is why your sister will make us a substantial offer.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

[ Stammers ] Oh, I guess Nicholas was right. No good deed goes unpunished in this family.

Victor: This has nothing to do with punishment.

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