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[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Sorry to interrupt.

Adam: Lily, to what do I owe this pleasure?

Lily: Well, I just came by ’cause I wanted to know what you meant by the little cryptic text you sent me.

Adam: Remind me what I sent.

Lily: Right. “Best of luck with chancellor.”

Adam: Oh, right, right. Yeah, I did send that.

Lily: Yeah.

Adam: It’s hardly cryptic, though.

Lily: So, what did you mean?

Adam: Pretty sure I meant “best of luck at chancellor.”

Lily: [ Laughs ] Do you really think that I would believe that you’re sincerely wishing me well?

Adam: Well, you can think whatever you want, but it was genuine.

Lily: It’s a little suspicious. I mean, you’ve known for a while that I was appointed ceo, but then you decide to send me a “good luck” text just hours after billy tells you that his feud with you is over.

Adam: Well, billy had some pretty choice words for me during his plea for peace.

Lily: Okay, the point is, he declared a truce, and then you send me a text.

Adam: I mean, is it that hard to believe, in spite of whatever’s going on with billy and me, that I respect you and i want you to do well in your new position?

Victoria: Thank you. We’ll speak soon to work out all the details. Okay, bye-bye. Hi.

Ashland: Mm.

Victoria: Mwah.

Ashland: You look happy.

Victoria: That is because today is the greatest day.

Ashland: Well, you care to elaborate?

Victoria: That was jill. She wants to hammer out the details for the sale of chanccomm to us. So, for now, it looks like we’ve won.

Ashland: Now, are you smiling because it’s a valuable asset or because you beat your father and brother?

Victoria: A little from column “a” and a little from column “B.” But I am very glad to have newman’s old division back into the fold of newman/locke.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] Victor and adam must be seething.

Victoria: Maybe, maybe, but I talked to my father, and I got the feeling that he was okay with it. Adam, on the other hand, is gonna be screaming bloody murder.

Ashland: And you will love that.

Victoria: Yes, I’m here for it, especially because if I get my way, chanccomm is not the only company that adam’s gonna lose.

Nate: Hey, devon.

Devon: Hey, man.

Nate: So, any news?

Devon: About what?

Nate: Your request for shared custody of dominic. Last time I saw you talking to abby and chance here, didn’t seem like it was going so well.

Devon: Yeah, that’s ’cause it didn’T. They said no to me.

Nate: Ah. I’m sorry. Now — now I really feel bad about pushing you in that direction.

Devon: Oh, no, don’t feel bad at all. That’s — you gave me the same advice amanda gave me. And I valued what you had to say, too, ’cause you understand this journey that I’ve been on. You know, you were — you were there coaching me through delivering dominic into this world, so when you told me that me having a bigger part in his life is in his best interest, i appreciate that.

Nate: Even if my advice was all wrong?

Devon: Yeah, it was — it was a conversation that needed to be had anyway. You know, even though abby and chance didn’t give me the answer I wanted. But it’s pushed me into taking action.

Chloe: You are putting me in a really difficult position. Both you and chelsea are incredibly talented, intelligent, ambitious women who have so much to offer. We all want this platform to be a success, and I just want us to all get along and work together as a team. But that won’t be possible if you continue on your current trajectory. So fix it.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Well, then this time, let me be clear. The spying is done. No more trying to score extra points with the boss. Go focus on the job that you are paid to do.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey. We need to figure out this working relationship of ours. Can you meet me at society?

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Devon: So I’ve decided to officially file for shared custody. And this is something that i never thought would happen or wanted to happen, but abby and chance have made it pretty clear that they’re against me having a bigger role in dominic’s life, and I’m still very concerned about chance’s ability to be a parent. So, I know I’m a positive influence on dominic, and I just want to fight to protect that.

Nate: And you think this is the best way to go about it?

Devon: I think this is my only option. You don’t look like you think it’s a good idea.

Nate: No, I just worry about what happens when lawyers get involved.

Devon: Yeah, no, me too. I certainly don’t want things to get messy at all. You know, I’m just — I’m hoping that we can push through it as painlessly as possible. But that’s really all I have to say about that.

Nate: Okay, okay. Well, best of luck.

Devon: I appreciate it. Thank you. How are you doing? How’s — how’s living with elena?

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Well, it’s — it’s pretty great.

Devon: Yeah?

Nate: Initially, we had our concerns.

Devon: Oh, ’cause you guys work together?

Nate: Yeah, exactly. But the truth is, now that I’m in a more administrative role, we rarely see each other at the hospital, so it’s nice to know she’ll be there when I get home.

Devon: Oh, well, that’s good. I’m — I’m happy to hear that you guys are happy. Ever since you got back from victoria’s wedding, you’ve been acting like newlyweds yourselves.

Ashland: I assume you still intend to go after newman media.

Victoria: You don’t have a problem with that, do you?

Ashland: Not at all. I think consolidating media companies is a smart move. I just want you to be sure that this is a battle you want to fight. See, I’m still an outsider when it comes to the constant one-upmanship in this family. Victor supported and defended me when everyone else turned their back, so I’m wondering if, by going after these companies, you’re not gonna poke the bear unnecessarily?

Victoria: You’re right.

Ashland: I am?

Victoria: I mean, you still are an outsider when it comes to my family’s dynamic. You don’t understand that a good business battle earns my father’s respect, not his ire, and going after chanccomm and newman media are all about business, as far as I’m concerned. If we acquire those companies, we will dominate in the field.

Ashland: I love it when you make power moves like this. And I know what it’s like to want more and more and more.

Victoria: That’s why we make such a great team.

Ashland: I know you know how to play the situation with your father, but adam is the wild card.

Victoria: Well, I’m not really that worried about adam. I know exactly how to handle him.

Lily: I find it very hard to believe that your text was sincere because I don’t trust you, adam.

Adam: Okay. What do you think I meant by “best of luck at chancellor”?

Lily: I think it was a veiled threat. I mean, I want to believe that the feud between you and billy is over, but I know how much you love having the last word.

Billy: Oh, well, billy had a lot of last words yesterday. I mean, it was a quite a speech.

Lily: Right, and that’s why you sent me the text, right? It was like a counter punch? He got the best of you, so you were taking a shot at me?

Adam: Mm, far from it. Okay, billy shooting his mouth off, having a little temper tantrum — I don’t lose sleep over that. So I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I really was just saying, “good luck.”

Lily: Adam, I just want to reiterate that a truce has been declared. Okay? Billy stepped away from chanccomm, even though he did nothing wrong. He set his ego aside at having to clear his name, alright? So he proved that he’s a bigger man.

Adam: What is it you want, lily? ‘Cause, really, I’m really tired of the “billy is superior” act, like his growth is somehow more legit than anyone who has bettered themselves.

Lily: Ah, there it is.

Adam: What?

Lily: You still haven’t let it go, have you?

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Adam: Look, I think that we are talking past each other. I really meant what I said. I truly wish you good luck. I mean, think about it, why would I want to alienate the new ceo of chancellor when I’m trying to make an offer to acquire chanccomm. That would just be bad business.

Lily: Oh, okay, so you’re trying to get on my good side.

Adam: Absolutely.

Lily: Mm.

Adam: I’m not ashamed of it. Has jill made a decision? I know newman/locke has made an offer.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] You know I can’t give you that information.

Adam: [ Clicks tongue ] Well, I know you have some influence over jill, so I want to be on your good side.

Lily: Okay, yeah. Well, best of luck to you.

Adam: What do you mean by that?

Lily: What do you mean? You can’t take what I’m saying at face value? I mean, clearly, my intentions are sincere.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I see what you did there.

Lily: Yeah, so I think we’ll both have to trust that the other one means what they say. And just so you know, in spite of your attempts to destroy billy’s career, he is coming to work with me as my coo at chancellor.

Adam: Good for him.

Lily: Yeah, and he’s putting all the negativity between you two behind him. And if you have a shred of humanity, which you say you do, I really hope that you’ll do the same. Just let it go, okay? Let’s all just move on with our lives.

Victor: To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?

Adam: I was just wishing lily good luck in her new position at chancellor. And she was telling me that billy’s going to be joining her as coo, so she’s going to need it.

Lily: Ah. Yes. Please tell your son that it’s over, okay? Billy has waved the white flag. And I really hope that’s enough for you.

Victor: Nice to see you, lily.

Lily: You too.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Thank you for coming.

Chelsea: I’m not sure what this is all about. You already apologized. You said that you respect me and you want to learn from me, so…what’s this all about?

Sally: Let’s be real. You didn’t buy any of that. In fact, I didn’t even believe it as it was coming out of my mouth.

Chelsea: Good to know.

Sally: I was just forcing myself to say the right things.

Chelsea: You know, it doesn’t seem like you really want to fix our working relationship.

Sally: No, I do. And I’ve thought about it, and instead of just spouting platitudes, I want to prove that we can work together. So I’ve come up with a few pitches, and I am prepared for you to hate every single one of them, but I want to know why. I want to know the truth. You can’t just dismiss my ideas because they’re mine. Can you look at the work objectively?

Chelsea: Of course, but I’ve already given you honest feedback.

Sally: Yeah, you told me that my ideas stunk. But can you be constructive? Are you able to admit when you’ve seen a good idea that isn’t yours, even if it comes from me?

Chloe: Hi, ladies. So why was I summoned here?

Sally: Well, you told me that you want me to figure this out with chelsea, so let’s do it. Right here, right now.

Victor: So what did lily mean when she talked about billy waving the white flag?

Adam: Well, it turns out that billy isn’t spiraling into a carnival of binge drinking and gambling.

Victor: What about the videos?

Adam: Oh, it was all an act. He was pretending to be a degenerate.

Victor: For what purpose?

Adam: Revenge. He was hoping that we would put out a story about his downfall, and then he would turn around and he would do exactly what we and ashland did to him — sue, to cripple newman media.

Victor: He couldn’t come up with his own plan? He had to replicate ours? What a pathetic S.O.B. That man is. So did you get him to confess?

Adam: Well, I didn’t have to. For whatever reason, he didn’t follow through. He shut it down, and then he came clean. According to lily, he’s trying to be a better person.

Victor: He’ll never be a better person. He’s a loser.

Adam: I doubt we’ve heard the last of him.

Victor: Just leave him alone, alright? We knocked him down, just forget about it. He won’t get up.

Adam: Okay, that seems unusually merciful.

Victor: We have more important things to talk about, son. I got a call from jill this morning.

Adam: Ooh. What’d she say?

Victor: She’s selling chanccomm to newman/locke.

Adam: What? No. No, no, no. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay. Lily must’ve known. Billy and lily must have persuaded her to do it. Alright, I’m gonna call her right now. We can sweeten the deal —

Victor: No, you won’t do such a thing. Forget it. Don’t do it. Leave it alone. We lost. I’m gonna go over to the ranch, meet with victoria, and congratulate her. I want you to do the same.

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Victor: Hi, sweetheart. You beat me here.

Victor: Hello, dad. Thank you so much for taking the time to see me.

Victor: You look so pretty. Have a seat. Sorry I’m late, but I had to convey the disappointing news to adam. And I guess that’s why you’re here. You’re here to gloat, right?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] No! Not at all.

Victor: Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting jill to sell chanccomm to newman/locke, that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Nothing wrong with doing a happy dance in front of a defeated foe.

Victoria: I would never do that to you. Adam, maybe. You don’t seem upset about jill’s decision.

Victor: Well, you know, I really always disagreed with you having sold the old newman enterprises media division to billy boy and chanccomm.

Victoria: It was the right move at the time.

Victor: So you’ve said, yeah. But, you know, now that that division is back under newman leadership and a steady newman guidance, I must say, it feels like a homecoming.

Victoria: But I’m sure you were hoping it would end up at newman media and not newman/locke.

Victor: Well, I’m happy for yoU. I am a little disappointed for adam.

Victoria: I appreciate it, dad. And ashland will be glad to know. He was a little more concerned about your reaction than me.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Yes, I told him that you respect a bold power move in the business world.

Victor: Yeah, I do.

Victoria: Good. Then I hope you’ll like this one. I’m not here because of chanccomm. I’d like to make a proposal. I’d like to buy newman media.

Victor: Huh.

Sally: So what about that one? Do you like it?

Chelsea: It’s better than your last idea to develop a line of school uniforms, but it’s not that much better.

Sally: Okay, so out of the 20-ish ideas I presented, you approve of two of them and you don’t hate another one.

Chelsea: Yeah, that’s 10%.

Chloe: 10% is pretty good, sally. Let’s run with those and see what happens.

Sally: Okay. Yeah, and I have learned a few things about why my ideas weren’t as great as I thought they were. But I do feel like chelsea’s biased against anything that comes out of my mouth.

Chelsea: I am biased against bad ideas. And you need to do some editing, because when I hear a terrible idea, I assume the next one is gonna be bad when it’s coming from the same person who just pitched a design label called “schooled.”

Sally: Okay, you keep focusing on that one —

Chelsea: Because it’s so bad! You lose all credibility when you pitch something like that, and quite frankly, we shouldn’t have to sit through 20 of your ideas. You should pick the top five and share those. Is that constructive enough for you?

Sally: That was very helpful. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Chloe: Okay, so this is a great starting place, but we are far from being a well-oiled machine, which is what we need to be if we are going to get through the amount of work that we have to get through. Oh, mr. Sunshine is here.

Sally: He doesn’t seem very happy.

Chelsea: Excuse me.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m not in the mood, chelsea.

Chelsea: For what?

Adam: Anything, really, okay? I’ve had a rough morning. I’m just gonna order some food and I’m gonna head back to the office.

Chelsea: Sorry to hear that. I’ll make this quick. I wanted to thank you for the talk we had with connor.

Adam: Oh. Well, do you think it did any good? Has he calmed down about the sale of the penthouse?

Chelsea: A little bit. I think he’s starting to realize that piece of real estate isn’t the key to getting us back together, so he dropped it.

Adam: Good.

Chelsea: But now he’s on a mission to get me to move to the ranch.

Adam: Hmm. Well, I hope you’re working hard to convince him that is not the way to go.

Chelsea: I am. I don’t want to live that close to victor and nikki, trust me.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I don’t blame you. Right now I’m trying to give my father a wide berth.

Chloe: We should go back to the office. This is not a productive work environment.

Sally: That is ridiculous. We are getting stuff done, and i am making some progress convincing chelsea that I am a team player. And I think I deserve an oscar for sitting here with a smile on my face while she shuts down idea after idea.

Chloe: You said that you were learning something from her.

Sally: Yeah, how to swallow my pride and fake a pleasant demeanor.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] So we’re back to square one. I wanted you to develop a real working relationship with chelsea.

Sally: Okay, relax. I’m kidding, alright? But the other side of gaining chelsea’s trust is convincing her that I am not interested in adam and that I am not threatened at all by her desire to get back together with him. So running out of here would be the wrong move entirely. I just need to stay put and maintain an air of calm and disinterest.

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Devon: Lily! Yo!

Lily: Hey. Hello. So this is where the party’s at, I see.

Nate: Oh, yeah, we’re rocking out over here at crimson lights.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Why don’t you join us if you think you can handle all the fun?

Lily: Yeah, I’d love a distraction, but I don’t want to interrupt your little boy time.

Nate: No, no, no, I was just about to leave. I have to grab elena some coffee, and we have some domestic activities to take care of.

Devon: What does that mean?

Nate: Just some shopping to do.

Devon: Shopping for new lamps ’cause she threw away your ugly ones?

Nate: I don’t want to talk about it. Have my seat, lily. I’m through with this guy.

Devon: You’re through with them lamps.

Lily: Bye. Have fun.

Devon: What’s up?

Lily: Hey. What’s new? Oh, anything new with dominic?

Devon: Yes. Yeah. I’ve decided to pursue shared custody legally.

Lily: Wow, that’s — that’s huge.

Devon: Yeah, it’s still in the early stages, though, and I’ll keep you posted as things move forward, but feel like I’m always talking about it. How are you doing? Are you excited about your new job?

Lily: I am, yeah. Although my enthusiasm is a little dampened. I had a very annoying conversation with adam. Uh, but anyway, the good news is that billy will be my coo.

Devon: Wow. How did you convince him to take that job?

Lily: I think he’s just tired of the feud with victor and adam, you know, so taking this job is part of that transition.

Devon: And that feud with him and victor and adam is really over? Or is that even possible?

Lily: [ Scoffs ]

Adam: Eventually I’m going to start looking for my own place to live. I mean, as you know, the reasons I moved out of the penthouse were the same as yours. Just too many memories. Being at the ranch was — it was convenient. Connor had love and support. You know, it was good to be around family.

Chelsea: But I’m back now. Connor has both parents that love and support him. He doesn’t need to be there.

Adam: I know. I know. We’ll figure it out. We’re pretty good at that.

Chelsea: I appreciate what you said to him, that we’re good friends and colleagues.

Adam: Well, it’s true.

Chelsea: Do you have time for a coffee? There are a few things I want to discuss with you, and I don’t want to do it here at the bar.

Adam: I have to get back to work. Besides, aren’t you in the middle of a meeting?

Chelsea: We’re wrapping things up, but that’s okay. Can we find time to talk, though? It’s important.

Adam: Sure. We can grab a drink after work.

Chelsea: Perfect.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, this isn’t working.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Chloe: You’re trying to appear disinterested in what’s going on at the bar, but it’s really driving you crazy, because you are interested in adam. And do not insult me and try to deny it. If it’s that obvious to little old me, then someone super sharp like chelsea can sense it from a mile away. And this is not going to help your bridge-building with her.

Sally: You sound like you’re taking her side.

Chloe: No.

Sally: Okay, well, I feel outnumbered.

Chloe: You know, it really worries me that you see this as some sort of competition. We are all on the same team. Chelsea is my best friend and my business partner, and I brought you on because you have a lot to offer. Nothing has changed.

Sally: But we’re not friends, so too bad for me.

Chloe: Of course we’re friends. In our own way.

[ Sighs ] You know, I-I always knew working for adam was going to cause problems, but I did not think that it was going to be because he was going to be in the middle of some misguided love triangle. Ugh! I’m — I’m just really disappointed in both of you.

Sally: Okay.

[ Clears throat ] What can I do to prove to you that I’m a team player?

Chloe: I’ve been thinking about it, and I do have an idea. I want you to go to new york, handle a series of interviews with a bunch of designers preparing for their spring shows.

Sally: When?

Chloe: As soon as possible.

Ashland: Nate, how are you?

Nate: Ashland. Good, good. How’s your treatment coming along?

Ashland: I’m pleased to report that the test results show the cancer is abating. It’s not quite in remission yet, but it’s on the run.

Nate: That is great news.

Ashland: I haven’t felt this good in ages.

Nate: Oh, I love hearing it.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I just hope it means many more years with victoria, you know, building the business and the life that we want together.

Victor: So you want to buy newman media, huh?

Victoria: I do.

Victor: Hmm.

Victoria: Is that bold enough for you?

Victor: That’s putting it mildly. Why didn’t you come to me and adam?

Victoria: Daddy, I doubt that adam would even entertain the offer. He’s probably still spinning out about losing chanccomm to me, even though he’s done everything that he can to weaken the company and to bring down billy. I very much doubt that his pride would allow him to sell.

Victor: So is this idea to buy newman media based on business considerations or what?

Victoria: Is that why you think I’m making this move? You think I’m trying to go after adam?

Victor: Well, you might want to avenge billy.

Victoria: Not at all. The numbers are on my side. This is a business strategy. It’s not a personal vendetta.

Victor: Hmm. What about for ashland? Is it personal or what?

Victoria: Yes, newman media used to be his company, and maybe there would be some poetic justice in it coming back to him, but that’s not why I made my decision. Daddy, I want to have a real stake in the media world. And with both of these companies back under our roof, we will be an unstoppable powerhouse in the field. So what do you say? Will you sell to me?

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: You’re my daughter. You’re victor newman’s daughter. Plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching.

Lily: I thought you had gotten past your doubts when it came to my relationship with billy.

Devon: I’ve accepted that he makes you happy, but, I mean, nah, yeah, I still have concerns.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Okay, well, I don’t understand why.

Devon: Look, he’s come a long way in his personal life, I’ll give him that. I think that has a lot to do with your positive influence, but professionally, he still gets himself in trouble. Look at what just happened at chanccomm.

Lily: Oh, come on, that wasn’t his fault.

Devon: I understand that, but he struggles so much to control himself that adam and victor, they know that about them, and then they provoked him and he did exactly what they thought he would do. So professionally, I’m worried that he might be a liability to you.

Adam: Don’t you have to get back to your meeting?

Chelsea: Soon. But if you need to talk about what happened with victor, I’m here to listen.

Adam: Oh, I know that you would just love to hear me complain about my father, but not today. It’s just — it’s just business. He knows how to push my buttons, but I’m learning to rise above it.

Chelsea: That’s impressive.

Adam: It’s taken long enough, hasn’t it?

Chelsea: You really have changed.

Adam: I’d like to think so.

Sally: Well, normally, i would be on the first flight out to new york, but the timing feels a little off. So is this idea yours or chelsea’s?

Chloe: You’re not really in a position to question your assignments. You work for me, remember?

Sally: Of course. But can you look me in the eye and tell me that you’re not trying to get me out of town?

Chloe: I am running a business here. You can call all the meetings you want and pretend like you’re getting along with chelsea and claim that you don’t give a damn about adam, but I-I need to fix this for real, and I think it’s best if the two of you take a little space from each other. Just for a little while. Besides, you’re the face of the brand.

Sally: True.

Chloe: And taking this assignment will solidify your role in chelsea’s eyes. She will see how much value you bring to the platform. So how about you let me do my job and let me decide what our priorities are, and then we can focus on the real work. And you go to new york.

Sally: Fine. I’ll go.

Lily: Okay, well, good luck with jill, and I’ll see you when you get back from chicago. Oh, and, billy, I miss you.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, bye. Hey, what are you still doing here? I thought you were getting lamps with elena.

Ashland: Oh, that was my fault. I intercepted nate on his way out. Just wanted a free medical consultation.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Nate: I thought I’d let elena sleep in, but now I’m about to be late for our shopping spree. I’d better go.

[ Clears throat ] Be well.

Ashland: You too, my friend.

Nate: Bye.

Lily: Bye. Have fun.

Ashland: So, newman/locke is officially in talks to buy chanccomm.

Lily: Yes, I am aware.

Ashland: Well, as a new ceo, I would think that that would be top of your agenda at chancellor industries.

Lily: Of course. I’ll be intimately involved with the negotiations.

Ashland: Well, I hope the negotiations are pleasant and productive.

Lily: Ashland, um, there’s actually some things I would like to say to you.

Do I need to pretreat my


Ashland: If this is about the acquisition of chanccomm, you’ll need to speak to victoria. She’s the mastermind behind the deal.

Lily: No, it’s — it’s really not about that. It’s about billy.

Ashland: Oh?

Lily: Look, I have no interest in making excuses for him, and I don’t even care if you were part of the conspiracy to knock him off his perch at chanccomm.

Ashland: I can assure you —

Lily: No, I — honestly, i don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter that you were even guilty of your past crimes. To me, it’s all in the past. And billy is walking away from the fight. He’s — honestly, he’s turning the page.

Ashland: So I’ve heard.

Lily: So my question to you is, can you do the same?

Chloe: Everything okay?

Chelsea: Everything’s great. We were just discussing a couple issues with connor. We’re really in sync as parents.

Sally: Cool. Connor’s a great kid. He deserves the best.

Adam: Hey, do you have a minute?

Chelsea: Me? Yeah.

Adam: No. Sally.

Chloe: Sally agreed to go to new york.

Chelsea: Good. I still think we should’ve fired her, but sending her out of town is the next best thing. Well done.

Chloe: Oh, this is bad. [ Scoffs ] You are going after adam full force, aren’t you? I’m sending sally to new york to prove that she’s a team player and you see this as an opportunity. No competition for adam’s attention. Oh, this is going to end in disaster. [ Scoffs ] I’m such an idiot. I thought that we were all smart enough to realize that adam only exists to sign our checks.

Chelsea: Stop being so melodramatic. I’m not delusional. If Adam doesn’t see a future for us, then that’s it. But, I mean, I have to give it a try. Even Connor said, we have to put in a little effort.

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Chelsea: No, you said yourself — you said yourself, you were going to work with Adam because he’s changed. Well, I see that he’s changed, too. I’m in a good head space now. I really think that things could be different this time. The only thing in my way was Sally, and you just took care of that, so thank you.

Chloe: [ Scoffs ]

Adam: Hey, I just, um.. I wanted to apologize for being brisk and dismissive yesterday. I had a run-in with Billy, and I just — I was not on my best behavior.

Sally: It’s cool. I didn’t take it personally.

Adam: Good. Here, let me.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: So we’re cool?

Sally: Yes, we are better than cool. Hey, do you have any business in New York?

Adam: Uh, I might. Why do you ask?

Sally: Well, I have to go there, and it would be great to have some company.

Victor: Well, now, I see no advantage to selling Newman Media to Ashland-Locke. Good for you and Ashland. Means nothing to Adam and me, really. Besides, I think Adam has done very good things for the business.

Victoria: Are you sure about that?

Victor: Yes. We have become a company to be reckoned with in a very short period of time.

Victoria: Based off the business that Ashland built. I haven’t seen any innovation at all since the acquisition.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you forgetting that we added a fashion platform to the business?

Victoria: Yes, Daddy, but any success there was just accidental. It was due to Sally and Chloe. All Adam has been doing is writing the checks.

Victor: That’s what one does when one’s starting a new business.

Victoria: Whereas I, on the other hand, have proven my business acumen over and over again, and you know that’s true.

Victor: I’m not going to compare my children’s business skills.

Victoria: That might be a mistake. You should sell Newman Media to me and Ashland before Adam does irreparable damage.

Victor: You’re exaggerating a little, aren’t you?

Victoria: Am I? Because when you weren’t looking, Adam almost let Billy destroy everything.

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