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oh! S-sorry. My bad. Brook lynn, what are you doing here? I hope you’re not terminally ill. I’m meeting chase and bailey here. He brought her in for her checkup. He’s such a devoted daddy. Yeah. Probably just trying to make up for lost time. Not that it was his fault. Have a beautiful day. Austin, wait. Wait! Look. I know that we got off on the wrong foot… yeah. …And a lot of that was on my end. No, all of that was on your end. I’m sorry. I interrupted you. It’s been a while — go ahead. What were you gonna say? A lot’s happened since we saw each other last, and I was just hoping that we could hit “rewind” and, you know, start over.

[ Sighs ] Ohh! It’s good to see you. Molly sends her regrets. She got hit with a sudden work thing. I remember working in the D.A.’S office, and getting hit by that “thing” is really exciting. Well, we just wanted to let you know as your daughters how proud we were that our mom is the new editorial voice of the invader. It was you guys that inspired me, really. And make sure that your sister — kristina I’m talking about — knows that, too. You guys always hold me to a higher standard. Don’t do that, mom. You deserved this. You worked really hard. I just hope that tracy pays for what she did. This is persecution! I am being pilloried by the proletariat! And it’s all because I carry the quartermaine name. Do you know what a burden that is?! Dante: Alright, tracy, you might want to drop the “poor little rich girl” routine. It’s not gonna get you any traction with the jury. Good morning, mother. Well, I just posted your bail. You’re welcome. Ha ha ha ha. You want me to thank you? Look how long it took you! Actually, the one you need to thank is your lawyer. I’d like you to meet martin grey. We’ve met. Indeed. And no thanks are necessary. I took the case as a favor to my sister, mayor laura collins. Oh, yes. The long-lost brothers — the kentucky fried lawyer and ponytailed gangster. That’s us. So what do you say we, uh, get you out of here, hmm? Get this over with, sit down and cut you a plea deal. Robert: This place still take stagger-ins?

[ Chuckles ] I think we can fit you in. Hi. Hi. So… any news about my erstwhile mother-in-law? Now, now. I know. I know. You can’t discuss the details of this case with me. But honest to god, robert, who would I tell? Well, there’s, uh — alright. Alright, alright! Alright. The last thing in the world that I would want to do is put you in a compromising position. I mean… yeah. I know what you mean. You summoned me. You seem surprised. Doesn’t happen very often. In fact, the only time in recent memory was because peter forced you, but you don’t seem to be in any danger. Yes, well — you think I can’t refuse you? You’d be right. I’m happy to hear you say that. Daddy! Hey! What’s going on? My two favorite girls. How are you? Good. Listen. I packed up your lunch. I know you already ate breakfast, okay? But before frankie takes you, uh, you got to take your, uh, little gummy vitamins. We’ll take ours if you take yours. Yeah! Of course. Here. Grab one. There you go. Good. Alright. This is for you… and this is for you.

[ Chuckles ] Mama carly! Look what daddy made! He made us lunches! Oh, wow. Well, daddy thinks of everything, huh? Alright, you guys. Give me a hug. Give me hugs. You guys have a great day at school. I love you. Alright. Frank, thanks so much. Frank: You’re welcome, mrs. Corinthos. Girls, come on. Let’s go. Let’s have a good day at school. Come on.

[ Door closes ] I thought we agreed that you weren’t staying last night. Uh, I guess you thought wrong.

I’m not saying that I have forgiven tracy for framing me for that dui, and of all the reasons — she was trying to hide what — what happened between me and ned. Mom, you’re sounding merciful. I’m just thinking that maybe losing luke is punishment enough for tracy. What happened to luke was an accident. What tracy did to you was deliberate. You can’t set out to destroy someone and expect to get a pass when… …nothing happens. I want you to get the charges dropped, dismissed, expunged. Make them go away. The D.A. Has enough evidence to send you for a not-insubstantial stay at pentonville. I have the influence of the quartermaine name. Just because you’re a member of a prominent family does not make you immune to consequences.

[ Chuckles ] Really? I thought we were in port charles. Mother, this makes no sense. There’s no reason for you to stay here. You — what is your name? Martin grey. We’ve met. Yes, I know. You’re fired.

[ Sighs ] What are — brook lynn, no. I’m — I’m not gonna do that. I’m not gonna press “stop” and “rewind” or whatever you just said. You tried to get me fired. You almost destroyed my professional reputation. Look at little leo. Thanks to your diagnosis, he’s finally getting the help that he needs. And it brought my dad and olivia back together. And the cherry on top is that look at you and my dear friend maxie — you’ve become great friends. So what do you say? Can’t we just let bygones be bygones? You’ve been through a lot since you came to my rescue in nixon falls. And, valentin, for what it’s worth, I am very, very sorry about what happened with bailey. Thank you. Um, charlotte’s taking it surprisingly well. Her attitude seems to be “I loved bailey when she was my sister. Why should that stop just ’cause she isn’t?” Yes, that sounds like charlotte. She feels the same way about you, if you ever want to stop by. Oh, yeah. I would love that. Just say the word. Thank you. You know, she’s almost a teenager. Oh, god help you! But, of course, you have anna. I’m sure she’s full of wisdom about those things. Yeah, indeed. You didn’t call me here just for a catch-up, so what can I do for you? Valentin, I was hoping that we could…join forces? And we’re not talking about

crimson and deception. No, I’m talking about a personal threat. What kind of personal threat? I made a new enemy… and it turns out that my enemy is also your enemy. I thought I told you last night that if you were here this morning, I was going to leave. I know what you said, carly. But here you are. This is how you respect my feelings? Well, I — I respect our marriage enough… to not leave it hanging. But not enough to tell me that you and nina did everything except tumble into bed together. Because I remembered who you are. I remembered your face. I remembered your hair. The way you walk, the way you talk. That’s why it didn’t go any further with nina. Because I remembered who I was and how much I love you… …and how much I still love you. Isn’t that enough?

now, h-harmony… join us, please. Uh, you know what? No. I-I know how hard these mother/daughter moments are to come by, so maybe some other time. I’m sure she’s got something else to do. Alright, guys. Look. Please. Please, for my sake, can we just come to some kind of a truce? I-I was alone in that prison for a long time, and — and harmony was my only friend. And not only that, new year’s eve, you know, I was sitting right there in that chair staring at a bunch of champagne flutes that I was really thinking about downing. And harmony sat there and talked to me until I came to my senses. So things would have gone a lot differently if it weren’t for harmony. I really have harmony to thank for that. Martin, please don’t quit. I didn’T. Leona helmsley here gave me the boot. Well, she can’t fire you. I’m the one who hired you. So you’re working for me. You’re fired, too. For the last time, mother, you can’t fire your children! We’re not like husbands! Alright. This is super fun and everything, but I’m gonna give you about five minutes to sort this out, and then I’m gonna escort tracy from the building so she can wait for her court case to start. Tracy, been a blast, as usual. Um, I’ll probably see you back in here sometime soon, I guess.

Et tu, dante? Hmm? I can’t believe you’ve cast me as the villain. It was alexis that went nuts and stabbed you. Yeah, yeah, that sucked, but she did her time, went to jail, came out better for it. Maybe the same thing will happen to you. Mother, listen to reason. Let martin sit down with robert on your behalf and negotiate a deal. If luke was here right now, isn’t that what he’d want you to do? I’ve been meaning to contact you. I wanted to thank you for telling me about luke. I was touched that you thought of me. Well, of course, I thought of you. You’re the first person that I thought of. Also, um… it gave me an excuse to call you. You don’t need an excuse. Really? ‘Cause lately it seems like you’ve been… making yourself scarce. I thought I was doing you a favor by keeping my distance. Because of ned? Ahh. I don’t want to get in the way of whatever’s going on between you two. It wasn’t about you. It, uh — it never was. It wasn’t? Ohh, man. I don’t know whether to be glad or sad. You really are a piece of work. You do everything you can to try and destroy me, you force me to relinquish my right to my own family’s legacy, and now you just want me to let bygones be bygones? No. Can’t do that, brook lynn. I’m just not wired that way. Well, the rest of the quartermaines are. Look, I know this may be new to you, but, uh, believe me, you came out of this pretty unscathed. No, I didn’T. But, hey, at least you weren’t as destructive with me as you were with valentin. I have a few enemies, nina. You may have to narrow it down for me. Right now I’m focusing on brook lynn, and she’ll be fired directly. I hope you’re not too hard on brook lynn. Why not? Because, valentin, her family made her feel like an outcast. You know what that’s like. And she felt like the only way back into the family’s good graces was to reclaim her voting shares of elq. Listen. It would be one thing if I was the only one hurt, but charlotte lost her sister. I’m not gonna forgive brook lynn for that. Is that it? You got something against the quartermaines? Just one. Michael corinthos. I don’t doubt that you love me… any more than you should doubt that I love you. Then what are we doing? Sleeping in — in separate bedrooms…

[ Sighs ] …Drawing l-lines in the sand. We have what most people would die to have — a marriage that has stood the test of time. Whatever people throw at us, we’re — we’re still here. It doesn’t matter. We’re still standing — sonny, I need more than words!

[ Sighs ] I need more than the memories that we’ve shared! I need time! I need time to deal with what you told me… time to deal with the fact that you don’t think that what nina did was criminal. And I need time to deal with what you didn’t tell me until I heard it on a witness stand — that you have feelings for nina. That’s why I said that if you wouldn’t give me the time and the space that I was gonna leave. That’s why I said that. Yeah, but people say all sorts of things in the moment, and then the next morning, you know, it’s a whole different ballgame. You’re doing it again. You’re doing it again. Doing what? You’re acting like we can go back to the way things were before nina! Forget nina! “Forget nina.” That’s in the past! Really? Yeah. Then why were you with her on new year’s eve? And why the hell did I have to hear about it from nina?!

Thanks to sam, uh, tracy’s been arrested. The woman who framed you? Tried to. As it turns out, I’m the only one that can send me to the slammer. Well, I’m glad she’s paying for what she did to you. Well, she’s started to. What’d I miss? She was protecting her family. Uh, that is no excuse for what she did to you and no reason to ease up on her. I hear you. You’re not wrong. What do you think? Um, well, I think that tracy took away your agency when she framed you, but you’re in control of what happens next. You’re right. I am in control about what happens next. If you’ll excuse me, I need to make a phone call. Okay. Before my mother gets back, we need to get a few things straight about you and my mother. Ned was the one that crossed the line. He jeopardized our marriage when he cheated with alexis. Oh. So I really was just your plaything. Stop it. Robert, it was more than that. And you know it. Well… if only you didn’t love that bugger. Guilty as charged.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Clears throat ] Um… I’m sorry, babe, but I’m gonna have to take this. Yeah. I got to go.

[ Ringing continues ] Alexis. What’s up? Robert. I need a favor. Actually, luke would expect me to fight, not cave to johnny law. Luke seems to have rubbed off on you, mother. Thank you. I didn’t mean that in a good way. I know. I will not accept a so-called plea deal that involves jail time, probation, community service, and even the most tacit admission of guilt. Detective. Yeah? A word if you please. Sure. Okay. You got– you gotta get her the hell out of here. I know, I know! How do you suggest I do that? She’s obviously impervious to logic, regardless of her circumstances, so I’m asking you flat out, please. You got some kind of relationship with her. Can you intercede with the D.A. On her behalf?

[ Sighs ] No offense, mother, but are you out of your mind? I have never been more sure and more sane in my life. Luke’s affairs need to be settled, and in order for me to do that, I have to get on a plane back to amsterdam A.S.A.P., And I cannot do that if these charges are hanging over me while I’m out on bail! Okay, well, why didn’t you say that before? Because it’s nobody’s business! And, by the way, I am not leaving this jail cell or this country until you and I have had a conversation about your daughter. Fine. You hunted me down at the metro court to tell me something about brook lynn. What is it? Well, that’s just it. It could be nothing. It could be something. It could be everything. Can you just tell me? Why are you being so mysterious? Well, it… has to do with your granddaughter. Bailey? What about her? I am genuinely sorry I hurt valentin, especially his daughter charlotte. Yeah, I don’t believe you. You had to have known what was gonna happen. You had to have known that people were gonna get hurt. And you did it anyway. Are you really that different? Weren’t you prepared to do anything for your father to keep your promise to get that seat at the family table that you believe was rightfully his? It really was rightfully his. I understand your sense of loyalty. I even admire it. Really, I do. So I’m gonna go talk to the rest of the clan. Okay? If we can’t give you a seat at the table or elq shares, I’m sure there’s something we can do. Yeah. Sure. There’s gotta be something you can do to buy me off. Michael is furious. And trust me — there’s very little michael won’t do to keep me out of wiley’s life. I already lost a daughter. I’ll be damned if I lose a grandson, not when new york state guarantees my rights. Nina, rights are one thing. But if you’re gonna take on michael, then you’re not just taking on the quartermaines. You’re taking on the corinthos family. And that means sonny. And I can’t imagine he was too thrilled to learn you were keeping him from his family. No, he wasn’T. But we’ve made peace with my — my decisions. How long’s that peace gonna last when he learns you’re going after his grandson? Well, he’s my grandson, too. Mike understands that. Who’s mike? It’s — it’s just the name that sonny used when he was in nixon falls. Huh. Well, maybe “mike” understands, but… I don’t think sonny ever will. You spent new year’s eve with the woman you claim that’s a part of your past that you left in nixon falls. Okay, first of all, I didn’t spend the night with her.

[ Scoffs ] I was shaken by everything that went down at the hearing after I left you. I went to charlie’s, and I, uh, had too much to drink, and — and nina, uh, so happens, she was there. She drove me to my penthouse. Nina. Yeah. “Just so happens.” Right. And? And then she left. And then I woke up with a hangover. Does that make you happy? None of this makes me happy. Do you think I enjoy thinking the worst about you or suspecting you or wondering when to expect the next time nina’s gonna “just so happen”? I hate it. I hate it! I hate feeling like our marriage is built on quicksand. I want to trust you… without even thinking about it, the way I used to. But now… what? Carly, look. I-I’m trying to be honest here. But, you know, since we’re… you want to call it quits. Is that what you’re saying?

I-I can’t tell you. Why not? You were so fired up to tell me this little secret that you actually came out into the open and got yourself arrested. I know. I-I know. But it gave me time to think, and I-I-I need more information before I get you involved. Involved? Are we talking a crime or just a conspiracy?

That’s what I have to find out. So you go talk to harland sanders, attorney at law, and I will find out exactly what brook lynn is hiding. No. No. You can’t imply that brook lynn is involved in something and then just drop it. Good new everyone! For whom? Tracy. The D.A.’S office has revisited your case. As in, they don’t have one. Excellent! Well, that’s what you wanted, mother. Let’s go. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is too good to be true. What changed? I suppose I did. First of all, there’s no reason for me to buy you off. You already relinquished your claim. There’s nothing to buy. Okay. Agreed. Don’t even bother, then. Austin. Okay. There’s the family, and then there’s the family business. And the problem with a lot of people in the family, including myself, is that we don’t separate the two. We literally don’t know how. I know. I know. I’ve noticed that. If there was a document, you know, a signed and witnessed codicil to my great-grandfather’s will that clearly stated that he wanted to recognize your dad, then that would be that. But there’s nothing, so for me to even suggest — so don’T. Why are you doing this? Brook lynn, you’re just trying to ease your own conscience by purchasing mine. Oh, please. Mister “man of principle.” If you didn’t care about money, you never would have come knocking on my family’s door, and now that there isn’t any, you can just say it was never your intention. It was never my intention. I-it’s just not about that. It’s about your family recognizing my father and — and realizing that he deserves to be remembered, he deserves to be respected. And, you, you are so blinded by your privilege that you just assume — you think everybody else in the world is as greedy and as self-serving as you are. You used leo — leo, tiny little leo — as a pawn in your game. And me, all — all I did was react the way any doctor worth a damn would react. If you’re finished… yeah, well, no, I’m finished with that part, but, no, I’m not finished, brook lynn. I’m just getting started. Valentin, forget it. I got caught up in all the drama with michael and the family. I guess I just got carried away, so… you know, when I learned that you had been keeping sonny’s identity from him… I guess I assumed that it was retribution for carly keeping nelle’s identity from you. It was, at first. Did your have feelings for him? I mean, did you have feelings for one another? We were both very lost in different ways. I’m not judging. I think life’s better if I don’t keep track of the details of your life. I-I-I think I’m getting pretty good at that. You’ve moved on. Seems like we both have. Which means we can help each other without complications? Well, I don’t know if going toe-to-toe with sonny corinthos is without complications. Are you saying that you’re not gonna help me with michael? It’s not just michael, is it? You’re talking about fighting a war on two fronts, with a child in between. I can’t help you with that. But, nina, please don’t go against michael. It’s not gonna make life easier with sonny. It is always good to see you. You really have changed, valentin. Are you really telling me to turn the other cheek?

[ Door closes ] Are you saying

you want to call it quits? I’m here, aren’t I? Even after you told me to leave last night, I slept in the guest room. Was that because of your pride? No, because I love you. I don’t care if I don’t share a bed with you. It was my love for you that made me sleep apart from you. That doesn’t make any — it’s the only thing that does make sense because… if we’re — if this marriage is gonna work, we can’t force it. We need the time to figure out what went wrong and what we can do to make it right. But you’re overcomplicating it. Here’s what happened. I fell off a bridge into the river. I went on shore. I woke up. I didn’t know who I was or where I came from. And along came nina. Well, nina can’t come between us if we don’t let her! She’s here! Come on!

[ Sighs ] She’s here. She’s in this room. She’s in our marriage. And unless or until you can forget her, sonny… can you forget her? Or are you using her as an excuse to not get back with me? What? Because part of you has already gone. And it went with jason.

Harmony, I-I know you’ve changed. I’ve seen it. And believe me, I-I didn’t want to. Well, thank you for saying so. Don’t thank me. I… I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to testify against shiloh, but after what you did to all of those women… and to my sister… you think it doesn’t make me sick thinking that I was helping those women… when I was drugging them? Including my own daughter? When I look back on that time now… …let me tell you, that’s a hell of a nightmare to wake up from. And I have to live with that every second of every day. And I am doing everything I can to atone for that. So if there’s more that I can do for you or your mom… especially kristina. I-I’m glad you asked, because actually there is. Name it. My mom is trying her hardest to turn her life around, and she’s doing a really good job, but she is in a fragile state, and one little slip… she destroys everything. So I’m asking you as her friend… just be straight with her. Of course. I don’t mean just being honest. I mean, if you say you’re gonna do something, do it. Look. For what it’s worth, sam… I truly believe that your mother and i can help each other. Because you’re her friend? Yeah. She’s mine. And that’s what friends do. Unless you — you think that your mother would be better off alone. Alexis, I assume you’re here to gloat. Just not sure what about. I’ve just informed robert that in the matter of the people versus tracy quartermaine, I have decided not to cooperate. What does that mean? It means that without alexis’ testimony, we won’t be pursuing the case. Not that we couldn’T. We still have sam’s testimony and my mother’S. But if I don’t cooperate, there is no victim. Martin: And in the absence of a victim, there is no crime to prosecute. As such, the D.A.’S office is going to pass on this one. You mean I’m free? Well, for now. I mean, if alexis decides to change her mind, the charges can be re-filed. We’ll take that as a “yes.” Not so much as a “thank you.” I’d apologize for my mother, but… honestly, I think that’s as good as it’s gonna get from her. Yeah. Knowing her, she has another fire to put out. She’s probably gonna start one. So glad I ran into you today, brook lynn. I’d almost forgotten what kind of people we were from, so thank you for the reminder. Oh, you’re welcome. Quartermaines are filled with righteous indignation. I know that. I’ve noticed. But we never storm out of a room without figuring out a way back in, but you did. More proof you’re not really one of us. But i am one of you. My father was. He’s edward’s son. So — so what? “So what?” That’s your argument? “So what?” Acknowledging that, okay, bringing jimmy lee holt into the fold, that was completely up to edward. And edward didn’t do it. And now edward is gone. And the more you insist to have some claim on — on my family, the more reason you give us to shut the door in your face. Yes, I know all of that, brook lynn. You think any of that is gonna stop me? Austin. Something wrong? Jason and I told you everything… mm-hmm. …How our friendship turned into something more while you were presumed dead, while nina kept you from your family. So if you want to compare that to what you kept from me since you’ve been back — and not just about what happened in nixon falls, but on how you still feel for nina — are you kidding me, sonny? It’s just not nina. You have to admit that there’s more than three people in this marriage now. It’s up to four. Okay. Listen to me. I am not going to apologize for mourning jason. Of course. I mean, in time, he’s gonna be a memory, an unforgettable memory, but a part of my past. As long as nina’s alive, there’s no chance for our marriage. Is that a threat? Do you think that I would risk losing my kids to put an end to her? No, that’s up to you. You need to kill her off. And I don’t mean physically. I mean in your heart. Because until you do that, there is no chance for us. And we both can’t live here. So… I’m gonna be the one to go because avery and donna are so happy that you were home, I’m not gonna traumatize them all over again by making daddy go away. So I will leave, and I will be back here in the morning to start their day and I will put them to bed every night. Carly.

My mother is hardly alone. She has her daughters. She has diane miller. She has shawn butler. She’s got a great new job with a really beautiful-looking future. So whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying it. I’m not selling anything, sam.

[ Sighs ] Harmony, i really wish I could believe you. But after what you did to me and my sister, I will not forget. And no one is asking you to. Look, when I look back on that time… come on. I just need to prove myself, okay? Will you just let me — let me prove myself? Okay. You can try. But I’ll be watching.

[ Scoffs ] I want to thank you, alexis. You saved me and the city a lot of time, trouble, and money. Anything for port charles. I’ll get stuck into this right away and have the charges dropped. I better get back to work, too. Uh, just making sure you are sure about this, right? I am. I know my mother was less than appreciative. Surprise, surprise. It’s a good thing I didn’t do it for her. Well, then why? You didn’t do it for me, did you? I did it for luke, a little bit for you, but I did it mostly for me. Dr. Gatlin-holt and I were just setting some things straight. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go be with chase… and our baby. Ohh. Did you catch that? She just kind of twisted that knife a little bit. Indeed. Yeah. Apparently some people think I’ve softened, that I’ve lost my edge. Have you lost your edge? I don’t know. Maybe you can help me answer the question. Have you forgotten how the quartermaines treated you? No. Why? You’re interested in making brook lynn pay for what she’s done to you? Ah! Brook lynn. I thought I’d find you here. I thought you were in jail. Never mind that. We need to talk. Okay. Oh. Can’t we talk later? I’m on my way to see chase and my baby. Oh, you mean maxie’s baby.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hmm. Ms. Reeves. What a pleasure. Or should I be asking what has valentin done now? Nothing, which is the problem. I don’t follow. It’s nothing. It’s just a little joke that I have with myself. Um, mr. Grey, are you free for lunch? I need some legal advice. Hey. Hey. I thought you were working from home today. Well, as of now, the metro court is my home. Oh. Okay. Um, I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means. Well, it means that the house isn’t big enough for both sonny and me,

I’m moving in here while we take a time-out. Okay. Well, I know it’s none of my business, but I’m gonna butt in anyway. Are you sure? One of us had to go. He couldn’T. I could. So I did.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Bottle clatters ] Ohh.

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