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Steffy: Mom, I know you still love dad and deep down, I know he loves you, too.

Taylor: But he’s married to brooke.

Steffy: Maybe so, but do you think dad’s happy? He cannot be happy. How can he be? With everything that’s going on with brooke. We need to help dad. We need to get him out of there.

Taylor: Oh, honey, I hate to see you this upset, but it is what it is.

Steffy: No, it isn’T.

Taylor: We both have to understand that your dad’s life is with brooke and the logans.

Hope: Why don’t you want my dad around?

Brooke: It’s just not a good idea right now, hope.

Hope: Mom, you’ve been really supportive of our relationship and now all of a sudden you don’t want him around.

Brooke: I’m sorry, I really am sorry. This must be very confusing for you.

Hope: I… it’s fine. Mom. It is. It’s just I’m trying to understand, why so sudden. It… did something happen between you and dad?

Ridge: Well, we had quite a year, huh?

Carter: Tell me about it. Foundation’s never seen numbers this high. Our outreach increased twofold.

Ridge: Means we can help a lot more people.

Carter: Yeah. It’s all paris.

Ridge: You were right about her. Good recommendation.

Carter: Just had a feeling about her, you know? Her drive and dedication.

Ridge: She’s very special.

Carter: Paris is certainly very special.

Ridge: Paris, just talking about you.

Paris: I heard.

Ridge: We are very impressed with the work that you’re doing for the foundation.

Paris: Thank you, ridge.

Carter: Did your mom get settled in?

Paris: Yeah, she was really tired after her flight.

Ridge: I like that lady. You can tell she’s really something.

Paris: Yeah, my mom’s the best.

Ridge: Yeah. You know, we should think about maybe having a formal dinner for her. Can we do that?

Paris: Sure, we’d like that.

Carter: Hey ridge, I was looking for brooke earlier. Is she around?

Ridge: She’s not coming in.

Paris: Is everything all right?

Ridge: Yeah, everything’s fine.

Hope: Is it ridge? Because I know how he feels about dad.

Brooke: No, honey, he’s been incredibly loving and understanding.

Hope: Well… yes and no. I mean, it’s no secret how he feels about my dad.

Brooke: Well, I can’t really blame him for that.

Hope: Okay, fine. No, especially given the history, I get it. But if it’s not ridge, then–

Brooke: Ridge isn’t the one who’s done anything wrong.

Hope: Mom…. mom, I hope you know that you haven’t done anything wrong either. You had– you drank. And I understand that that is a big deal for you and you’re disappointed in yourself, but… it’s not unforgivable. But you’re still not exactly answering my question. Which is why did my dad suddenly disappear?

Steffy: You can’t give up, mom.

Taylor: Honey, I am not going to spend the next half of my life hoping things turned out different.

Steffy: But this is a new chapter. We can save dad from all of the drama and reunite our family. You just gotta put it out there and believe it can happen. Manifest it. I know it can happen. I really do. Something is going on over at brooke’s house. And obviously it’s something big. Otherwise, hope wouldn’t be so concerned. Sooner or later, it’s going to come out. That’s when we’re going to bring dad back.-We’ll bring dad back home here, with us.

Paris: Thankfully, my apartment was pretty clean. There were no big piles of laundry on the couch or anything, so.

Carter: And I’m sure she was thrilled.

Paris: Yeah, she called it charming. But she did say I didn’t have enough food in my cupboards, so.

Carter: Yeah, that’s mom for you. She must have been proud that you have your own place, though.

Paris: I’m still pinching myself. It’s the perfect little home, especially now that my mom is there. She can help me put up decorations and add her dr. Buckingham touches.

Carter: Yeah. Seems like she’s sticking around for a while, huh?

Paris: I’m hoping to keep her here for good. She doesn’t know any of the L.A. Spots, so I’m going to show her the– the cool spots, you know?

Carter: Yeah. I have to admit, though, I was a little surprised with how friendly your mom was to me.

Paris: Why wouldn’t she be?

Carter: The whole thing with zoe. Calling off the engagement.

Paris: Well, she didn’t treat you the way you deserved to be treated. And my mom knows that. And if she doesn’t, I’ll make sure she doeS.

Carter: You’d defend me like that?

Paris: I’m always willing to stand up for what’s right.

Carter: Well, I’m glad to know you’ve got my back.

Hope: I’m sorry we left you alone that night.

Brooke: If I could go back and do that night all over again, I would. And I would just make better choices.

Hope: Well, what exactly is it about that night that’s haunting you?

Brooke: Everything.

Hope: Well, I mean, I know obviously you relapsed and you regret that, but… could it be something more? I mean, is it because taylor’s back in town? Is it because I’ve been pressuring you about dad? I just–

Brooke: No, sweetheart.

Hope: Mom, I just– whatever it is, I want you to know that you can talk to me about it, okay? I won’t judge. If there’s something more going on, you can tell me. It will stay between us.

Ridge: Hey! I feel like I’m interrupting something.

Brooke: Uh… ridge, you didn’t have to come home so early from work. Really, I’m okay. I’m– I’m here with hope–

Ridge: No, I– the appointment was over and I thought I’d come home and we’d order some food.

Brooke: You really didn’t have to check on me, but that’s nice, thanks. It’s– it’s never gonna happen again.

Hope: Mom, what ridge and i said holds true. That we– we want to be here for you every step of the way.

Ridge: Yeah. And I– I think going to these meetings, that’s a– that’s a good start. I will go with you to as many of those as you want. And I know you want to find out what this trigger was. So do we. And once we find it, we’re going to find a way to avoid it, because we’re going to handle this as a family, no matter what.

Steffy: Dad is so happy to have you back.

Taylor: Ugh, he’s been wonderful to me.

Steffy: You two care about each other, it’s obvious.

Taylor: Well, that’s what you hope that happens when you share children together. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve managed to remain friends over the years.

Steffy: But it’s not just thomas, me and phoebe that keep you two connected. I mean, yes, we obviously tie you guys together, but it’s more than that. You guys have this, like, dance in your eyes when you look at each other, honestly.

Taylor: Dance. What kind of dance?

Steffy: I don’t know. It’s like this twinkle. There’s something there, there’s energy. You may not see it, but I definitely do. We all do. It’s like good and pure and beautiful. And it’s also shined a light on what we’ve been missing. And that’s you.

Taylor: I mean, I definitely have some lost time to make up with douglas, kelly, and hayes.

Steffy: But you’re back now. And think about the impact it could have on the three of them, seeing their grandparents together. United, strong, powerful forrester family.

Paris: My goal is to make my mom fall madly in love with L.A. So that she stays here forever.

Carter: Well, that shouldn’t be too hard, right? Blue skies in january, beach sunsets, plus one of her favorite daughters is here.

Paris: I like to think that I’m the main selling point.

Carter: Aw, I’d say that’s a given.

Paris: She used to visit me back east when I was in college, but having her here full time would be incredible.

Carter: Yeah. Well, every hospital in the area is clamoring to hire dr. Buckingham. She’ll have no problem taking her pick of jobs.

Paris: I mean, your lips to god’s ears. I just really missed her, you know? Family is super important to me.

Carter: Yeah, I can tell. I’m sending all the good vibes that everything works out for you.

Paris: Yeah. I’m pretty positive things will fall into place with my mom. I just wish I had that kind of certainty about other aspects of my life. What to do about zende.

Steffy: We were so wonderful as a family. Some of the most incredible memories that I cherish are the five of us together.

Taylor: Oh, I feel the same way, steffy.

Steffy: It’d be one thing if dad was in a healthy relationship, but he’s not. And it’s because of brooke.

Taylor: Brooke and I have definitely had our differences.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Brooke has robbed you for so many years, just like hope robbed me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to be in my marriage with finn. Like, I love him and I’m so happy we have a baby together. But let’s be real. She took liam away from me, just like brooke took dad away from you. It’s like this sick cycle perpetuated by the logans.

Taylor: Yeah, true. But I mean, ridge and I did grow apart a little bit. I cannot blame brooke for all our problems.

Steffy: Mom, if brooke wasn’t in the picture, you and dad would be together right now, living at that house in beverly hills. Am I wrong? That’s what the logans do, they just like– they keep infiltrating our lives. I mean, hope portrays herself to be this sweet, innocent woman but it’s just an act to get what she wants.

Taylor: And hope has some good qualities. You know, she’S… okay, I definitely don’t agree with the way she handles some situations.

Hope: Okay, but she is a good mother. She is great with kelly. But hope is like brooke. Brooke has moulded hope since she was a little girl. There is something seriously wrong with them. And there is trouble brewing over at brooke’s house.

Taylor: Yeah, there’s definitely something going on. She was really worried about her mom.

Steffy: Yeah, whatever it is, it’s major and it’s going to blow up in their face, and dad’s going to need us. He’s definitely going to need you, mom.

Ridge: But I am sorry, I feel like I walked in on something.

Brooke: Hope and I were just talking.

Hope: Yes. I mean, obviously mom has been struggling lately.

Ridge: But I don’t know why. I told you, nothing that happened is unforgivable, not even close.

Hope: Exactly. And that’s what I keep trying to tell you, mom. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Ridge: Nothing. ‘Cause we don’t even know what happened. It might have been one thing or 10 things, or– or no things. I mean… addiction is a strange animal, right? It’s gonna rear its ugly head whenever it wants and wreak havoc.

Brooke: The desire hit me when I least expected it.

Ridge: I know. It’s one night. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Hope: I– I know in the past my dad has also struggled with drinking and I was actually just asking her about–

Ridge: Why are we doing that? Why? Why are we talking about deacon? What about him?

Paris: Zende’s the greatest guy and we have gotten so close since we’ve been dating, but there’s just so much more I want to experience.

Carter: Yeah. Before you get married.

Paris: Yeah. And I’d love to marry, but I am just still so young. I feel like I’m just starting my life. I’ve got this charming apartment, amazing job, and I’m planning on doing some travelling when I get some time off.

Carter: You can still do that, you know?

Paris: I want to hold on to every bit of my independence. I’m not cut out to be tied down right now.

Carter: I hear you.

Paris: Does that make me a terrible person?

Carter: No, paris, not at all. I give zende props for putting his heart out there, but it was a good thing for both your sakes that he decided against proposing. Though, I don’t think he completely ruled it out.

Paris: I just don’t want to hurt him or lead him on. I don’t know what to do, carter.

Carter: I wish I had the answer. Zende’s a solid dude and he is totally crazy about you. But you have to follow your gut, do what’s right for you. And try not to stress about it too much, okay? Because you’re a good person, paris. You’ll figure it out.

Ridge: Why are we talking about deacon?

Hope: Well, he’s been kind of M.I.A. Lately and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Ridge: Of course he’s M.I.A., That’s what he does! He leaves. He left you for years at a time so he’s probably disappeared again.

Hope: I was just wondering if mom had heard anything.

Brooke: Okay, I don’t want to talk about deacon. I want to talk about you and I want to thank you for the love and the support that you’ve both given me through this horrible time.

Hope: Oh, of course mom, we love you.

Ridge: We would do anything for you.

Brooke: Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have to put up with this.

Ridge: No one has to put up with anything. This is what we want to do. We want to get together and face this head on.

Hope: You’re surrounding yourself with the best kind of support.

Brooke: I’m so lucky… and I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to risk losing this beautiful family that we have.

Hope: It’s okay.

Steffy: Dad is going to need you. Something is bound to happen. Brooke is going to let him down again. And I can’t accept the logans winning out in the end.

Taylor: But your father is committed to his wife.

Steffy: But he’s paying the price with his own sanity.

Taylor: Ridge is doing the best that he can. It’s– it’s hard having two families, but he has always made sure that you kids know how loved you are.

Steffy: Yeah, you– you two have raised us well. You taught us to take the high road, when the logans would manipulate and take whatever they wanted. This whole deacon situation, it’s– it’s so messed up and it’s taken its toll.

Taylor: I think your dad’s been a saint.

Steffy: Beyond. Hope and brooke are disrespecting him. They’re making him feel like he’s a guest in his own home. And then you have deacon just hanging out there, working his way deeper into their lives.

Taylor: Yeah, I’m still shocked that he was allowed to go to the house on new year’s eve.

Steffy: I’m shocked, too, but this is brooke we’re talking about.-You’ve seen her track record.

Taylor: I imagine a part of her feels caught between her daughter and ridge.

Steffy: Yeah, I’ve had enough. Mom. Haven’t you had enough? Don’t you want to get back at brooke? Honestly. It’s like she doesn’t even care that her actions affect you.

Taylor: But sweetheart, she never will. That’s because we are in a war, mom. The logans vs. The forresters. But it’s not finished. The best days lie ahead. The forrester family, we’re going to triumph. We are. Come here.

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