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Ashland: You look happy.

Victoria: That is because today is the greatest day.

Ashland: Well, you care to elaborate?

Victoria: That was Jill. She wants to hammer out the details for the sale of ChanceCom to us. So, for now, it looks like we’ve won.

Ashland: Now, are you smiling because it’s a valuable asset or because you beat your father and brother?

Victoria: A little from column “A” and a little from column “B.” But I am very glad to have Newman’s old division back into the fold of Newman/Locke.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] Victor and Adam must be seething.

Victoria: Maybe, maybe, but I talked to my father, and I got the feeling that he was okay with it. Adam, on the other hand, is gonna be screaming bloody murder.

Ashland: And you will love that.

Victoria: Yes, I’m here for it, especially because if I get my way, ChanceCom is not the only company that Adam’s gonna lose.


Chloe: You said that you were learning something from her.

Sally: Yeah, how to swallow my pride and fake a pleasant demeanor.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] So we’re back to square one. I wanted you to develop a real working relationship with Chelsea.

Sally: Okay, relax. I’m kidding, alright? But the other side of gaining Chelsea’s trust is convincing her that I am not interested in Adam and that I am not threatened at all by her desire to get back together with him. So running out of here would be the wrong move entirely. I just need to stay put and maintain an air of calm and disinterest.

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