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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Trask asked Chad questions about the evidence he found. Chad didn’t want to answer the questions. Trask demanded that he answer the question. The judge told him to answer or he would hold him in contempt. Kate talked to Lucas about framing EJ. Lucas denied framing EJ. She said Lucas used her password on her computer to do it. He said he didn’t know her password. She said Chad told her. He said he knew Chad was going to say something. Lucas said he loved Sami and would do anything for her. He said he did everything he did because he loved her. While he was talking to Kate, Johnny was listening. Kate told Lucas that Chad was going to tell the truth during the trial. Lucas said Chad was okay with EJ getting in trouble. She said he would have been okay with EJ losing his job, he didn’t want him to go to prison. She said he didn’t want his family to be hurt. Chad told the judge he couldn’t answer her questions. Trask didn’t have anymore questions for him. Belle asked him questions. When Belle asked him about the papers, Johnny made sure Chad couldn’t talk. Lucas said he was going to do something. Kate said Chad wasn’t going to implicate him for what happened. Brady and Chloe showed up and wanted to know what Kate was talking about. Jake and Gabi went to see Victor. Maggie let them know she knew why they wanted to see Victor. They thought she was going to make they didn’t get what they wanted. She told them she wanted to make sure they made good on their promise.

Lucas told Brady and Chloe that they were talking about him finding her sooner. Chloe said Sami was safe. Brady thought he was back in town to testify against EJ. Brady said he was going to give that s.o.b. a taste of his own money. Brady wanted to talk to Kate. Chloe asked if Lucas was okay. She said he acted as if something was wrong with him. Abby wanted to make sure Chad was okay. She asked what happened to him in the courtroom. She said she could tell he wanted to say something, but Trask wasn’t letting him. Maggie told Jake and Gabi that their plan was a fine idea. They said they were surprised. Maggie said she cared about Titan and its future. Jake asked if she thought they were good for Titan. Maggie said Victor always wanted family to run the company, but he changed his mind. Jake said no one else could run the company. Maggie said Victor wanted a win. Jake said he wanted nothing more than to see his brothers go down. She said Victor wanted to make sure she was willing to team up with them. Gabi asked if she was willing. Johnny showed up in the court. He told EJ and Belle that Chad was a backstabber. He said Chad was going to turn against the family. Belle said she didn’t think Chad was going to turn against him. She said Chad was about to say something, but Trask wouldn’t let him. She said she was going to ask him about it as soon as court reconvened. Johnny brought up EJ signing his rights over to him. Belle asked EJ if he was sure about doing that. Abby wanted to know what Chad was going to say. He didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want her to be complicit. She said he was scaring her. He asked her to trust him. She said she did, but she was scared. They said they loved each other. Brady told Kate he was determined to find Philip in order to clear his name. She said she wanted him to call off the search. Lucas told Chloe that he wanted Sami to stay away from the case. Chloe asked if he would have been able to stop her. He said he did. Belle told Johnny and EJ that the stock transfer might be unnecessary if he is found not guilty. Johnny said it was necessary in case he was found guilty. He said the board was trying to get rid of EJ so he would be able to stop them from voting against him. EJ said it was only temporary. She wanted to look over the contract thoroughly first. Johnny told her he was his father. She went to find out when the case was going to convene. Johnny convinced EJ to sign the contract. Maggie said she was on board with Jake and Gabi if they could guarantee Victor a spot on the DiMera board. They said they thought they could get him a seat. Maggie said she would only go along with them if they could guarantee him a seat on the board. Brady asked Kate why she didn’t want to search for Philip. She said this would make her think Philip was dead. She said people were already looking for him. Brady said it would be better if more people were looking for him. He said he wasn’t going to give up searching for Philip because Chloe wanted him to be found. Belle talked to Chad about his testimony.

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