Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Sharon: It’s a slow night.

Noah: Yep.

Sharon: People usually come here for hot chocolate or coffee after skating and shopping. I mean, where are they all? This place is usually packed before Christmas.

Noah: Absolutely.

Sharon: Of course, I did sell those eight carrot cake muffins to the portly gentleman wearing a red and white fur coat. He was buying them for his reindeer.

Noah: Oh, well, that’s good.

Sharon: I’m so glad you’re home, Noah. You know, I was getting tired of you ignoring me in London. Now you can just ignore me right here in Genoa City.


Sharon: Are you sure you can’t be pulled away from your computer for a moment to talk to your family?

Nick: Yeah, Noah, you can continue to ignore us. I mean, we are just your parents. I’m sure you have other — actually, you don’t. We’re it. We’re your parents, man.

Noah: Come on, stop, stop.

Sharon: Well, we’re here. We’re ready to bond with you.

Noah: Oh, yeah? You guys have important information you want to share? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you were talking about carrot cake muffins before dad walked in.

Sharon: Oh, so you were listening a little.

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