B&B Short Recap Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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Recap written by Brenda

Ridge warns Thomas and Steffy not to let their guards down with Sheila. Sheila tries to ingratiate herself to Taylor by complimenting her extreme kindness. She tries to position herself as Taylor’s ally against Brooke. Taylor says Brooke isn’t her enemy. Sheila asks questions about Ridge and Brooke in an attempt to make Taylor resent Brooke’s position in Ridge’s life. Taylor insists that she was just happy to be with her family.

Sheila gloats to herself about tricking Brooke into drinking by switching the labels on the non-alcoholic and real champagne bottles. Brooke is tortured by memories of drinking on New Year’s Eve. She tells Hope that she can’t be around Deacon anymore. Hope doesn’t understand why her mother has suddenly changed her mind about allowing her father in the house. Ridge coaxes Brooke to tell him what happened on New Year’s Eve that has been bothering her. She finally admits that something did happen, but begins by saying she was alone at the time and warns him that he will be disappointed in her.

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