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Billy: Ah. Can I get another one, please? Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Ah, yeah, that explains it. Could feel the joy being sucked out of the room. What are you doing here?

Victor: Well, I certainly am not sitting at a bar in the middle of the day, wallowing in self-pity and my failures.

Billy: Thank you, sir.

Victor: Is that the first one?

Billy: Ah. I think you know it’s not. I’m having an adult beverage. There’s worse things a man can do.

Victor: [ Laughs ] You certainly would know, wouldn’t you?

Billy: You know, Victor, the last time I saw you, I was a groveling, sniffling mess.

Victor: You were.

Billy: I played the sacrificial lamb, laid myself at your feet, asking for mercy. That’s not gonna happen again.

Victor: Oh?

Billy: So if you’re looking for that today, you’re gonna be disappointed


Victor: So, Billy boy, i understand that Victoria and Ashland made a preemptive offer for ChanceCom.

Billy: That is right, they did.

Victor: Hmm. Good move on their part.

Billy: You know, when I came to you and offered to step down from ChanceCom in order to make sure that Llily could run the company on her own without interference, thought I was gonna hear from you. But now I understand that all you want to do is watch me squirm.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Wait for ChanceCom to lose some value so you can come in and swoop it up. Except now you have some competition.

Victor: Do you think that you mommy, Jill, is going to accept the offer?

Billy: Do you think that I’m gonna tell you that?

Victor: Do you know why i think Victoria made that preemptive offer? To spare you the humiliation of losing to Adam. In other words, Victoria came to your rescue. Huh? But no matter how you turn this, no matter what direction you will go in, you’ll have to face the music. You’re gonna have to pay the consequence of your actions.

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