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Abby: Sorry. Dominic was fussy.

Chance: What were you saying?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] I was saying I’m sorry that it took me so long to get dominic down. I thought you were probably bored down here, all alone, but it looks like you found a way to pass the time.

I sure did. Truth is, I asked dom for some help, right? I just needed him to keep mommy a little bit occupied so I could set up down here. Champagne?

Abby: Thank you. Should I be worried that our son, who’s only a few months old, is already plotting and hatching schemes?

Chance: Oh, no, no, no, no. He had the best intentions in mind.

Abby: What a thoughtful infant.

Chance: I know, right? And get this — he even gave the nanny the night off.

Abby: He’s already making personnel decisions, too?

Chance: Can you believe it?

Abby: [ Gasps ] Well, it looks like we’re almost all alone.

Chance: Hmm. “Almost”? What do you mean?

Abby: Your grandmother.

Chance: Ahh. See, jill is staying the night in chicago tonight. Work thing.

Abby: So it’s just the two of us…

Chance: Mm-hmm.

Abby: …All alone…

Chance: Mm.

Abby: …In this very big house. Whatever shall we do to pass the time?

Chance: Hmm.

[ Glasses clink ]

Amanda: Oh. I thought you were gonna spend the whole night in the shower. It must have felt good after your run, huh?

Devon: It felt great, yeah. What’s — what’s happening here? I thought we were gonna go out.

Amanda: Ah, well, that was a decoy.

Devon: A decoy?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: I smell something really good from the kitchen, too.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. I, um, wanted to surprise you, so I threw together some shrimp and snow peas and saffron rice. It has a little kick to it, so i hope you can handle the heat.

Devon: I think you already know the answer to that question.

Amanda: Mm. Good. And don’t get used to me cooking you gourmet dinners because after imani and I open the firm, I am gonna be very, very busy.

Devon: Ah. Well… now, I only see two plates here. What do you know that I don’t?

Amanda: Well, I know that moses is watching the game with nate. So it’s just the two of us tonight. Is that a problem?

Devon: No, I don’t have a problem at all.

Noah: [ Exhaling sharply ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Adam: Noah. Let me, uh — let me buy you a drink.

Noah: Uh…I don’t know.

Adam: So, you meeting someone? Or hoping to meet someone? I promise I won’t cramp your style. We can sit at opposite ends of the bar, if that helps.

Noah: Sure. Why not? I think you’ve earned that privilege.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: Mom! Mom?

Victor: What happened?

Nick: I got a text from mom. She said I got to come right over. What happened?

Victor: I have no clue. What’s that all about?

Nikki: I’ll tell you. I am sick and tired of the tension between the two of you. I’ve had enough of it, and the holidays are fast approaching.

Nick: [ Sighs ] That’s the emergency?

Nikki: Well, the two of you seem determined to ruin them over this ridiculous standoff, but not if I have anything to say about it. And believe me — I do. Serena: It’s my 3:10

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Nick: Mother, I love you, but I do not appreciate the phony urgent message.

Nikki: Well, I’m sorry, but it was the most efficient method I had in getting you here.

Nick: I’m sure dad doesn’t like it, either.

Victor: No, no, on the contrary. I think it’s good if you and i can talk things out, okay? And if your mother used some subterfuge to get you here, that’s alright.

Nick: Clearly you learned this trick from him.

Nikki: Look, I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep this family together, and i don’t need anyone’s influence or permission to do that.

Victor: Sweetheart, we appreciate your efforts.

Nikki: Good. I’m going to leave you to sort that out, but I will not be far in case there’s trouble.

Victor: Okay, okay. Mm-hmm. So, son, what’s up?

Nick: I mean, why even try? We have talked about this a thousand times. Nothing ever gets settled.

Victor: We haven’t talked about this a thousand times. We’ve talked about this once, at your sister’s wedding, in the heat of the moment. And since that time, you’ve been avoiding me.

Nick: I’ve been busy.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Well, so have I, son. That’s why I didn’t press the issue, okay? Now, I guess most other conflicts have been solved. I mean, chance is home. Abby has her family. Victoria is happily married to ashland locke. And billy boy was kept at bay.

Nick: Thanks to adam.

Victor: Yeah. Your mother was very effective in neutralizing billy boy abbott. She doesn’t like him, you know, especially after that exposé that billy boy published.

Nick: Well, I’m not gonna defend billy, especially to you.

Victor: Please don’T.

Nick: And I can understand why you would bring up my siblings. I mean, they all seem pretty cool with the way you’re behaving. You want to work things out with me, you begin by playing us against each other. Not a great start.

Noah: So, the real question is, did you come here hoping to meet someone?

Adam: Uh, that is the furthest thing from my mind at this point.

Noah: Mm.

Adam: All I’m focused on is the business and my son.

Noah: Yeah, but you got some holiday parties coming up, right?

Adam: Mm. A few.

Noah: So, who you taking? Now, I remember you brought sally to the wedding in italy.

Adam: Mm. No. We’re just colleagues. That was, um — that was all about getting the dress she designed in victoria’s hands. Why you asking about sally? Are you, uh, interested in her?

Noah: No. [ Clears throat ] No, I was — I was just wondering. Connor had mentioned that chelsea might be coming home soon.

Adam: I hope she does. Be good for connor… and for newman media.

Noah: But not for you?

Adam: [ Sighs ] The, uh — the way that we flamed out, that was enough to scare me away from relationships altogether. So I will leave the romance to people who are much better at it than I am.

Abby: Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

[ Indistinct speaking ]

[ Laughter ] Oh, look at this one. Honestly, I thought I was getting my floors cleaned.

Devon: I got to tell you, I was very, very impressed with how delicious that dinner was.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Uh-huh.

Amanda: Good, because i really wanted to surprise you. I didn’t want to go out again.

Devon: Oh, no, it was a great idea. We didn’t have to worry about running into anybody, and it could just be the two of us.

Amanda: Yeah. And it was nice to just decompress after the past few weeks that we’ve had.

Devon: I know, and if i haven’t said thank you enough for how patient you were while dominic was staying with us…

Amanda: You have thanked me many, many times. And you don’t have to, okay? Dominic is — he’s adorable, and he is the sweetest little baby.

Devon: I know, but it’s still not what you signed up for when you moved in here.

Amanda: Maybe it’s not, but, you know, I have to admit that i really have loved seeing that side of you. You know, I just — [ Chuckles ] You’re so sweet and nurturing, not to mention sexy as hell.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Well, I’m just happy that I was able to be there, you know, able to step up like that. I made a promise to dominic the day he was born that I’d always be there for him, so it’s — no. It’s good. I’m happy that chance is back home now and, you know, that everything can go back to normal.

Amanda: You know, um… I-I get it. I really understand why you have to put on a happy face for abby and for chance, but it’s just the two of us. You can tell me how you really feel.

Devon: That’s what I’m doing.

Amanda: No. I can tell that there’s a lot more in your heart that you’re not letting out. And you can trust me with this, okay? How do you feel now that dominic’s gone?

Devon: How do I feel? I mean, I got used to him being around here, so…

Amanda: And?

Devon: I miss him… every single day. I miss him so much that it hurts.

Abby: What are you thinking about?

Chance: [ Smooches ] Nothing. My, uh, mind just wandered a little.

Abby: I’m just wondering what put that frown on your face.

Chance: It’s nothing. I promise. [ Smooches ]

Abby: Okay. You don’t have to tell me. Or maybe you can when you’re ready, someday.

Chance: What I keep coming back to…you know, the thought that I’m stuck with… is the way that I left when i did. I just left. Then I was gone. We didn’t talk about it or anything. I mean, that’s just so unfair to you.

Abby: Yeah, it was a bit shocking, coming home and just finding a letter explaining what happened, why you were leaving. But that’s your sense of duty. It’s one of the things I fell in love with.

Chance: Yeah, that was my rationale at the time. It was my duty. I had to go. I mean, I don’t know. Looking back on it now, i just…

[ Sighs ] I think there might have been more to it.

Abby: What do you mean?

Chance: I mean, I think some of it had to do with what was going on between us.

Victor: Son, I honestly don’t know what you’re getting at. I mean, do you think that I have paid more attention to your siblings or what?

Nick: You know what? You can try and frame it like that, but that is not the case.

Victor: Mm.

Nick: I’m very glad that you’ve been able to help some of your children through some difficult times. I’m sure they appreciate the support. They may even think it’s gonna last.

Victor: You know that I’ll always be there for my children.

Nick: Yeah, but, see, your support is conditional. You know, it’s contingent upon us toeing the line. Vick and abby — they run businesses that you approve of. They’re in marriages that you approve of.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nick: Why you were cool with ashland I will never understand, but maybe it’s just enough that he’s not billy. And adam? Wow. I mean, what more could anyone ask for, right? He’s loyal, follows your rules, obeys your orders. He’s no longer with chelsea, who I know you never trusted.

Victor: Never will.

Nick: But I know this period of peace and tranquility is temporary because someday soon one of them’s gonna do something that you don’t like. They’re gonna make a business decision that you disagree with or get involved with someone that you don’t care for. And then the tables will be turned because no one’s really on super solid ground with you, dad. One disagreement, and all of a sudden you’re on the outside.

Victor: And you think that’s what I’ve done to you?

Nick: Yeah. I do.

Victor: Son, why would I kick you outside? I mean, I don’t understand that. Why? Because I didn’t ask you to join me in getting rid of gaines at victoria’s wedding? Or because I didn’t ask you to help me contain billy boy’s disturbance at the wedding? Was that the test that I didn’t pass?

Abby: Alright, so, I am a little confused. What was going on between us that sent you running off to spain?

Chance: Baby, I shouldn’t have put it that way. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you.

[ Sighs ] It was just — it was really hard on me, the feeling that i let you down.

Abby: What are you talking about? You’re the perfect husband.

Chance: No, I’m not. No, I’m not, abby. I failed you. I couldn’t give you a baby. I couldn’t do that for you.

Abby: No. But I thought that you had come to terms with what we had to do. I thought that you had made peace with it.

Chance: No, I — it was how I wanted to feel, not how I actually did.

Abby: Well, I wish you would have told me. I would have understood.

Chance: I know. I know, baby. And I’m — I’m sorry. I just wanted to explain what was going on in my head at the time. I-I hate saying it. I hate it. But it was almost a relief, you know, going on a mission. I knew I was good at that. At least, I thought I was good at that. But I never thought that I would be gone for so long. I thought it was gonna be a couple weeks, a month at tops, I promise.

Abby: Yeah. I thought that you’d be home before the baby was born.

Chance: I know. Me too. I understand if you’re angry at me. I mean, you have every right to be.

Abby: No. I have no room in my heart for anger because I am just so happy that you’re home. And, look, let me make one thing very clear. I wouldn’t have had a baby if it weren’t for you. I mean, this whole idea, this plan to start a family — that was all you. And I never would have been able to have the courage to follow through with it if I didn’t have your full support. So, yes, we did need help from friends to make our dream a reality, but when I look at our beautiful baby boy… all I see is this gift, this gift that you gave me. And when I thought that you weren’t gonna come home, that you wouldn’t be able to meet your son [Sighs] It killed me. So I just want you to know that, yes, you have some things that you’re going through, but you’re home. And I know that you are gonna be the most amazing father.

Amanda: I think that it’s perfectly normal for you to miss dom. You threw yourself into caring for him, and you have such a unique bond.

Devon: Yeah. I just — I never knew that — how much babies can communicate without even speaking. ‘Cause, like, I swear that i would — I would be able to know what he was feeling and what he was thinking and what his little sounds meant, you know, when he was tired or when he was hungry, and know, like, just the right things to do to get him to smile or to get him to go to bed. I’m sure chance will learn all that stuff, too.

Amanda: Yeah. I’m that he will. But I know that that doesn’t make it any less of a loss for you now that dom isn’t living here.

Devon: I don’t want you to get me wrong, either. I don’t want you to think that I’m not happy that chance is back ’cause I am.

Amanda: I know.

Devon: You know?

Amanda: Of course.

Devon: It’s just that everyone started to assume that I was gonna take over that role in dominic’s life. And even abby said it. She said that I’m — I’m the only father he’ll ever know.

Amanda: Well, that’s because she believed that at the time.

Devon: No, yeah, and so did I. Or I started to let myself believe it. I started letting myself believe that he’d call me dad one day. But he’s not gonna do that, and I have to let go of that idea. And I’m just — I’m — I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Amanda: It’s gonna be okay. Okay? You know, this feeling that you’re feeling right now, this pain — it’s just — it’s because you — you give away pieces of your heart. But that’s also what makes you such a good man.

Devon: I don’t know about that ’cause what I’m feeling seems like it’s selfish.

Amanda: No. No. It is not selfish. It is completely understandable. The bond that you have with dominic — it is not gonna change, no matter what he calls you. He’s always gonna know that you have his back. Devon, everyone that you love knows how lucky they are to have you in their lives. I hope you know how loved you are in return.

Devon: I know that I love you. Thank you.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nick: The situation in tuscany could have really backfired because you didn’t keep me in the loop. I was this close to disrupting victoria’s wedding.

Victor: But you didn’t, so why are you upset about it now?

Nick: I’m saying it could have been a disaster because i didn’t have all the information. You turned to adam and shut me out.

Victor: Has it ever occurred to you that adam might have been looking for an opportunity to prove himself, that he wanted to do something that made him acceptable to the family? You never had to do that.

Nick: Don’t I?

Victor: You have often disapproved of your father’s actions, both in regard to family matters and business, right?

Nick: Yeah. Well, I think it bothers you that I have a conscience.

Victor: Do you think I was going to discuss the subtleties of morality with you in tuscany, in the midst of that crisis? You walked around as if you didn’t want to be there! So I turned to adam to assist me.

Nick: And I had no say in that matter.

Victor: I honestly did not think that you were even interested in that matter. You didn’t want your sister to get married to that guy! Right? So I didn’t think you had any input!

Nick: And there it is. If you know I’m gonna disagree with you, then you don’t have any need for me, do you? Can you understand why that would bother me?

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Abby: What are you doing?

Chance: I don’t think this thing is working right.

Abby: Yes, it is.

Chance: Well, I mean, i haven’t heard a noise in a long time. Have you?

Abby: Because dom is fast asleep. Hey, do not jinx it.

Chance: Okay, I’m just, like, a little worried about —

[ Dominic cooing ] Oh.

Abby: There you go.

Chance: There you go.

Abby: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You feel better now?

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Don’t worry. You’ll get the hang of it. This is nice.

Chance: It sure is. I love it when it’s just you and me.

Abby: Yeah. That reminds me of when you were living in the hotel and we would stay up all night just talking about our future.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: [ Yawns ]

Chance: Oh, you’re not staying up all night tonight, huh, sleepy?

Abby: [ Laughs ] Yes, yes, i am because I have — I have some questions I want to ask you.

Chance: Yeah? Like what?

Abby: Like what can I do to make this transition easier on you?

Chance: Oh, baby. You’re doing everything that you can.

Abby: Mm.

Chance: I got to do some of it on my own. I’ll promise you one thing. I will never prioritize work over family again.

Abby: Good. But I know how important work it to you.

Chance: Yeah, well, I’m gonna have to find a balance when i go back to the gcpd.

Abby: You know, don’t ever change for me. Who you are is exactly who i want you to be. Mm.

Chance: Close your eyes. Rest.

Noah: You know, we got so many good shots right there on the coffeehouse patio. Tess was really happy.

Adam: So, you just turned crimson lights into your own personal studio?

Noah: Yeah.

Adam: Your mom must have loved that.

Noah: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, you know how she is. Supportive, always down to help out.

Adam: That sounds like sharon.

Noah: And we also talked about your job offer.

Adam: Yeah? What’d she say?

Noah: She reminded me that we all make mistakes, told me that I shouldn’t hold your past against you and I should treat this opportunity just like any other and give you the chance to prove that you’re being sincere.

Adam: I did not tell her to say that, by the way.

Noah: Yeah. I believe you. It was good advice, though. It got me thinking.

Adam: Any conclusions?

Noah: [ Sighs ] I’ve decided to take you up on your offer.

Adam: I’m glad to hear that.

Victor: I think you’re reading too much into what happened in tuscany, alright? I did what I had to do. There was a crisis. I solved it.

Nick: And I’m guessing you aren’t gonna apologize for that.

Victor: Why the hell would I? I did everything in my power to ensure your sister’s happiness during her wedding! Besides that, I know what your advice would have been.

Nick: And you didn’t want to hear it.

Victor: No, I didn’T. What if I had come to you and said, “son, I’d like your advice, okay? Give it to me. Aha. Well, I don’t like it now. I’m going in a different direction.” What would you have done?

Nick: It would have been a start.

Victor: To hell with it. You would never have accepted it.

Nick: It doesn’t matter because that scenario never would happen because you don’t want to hear opposing viewpoints.

Victor: I’ve made my own judgments ever since I was a little boy! I grew up without parents! I built a huge empire and a family! Do you think I’m gonna apologize for what the hell I do?! Is that your test for me? Is that what I failed? So be it!

Chance: [ Sighs ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Victor: Sorry, son, that things got a little heated, okay? But I get the feeling that you’re sitting in judgment of me. I guess you don’t like what I’ve said.

Nick: Ah, you’re not the first person to say that.

Victor: Oh?

Nick: Phyllis, uh… she said something like that. She said that I, uh [Sighs] Would give her ultimatums, uh, about being who she was or we end the relationship.

Victor: I honestly don’t give a damn what that woman thinks. I just hope that, uh, you realize that you and I can disagree with one another without disrespecting each other, right? I mean, by the way, you’re the one who avoided me. To be frank with you, that was hurtful.

Nick: Yeah, uh…I know. It was just… so you know, I wasn’t doing that out of anger or frustration. You know, I’ve been really looking at the situation, talking to sharon about it. I’ve come to accept the fact that I have a huge part of this blame. I guess I hold people to different standards. You know, if they don’t, uh, fall in line with me, then i tend to wash my hands of them.

Victor: Well, wait a minute. That sounds like something i would be accused of.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] It does, doesn’t it?

Victor: Yeah. It does.

Nick: Well, then I guess my problem is that we are not too different. Maybe we’re too similar.

Victor: Yeah, well, you know, maybe we are. I’ve heard adam complain about the fact that he never knows where he stands with me. I’ve heard your sister utter the same sentiments. I just am who I am, you know? Not gonna change. But, son…you know that I would give my life for any of you.

Nick: I know you would. You just don’t always want to hear from us.

Victor: To be very honest with you, I don’t, you know? And I’m sure you’ll never have this conversation with your kids. You know, I got to tell you something. The reason you won’t have that conversation with them is because you have always been loving with them. You’ve always been there for them, from the very beginning, always been reassuring, you know? I bet you they feel very sure of themselves because of you. Which means… I think, in many ways, you have been a better father than I have been.

Devon: What are the odds of us running into each other twice in one day, man?

Chance: Well, I guess we’re just lucky, huh?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. I’ll have what he’s having, please.

Chance: Oh, here. Have mine. I haven’t even touched it.

Devon: Oh. Is abby here?

Chance: No, she’s back at home, sleeping. Not a care in the world.

Devon: Amanda’s doing the exact same thing. And my question is, how do they do it?

Chance: Man, you are telling me. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. You know, the seven-hour time difference still has me jacked up a little bit, so…

Devon: I can imagine. I wish I had a good excuse like that. I just can’t turn my mind off.

Chance: Yeah.

Devon: Hey, are you okay? Like, you doing alright? ‘Cause it kind of seems like you’re not.

When you have nausea,

[ Glasses clink ]

Devon: I hope I didn’t offend you.

Chance: No, man, no. Ahh. That’s very perceptive of you, actually.

Devon: Yeah?

Chance: No. I’m not okay. And — and it’s getting harder to pretend like I am.

Devon: Who you pretending for?

Chance: Feels like everyone.

Devon: Even abby?

Chance: I mean, I can — I can talk to her about some of it, but not everything.

Devon: Well, that’s unfortunate, man, ’cause I know that she would want to know what’s going on with you.

Chance: Yeah. You’re right. She would.

Devon: Yeah. She’d want to help you.

Chance: She absolutely would. She’d want to reassure me that everything is great and that i haven’t done anything wrong. And in her eyes, I’m the perfect husband and the perfect father.

Devon: You don’t see yourself like that?

Chance: Not even close.

Devon: Okay. Well, I mean, the fact that she does — that’s a good thing, right?

Chance: It’s just not who i am, man. I let her down before our baby was even born. I mean, I failed her.

Devon: I don’t know how you figure that you failed anybody. You’re home. You made it. You’re alive. You know, you have a brand-new son. You got a great wife.

Chance: Do I deserve it? You know, I made commitments to abby and dominic. I’m gonna do everything that i can to try to live up to them. But — but the question is, can I?

Nick: I never meant for this to turn into a “who’s the better father?” Contest.

Victor: Well, if that were the only contest, I wouldn’t mind losing it, you know? You know that every father wants his son to be better than them. You know that. And you are. Now, I certainly was a better father than that son of a bitch albert miller. But that was a low bar to clear.

Nick: Well, it’s pretty damn impressive, you know. You didn’t have any parents to teach you how to be a father.

Victor: No, I certainly didn’T. I didn’t have a mother or a father, you know? I just remember those dreadful people in that damn orphanage. Yeah. However, whatever good I’ve done in my life, I must say i attribute some of it to your mother.

Nick: She is amazing. But don’t sell yourself short, okay, dad?

Victor: [ Sighs ] Yeah, but, you know, in very important moments in my life, she has always been there with very good advice. She has helped me a lot. But I got to tell you something, son. You make me proud to be a grandfather. When I see you with your kids, it makes me happy. Makes me proud. Come here.

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