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you are doing great, mrs. M. Does that mean dr. Finn will release me today? I was just coming by to give you the good news. I know you can’t wait to get home. But what about me? Oh, I — I’m gonna miss you, mrs. M. I will miss you, too, dr. Ashford.

[ Chuckles ] Aunt stella?! Wha…

[ Laughs ] In the flesh! Oh, and I’m so darn proud of you right now, my heart’s about to fly right out of my chest! Look at you! Ah!

[ Laughs ] Marshall: You could tell tj the simple truth — I came back here to reconnect with my family. We are not and never will be your family. Nice place you got here. Spare a few minutes for an old friend? Drew. Sorry I’m late. Oh. I was finishing up a presentation for my art class and I just lost track of time. You care about what you’re doing. That is a good thing. Still, I told you how tough professor leckie is. I don’t want to blow this. You won’T. Your professor already told you you were gonna get an “a” because of the wonderful exhibition you put on at ava’s gallery. The presentation’s just icing on the cake.

[ Singsong voice ] My daughter is the star of pcu.

[ Laughs ] If that’s true, then why do I feel like such a loser? Don’t be disingenuous. Prison bars are no impediment to you. Even with peter in solitary, you still got people on the inside that can reach him. Look, peter’s not even on my radar. Alright. So, we both know that his arraignment is today. And, um… peter could be vulnerable during transportation to the courthouse. You giving me a roadmap? What are you guys talking about? I just found out. I’m sorry. I haven’t seen you since before… since before we knew jason was dead. I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I wish peter had died when you pushed him down those stairs.

[ Respirator hissing,monitor beeping ] All those tubes, they — they don’t hurt him? He isn’t in any pain. Watching these sweet little babies probably reminds you of your own loss. Louise will be home someday. I just hope britt is saying the same thing to sasha and brando about their baby. I know how difficult these last few days have been for you. It’ll be all worth it if you’re here to tell us that we can take liam home today. That is why you’re here, right?

I’m sorry. Liam won’t be going home with you today. S-so tomorrow, then? Yeah, or the day after? Let’s start first with the results of liam’s eeg. I’m so sorry. The tests indicate liam has brain damage. Anna was just telling me that peter august, uh, his arraignment’s today. Any chance peter’s gonna confess and be locked up for life? I don’t know. I just was with him in pentonville, and he’s still under the illusion that he and maxie and their baby are gonna be reunited. Oh, my god. They have to find the baby first. Yeah. Okay, peter’s responsible for jason’s death. There’s no way in hell he’s going free.

[ Cellphone rings ] No. Excuse me. I have to take this.

[ Sighs ] Sonny. [ Scoffs ] I can — I can guarantee that peter august has no future. How could you feel like a loser? It can’t be your grades. You said that you were doing well in all of your classes. Has something changed? Kind of. What is it? You know that cam and joss are together. Mm-hmm. So are spencer and esme — since boarding school, I guess. And you’re feeling like the fifth wheel? We’re all supposed to go away for a weekend, and I already know that esme will take every opportunity to remind me I don’t have anybody in my life. Well, of course she will. You want to know why? Because she is threatened by your smarts and your talent. You have to say that. You’re my mom. Does it really bother you that much, not having a boyfriend? I thought I raised you to be independent and not attach your self-esteem onto someone else. You did. And you were my role model. After you and dad split up, you hardly dated anyone. You were all about me and medicine. Mm-hmm. Until you and curtis met up again. W-we’re not talking about me right now, trina. We are now. Oh. For a while, it seemed like you and curtis were getting serious, and now I hardly see you two together. What happened? Now, you better tell me that somebody let you know that I was alive. Well, sam came in about a month ago, said she got a call. Okay. She believed it was from you. She was convinced you were alive, man, and she couldn’t be reasoned out of it. Well, tenacity, that’s just sam’s middle name, right? Well, it paid off, ’cause here you are and not killed in a plane crash. Faked by peter august. So, that guy held you captive the whole time, huh? Not that I knew he was responsible, not until the very end. Peter never showed his face. Peter has been raising all kind of hell around here. I mean, disappearing from G.H. To elude the cops. He almost got nina and her friend killed when he set fire to her friend’s bar. And, of course, killing jason when that tunnel at cassadine island collapsed.

[ Sighs ] I guess it’s true what they say about the devil. That he’s busy? That he can multitask. I know how guilty you felt when you thought you had killed peter. But if he had died, then jason would still be alive. Jake would still have his dad. How’s he doing? He was already grieving franco, and now jason. It’s just more than any kid should ever have to process. Yes, it is. I’m so sorry. It’s infuriating knowing that peter is responsible for both franco and jason’s deaths. Peter’s in custody. And he’s gonna spend the rest of his life rotting in jail. I hope so. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. Is there anything you can tell me about liam’s condition that doesn’t breach hipaa? I’m afraid not. Yeah. That’s okay. I’m sure brando and sasha will tell me. I’m gonna stick around here just for moral support. I think that’s a really bad idea. Brain — brain damage? Are you sure? I mean, don’t these tests have a margin of error? You know that liam’s brain was deprived of oxygen during the placental abruption. Yes, and you thought that a cooling treatment would help give his brain a chance to recover from the trauma for 72 hours. Which was up this morning. So, the doctors took an eeg, and that test indicates the levels of liam’s brain activity. And? And the eeg test results indicate that liam has little to no activity in his brain.

Little or no brain activity? W-what does that even mean? Liam has no cognitive function. Or motor function. He has no capacity to think or grow. His life can only be sustained through machinery. I am so, so sorry. I mean, well, can’t we try the cooling therapy again? That should help, right? The outcome would be the same.

[ Voice breaking ] I mean, how do you know if you don’t try? Brando, sasha, the tests show an almost complete lack of brain activity. The cooling blanket won’t change that. But there must be some other therapy that will, right? Yeah. What about — what about surgery? Unfortunately, there’s nothing more that we can do for liam.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sobs ] Brando and sasha are speaking with dr. Westbourne and dr. Fleming right now. Yeah, I know. And they’re probably gonna want a friend around for support once they get their baby’s prognosis, good news or bad. Maxie, your heart is in the right place. But I’ve worked with patients for enough years to know how they react to news that they receive about themselves or a loved one. After sasha and brando speak with the doctors, they’re gonna want to come here to nicu to be with their baby. Just the three of them. To sit with the news, talk to each other. Celebrate…or not. You understand me? Yeah. You’re saying the best way for me to be a friend is to leave them alone for a while.

[ Monitor beeping ] Thank you. I didn’t know I needed a hug.

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t know how much I needed to see you smile.

[ Chuckles ] We should do this more often. Definitely. Let’s make a date for the next one.

[ Laughs ] I’ll be sure to invite your laugh.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Mm.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] It’s emergency. I have to go. Yeah, me too. I’m covering the E.R. Then I’m going your way. They just brought someone in. That was warden alvarez from pentonville. Is this about peter? He doesn’t know what happened, but peter’s on his way to general hospital. Oh. Oh, god, please tell me he’s dying. I don’t know. I got to go to the E.R. So, I’ll keep you posted. Hey. Do you know what happened to peter? My doctors in baltimore told me that I have completely recovered from my stroke. Wow. And that I can resume my normal activities. And you made G.H. Your first stop? Aren’t you fed up with doctors?

[ Scoffs ] Not when my great-nephew is one. What?!

[ Both laugh ] How’s molly? Wonderful. Busy championing the cause of justice and changing the world. I’d expect nothing less from her. Mm. Does curtis know you’re here? No. And I refuse to see him until I know what he’s hiding from me. Thomas jr.? What’s going on with your uncle? So, clearly, you are out of the P.I. Business and you are in the nightclub business. Yeah, brother. I, uh — I got tired of the constant daily stream of lies and — and — and cheating, you know? So, the owner, he just happened to be selling the place and I was ready for a change. I love it. I love it. I mean, this is a nice move. This place screams good times and good music. And happy reunions. So, when am I taking you and jordan out to dinner?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Hi. Anna! What are you doing here? Uh, visiting sasha and brando. What about you? Are you here for your phlebotomy treatment? Maxie, peter’s been brought here from pentonville. He’s in the E.R. What did the triage nurse say? Apparently, a guard found peter unresponsive in his cell. He was transferred to the prison infirmary. When he couldn’t revived, the warden called 911. But there’s — there’s no sign of trauma, there’s no injuries, there’s no blood anywhere on his body. Well, what do we got? Bp’s 80 over 40, pulse is 42, respiration’s 4 to 6 and shallow. Alright, let’s start him on a norepinephrine drip and run a toxicology panel. Tell me he’s gonna die. That his life will be cut short like franco’s and these next few breaths will be his last. I don’t know what happened to peter. Why should I? Uh, maybe because you and selina wu had your heads close together earlier. And then she approached me and said something cryptic about protecting family. The next thing I know, peter’s on the way to the hospital. Come on. Even anna thinks you know something. How could i possibly know? Please don’t do that. Well… I’m your wife. I deserve to know if you sought justice for jason. Alright. You deserve to know the truth. You’re right.

[ Whispers ] I put out the hit on peter. Curtis and I have jobs that keep us busy. So that’s why we’re taking things slow. Because of your jobs? Or because of me? Look, I know I was snarky when I learned that you were with curtis while still married to my dad. But I’m over it now, mom. Thank you, sweetheart. Uh, but that’s not the reason why curtis and i are taking things slow. He has a lot going on right now. Um…plus, the savoy. More important than you? Oh, my god. Is he seeing someone else? Did he go back to jordan? N-neither. And you know this how? I know this because curtis told me. So, what is it? Hello, dr. Robinson. I don’t know what to be sorry about more — your split with jordan or her health issues.

[ Sighs ] Jordan will be fine. It’s just gonna take some time. A lot of time, unfortunately. Any chance of you guys making your marriage work when she comes back to port charles? I’ll admit, seeing her so ill in that hospital reminded me that I still — I’m still in love with her. Mm. But I’m not willing to live with those secrets anymore. So, I made a break. Started over. I’m trying to start over, myself. Easier said than done, right? Yeah. Sam and I were over for months when peter faked that plane crash, and then I was held captive for two years after that. And yet as soon as I got hold of the guard’s phone, sam was the only person that I thought to call. That makes sense, man. She’s the mother of your child. She’s always gonna be important to you. She seems happy, and… that’s all I want for her. Well, just so you know… she never gave up fighting for you. She didn’T. She didn’T. She, uh, came all the way to crete, only went home because they told her peter shot me and they couldn’t recover my body. Peter august again. Staged the whole thing. Wow. He also took liesl obrecht prisoner, and britt needed help to rescue her mom, so she turned to jason. It just kills me the way things turned out. Now…jason is dead and I am here trying to figure out how to live my life in a way that honors him. I’m not sure what you mean. Uncle curtis is fine. Uh-huh. Then why is it that every phone conversation I have with him, I can tell he’s hiding something from me? Have you asked him? Of course. All I get is the classic curtis ashford dodge. Is it jordan? Has she taken a turn for the worse? No, no. Mom is doing okay. Molly and I visit her at least once a week. This has nothing to do with her. Ah! Then you do know something about your uncle.

[ Sighs ] No, don’t you look away from me. Come clean and tell me how I can help my nephew. There is nothing that you can do for our baby? Nothing? We could wait and see, right? Give liam a chance to improve on his own. Sasha… liam’s brain doesn’t have the capacity to improve. He suffered a significant trauma that ensures he will not be able to breathe without help or eat without a feeding tube. Liam will likely suffer from seizures. Look, all this means is that liam will need lots and lots of care. And we can handle that. Whatever the challenges. With a lot of love, a lot of hard work, w-we can give liam a better life. Yeah. Okay? I think we need to take some deep breaths and wrap your heads around this… and be realistic. I think we are. You still have some important decisions to make for your son.

the only decision brando and I have to make is when we’re gonna take our baby home. There is — why don’t you two take some time to process what you’ve learned? We have two specialists from other hospitals confirming the eeg results just to be double sure. But just know right now your baby is getting the best possible care. And may we speak to these other specialists? Of course. And we also have counselors and social workers on hand for help. I think dr. Collins is available. We could have him come in — no, no, I-I don’t need to speak to dr. Collins. I need to see my son. So do I. Of course. I know. I know I should have told them what needs to happen next with their son, but I-I just couldn’T. Not yet. You heard that peter’s been brought in? Yeah. How is he? Do you know? What’s happening? How is he? This isn’t some trick, is it? Where he’s faking being sick and then uses everyone’s distraction to escape? It’s not a trick. Peter’s in critical condition. I managed to stabilize him, but all I can do now is wait for his test results. Okay, I just saw him at pentonville, and he was fine. He was getting ready for his arraignment, given a preliminary examination, it’s very possible that peter ingested a toxin. What, like he did to chase? Someone poisoned him? It’s possible. Again, it’s too soon to say for sure. May I speak to you for a second? Whoa. Peter was terrified someone would get to him in prison. Maxie: I need to talk to you about peter. I just came from seeing that bastard. What’s on your mind? Okay, well, I want to know what you’re gonna do about him. I want him dead. Looks like he was right. Thank you for telling me the truth. And thank you for doing what you did. So many people are gonna be grateful, especially maxie and drew. That son of a bitch has to die. I think justice would be better served if peter suffered a slow and painful death. That’s actually what I promised peter. I just didn’t know, like, when or how it was gonna happen. Well, I know who you are now, and why you were asking all those questions about curtis.

[ Chuckling ] Well, I, uh… I apologize for being so — uh, what should I say? — Disingenuous about my identity. I was trying to find out how curtis might react to my return. And I heard it did not go very well for you. No, no, it, uh — it didn’T. Uh, not that I’m blaming curtis. As well you shouldn’T. Mom, what’s going on? Oh, forgive me for not introducing myself. I’m marshall. Marshall ashford. Curtis’ father. I’ve been where you are, my friend. Yes, you have. You’ve lost your brother, as well. That grief stays with you, so if there’s anything I can do to make it easier for you, man, you let me know. I will. Thanks, man. Now, other than jordan, how’s everything going? I saw you studying your tablet earlier. Looked like it was delivering some bad news. Yeah, I was trying to look into someone’s background and I kept coming up empty. Can you tell me what it’s about? Maybe I can help. It’s about someone that I thought was dead, and it turns out he’s alive. It happens.

[ Chuckles ] Unlike with you… I wasn’t happy to see this person. Who is it? My father.

It must be really hard to stay professional while you’re treating peter. It’s not easy. But I have a job to do, no matter who the patient is. Even if that patient killed your husband? Normally, the hospital wouldn’t let me within 100 feet of him. But we’re understaffed and everyone else is with other patients. I’m sorry, elizabeth. I shouldn’t have brought it up. All you did was say it out loud. I always think about what peter did to franco… and then compounded the grief and misery by framing jason for his murder. Jason. Another person peter killed. Leaving jake without a dad. Jake must be devastated.

[ Scoffs ] He’s a mess, seesawing back and forth between grief and anger. I’m getting him counseling, but it’s not fair that my kid should have to struggle with all this loss while peter’s benefiting from the very best medical care. I’m so sorry, elizabeth. But you understand, right? Because of peter, your daughter’s missing. Doesn’t at least part of you want to let peter die? Peter’s still alive. There’s nothing I can do to treat him until I confirm he’s been poisoned. Let’s hope that takes a really long time. So, I just spoke to warden alvarez, and, uh, he’s treating peter’s cell as a crime scene. So, if someone tried to kill him, they’re going to identify that person. Oh, so they can award them the medal of freedom? I just wonder how long jason was alive under that collapsed tunnel, just — just thinking, like… when he’s gonna die. I don’t want to think about that. No, I know. I know. And that’s why you concentrate on your work and all that, but sometimes that doesn’t work. And I know that, uh… …peter’s death doesn’t make up for all the pain that he’s caused you. The pain that he’s caused us. I assume this lovely young lady is your daughter. And I’m getting the feeling that my mom doesn’t like you. Maybe you should go. Yeah, that’s my daughter. She’s very opinionated. It’s okay. I get that reaction a lot. You see, I left curtis and his brother and his mom when curtis was a very, very young child. Um, and they thought I was dead. That’s terrible. I know. Which is why curtis’ and my reunion wasn’t a happy one. Gee, I wonder why.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, uh, I’m still hoping I can find my way into curtis’ good graces.

[ Sighs ] Well, maybe don’t rush things. Give him time to process the fact that you are alive. Let him come to you. That is very sound advice, dr. Robinson. Although, no one’s ever accused me of listening to sound reasoning. Pleasure meeting you. Good to see you again, dr. Robinson. Mm. Yes, we have to stop bumping into each other like this.

[ Chuckles ] So, that’s why your relationship with curtis has been back-burnered. He’s dealing with his dead dad suddenly coming back to life. I could give him a few pointers. Do me a favor and don’T. I understand why curtis is uncomfortable being around his father… but why are you? My father was gone for decades. Suddenly shows up in port charles asking questions about me. And then when dear old dad finally shows his face, he says that he wants to be a family. Now, that burns me up. There’s absolutely no way that he can make up for the lives that he changed when he left. Did he mention where he’s been all these years? Not even a word. So I’ve been trying to find answers. But unfortunately, none of the search engines that I’ve been using have been helpful. There’s plenty of marshall ashfords… huh. …But none that fit his description. How would someone go about not having any information online? You think he’s been using a different name all this time? That’s what I’m thinking. Can I offer a suggestion? I think you’re too close to this. And when that happens, sometimes you don’t see things clearly. Why don’t you let me help you research your father? Alright, curtis is dealing with something. I knew it. He didn’t tell you because he was afraid it would upset you. Upset me how? Like give me another stroke? The thought crossed his mind. It’s that bad, then? No, it’s not bad. It… it’s just unexpected. Well, what is it?! It’s not my story to tell, auntie. I know you just want to help curtis, but you’re gonna have to talk to him about this yourself. And what if he won’t tell me? Then it means he isn’t ready to. And you’ll have to back off. Which — which I know is not part of your dna. My job, thomas jr., Is to support curtis with whatever he’s going through. It started when he was a little boy, and it hasn’t ended just because he’s a grown man. That is why we love you so much. And I love you, too, for too many reasons to count.

[ Chuckles ] And one of them is your loyalty to curtis and not giving up his secret.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you’d be upset with me. Just the opposite. True loyalty is a very rare gift indeed. I saw brando and sasha on their way to the nicu. I assume the news isn’t good about their baby. No. Who better to deliver it than the “britch”? No one calls you that anymore. I feel so badly for brando and sasha. And I think I just made things worse. How? Because I wouldn’t let dr. Fleming speak. I could tell they weren’t ready to hear just how limited liam’s options are. But I’m afraid that withholding that information, I-I gave them false hope. Which only makes things worse for them. Brando: Liam can’t be brain-damaged. I mean, you take all the tubes away, and he looks like any other normal, healthy boy, just like he could wake up any second. He will wake up. He’s our strong-willed warrior.

[ Respirator hissing, monitor beeping ] Sasha… hmm? Never mind. It’s not important.

I thank you for your offer, but you just got back to port charles, okay? You’ve got to figure out what your next move is. And I know you want to spend time with your daughter. You and scout got a lot of catching up to do. Mm. She didn’t remember me when she saw me. But I-I am gonna make sure — I’m gonna make sure that we get to know each other again, believe me. That’s what I’m saying. Priorities. Yeah, but spending time with my daughter’s not gonna take up every second of every day.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I’ll think about it. But in the meantime, go have fun with your little girl. Yeah, it’s gonna be a pleasure, let me tell you. Thinking about scout just kept me going while I was in that cell all that time. You know, she wasn’t with me physically, but she was still with me. She was here… and right here. Alright, man. Great to see you. Good to see you, brother. Talk soon. Marshall ashford makes me uncomfortable because when he first arrived to port charles, he was asking questions about curtis without revealing his true identity. And curtis was angry that he was sneaking around behind his back. And now, after learning that his father has been alive for all these years, he just feels like his life has been upended. Don’t blame him. Curtis’ father pretended to be dead much longer than yours. And your dad only did it to keep you safe from cyrus renault. Maybe mr. Ashford had a good reason, too. Well, if he did, he’s not saying what it was. And as much as dad was away because of work, he was a huge part of my life. He was always there when I needed him. He sure was. But curtis… wow. He didn’t even have a father growing up. Curtis byron ashford!

[ Laughs ] Come here and give me a hug. Aunt stella! Oh, my goodness. You’re the second greatest surprise of the day. You mean I’m not the first? Okay, so how you feeling? You feeling okay? I’m healthy and strong and ready to hear what’s going on with you. No more secrets. You hear me?

[ Dramatic music plays ] You don’t have to stay and hold my hand. I’m sure you have better things to do.

[ Chuckles ] This is where I’m supposed to be right now. You think I haven’t been where you are? Forced to give parents bad news? I know when they can take it and when they can’T. And never in a million years did I think I’d be saying this to you, dr. Westbourne, but you did right by brando and sasha. You have nothing to regret. You showed that young couple grace. And right now, they need all the grace they can get.

[ Respirator hissing, monitor beeping ] There were a million reasons to eliminate peter, even before what he did to jason. This is for all of them. And jason. He will be avenged. Thank you. We — we just have to wait for anna to confirm… …that peter is gone for good.

[ Respirator hissing, monitor beeping ] I need to check on mr. August. I mean, not so long ago, you didn’t know whether you’d killed peter. Now you’re trying to save his life. The irony isn’t entirely lost on me. No. The best thi ng that could happenfor everyone is that peter dies. Then we would all be free of him. Oh, boy. I don’t disagree. I mean, I don’T. Th-there’s so many of us who’ve been harmed by him. And then the ones who didn’t survive him. The ones whose lives peter stole. For franco. For jason. Let him die.

[ Respirator hissing, monitor beeping ]

[ Plastic rustling ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] [Door opening]

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