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Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Hey, jack! Hi!

Jack: Hey.

Phyllis: Looks like we have the same idea — drinking coffee in the afternoon. You want to join me? I mean, it could be us, you know, trying to get back to normal, that thing.

[ Chuckles nervously ] I’ll pay.

Jack: I’d love to. I can’T. I just stopped by to get some coffee and snacks before I fly to spain with ashley.

Phyllis: Oh, you’re going to spain? Why?

Jack: It’s abby. She’s having a tougher time dealing with the loss of her husband than any of us realized. She just left town.

Phyllis: Oh, and you think that she might be in spain?

Jack: Chance was in valencia when his safe house blew up, so we’re hoping that maybe she’s there trying to prove that he didn’t die, which breaks my heart.

Ashley: Hi. Thanks.

Victor: Here to say goodbye?

Ashley: Well, I’m all ready to go. Yes. I’m packed. And by the way, jack’s coming with me. I hope that’s not a problem for the jet manifest.

Victor: Mm. Well, I’m sure jack is as concerned about the whole situation as we all are.

Ashley: Yes.

Victor: But after what devon and I found in abby’s motel room, I’ve changed my mind.

Ashley: What do you mean? What did you find?

Victor: A military pin that I’m sure belongs to chance. And she accidentally left it behind.

Ashley: Which confirms what we were thinking — she went to spain to find chance.

Victor: Which means I’ve changed my mind about how we will handle things. Jack’s no longer needed to come along with you. I’ll be there with you.

Ashley: Well, I thought we agreed that I would go, to appeal to her as her mother.

Victor: Well, now her father will be there, as well.

Sharon: Okay, I am headed back to the coffeehouse, and i will see you later. Hello? Noah? Do you have your ear buds in? Noah, is everything okay?

Noah: Sorry. I was just, uh — I was just thinking.

Sharon: Yeah, I can see that. That’s been happening a lot lately. What’s wrong?

Noah: Nothing. Just zoning out. You know us artist types.

[ Chuckles ]

Sharon: I’m not sure I do know. Why don’t you tell me more about that?

Noah: Mom, I’m fine. Really. I’m gonna go for a run. That always helps clear my head. I’ll see you later, okay?

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Nick: Abby’s in spain? I thought she was just going away for a couple days to deal with her grief.

Devon: No, your dad and i think that she’s convinced that chance is alive.

Nick: But you said you’d talked to her and gotten her to accept chance’s death.

Devon: Yeah, we thought we did, but she’s talked herself back into it, and now she’s off looking for him.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Damn it.

Devon: I know. She slipped a note under my door saying she’s gonna be gone longer than expected, and then your dad tracked her down to a motel, but she was gone by the time we got there. And no one’s heard from her since.

Nick: You don’t think there’s any way, though, that chance could have gotten out of that building alive?

Devon: Not according to christine and the state department, no. I mean, he’s — he’s been presumed dead.

Nick: [ Sighs ] That just means when she does finally accept the truth, it’s just gonna devastate her even more.

Devon: Yeah, and that means it’s gonna be devastating for dominic, too. If you’re washing with the bargain brand,

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[ Knock on door ]

Sally: You wanted to see me?

Adam: Have a seat.

Sally: What’s up?

Adam: I understand from our social-media team that you have become quite the hot commodity.

Sally: Well, the rumors are true. I’ve gotten a ton of new followers on my personal accounts, and my e-mail has been blowing up with request for interviews and desperate brides clamoring for a copy of victoria’s wedding gown.

Adam: Well, normally I would prefer my staff to create stories instead of being subjects of them, but I think we need to capitalize on this. I think we need to take the opportunity to add to the newman media success story.

Sally: Yeah. I agree. What, uh, do you have in mind?

Adam: Well, you and chloe had an idea early on to make you an on-camera personality, create video content for newman fashions that people won’t want to miss. I think it’s an opportune time to pull the trigger on that.

Sally: Really?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I want to monetize public interest in you and generate increased traffic. Are you still interested in that kind of exposure?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Oh, man. I — I don’t know. I mean, you know me. I’m a total introvert, and i kind of prefer to stay behind the scenes, so I —

Adam: Seriously?

Sally: No. [ Laughs ]

Adam: So, I can count on you and chloe to run with this?

Sally: Yeah, absolutely. What’s the budget?

Adam: [ Inhales sharply ] Uh, well, come up with a proposal, and we’ll talk.

Sally: Okay, well, I already have a ton of ideas because, frankly, this was kind of my plan from the beginning.

Adam: I always suspected that you had one.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: You’re too driven to leave anything to chance.

Sally: I’m gonna take that as a compliment.

Adam: It was meant as one.

Sally: You know, my big master plan went through one big change along the way, though.

Adam: Oh, yeah? What’s that?

Sally: You. I’ve given up hope that we’re ever gonna see each other outside of the office.

Tessa: Oh, hi!

Sharon: I saw your drink order on the counter, and i thought I’d bring it over.

Tessa: Oh, well, thank you.

Sharon: How’s mariah?

Tessa: Uh…well, you know, she’s throwing herself into work, more projects, more hours.

Sharon: Mm, I figured as much. She’s kind of hard to get a hold of. Should I be worried?

Tessa: This thing with abby, her leaving the baby with devon without giving mariah a heads-up — uh, it threw her. I think she’s feeling lost again. So, maybe it’s a good thing that she’s working so much. I mean, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m trying to be there for her, but, you know, I’m busy, too. I’m finishing up my first lp.

Sharon: Oh, right. I heard about that. That’s exciting. And noah told me that you asked him to collaborate on the artwork.

Tessa: Oh, yes. I want him to say yes so bad!

Sharon: I’m so glad that you asked him to do that. Noah could use a new project, too. He’s been a little down since he got home, and I suspect he had some heartbreak in london that he isn’t willing to talk about yet.

Nikki: Well, hello, ashley.

Ashley: Hi.

Nikki: You ready to leave for spain?

Ashley: I am.

Victor: So am I.

Nikki: What? I thought —

Victor: I have decided to go along with ashley.

Ashley: But you understand that time is of the essence because abby has a head start. You said yourself you can’t leave until later today because of business, but I’m leaving here and I’m going straight to the airport.

Victor: Adam can take over for me. So I’m free to go.

Nikki: I don’t understand. Why the change of heart?

Victor: Because I’m afraid that abby will take unnecessary risks.

Nikki: Why would you think she would put herself in danger?

Victor: Because I know abby, okay? Once she makes up her mind to do something, she won’t let go. Ashley knows that. That’s why she’s flying to spain to bring abby home, right?

Ashley: Well, yes, hopefully, but finding that military pin does not change our agreed-upon plan, victor, and I just don’t see the point of us both going to europe.

Victor: I’m her father. I want to be there.

Nikki: If abby is in a heightened emotional state, she might be more receptive to her mother.

Ashley: I agree with nikki. I’m afraid that if we both go there to see her, she’s gonna feel like we’re ganging up on her, and that’ll just make abby dig in her heels, right?

Victor: Wait a minute. Jack’s presence will do the same.

Ashley: No, because when i speak with abby, I’ll be speaking with her alone.

Nikki: Also, if you stay here, darling, you will have all of your investigative resources at your fingertips. So, if ashley should run into some trouble, you can call in a favor with one of your many connections. I mean, abby will be in a different country, a foreign country, trying to stay under the radar.

Ashley: I think it would be best if we just work together as a team and play to our strengths, right? If she’s in spain, I promise you I will find her and I will bring her home.

Victor: [ Sighs ] So, you want to go to valencia alone? Alright. Call me when you get there, okay?

Ashley: Yes. I promise I will keep you informed. Alright. Here I go. Wish me luck.

Nikki: Don’t hesitate to contact us day or night, and please be careful.

Ashley: I will. It’s gonna be okay.

Nikki: You made the right call. It couldn’t have been easy.

Victor: Well, I gave in because I guess it’s something that ashley wants to do by herself.

Nikki: Well, she won’t be alone. Jack is going, too.

Victor: Well, I have no issue with jack going. He and ashley are close, so that’s alright. I guess I’ll stick around and, uh, help devon in case he needs support with the baby, you know?

Nikki: Well, this is quite a change for you. Normally, you’d want to be controlling everything.

Victor: Yeah. I still am.

Your heart is at the heart

of everything you do.

Nick: Maybe I should just go to spain myself and find abby on my own.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Devon: Hang on one second.

Nick: Yeah.

Devon: Just one second. Mr. Newman.

Victor: Devon.

Devon: Come in, please.

Victor: Thank you.

Devon: Absolutely.

[ Door closes ]

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: Hey, dad. Devon was just filling me in. What is the latest on abby?

Victor: Ashley’s on the way to spain to try to talk abby out of searching for chance. That’s a hopeless cause, you know? Jack went along to support her.

Nick: Well, I’m surprised you’re not going. I know how important family is to you.

Victor: Very important to me, okay? I’ve decided I can do more good staying at home.

Nick: Oh, yeah. No doubt.

Victor: Talking about family, how’s noah doing now that he’s back home? Is he adjusting or what?

Nick: Fine, as far as I can tell.

Victor: Your mother and i haven’t seen much of him.

Nick: His cellphone number hasn’t changed, dad. You should call him. We’ll wrap up our business later. Let me know if you hear anything about abby.

Devon: Absolutely.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Devon: Is everything okay with you guys?

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ]

Devon: Sensed some tension.

Victor: Yeah, well… yeah. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Devon: You sure about that? I’ll listen if you want to talk about it. I don’t mind.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Nicholas seems to think that i use my children, you know, to my own benefits, that I manipulate them, that I pit them against each other so it creates tension, then I use that tension for my own good. And nothing could be further from the truth. You know? I don’t like this kind of tension between me and my son and my children. I hate it. I grew up without a damn father. Didn’t know my mother very much. And I’ve always been very protective of my children, apparently unbeknownst to them. So this bothers me enormously. But being protective is part of being a father. One day, you’ll find out.

Devon: I can only imagine. I really can. I mean, having — having never been a father myself, I can’t really give you good advice, i guess.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Now you will have a chance. When dominic grows up, you’ll find out, you know?

Devon: [ Exhales sharply ]

Victor: You know that he needs a strong father figure now that chance is no longer around.

Devon: I do. And you know that I would do anything in the world for that boy.

Victor: It makes me happy to hear that.

[ Door opens ]

Noah: [ Breathing heavily ]

Faith: Thought I smelled something.

Noah: [ Grunts ] Yeah, at least I’m getting outside. Admit it — you just woke up.

Faith: Wrong. I’ve been at school and the coffeehouse and done all sorts of things.

Noah: Ah.

Faith: Ew! You’re getting sweat on the sofa. So, what are you gonna do now? Stare up into space the rest of the day?

Noah: You know, I just might.

Faith: Maybe you should tell someone about what’s bugging you.

Noah: So, when did you turn into mom?

Faith: Trust me. If you keep up the couch zombie routine, she’s gonna be on your case even more than she already is.

Noah: [ Scoffs ] I can’t complain too much, considering I brought it on myself. Now, if you couldn’t tell, I’m not great at hiding my feelings.

Faith: Maybe because you’re a terrible liar.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Faith: Which isn’t a bad thing, but if you talk to someone, you can honestly tell mom that you got it off your chest, which might calm her down.

Noah: I can see you’re the expert.

Faith: Remember what my whole last year was like? I’ve got a phd in mom-handling. So if you need a sounding board, I volunteer. No judgment. Plus, I promise I won’t tell anyone. Deal?

Jack: When we find abby, if we find abby, the plan is to convince her to come back to genoa city for dominic’s sake. I don’t want ashley going alone. The situation’s so volatile. Both of them — the stakes are so high. If they need me, I want to be there for them.

Phyllis: Your family’s very lucky to have you. Really. You always go above and beyond for the people you love.

Jack: Thanks.

Sharon: Um [Clears throat] Two coffees, and here’s your sandwiches. I threw in some cookies and some fruit.

Jack: You are the best. Thank you very much.

Sharon: You know, abby’s been through so much. My heart really goes out to her.

Jack: Yeah.

Sharon: I hope you find her.

Jack: Thanks. Ash and I just want to bring her home, where she’s surrounded by friends and family. That way, she can heal.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: Anyway, I got to go. I told ashley I’d meet her at the airport, and I don’t want to keep her waiting.

Phyllis: Bring abby home safe.

Jack: Thanks. I appreciate the support.

Phyllis: What?

Sharon: You tell me.

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Phyllis: Um, listen, sharon. I don’t want to play games with you. If you have something to say, just say it.

Sharon: I’m just wondering what’s going on with you and jack because the two of you seem so close — and just a few short days after you and nick called it quits.

Phyllis: What are you implying?

Sharon: I’m just making an observation.

Phyllis: Okay, well, first, um, my relationship with jack is none of your business. Second, you know that jack and i are friends, and he’s been a great friend to me during this breakup with nick, a very, very good friend, as I’m sure you’ve been there for nick, too. And I’m not going off on you, am I? So zip it.

Sharon: Wow, that’s a bit of a vehement reaction to just a simple question. Unless you’ve been asking yourself the same ones.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? I don’t need your analysis, sharon.

Sharon: Well, I would just hate to find out that nick got hurt because you decided to rekindle an old relationship.

Phyllis: That is a cheap shot. I am heartbroken over my breakup with nick. So I think it’s best if we just move on and get on with our lives, okay?

Noah: When I was in london, i met this girl, ended up falling pretty hard. She was an artist, too.

Faith: That must have been great, having so much in common. Kind of like moses and me. You know we’re going out, right?

Noah: Yeah, rey mentioned it.

Faith: We like a lot of the same stuff, especially music, which gave us a good basis to build our friendship on. Plus, it’s fun.

Noah: Yeah, it was definitely like that — for a while, at least. We, uh, were kind of competitive with each other, in a healthy way. We’d critique each other’s work, but then we’d also go to each other’s showings, celebrate the success. Living the dream.

Faith: So, what happened?

Noah: I’m not exactly sure. I think that’s why I’ve felt so preoccupied lately, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Faith: Any thoughts?

Noah: My only guess is i started getting more commissions and more openings, more good reviews than she did. I think she started to resent me for it. Things got ugly. We had some bitter, nasty fights. By that time, I — you know, i was already in love with her. So when she left… I was crushed.

Faith: I’m so sorry, noah. That’s so unfair. You deserve someone who will cheer you on when good things happen, not get all petty and jealous.

Noah: People are complicated. Success is complicated. You think you want it, and then once you get it, you realize that it changes very little. And you’re still the same person you always were, but trying to explain that to somebody who hasn’t made it yet… she accused me of patronizing her and… I really wanted it to work out, too, but she didn’T. So then london just became this place filled with memories that I didn’t want to relive. “We had a fight in that restaurant. She walked out of this showing. We made up on that bridge.” And then one day we just — we just didn’t make up at all.

Faith: So, you can’t stop thinking about this woman because what? You want her back?

Noah: I definitely don’t want all the turmoil back, but… I mostly just — I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

Faith: Then don’T.

Noah: Wow. Okay. So, it’s that simple. Why didn’t I think of that?

Faith: Okay, look. Maybe instead of stewing about this endlessly, you get off your butt and you come to crimson lights with me. There’s nothing that caffeine and carbs can’t fix.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Faith: Deal?

Noah: You know, you’ve gotten really wise in your old age.

[ Laughs ]

Faith: But first shower, or they won’t let you in.

Noah: Okay. Yeah.

Faith: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said in tuscany. How you put the brakes on things and told me that you weren’t in the right place to start a new relationship. And at the time, I told you that I was holding out hope that you would come around.

Adam: And now you are not.

Sally: I’m poised to have an incredible career, thanks to you and chloe, and I have worked my tail off for this opportunity. And for once, I don’t want to mess that up. And even though I’m drawn to you…I’ve come to accept having boundaries at work. And I don’t want things to get weird between us. So, I’m glad to be colleagues and friends and to focus on my impending success.

Together forever and

never to part

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nick: What’s going on?

Phyllis: Oh, uh, sharon seems to think that we broke up because of jack. I told her to keep her nose out of it. But I think it’s interesting that we’re such a popular couple here in genoa city. Everybody seems to have an opinion as to why we didn’t last. And I think we can agree that that’s nobody’s business but ours, right? And everybody else can keep their nose out of it.

Nick: So, why are you so upset?

Phyllis: Why am I so upset? Because we failed. I failed. And nobody but us should pass judgment. That’s for sure.

Sharon: Methinks she protests too much.

Nick: I’m not gonna talk about this with you, for obvious reasons.

Sharon: Fine. Let’s not talk about phyllis. But I do think we should have a conversation about our son.

Nick: What about him?

Sharon: Well, noah’s been doing a lot of sitting around the house. And it’s not like him to mope. I’m beginning to think this is serious.

Nick: Isn’t any break-up at that age serious?

Sharon: Not necessarily. But, you know, he’s being really vague. I can’t get any details out of him.

Nick: Sometimes that’s the way dudes are, you know? We don’t talk about everything, which is why I don’t want to talk about phyllis with you.

Sharon: Well, your break-up is recent, so that’s understandable. But noah — I don’t know. He’s been home for a little while, and I’m starting to think that whatever happened in london hurt him more than he’s willing to talk about.

Nick: Well, maybe it’s something that he needs to work out on his own. You know, he’s a grown man. He’s a very smart one. He’ll figure it out.

Sharon: Well, as his mom, it’s my instinct to want to help him, no matter how old he is.

Nick: Yeah, something tells me that’s never gonna go away.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Let’s hope not.

Tessa: Hi, mariah. Here for your daily pop quiz. What is your favorite thanksgiving pie? Is this painful for you? Because I figured, if it was embarrassing, then you would just have to re– ugh. Oh, god. Delete, delete, delete. That is the definition of “trying too hard.” Oof.

Noah: Hey, you.

Tessa: Hi!

Faith: Hey!

Tessa: Hey! Pull up a chair! Oh, you guys are saving me from further humiliation. It’s so good to see you guys.

Noah: It’s good to see you, too.

Nick: Noah looks okay to me.

Victor: Hey, son.

Adam: I thought you were going to spain with ashley.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Does this mean you found abby?

Victor: [ Exhales heavily ] Ashley’s on her way to bring her back. But I decided to stay put. There are some things we need to discuss.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Let me guess. You heard from our friend at chanccomm?

Victor: I did, you know? He came groveling, true to form.

Adam: Did he accept our offer?

Victor: Well, he made an offer of his own.

Adam: [ Chuckling ] Oh. Oh, man, this — this has got to be good.

Victor: He said he would step back from chanccomm, if we backed off, and let lily run the place.

Adam: Uh-huh. What does “back off” mean?

Victor: That means no sabotage, no retaliation, no lawsuits.

Adam: [ Inhales deeply ] What do we get out of it?

Victor: What do you think? We watch him resign publicly.

Adam: I can see that you like that idea.

Victor: You bet I do. It has a certain charm to it, doesn’t it, huh?

Adam: So, what’d you say?

Victor: I didn’t say much. Just said that I would consider the proposal.

Adam: So, what do you really intend to do? Because I can’t imagine that you’re actually contemplating accepting this offer.

Ashland: I’m curious, as well.

Victor: Ashland.

Ashland: What are your thoughts about billy’s offer? You have always loved vicks vapors.

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, his offer came quite as a surprise to me. Billy boy willing to step back from chanccomm, provided we allow lily to continue running the company. I didn’t think he had it in him.

Ashland: Humility?

Adam: Hmm. No. Knowing when to fold.

Victor: Exactly. And he doesn’t know when to fold, never has. That punk always plays the wrong hand, you know? He doesn’t know how to quit when he’s ahead.

Adam: I don’t see why we would waste all this work to ruin chanccomm, scoop it up on the cheap, just for the fun of embarrassing billy abbott.

Victor: Son, you don’t understand how long that man has been a pain in my side, okay? I enjoy to see him dangling in the wind. Got it?

Ashland: I had a run-in with lily earlier.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Ashland: She had no idea that her partner came to you with that proposal. In fact, she suggested that our whole move was based solely on animosity toward billy and that I was being used as a weapon.

Adam: Well, I would say that you are your own best weapon.

Ashland: Exactly. This is personal for all of us. But I’ve already gotten what i want — the pleasure of seeing that jerk twist in the wind after trying to destroy me at my wedding. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that my reputation was saved by being dragged through the mud.

Victor: So you’re feeling quite good about how things are developing, right?

Ashland: Overall, yes. And now I’m happy to repay the favor by going along with anything that the two of you decide.

Victor: So, we will proceed as we have previously agreed upon. We’ll make billy boy think that we’ve accepted his offer. We’ll call a temporary truce and then let him have it.

Adam: So, when lily gives up or jill orders the sale of chanccomm, we’ll buy it at a deep discount.

Victor: Yeah. And billy boy abbott won’t know what hit him.

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Noah: So, what’s going on with mariah?

Tessa: Well, I was trying to send her a video, but I was failing miserably.

Faith: Why?

Tessa: I was asking her what her favorite pie is. How dumb is that?

Faith: [ Chuckles ] Probably mom’s apple crisp.

Noah: Pumpkin. I could just destroy a pumpkin pie.

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: Well, blueberry for me.

Noah: [ Chuckles ] Alright, next question — spotlight on faith. You’re gonna be in college soon. What do you want to study, kid? Now, fingers crossed we have another artist in the family.

Tessa: Right, because that is an excellent way to make money. You’ve heard the term “starving artist”?

Noah: Hmm. And that’s opposed to the wildly stable life of a musician, right?

Tessa: Ouch.

Faith: Okay, okay. For now, I would rather focus on the present, where my biggest decision is what dessert to have. Reminder — we are here for carbs. What do you want?

Noah: Uh, cinnamon r– no. Brownie. Brownie.

Tessa: Blondie.

Faith: One of each?

Noah: You don’t got to ask me twice.

Faith: Okay. Be right back.

Nick: Hey, kiddo.

Faith: Hey. What’s up?

Sharon: Um, you guys look like you’re having fun. Are you enjoying spending time with your big brother?

Faith: Don’t worry, mom. He’s okay. We had a good talk. He told me about this girl that he was seeing in london. They broke up, and that’s why he’s a little down. But I don’t want to repeat anything that he shared with me in confidence, which I’m sure you can understand.

Sharon: Of course.

Nick: We appreciate the update.

Faith: Sure. Anyway, I’m going to get brownies, so…

Sharon: Well, don’t let us keep you.

Nick: See? Noah’s talking about it.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, that’s a relief.

Nick: I mean, just ’cause he won’t spill his guts to his parents doesn’t mean he won’t open up to someone. What?

Sharon: Our little girl. She’s old enough to be a confidante to her big brother.

Ashley: I’m really happy you’re here. I know I told you I didn’t need you to come, but I’m so glad you did.

Jack: No place I’d rather be.

Ashley: I know it’s a tricky time for you.

Jack: It feels good to hit the pause button on my personal life for a bit.

Ashley: I’m still grateful.

Jack: My focus right now is supporting you and tracking abby. Hey. You alright?

Ashley: Not really. I mean, it’s not gonna be the holiday we thought it would be, right? Everybody gathered around the table celebrating dominic’s first thanksgiving.

Jack: We will have that celebration — don’t you worry — even if it’s not on the actual day. That’s what I intend to be thankful for.

Abby: I’m thankful for you. After 40 wrinkles deepen and skin can get uneven

Noah: I guess we can drop our “trying too hard” act now that it’s just us.

Tessa: How you doing?

Noah: I talked to faith earlier, and it made me feel better. How about you?

Tessa: Up and down. But I’m starting to realize that’s just what it’s like being an adult. There’s always something tough to deal with.

Noah: [ Sighs ] Thanks for being a downer.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: No, no, I am just a realist. I don’t know. I guess — I know now that you don’t have to plummet into despair every time there’s a bump. You just deal with it. You just surround yourself with people that make you laugh, and you keep going. I mean…it’s not easy, but it helps. Not everything has to be life or death. Does that make sense?

Noah: Oh, it does, because when I’m with you, I — I don’t really feel like I’m trying to be okay.

Tessa: See? That’s what I mean. Being with friends that cheer you up. Which reminds me — will you take that video for mariah for me?

Noah: Sure.

Tessa: Thank you. Okay. [ Clears throat ]

Noah: Alright, ready when you are.

Tessa: And, uh, action. Hi! Uh, I can’t wait for you to come home later because your brother has promised to eat an entire pumpkin pie — ugh — in one sitting. How gross is that?

[ Both laughing ]

Adam: What about timing? When does billy go down?

Victor: I think we let him dangle over the fire a little longer.

Adam: That is fine by me.

Victor: Yeah.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Sorry, son. This is about abby, okay?

Adam: Can I help?

Victor: No, that’s okay. It’s all covered. Thank you. Ashley? How are you? Where are you?

Ashley: On my way to spain with jack and your security people.

Victor: You are alright?

Ashley: Well, I’m a little worried. I guess that’s only natural. But I am determined to see this through.

Victor: You’ll do just fine, okay? I have every confidence in you.

Ashley: Thank you. I mean, all my instincts are saying that abby has to be in spain, so I will find her. Before anything happens.

Victor: Sweetheart, do me a favor. Just be safe, most of all. And then I will do everything i can do from my end. But please bring our daughter home, okay?

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