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Baby let me take you on a ride

where they’l take care of him.

[ Crying ] No, no! I didn’t get to hold him! Please bring back my son!

[ Sobs ] Nina: I guess we had the same idea. I don’t follow. Well, who do we go to when we need to talk to someone? Phyllis. She has a way of putting everything into perspective. Is she here? No, actually, she’s not. Okay, then I’m gonna go ahead and — uh, have you heard anything? I-I was just — I was just here waiting for any kind of news. W-what do you mean? What — what news? Sasha. She went into labor. I thought you knew. I went to see brando at — at gh. She was fine. What happened? Sasha had to have an emergency c-section. Text me when you get home. Bye. Is that bobbie? Uh, yeah, I was supposed to go christmas shopping with my mom. Hi. And, uh, well, my hard-working mother is dead on her feet, so I ordered a car service for her. Oh, that’s too bad. What are you doing here? I’m just out for a walk and, um, got a coffee. A walk? Yeah. Wow. It’s pretty cold out. I don’t mind it. Actually probably gonna miss it. Miss it? Joss didn’t tell you? No. I’m, uh, leaving town.

[ Rock crumbling ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

Hi, mom. Um, I was calling to talk to james and georgie. Wow. Already? I guess it is past their bedtime. Thanks, mom. I just wanted to make sure my children were safe. You’re just here to help your friend. You’re chivalry is misguided. It’s not chivalry. Brook lynn lied to everyone,

including me. I’m not here to help her. So you’re here to confront her? I’ve had my suspicions for a while now. Yeah, I knew that brook lynn was hiding something, so I did what any detective would do. I investigated. Chase, stop it. I told you when I got back to port charles that bailey’s not yours. I have a dna test that says otherwise. Without a doubt, bailey is mine. You know, I thought we were friends, brook lynn. I’ve had your back, and this is how you repay me? By keeping my daughter from me for months? I will never forgive you for this. Your baby is having trouble breathing. We had to get him to the nicu right away. And while they’re taking care of him, we’re gonna take care of you. You can’t feel it because of the epidural, but you’re in the middle of an operation. I only care about our baby. Hey, hey, I care about

both of you, okay? Now, look at me. Breathe. All right? We’ll get through this. Okay?

[ Whimpers, groans ] Sasha? Wake up. Wake up, baby. Brando: Hey, hey, no, no, no. Sasha. -She’s hemorrhaging. -What’s happening? -She’s hemorrhaging! Suction. -Hey. -Nurse baldwin, take him out. -Brando. Brando, you need to step out. Elizabeth: Please. Brando: Hey. What — please. Hey, no, no, no. Step out. Wake up, sasha! She’s gonna be fine.

[ Both shouting over each other ]

[ Sobbing ] She can’t die! Sasha had a placental abruption. That’s when the baby, um — I know, I know. I know what it is. I-it’s just very dangerous for the baby and for the mother. Brando must be going through hell, right? Maxie told me that she would text me with any new news. Okay, I want to go —

[ Sighs ] I gotta go to the hospital. Yeah. Well, brando is in the O.R. With sasha, but, yeah, you should be there anyway, just in case he needs you. Yeah. You’re leaving town? Yeah, it’s just a business trip. You know, some things piled up in sydney that I have to deal with in person. Piled up? It’s not like you to put things off. Well, I didn’t want to leave while sonny was gone, you know, given how things escalated during his absence, and putting our daughter at risk — no, josslyn was fine. She wasn’t in any danger. No, she was in danger of losing her mother to a bullet from cyrus renault. Okay, so, um, now that sonny’s back, you feel that it’s safe for you to leave josslyn and go? Do I feel it’s safe? No. No, I think — I think it’s safer. At least I hope so. I mean, you’ve — you’ve stepped back from the organization, right? You and jason are no longer a — a thing. I mean, business partners. I mean, I know that jason will always be front and center in your life.

[ Rock crumbling ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Strains, grunts ]

[ Groans ]

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ] Britt! Ugh. Can you hear me?

[ Panting ] Britt. Britt. All right, stay with me, okay? Stay with me. She’s right here. She’s right here.

[ Groans ] I got her. Is she conscious? She’s a little bit in and out. How are you? You okay?

[ Gasps ] Shh. Stay with me. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s — it’s mutter. You may have a concussion. I need you to open your eyes. Jason. Jason.

You have proof that you’re bailey’s father? I do. And for what it’s worth, I am so sorry, valentin. Brook lynn lied to both of us. All I can say is I did what I had to. I never meant to hurt you. How could you possibly think that this wouldn’t hurt me? When you were with willow, you said you didn’t want kids. That was forever ago. And that’s when you were with willow, who you loved. You don’t love me. You don’t want to have a baby with me, especially not after one night of fun when I was crashing with you. You lied to chase for the same reason you lied to me — because you wanted to prove yourself to your father by delivering the elq shares back to your family. I didn’t lie for myself, okay? I never meant to hurt anybody. For once in my stupid life, I was just trying to do the right thing! Brando? Hey, is sasha out of surgery? What’s wrong?

[ Crying ] I don’t know.

[ Sobs ] We have a son. And, um — and something went wrong and he didn’t cry and they took him away and sasha passed out, and, maxie, I might lose them both. Oh, my god. Hey. I thought you left. Yeah, well, you know, you said that, uh, brando’s in the O.R., Right? And maxie’s gonna text you after the surgery’s done. And sasha’s young and healthy, so we just gotta — we just gotta hope for the best. Yeah, it’s — it’s everything I can do just not to go to the hospital and hover over her like a mothe– well, then, it’s — it’s really not my place. You still think of her as a daughter, don’t you? Well, valentin hired her to pretend to be my daughter. You would think that I would want nothing to do with her, and for a while I didn’T. In my head, I remember everything that she put me through. But my heart… sometimes forgets. Yeah. Hearts tend to do that.

[ Breathing heavily ] Robert: Freeze! Go on. Go for the gun. I’ll use any excuse I can find to shoot you.

[ Grunts ] Aaaah!

[ Grunts ] Hello, peter.

aking excuses. What could possibly justify keeping a child from her father? Well, in the beginning, um, all I saw it as was a chance to make things right with my dad. It never even occurred to me that — that you would even be capable of falling in love with bailey. And when you saw that I did? It was too late. I’m so, so sorry. No. No, you’re not. You got caught when gladys exposed you. And what you have done, I will never forgive. Okay, anything else you need to say to each other can wait. No, I think we’re done here. Good. Um, brook lynn, would you come with me, please? Valentin. I really am sorry for your pain. You know, jax, I thought I made it clear — my life is none of your business. Well, it becomes my business when you put our daughter in danger. Okay, we are josslyn’s parents. That’s a bond that’s never gonna break, but…you’re not my friend anymore. Yeah, I know that. Happy to stay out of your life. Well, for how long? Are you coming back for thanksgiving or christmas? I’m not sure yet. I mean, you know, josslyn can always come and visit me in sydney and have a summer there — that doesn’t sound like you’re gonna hurry back. Look, besides josslyn and alexis, I’m kind of on the outs with everyone in port charles right now. Well, that’s what happens when you drop everything for nina. You really let her screw up your life. So have you forgiven sasha? Oh, yeah, a long time ago. How? I mean, that kind of lie… well, sasha may have claimed to be someone she wasn’t at first, but the relationship that followed, the bond, the mother-and-daughter love — that was real. Right. And she truly came to care about me. She was just — she was just caught in a lie. She could have spoken up, just told the truth. We always say that, don’t we, sonny? I know I have. “All you had to do was tell the truth.” All, um, valentin and sasha had to do was to say, “hey, nina, sasha’s not your real daughter.” All jax and carly had to say was, “hey, nina, nelle is your daughter, and I’m so sorry for your loss.” See, when you’re the one being deceived, it’s easy to point your finger at your deceivers and hold them accountable and think that they’re so evil, but when you’re the one lying, especially when you’re lying to someone that you really love… hey. I’m really, really sorry that I lied to you. Then why did you keep doing it? Sonny, why does anyone lie to — to anybody about anything? It’s because they have too much to lose by telling the truth. What did you have to lose? ‘Cause you knew the truth was gonna come out sooner or later. I…I… all I know is that I was in so much pain and you just showed up out of nowhere — mike. And you were kinder to me than anyone has ever been in my entire life. And I wasn’t strong enough to give that up. Brando, listen to me. Sasha is strong, and she’s — she’s healthy overall. She’s also got dr. Navarro, who is the best. She and your baby are gonna be fine. They said that — they said my little boy couldn’t breathe. Okay, babies are resilient. Look at james. He was born on the side of the road and — but my son can’t breathe! Your son is in a hospital. Okay, wait. Tell me about the first time you saw him before anybody noticed anything was wrong. It was unforgettable. In one moment I’m just this guy. I’m just this mechanic, and.. the next I was a dad. And when I saw his little head, it was like this rush that came over me,

[Voice breaking ] And then it hit me like a tidal wave. I remember that feeling well. Just, like, one glance at him, and I loved him more than I thought it was possible to love anybody. Now I’ll do anything for him. Of course you will. Yeah. ‘Cause now you are not the most important person in your life anymore, and you never will be again, and that is the best feeling in the world. I mean, from now on, it’s all about making sure that child is happy and safe and healthy. You’ll do anything to protect that child, no matter the cost. Where are jason and britt? He came in through the wine cellar. So there’s an escape tunnel down there? Well, not anymore. It’s all rubble now. You want to know what britt and jason are? They’re underneath what’s left of those tunnels. Jason! Jason! We have to help. Britta, stop. Chances are you have a concussion. You need to stay still.

[ Grunts ] Jason was right there. We have to help him. How? There are several tons of rock in the way. The rest of this tunnel could come down on us any minute. Let me get you out of here. Herr cain, come. We must move. No! Not without my brother.

Are you okay? Valentin really didn’t pull any punches. Yeah, neither did you. I’m sorry for unloading on you, but I didn’t want him to think that — thank you. Wow.

[ Sighs ] Hug like that, and I’ll be terrible to you more often. No one — and I mean no one — can find out who bailey’s real father is. I understand. ‘Cause her real father is peter august, her mother is maxie, and bailey is really louise. Something warm on a cold night. And even though it’s perfectly toasty in here, your body still knows what time of year it is. It’ll ground you. Thanks. So, are you and sasha going to move in together? Yeah, we’ve been talking about it. Just talking? Are you not sure about your feelings for sasha? No, I’ve never been more sure about anything. Sasha changed my life. Now we have a son — a son who’S… he’s gonna be all right. Up until now, I-I feel like, uh, I’ve just been on the sidelines while sasha’s been doing all the heavy lifting. And, you know, now that my son is here, I’m — I’m gonna start pulling my weight. And you will. I mean, when in doubt, there’s always diaper duty.

[ Laughs ] I’ll do it.

[ Chuckles ] Any and all of it. I don’t want to miss a moment of my son’s life. I can’t imagine any of it without sasha. Well — ah! — The tunnel is collapsed. I guess I’m the only one that made it out alive.

[ Chuckles ] Well, there you go. We can call off the search. A reliable source has just delivered terrible news.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah. Anna, if that’s maxie — it’s not. Hello. Yeah, I can’t talk right now, but, um, I do want to tell you that we have peter in custody. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. Yeah, isn’t it? God, at long last.

Is everything okay? Yeah, everything’s fine.

[ Voice breaking ] I just called to check in. Um, I’m gonna let you go, okay? Valentin, are you all right? I will be. I’ll be home soon. So we can talk then, yeah? Not soon enough. Anna, do me a favor. Don’t turn your back on peter. I won’T. Take care. Be safe. I’m gonna go down to the wine cellar and see if the agents have located any survivors that peter says aren’t there. Yeah, not everything’s nina’s fault. Oh, it is where you’re concerned. You got so caught up in nina’s drama that you ignored your own life. Yeah, she took it too far and she knows it, okay? Is this where you start defending nina? I’m not — I’m not defending her. I mean, really, I can’t believe that she would do something… well, she did. …So unforgivable. She did, and she was supposed to be the poster girl for turning your life around. But she didn’T. You know what she did? She showed all of us her true colors. And I won’t be taken by her again. You need… to understand something. There was no mike. There was no mike. Yeah. You’re right. Right. But I cared about him anyway. Okay, but, then if you cared about me, so why did you keep me from my family for months? From my grandson — the same grandson that carly kept you away from? Yeah, that was wrong, and I knew it was wrong back then, and I wish I would have been stronger. I do. I wish I was stronger. It’s just, sonny, I haven’t been close to many people in my life. You know, growing up, love was more like an obligation. If I acted correctly, madeline would love me. Yeah, you told me that your mom was cold to you. Was that a lie, too? No, everything that I told you in nixon falls about myself was true. Right. So everything just about me was a lie. Is that what you’re saying? No, I should have told you the truth.

[ Chuckles ] I just knew that if you knew the truth, you’d have… you’d have no choice but to leave me. So that’s how you treat somebody you love? You con– you con– you controlled me? That’s what you did. You controlled me. Yeah, that’s what I did, because that’s what I know. Madeline was always trying to control me. Valentin was controlling me with sasha, and jax was controlling me with the information he and carly had about nelle. And every single time it broke my heart. And every time you walked away? Yeah, I did. Just like you walked away from me. Britta, come. We have to get you to safety. No, you go. I-I have to help to find jason. If herr morgan is still alive, he will not be happy to know you’re dead. This tunnel isn’t going to last much longer. Anna: Britt! Britt! Jason! Shh! Shh! Do you want the ceiling to collapse on us? Oh, god. It’s good to see you, too, liesl.

[ Drew grunts ] Is she all right? Of course not. Look at her. She has a head injury. No, I’m fine! You’re concussed. I’m fine. I-I need to help drew. Oh , last time I saw you,you were heading o a bridge.

[ Panting ] Not my decision, anna. Okay, you were under peter’s influence. That explains a lot. Perhaps you would like to ring for some tea and crumpets? Or you can continue your chat someplace where the ceiling is not about to collapse and kill us all. I’m not going anywhere without my brother. I’m not leaving. Is there any sign of him? No, nothing, nothing at all. And unfortunately, peter got away. No, he didn’T. He didn’T. I have peter in custody.

Got sei dank. Now we can kill him ourselves. If that’s not an incentive to go… no! I have to find jason. Wait. No, britt. Stop, stop. He would want us to get to safety. We’re not gonna help him for all crushed under here. Don’t you understand? Come on. Look, look, look, look! Drew, go! Get out! Move! Move! Come on.

[ Drew grunts ] Come on. Aah!

How’s sasha? Out of danger. Uh, dr. Navarro was able to stop the hemorrhage. Now she — she’s weak because she’s lost a lot of blood, but she is stable. I told you she was gonna be okay. Can I see her? Soon. We need to transfer her to the icu so we can monitor her. And my son? How is he? The neonatologist, dr. Fleming, is downstairs in the nicu with him now. How long have you known? I just found out. How? You know what? Don’t tell me. Not here. I cannot risk anyone else being able to follow the breadcrumbs that led you here. I don’t think anyone did, but, sure, we can go over it. Great. Great.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m actually, pretty relieved that you know. Who else knows? Um, maxie and nina. That’s it? Better be. I mean, gladys knows that valentin isn’t really bailey’s father, but that’s all she knows. Look, I really wanted to tell you. I came close, but maxie and I agreed that the fewer people to know, the safer bailey is. Why’d you want to tell me? Because you’re, like, one out of two and a half people in the entire world that I trust. Am I the half? Of course not. Look, I get why you kept it under wraps, but I really wish you would have told me. Peter was poisoning you, and you had a lot of other things going on at the time. With willow. I didn’t want to say it, but, yeah, you had other things on your mind. But I got better. Yeah, and things got a hell of a lot worse. We did not intend for this lie to go on for so long. We thought that peter would be caught months ago and locked away and that maxie could claim bailey as her own. How did you think valentin would react? I was hoping that once he found out peter was involved that he’d understand why we had to do what we did. He might still think that way. Think? Yes. Feel? Who even knew that valentin cassadine had feelings? Turns out there’s a pretty decent and loving father in there. Ugh, I hate the fact that I hurt him. The guy lost his daughter today. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. It’s not saying that you were wrong to walk away from me, but what I had with y-you — okay, listen to me, okay? What we had in nixon falls was not love. It was a lie. I know that’s how you feel. And you’re probably right. But it was close enough for me. Oh, gosh, can you believe that still don’t know anything, you know? Maybe I should just — I should just call the hospital, but they’re not gonna tell me anything ’cause she’s not my daughter. No, she isn’T. Yeah. Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if she was my daughter, you know, if she was telling the truth. And tonight my grandchild would be coming into the world, but… I know it’s pointless to focus in on the… what might have been. Yeah, we do that sometimes. I just — I just hate the waiting around, you know? I just feel so helpless. Yeah, I’m not a fan of it either. If something happens to sasha, that sweet baby… hey, hey, listen to me. It’s gonna be all right. You understand me? Uh, nurse baldwin, could you go down to the nicu and check on my son? I want to tell sasha he’s all right. Yeah, of course. Can I get you anything, call anyone? I just want to be with sasha. Okay, well, I’m praying for you and your son.

[ Monitor beeping ] I’m here, sasha. I’ll be here for you… and our son. We need you with us, ’cause I can’t bear to lose you, and our son — he needs his mom. Sasha? Hey.


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