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Ben and Ciara talk at home about Ciara having morning sickness. They agree that it will all be worth it in the end. Ben says he has something that might help and surprises her with a present for their anniversary.

Steve goes to the DiMera Crypt but it’s locked. Steve grabs a nearby shovel and begins beating on the door. Steve breaks in to the DiMera Crypt and finds Susan holding the dagger with blood all over her. Steve questions what she has done. Susan cries that she had no choice as she then collapses in to Steve’s arms as Steve looks up to see John chained up.

After Doug declares that Marlena is the Devil, Marlena tells Doug that calling her names is not going to help anything. Doug repeats that Marlena is literally the Devil. Belle and Kayla question what he is saying. Marlena tells Kayla that this is why Doug has to be medicated because he’s delusional and talking nonsense. Julie disagrees and says after everything that’s happened, she believes her husband. Shawn questions Julie believing that Marlena is the Devil. Julie says if she listened to Doug in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. Julie then asks Marlena if she should call her Satan.

EJ sits with Tony and Anna at the DiMera Mansion where Anna informs EJ that she wants to play Kristen in Johnny’s movie. EJ brings up romance scenes between Kristen and John as he reminds her that he is playing John. EJ questions if Tony is comfortable with him seducing his wife.

John is thankful to Steve. Steve questions how this happened. John explains that Susan stabbed herself to protect her son. Steve questions who locked John in here and if it was Marlena. Steve tries to make call for help but isn’t getting a signal. John tells Steve to get Susan to the hospital before she bleeds out. Steve asks what about John. John says he’ll live and tells Steve to just go.

Doug declares that Julie is right and that he’s finally fine. Julie says this explains everything, why Marlena kept Doug in a padded room on drugs and separated from all who love him. Marlena asks Kayla and Shawn to stop this and knock sense in to Julie. Shawn declares that what Julie is saying is making a strange kind of sense. Marlena asks if Belle believes this about her mother and calls it nonsense. Belle brings up that it’s happened before. Marlena claims it can’t happen again because John cast the Devil out of her. Julie argues that John was never really a priest. Marlena insists that she is Belle’s mother and asks Belle to tell her that she doesn’t believe this. Belle responds that she’d like to hear what else Doug has to say.

Ciara tells Ben that it’s not their anniversary. Ben explains that it’s not their wedding anniversary but Thanksgiving 4 years ago was one of the most important days of his life. Ciara recalls that’s when she just broke up with Tripp. Ben reminds her that he ran in to her outside of the Pub. They talk about the motorcycle representing her family, freedom, and future. Ciara opens her gift from Ben which is a motorcycle helmet for their baby. Ciara calls it so sweet. Ben knows their life will be very different in 8 months but the things that truly matter will never change. They joke about a baby on a motorcycle. Ben assures they will take every precaution. Ciara tells Ben that she loves him as they kiss.

Belle argues that Marlena hasn’t been herself since she and Shawn got back from South Africa. Marlena asks why she would say that. Belle brings up Marlena dressing up as the Devil on Halloween and calls it an odd choice, given her past. Marlena claims that it was just a costume and she was supporting Johnny’s film. Belle brings up how Marlena treated that black cat. Julie asks why they are debating this when they heard Doug. Marlena argues that Doug is not in his right mind and asks Kayla. Kayla responds that her faith tells her that there is evil in the world. Marlena asks if Kayla thinks she’s talking to the Devil right now. Kayla talks about how she and Steve tried to get a hold of her for days but she ignored them. Marlena claims she was busy but Kayla says they didn’t believe a word. Marlena questions thinking that she’s lying. Doug says that’s all she does and who she is. Kayla adds that there’s a reason that her entire family are worried about her. Marlena asks if she means Shawn and Belle. Kayla says it’s John and reveals that John listened to the tape of Marlena’s therapy session with Doug. Marlena argues that it’s a violation of her patient’s confidentiality. Kayla says not in this case, because John said he couldn’t hear Doug’s voice on the tape and that Marlena sounded scared. Julie declares that she’s afraid of evil incarnate.

Ciara and Ben talk about their baby wearing the motorcycle helmet and how this all started 4 Thanksgivings ago. They flash back to Ciara telling Ben that she had feelings for him and their first kiss. They talk about it both feels like yesterday and like a lifetime.

Belle guesses that Devil Marlena did something to John. Marlena questions thinking she would do something to hurt her husband. Julie tells her to stop acting as she’s not Marlena. Kayla asks where John is. Marlena claims he’s on a mission and undercover. Shawn suggests continuing this conversation at the police station. Marlena questions what she is being arrested for and asks if Belle is going to let him do this to her. Belle responds that she left him no choice as Shawn handcuffs Marlena. Marlena warns that they will all be very sorry for doing this.

Anna tells EJ that people don’t actually have sex in a love scene for a movie as it’s called acting. EJ says he understands. They suddenly hear banging on the side soor. Tony rushes to open the door. Steve then brings in a bloody Susan. EJ jumps up, shocked to see his mother, and questions what the hell Steve did to her. Steve orders him to call an ambulance now so EJ goes to make the call while Steve lays Susan on the couch. Steve reveals that he found Susan like this in the Crypt. Anna questions what he was doing out there. Steve explains that he was looking for John as he was locked inside with Susan. Steve tells them that John is still chained up so they need to go get him out now. Anna and Tony then rush out to the Crypt. Steve calls EJ over to help slow down Susan’s bleeding. EJ urges Susan to hold on as help is coming and she will be fine.

Ben tells Ciara that Thanksgiving 4 years ago was one of the happiest days of his life until a year later, he was on trial for his sister’s murder, and the year after that, he was in prison. Ciara assures that she never lost hope that he would come home. Ben acknowledges that he wouldn’t be here if she didn’t fight so hard for him as she saved his life. Ciara feels she got lucky as she spent a lot of time trying to prove something that was wrong. Ben points out that she ultimately proved the truth, never stopped believing, and never gave up on him. Ciara notes that Ben never gave up on her either, but Ben says he did.

Tony rushes in to the Crypt to find John chained up. Tony says they need something to break the chains. Anna then enters with an axe.

Devil Marlena declares this is unacceptable and they all know this. Julie questions handcuffs holding Satan. Shawn says he doesn’t have very many options but this seems to be working. Marlena argues that she’s not who they think. Kayla gets a text from Steve, saying he found John. Belle asks if he’s okay. Kayla responds that Steve didn’t say and only said to meet him at the hospital. Belle decides she’s going with her. Shawn assures he has everything under control here. Marlena says to give John her love and that she’ll see him soon. Kayla and Belle then exit. Shawn goes to escort Marlena out. Marlena stops and asks what Shawn is going to tell his boss about why he hauled her in. Shawn says if it turns out that John is injured and she had something to do with it, then he guesses they will start there. Marlena asks what about when she’s innocent. Shawn says he’ll happily apologize then, but at the station. Julie begs Shawn to just get her out of their house. Marlena asks if he really thinks he can make her go somewhere that she doesn’t want to go. Devil Marlena then suddenly breaks free of the handcuffs.

Ben tells Ciara that he did give up on her because when he was first told that she was dead, he believed it and lost Hope. Ben recalls feeling like he had nothing to be thankful for and went to the woods trying to feel closer to her. Ciara talks about hearing him every day they were apart. Ciara recalls telling Rhodes that she was thankful to be alive because that meant maybe one day Ben would find her and they’d be together again as they kiss. Ben states that God blessed them with another chance and a life together. Ben promises to never give up on her again or on their baby.

Anna and Tony bring John in to the DiMera Mansion. John complains of his shoulder pain. Anna brings him water. Tony questions who chained John up in the Crypt. Anna asks if Susan did that to him. Tony asks why Susan would do that. John reveals that it wasn’t Susan, it was Marlena. Anna questions why Marlena would do that. John then informs them that Marlena is possessed again and the Devil wanted Susan to kill him. John explains that the Devil threatened Susan that he would kill EJ if she didn’t go through with it because he knew Susan would do anything to save her son. Anna questions how Susan got hurt. John reveals that instead of stabbing him, Susan stabbed herself.

EJ sits with Susan in the hospital. Steve enters and asks how she’s doing. EJ says they say she’s stable but he hasn’t gotten a lot of information. Steve says that he just talked to Tripp, who said Susan is very lucky that the knife didn’t damage any major organs. EJ asks if they think she will make a full recovery. Steve confirms it looks that way. EJ is relieved and thanks Steve for what he did for his mother. Steve is just glad she’s okay. Susan wakes up and calls out to EJ. EJ assures her that he’s there. Susan informs EJ that Marlena said she was going to kill him, but she’s not Marlena. Steve asks what she means. Susan responds that Marlena is the Devil. EJ thinks she’s confused as they aren’t talking about Johnny’s horror movie because that’s not real. Steve responds that he wouldn’t be so sure.

The Devil causes the lights to flash in the Horton home. The Devil guesses it’s not the Thanksgiving they had in mind. Shawn warns Devil Marlena to stay back. The Devil says none of this had to happen if they just left Doug where he was, but now he’s forced to inflict more pain and suffering on their entire family. Julie yells at him to leave them alone. The Devil grabs Shawn. Doug says to leave Shawn out of it. Shawn responds that he’s not afraid of him. The Devil says he’s even dumber than he thought then. The Devil then launches Shawn across the dinner table, crashing through all of the glasses and dishes. Julie calls out to Shawn. The Devil says to leave him as he has bigger plans for Julie and Doug. Julie says “not today, Satan” as Devil Marlena turns and glares at her.

Steve gets a text from Kayla that she is on her way. Steve tells Susan to hang in there as he’s pulling for her. Susan and EJ thank Steve as he exits the room. EJ asks Susan how this happened and if Marlena stabbed her. Susan explains that the Devil wanted her to kill John and said she had to do it or else, he would kill EJ. Susan cries that she couldn’t kill John in cold blood because he’s a good man and he’s the love of Marlena’s life. Susan says she was so frightened for EJ but the Devil insisted that there be a dead body when he came back, so she thought maybe if he needed a human sacrifice, he would accept her. EJ questions Susan being willing to die for him. Susan says EJ is her baby boy and she’d do anything for him because mom always protects her child. Susan adds that she would gladly do it all over again because she loves him. EJ says he loves her too.

Ben tells Ciara that after all these years, they finally have their first real Thanksgiving together. Ciara jokes about Ben not liking pumpkin pie. Ben suggests making a toast with ginger ale. Ben doesn’t know what he did to deserve it but he thanks God that he has her. Ciara feels the same and says next year, it will be the three of them with their little angel as they kiss.

Belle and Kayla arrive at the hospital. Steve comes out and hugs Kayla. Steve doesn’t know how to tell them but Kayla reveals they already know that Marlena is possessed. Belle asks where John is and if he’s okay. Steve responds that he’s alright as he found him in the DiMera Crypt. Belle questions that being where he was the whole time. Steve says it appears that way but he didn’t have time to ask questions as Susan Banks was stabbed and he had to get her help. Kayla questions how Susan got mixed up in all of this. Steve explains that Susan apparently had a vibe that the Devil was in Marlena and John obviously knew too, but it was too late. Kayla says that’s why Marlena had Doug locked up in Bayview. Belle asks if he left John in the Crypt. Steve confirms he sent Anna and Tony in to get him, but he assumed John would be here by now.

John asks Anna and Tony about Susan. Anna explains that Steve and EJ took her to the hospital. Tony wants to get John to the hospital but John refuses. Anna argues that he’s been locked up for weeks so he needs to be looked at. John says he needs to find Marlena. Anna suggests she could be at the hospital but John says she’s out there somewhere. Anna gets a call from Belle, asking if she found John. Anna confirms he is at the mansion with them. Belle asks if he’s okay. Anna says he’s stubborn but alright. Belle is thankful and says she knows where Marlena is. Belle reveals that Marlena crashed Doug and Julie’s Thanksgiving dinner so Shawn handcuffed her to take her to the police station. Anna informs John of this. John tells Anna to tell Belle to have Shawn stand down and not antagonize Marlena, but Belle had already hung up.

Julie argues that the Devil has tortured Doug enough so he’s not going to lay a finger on him. the Devil responds that he doesn’t have to as he’s been inside of Doug and knows that he’s weak and feeble which made him a perfect vessel. The Devil asks Julie if she understands what happened in the therapy session. The Devil says Doug came to Marlena for help with his dementia but he had the perfect opportunity to slip in. Julie doesn’t believe it. The Devil asks Julie who she thinks hit her in the head with a hospital tray. The Devil declares that he should’ve finished them both when he had the chance but it’s better late than never as Devil Marlena raises a knife. Julie talks about loving Doug for so many years and says she will continue for all the Days of their Lives. Julie declares that she would rather die than see the Devil strike Doug down again. The Devil says that can be arranged. Julie acknowledges the Devil’s powers but calls him nothing but a lying trickster. Julie declares that she has a power that the Devil had forsaken eons ago and that’s the power of love. Julie tells Satan that God is love and God stands with those who love. The Devil tells her to stop talking. Julie continues talking about love as she raises her rosary, saying that everlasting love will prevail. Julie shouts that the God of love is stronger than the Devil’s hatred and lies, so he cannot defeat them. Julie says now that the truth is out and visible, the walls are going to close in and it’s over. The Devil exclaims that it will never be over.

Susan tells EJ about the Devil transforming her in to a cat and then possessing her to turn her in to Kristen DiMera. Susan cries that she can’t do this anymore. EJ is sorry she had to go through all of that but assures it’s over now and she’s safe. Susan points out that she didn’t die and didn’t kill John, so the Devil could still come after EJ. EJ doesn’t want her to worry. Susan promises that the Devil will have to go through with her to get to EJ. Susan tells EJ that she loves him with all her heart. EJ says he loves her too.

Steve tells Kayla that they’ve heard the stories about the last time this happened but it’s a whole lot different being here to witness it. Kayla asks what they do next. Steve doesn’t know but for now he’s just grateful they are all safe as he hugs her.

Anna and Tony go to the hospital and tell Belle that they tried to bring John to the hospital to get checked out but he gave them the slip in the parking lot as he was determined to get to Marlena.

John goes to the Horton House and finds Doug, Julie, and Shawn together. Julie assures they are okay. Shawn says he’ll be alright but Marlena is gone. John knew she wouldn’t let them take her to the police station and asks where she went. Shawn responds that she said something about fulfilling her true purpose.

Ben and Ciara talk about taking a nap together as they kiss in bed until there’s a knock at the door. Ben answers the door to see Marlena.

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