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Jack: Well, great minds think alike.

Nikki: Well, hell.

Jack: I’m glad I ran into you.

Nikki: Oh, yeah?

Jack: Well, I’ve been looking for a chance to tell you how impressed I was with the job you did organizing victoria and ashland’s wedding.

Nikki: Thank you so much, jack. I was just relieved that everything went smoothly.

Jack: You made it look effortless. No small feat. I have some idea of how much planning goes into that, and, wow, it was worth it. A delight, beginning to end.

Nikki: Well, I wanted to do it for them. They’ll always have those memories.

Jack: And those memories are important, especially given the special challenge those two are facing.

Nikki: Yes. I am grateful that victoria was able to convince ashland to fight his cancer. I know how difficult the treatment has been.

Jack: Well, we’re all praying those treatments are effective. I saw in italy the reunion between ashland and harrison, and it brought home just how close those two are. It’s a lot for my grandson to understand and accept if things don’t go as we hoped.

Nikki: Oh, god, I hate to think what that would do to victoria. I have to admit, I had reservations about this pairing in the beginning.

Jack: Given the groom’s well-deserved reputation as a ruthless businessman? Yeah, I got to see a little bit of that when he came after jabot.

Nikki: Well, he seems completely devoted to victoria, and that’s something that has been lacking in her life.

Jack: But you’re still worried about the heartache she could be facing.

Nikki: She’s a realist. She knows loss is a possibility.

Jack: Well, I respect that courage. Nothing is more important than the time we spend with those we love, even if that time is fleeting. She seems to have internalized that. I mean, she doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

Nikki: I haven’t heard any, but…

Jack: But as a devoted mother, you can’t help worrying.

Nikki: Well, it’s one thing to take those vows — “in sickness and in health” — but it’s quite another to navigate a possibly fatal disease. With all the whirl of the wedding prep and finalizing the merger, I don’t know that victoria has had time to sit down and really think about what could happen. But it’s gonna hit her eventually, and honestly, I’m dreading it.

Victor: Do you think that is chance’s ring?

Abby: [ Gasps ]

Victor: Sweetheart.

Abby: [ Sobbing ]

Victor: It’s okay, my love. It’s okay.

Adam: Hi, there. Was it something that I said?

Sally: I’m just trying to determine which one of your multiple personalities I’m dealing with. It’s a little guessing game i play with myself.

Adam: Oh. I see.

Sally: ‘Cause sometimes I’m almost certain that I’ve run into friendly, funny, down-to-earth adam, and then, no, he turns out to be

[Clears throat] Officious adam, busy ceo and all-around important guy with no time to waste on a lowly peon like me.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I was — I was too abrupt with you yesterday. Although I did apologize, or try to.

Sally: Ah, yes, mea culpa adam. An intriguing new addition to the cast of characters.

Adam: How many are there?

Sally: It’s an ever-changing landscapE.

Adam: Wow. You know, that, it sounds kind of fascinating.

Sally: Fortunately, there is a fool-proof way to settle this. I will just invite to join me for lunch and see which adam fields the request.

Adam: I’d love to have lunch with you, but I’m booked today. I am actually here for a meeting.

Sally: Damn. I knew it. Now I owe myself 20 bucks.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: You’re hesitating. Why? It’s a simple question. Are we in this together or not?

Phyllis: No, I’m just thrown that you even have to ask me that. Of course I’m in this with you. Why do you think I’m working so hard? I mean, it doesn’t feel good now, but it will turn out good. I know that.

Nick: Agreed.

Phyllis: Can we table this? I…I’m still sort of hung over from last night. I’m not at my best.

Nick: Yeah, to be continued.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: Well, I bet our brunch is cold. How about if I take you out to lunch?

Phyllis: Thank you. Um, I’M…

[ Sighs ]

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Adam: I really hope you’re not taking it personally that i have a business meeting.

Sally: No. I am not that girl. Like I told you, this is just a game to me. I’m going for best three out of five.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: No, wait. This might’ve been my third rejection — not that I’m keeping track.

Adam: Oh, no. Of course not, because we made a mutual agreement to keep things strictly professional between us.

Sally: Yes, and in retrospect, I’m so glad we did that. That way, I don’t get saddled with your chronic mood swings.

Adam: Okay, well, you are now making me wish my schedule was clear because you would be a much more entertaining lunch date than the person I’m meeting with.

Sally: Well, you could always bail. You know, things do come up.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Sadly, I’m afraid I can’t this time.

Sally: Mm. My, must be vip.

Adam: Something like that.

Sally: Anyone I know? What if we play 20 questions? What do I win if I guess it right?

Adam: It’s no one you’ve met.

Sally: Is he bigger than a bread box?

Adam: Well, he — or she — will be here soon, so enjoy your day.

Sally: Wow, smooth. You’re really good at this. All sounds so mysterious. Makes me wonder if it has something to do with that missing man, the one that billy was talking about. What was his name again, hanes? No, oh, gaines. Oops. Guess I wasn’t supposed to bring his name up anymore.

Nikki: Well, this has been such a great break, but I really need to get back to the office.

Jack: You know what? I came here to get a sandwich to take it back to the office and sit at my desk and eat lunch. To heck with that. What do you say you and I have a proper lunch together?

Nikki: I’d love to.

Jack: Fantastic. You pick the place. Though I hear there’s a great little moroccan place that just opened over on chestnut.

Nikki: Alright, now, wait a minute. You didn’t give me a chance to say “but.” I have a full inbox I have to get back to.

Jack: Oh, that will keep, i promise you.

Nikki: Jack.

Jack: Hey, we have just pulled off — you and I — one of the most satisfying feats in all of parenthood — launching our children off into fulfilling marriages with people they love and cherish.

Nikki: [ Laughs ] Well, I don’t know if we can take credit for that.

Jack: Yeah, maybe not, but we could use this opportunity to celebrate our great good fortune.

Nikki: Well, you put it that way, it’s hard to refuse. So I won’T. I’d love to have lunch with you, jack.

Jack: Fantastic.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] But society is closer to newman tower, so do you mind going there?

Jack: Society it is. Shall we?

Nikki: Okay.

Jack: Here, let me get your coat.

Nikki: Thank you.

Jack: And your coat is right here.

Nikki: Thank you, sir.

Jack: You bet. Follow you.

Victor: I know how difficult this is for you, my sweetheart. We’ll take care of you, okay?

Abby: [ Sniffles ] This doesn’t — this can’t be real. There’s got to be some sort of explanation. Chance — he can’t be gone.

Ashley: Hey.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Ashley: What is it? Is something going on?

Victor: A wedding ring was discovered and recovered in the rubble. And christine gave it to abby.

Ashley: Oh, god, no.

Victor: Belongs to chance.

Ashley: But that’s not necessarily proof, is it? I mean, he could’ve taken it off. Did they find anything else?

Christine: I was informed that being a married man was part of chance’s cover story, so he never took it off.

Ashley: Has search and rescue found anything?

Christine: Ashley, given the force of the explosion, positive identification of any of the remains is just gonna take some time.

Ashley: Abby. Honey? Honey, I’m right here.

[ Dominic crying ]

Devon: It’s okay.

Abby: [ Sniffles ] Oh, dominic. Shh.

[ Sniffles ] It’s gonna be okay.

[ Sniffles ] Shh.

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Adam: I noticed you ordered your food to go. Hope that wasn’t on my account.

Sally: I had already planned on working through lunch. I am still getting inquiries about victoria’s wedding dress.

Adam: Well, I’m not surprised about that.

Sally: But this kind of response from the fashion press and retail buyers, not to mention the dozens of brides that somehow got my work e-mail and are now clamoring for a copy. It’s just far beyond anything i ever envisioned.

Adam: Well, it sounds incredibly gratifying.

Sally: It is. It’s like a big, flashing neon sign telling me that I was right not to give up on my creative endeavors.

Adam: Well, speaking for newman fashions, it’s a good thing that you didn’t because I’m really looking forward to seeing what you and chloe come up with next.

Sally: What about chelsea? When she comes back in town, is she still planning on coming on board? ‘Cause it would be really great to have another fashion genius in the house to kick around ideas.

Adam: Um, I don’t know when or if chelsea’s gonna be up to working again.

Sally: Should I not have mentioned anything?

Adam: No, it’s fine. I hope she comes back to genoa city and she’s ready to pick up her life again. Sooner the better, as far as I’m concerned, so we can move on and — and, um… well, the person that I’m meeting with has arrived, so…

Sally: And looks like my food is here, so have fun with your not-at-all mysterious meeting.

Adam: Thanks. I’ll catch you later.

Sally: Thank you.

Ashley: You guys, I think abby could use a little space.

Devon: Okay, how about I take dominic out for a walk, then, for a little bit?

Mariah: Fresh air, I’m in.

Ashley: That’s a great idea. It’s nice outside.

Abby: No, please —

Ashley: Abby, honey. Everybody loves that little boy so much. They’re gonna take such good care of him, okay? Just like your father and I are gonna take good care of you.

Devon: Hey, we’re not gonna be gone long, I promise you.

Abby: Okay, um, use an extra blanket.

Devon: Sure, of course.

Mariah: Of course. Try to rest, okay?

Abby: Yeah.

Victor: Can you stick around? I have some questions, okay?

Christine: Sure, of course.

Devon: Hey, would you mind grabbing the diaper bag?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, absolutely.

Devon: Come on.

Phyllis: A flaming gorilla? Ooh, I want that. They put rum on top and then they set it on fire. I want a drink that’s on fire. Hey, if you clench your jaw a little harder, we’re gonna need an emergency dentist. What’s adam up to?

Nick: It’s who he’s with.

Phyllis: Who is that guy?

Nick: That’s one of my dad’s most trusted private investigators. He’s been on his security team for, like, ever. You see the way they’re talking and their body language? They’re clearly scheming about something and they’re not even trying to hide it.

Phyllis: Mm. Mm-hmm.

Nick: What’s that? “Mm-hmm,” what is that?

Phyllis: It’s just “uh-huh.” You know what it is. Come on. I’m not gonna say anything. I’m not gonna do that, because we’ve just gone through it this morning. I’m not gonna continue a pattern, you know, when you ask me what’s going on, and I say something supportive about you, and then you misinterpret and then we get into it. Hey, I’m gonna change the pattern. That’s refreshing, right?

Nick: I don’t want you to feel like you’re on eggshells around me. I want you to feel free to speak your mind.

Phyllis: Oh, do you?

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: Really, you do? Okay, alright. Well, remember you said that.

Nick: I’m serious. If you got something to say, then say it. I’m not gonna hold it against you. I would like your unvarnished opinion.

Phyllis: You want my unvarnished opinion. Okay. Remember that you said that. Who cares what’s going on over there? Who cares who adam is talking to and what they’re up to? Can you just let it go and put your attention on us? Can you do that? My hygienist cleans with a round head.

Phyllis: Okay, I see you don’t love my suggestion. No problem.

Nick: Alright, do you remember how annoyed you were with me when I kept telling you to back off sally and tara, but you ended up being right about them?

Phyllis: Not even the same. I was trying to protect our daughter is what I was doing. What are you protecting? I mean, who cares what your dad and adam are plotting? Who cares?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, that’s not the way I look at it.

Phyllis: You know what? For once, you know what I would love? That you protect yourself. You protect yourself and just take yourself out of this situation. That’s all. I mean, that’s the advice I gave you in italy, and you didn’t take it then. I don’t really expect you to take it now, but you asked how i felt, and so I’m telling you. That’s all. Who cares about your dad and adam? Let them deal with the consequences of their shady dealings.

Nick: Do you know how many times I’ve tried that? More times than I can count. Ultimately, things always get blown up into this massive crisis, and then I get sucked right back in ’cause I got to protect the people I love, which is my sisters and my mother and my children. So don’t you think it’s best if I do everything I can to avert the mess that is brewing rather than wait for the other shoe to drop?

Phyllis: No. I think that you would be better if you only intermittently obsess with your family. That’s all. I’d be happy if, between disasters, you put more attention on our relationship. That’s all.

Nick: You know what? Let’s, uh… let’s get out of here. There’s lots of other places in town to eat lunch.

Phyllis: Seriously?

Nick: Yeah. I promised you a, you know, a nice time where we’re not worrying about everything that’s going on with us. That’s not gonna happen here because of adam. So let’s go.

Phyllis: Alright.

Jack: Hey!

Nikki: Hi.

Jack: Having lunch at the bar today?

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Yeah. I mean, we were, but we’re gonna change venues. Adam’s here, and I don’t really want to stick around, so…

Nikki: Oh, well, I hope you’ll reconsider. Jack and I are just grabbing a bite. Why don’t you join us, as long as jack doesn’t mind?

Jack: Not in the least.

Phyllis: Is that a singular “you” or a plural “you”?

Nikki: Uh…oh, “will you have lunch?” Plural, of course. Why?

Phyllis: Okay. I just — I didn’t know because our history, that’s all.

Nikki: Well, we got along very well in italy. And I must admit, I do have an ulterior motive.

Phyllis: Of course.

Nikki: Well, I’m hoping to convince my son to settle his differences with victoria, and i think I’ll have a better shot at it if I have your support.

Phyllis: Oh, yes, definitely. A double-team.

Nick: Look, I appreciate the offer, but phyllis and I need to talk about some stuff and —

Phyllis: You know what? I would love it if you made peace with your sister. Really, so thank you for the invitation. We’ll accept.

Christine: Well, I’m afraid that’s really all the information I have at this point.

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] When do you anticipate getting an official notification?

Christine: Days, maybe longer. It just depends on the recovery effort. In the meantime, I’ll keep working my contacts in D.C.

Victor: Please keep me updated.

Christine: Absolutely.

Victor: Okay.

Christine: I trust you’ll do the same.

Victor: You can count on it, okay?

Christine: Thank you.

Victor: By the way, are you gonna contact nina?

Christine: Uh…yeah. It’s gonna be rough. You know, chance — chance was the light of her life.

Victor: I know. I know. You know, um…he was a hell of a guy. I was proud to call him my son-in-law.

Christine: Again, victor, I’m so sorry for your loss, and if there’s anything more I can do, please don’t hesitate to call.

Victor: You do the same, okay? Take care.

Christine: Yeah, thank you.

Victor: I’ll get the door.

Ashley: Do you want to lie down? I can go upstairs and I can lie down with you and hold you like I used to do when you were a little girl.

Abby: [ Sniffles ]

Ashley: Everybody’s gone and it’s just your dad and I here, so if you need anything or want anything, and you know what, abby? You don’t have to rein it in. If you want to scream at the top of your lungs, if you want to stand up and if you want to just tear this entire room apart, you can do whatever you want. Please just tell us what you need, honey.

Abby: I need chance. I need my husband. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Abby: No. No, if… if were chance were gone, i would… I would know it. I would feel it. I would feel something.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god.

Ashley: What?

Abby: Nina — does she know?

Victor: Christine is probably talking to her as we speak.

Abby: She’s gonna be heartbrokeN. I mean, she loves him so much. He’s — he’s her baby. Same way I feel about dominic.

Ashley: She’s our family now, honey. We’ll make sure she knows she doesn’t have to go through this alone, okay?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Oh, god.

Victor: I’ll get it. I’ll get it.

Abby: I don’t want to see anyone.

Victor: I’ll get it.

Abby: Oh, my god.

Victor: Sharon.

Sharon: Mariah texted me chance may have been killed.

Victor: Come in.

[ Sighs ] There was an explosion at the safe house where chance was doing his undercover work in spain.

Sharon: A bomb?

Victor: Yeah. Place was blown to smithereens. The only things left over were some personal effects.

Sharon: I’m so sorry.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Sharon came to offer some comfort to abby, okay?

Ashley: Oh, that’s very kind of you. Um…abby’s in shock. I’m not even sure if anything we’re saying is registering with her.

Sharon: I understand. Trauma like this can be very disorienting.

Victor: I know sharon offered some enormous support to victoria after she had been attacked.

Ashley: I’m not sure how receptive she’ll be. I mean, she did say she wanted to be alone, but you’re more than welcome to make the attempt.

Sharon: I’ll try my best.

Victor: Okay.

Ashley: Thank you.

Mariah: Abby was such a wreck when we left. I really hope my mom can help her somehoW.

Tessa: It was an inspired move sending sharon over there, and hopefully she knows exactly what to say.

Mariah: I was at a loss.

Devon: Yeah, we all were.

Mariah: Abby and chance were so in love. I mean, they had so many plans for the life they wanted to live together, and then, what, it’s just — it’s gone in an instant?

Tessa: I can’t even imagine what that’s like. I mean, your whole world just crashing down on you and… devon, oh, my god, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to be insensitive. I mean, you know exactly what abby’s going through right now.

Devon: You’re fine, tessa. You’re not insensitive at all. It’s fine. You’re absolutely right that i do know, and it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyonE.

Phyllis: The stew looks great. I like to try new things.

Jack: Yeah, there are a few new things on here, kind of a cuban-french fusion.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Nikki: I wonder what’s going on over there.

Phyllis: Nick was curious, too.

Jack: Okay, I’m feeling a little left out here. Who is that guy?

Nick: It’s a pi that dad has on retainer. They are no doubt talking about jesse gaines and his current whereabouts.

Jack: Okay, that name doesn’t ring any bells.

Nikki: It’s just someone ashland used to know.

Nick: It’s someone that despises ashland. He showed up in italy to disrupt the wedding, but I ran into him first, locked him in a room in the palazzo until the wedding was over.

Jack: Okay, I was at this wedding. I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. No wonder you were so relieved that the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Nikki: I didn’t know anything about it at the time either. In fact, I know very little now, and that suits me fine.

Nick: It’s a well-kept secret what happened to jesse gaines. I mean, no one has seen him in days. Dad had adam take care of him somehow.

Jack: When you say “take care of him”…

Phyllis: Well, no one knows what that really means, but…

Nikki: It’s nothing drastic.

Nick: Well, I thought you said you didn’t know what went down, mom.

Nikki: Your father happened to find some compromising information about him and used it to convince him to leave ashland alone.

Jack: Classic victor. I would expect nothing less of him.

Phyllis: Yeah, let’s just be glad it wasn’t anything worse.

Jack: Yeah, this is only slightly illegal.

Phyllis: Right, what’s a little blackmail between friends, right? You should be glad, jack, that you had nothing to do with it. Trust me, trust me, you’re better off.

Nick: Alright, you made your point. Let’s drop it. On the outside, I looked fine.

Nikki: Meeting adjourned.

Phyllis: Evidently.

Jack: So I’ve been playing this game online with harrison, you know, just to stay in touch. Kid is so clever. He’s been finding it easier and easier to beat me.

Nikki: Hmm. Why don’t you teach him to play chess?

Jack: I think he’s a little young for that. You guys are both gaming experts. Any recommendations?

Nick: Uh, the game that you’ve been playing with christian, with the racing cars and the animals are drivers. What’s that called?

Phyllis: I don’t know. You know, I’ll go on the internet and do some research, see if something jogs my memory.

Jack: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Phyllis: Sure. Oh, here’s a text from my assistant manager. I have to go. There’s an emergency. This has been lovely. Thank you.

Nikki: Oh. You’re welcome.

Nick: You want me to box up any of the lunch and bring it to you?

Phyllis: I’ll put that in your capable hands.

[ Clears throat ] Excuse me.

Nikki: Is everything okay between the two of you?

Nick: We’re fine.

Jack: You know what? I’m gonna get in touch with my assistant, as well. Got to push back a meeting. I’ll be right back.

Nikki: Okay. Darling, I don’t mean to pry, but it seems like things between you and phyllis are very tense.

Nick: Let’s get back to jesse gaines.

Nikki: Ugh, must we?

Nick: Yeah, I think it’d be a real mistake to look the other way this time, mom.

Nikki: It’s behind us, darling.

Nick: Really? Why would adam be talking to one of dad’s investigators?

Nikki: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask your brother?

Nick: I’m asking you. Dad and adam are keeping on the outside on this, but I know you can find out what’s going on.

Nikki: I would really rather stay out of it.

Nick: You know what that means, don’t you? You’re leaving victoria’s future and wellbeing in the hands of dad and adam. And given adam’s history, are you sure you’re comfortable with that?

Devon: You know how people always talk about grief as if it’s just one emotion? But you guys know that it’s so much more than that. It’s denial. It’s rage, loneliness, despair. The only way that I survived it was by having my family and my friends around me, and then eventually elena to help me, you know, get on track.

Tessa: Well, I’m thankful you did and that you’re happy again. And we just need to keep the faith, and eventually abby will get there, too, one day.

Devon: Yeah, I know she will. It’s just not gonna be easy for her.

Mariah: For dominic either. We saw the way that everything that’s happening has affected him. And abby’s emotions affect him.

Devon: That’s very true.

Mariah: I just have to wonder what kind of impact all of this stress is gonna have on him.

Sharon: Mariah told me the terrible news. Abby, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. And I’m here to listen, if you think it would help to talk.

Abby: I can’t right now yet.

Sharon: Okay, that’s okay. There are no rules. I’ll follow your lead. We can just sit here together, if you’d like.

Abby: Look, sharon, i understand that you are trying to help. But if I open that door, I… I might start screaming and never stop.

Sharon: Hey, you know what? In a situation like this, that’s a very normal fear.

Abby: Look, I have a baby to take care of. Chance is counting on me. Okay? I can’t fall apart. I can’t fall apart.

Sharon: Abby, I don’t see that happening. You’re not gonna fall apart. You might be tired and you need some rest. A shock to the system like this can be very hard on a person physically. But you’ve done it before. You made it through. You’ve suffered some really horrible losses and you survived — brad, colleen.

Abby: My baby girl.

Sharon: I know the kind of strength that it must have taken to carry on after that.

Abby: Chance helped me through that. He convinced me to have hope. He said that [Sniffles] I could be a mother and that we would have a long, happy life together. Why is this happening? Why?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Devon: You’re right that abby is definitely gonna need help taking care of dominic while she’s recovering from all this, but she’s gonna have the help.

Tessa: Yeah, dominic’s nanny, ashley.

Devon: Exactly. And you know what? Honestly, I’m hoping that dominic becomes her source of comfort and her reason to get out of bed every day.

Mariah: Maybe. But we just don’t know yet. People react to trauma and grief in different ways.

Tessa: Well, I mean, that’s another reason why having sharon over there is really a good idea. She can keep her eyes open and let us know if there’s any cause for concern.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I hate that I can’t control my emotions.

Sharon: Hey. Honestly, it’s fine.

Abby: It happened earlier. When christine brought me chance’s wedding ring, I just — I lost it in front of everyone, including the baby. I just… I kept thinking about my husband in that explosion. Terrified and suffering. And I felt like I was falling, like I couldn’t find solid ground.

Sharon: As scary as that must have felt, that’s actually a really normal reaction to trauma.

Abby: How am I gonna go on without my husband? My son is never gonna get to meet his father. How am I gonna face that? I am so afraid.

Ashley: What are you doing?

Victor: We just need to help our daughter, sweetheart. Get her all the support we can.

Sally: How was your meeting?

Adam: Um…tedious.

Sally: Really?

Adam: How was your lunch?

Sally: Productive. And…well… you know what? Maybe I will just show you. Somehow the national inquisitor got some photos of us from tuscany insinuating that you and I are a thing.

Adam: Um…well, I’d say the only real surprise is it took them that long to get around to it.

Sally: Well, I just figured I’d give you a head’s up in case anybody saw it and expected you to comment.

Adam: Everything is…

[ Cellphone rings ] …Fine. It’s chelsea. That was fast.

Sally: Good luck.

Nikki: I hope you didn’t take it seriously before, what nicholas and phyllis were implying.

Jack: You mean about this gaines fellow?

Nikki: I mean, obviously, no harm could’ve come to him. They were just being overly dramatic.

Jack: Yeah, I feel for nicholas these days. Clearly under a lot of pressure. He’s not getting along with victoria or adam or victor.

Nikki: Or phyllis, apparently. How much do you know about the tension between them?

Jack: Maybe the less said, the better. They’ve hit a bump in the road. They’ll figure it out.

Nick: Problem solved?

Phyllis: Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: I wish you hadn’t left. Now I still owe you lunch.

Phyllis: You don’t owe me anything. It’s fine. I knew what I signed up for. I knew your family history. It didn’t matter to me because i love you and the whole thing is worth it. It was worth it.

Nick: You’re right, it was.

Phyllis: Who are we kidding? This isn’t gonna work.

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