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Nicole goes to work at the Basic Black office. She opens her drawer and pulls out her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke. Nicole says they both know she should get rid of Duke but she’s not doing that and asks why that is. Nicole then questions why she’s talking to a stuffed bear. Zombie Deimos then appears in the doorway and remarks that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. Nicole screams and falls over in shock. Nicole says that he’s dead. Deimos confirms that he is because Nicole murdered him, yet here he is. Deimos remarks that Nicole hasn’t changed a bit and asks if he has as he laughs. Nicole asks why he is here. Deimos responds that they have some unfinished business.

Gabi is shocked as she runs in to Zombie Nick Fallon in the park. Nick says he’s not quite in the flesh, but close enough. Nick asks Gabi if she’s missed him. Gabi screams. Nick talks about missing her voice. Gabi says she must be dreaming. Nick asks if she’s dreaming of having her beloved husband back. Gabi guesses this is because she told Jake about him. Nick says he was her first love and husband. Gabi argues that he doesn’t matter and she never thinks about him or says his name. Nick asks if he doesn’t haunt her dreams. Gabi insists that she’s dreaming and just has to wake up. Nick informs her that this isn’t a dream, but her worst nightmare.

Rafe calls Eli and informs him that he has a possible homicide on his hands so he needs Eli and the forensics team on it right away. Eli asks where the body is. Rafe responds that it’s on his kitchen floor.

Tripp meets Ava outside the Brady Pub and asks what’s going on. Ava says he won’t believe her. Tripp tells her to just tell him. Ava responds that she saw his brother. Tripp tells her that she knows Charlie is dead. Ava insists that she saw him and he came for her. Tripp tells her to calm down. Ava repeats that she’s not crazy as Charlie found her at Rafe’s house and killed someone right in front of her.

Allie tries to shut the door on Zombie Charlie but he forces his way in and locks the door, saying she’s not getting rid of him that easily this time.

Ava tells Tripp that he has to believe her. Tripp repeats that Charlie is dead. Ava insists that Charlie is alive or maybe not alive, but he’s back and found her at Rafe’s house. Tripp assures her it’s not possible. Ava repeats that she saw Charlie kill a man. Tripp asks what she’s talking about. Ava claims not to know who the man was but that Charlie stabbed and killed him. Tripp argues that this isn’t making sense and asks if Rafe knows the man. Ava says Rafe wasn’t there, so he didn’t see anything, but she was so scared because after Charlie stabbed the man, he said he was undead and then talked about the night he died and that she didn’t mean that she loved him. Tripp wants to go to the hospital but Ava insists that she’s not crazy and that Charlie said she’d never love him because he’s not Tripp. Ava adds that Charlie grabbed another knife and said he was going to kill her. Ava says he was so calm that she knew he meant it, so she pushed him and ran which is when she called him. Ava tells Tripp that they have to run away because Charlie is going to kill both of them.

Allie tells Charlie that this is sick and insists that Charlie is dead. Charlie says he had to come see her again. Allie asks why he’s doing this to her. Charlie insists that he’s not wearing a mask and talks about how much he hates her. Allie repeats that he’s dead. Charlie says you can’t keep a good man down. Charlie decides that he will identify as undead now. Allie tells him to go away. Charlie says that’s not going to happen and reveals he’s here on a mission. Charlie thinks she knows why he’s here. Charlie declares that he came for his son.

Gabi argues that it can’t be Nick because she killed him. Nick asks which time she’s talking about. Gabi flashes back to when she bashed Nick’s head in with a rock as he almost raped her. Nick goes over how Gabi, Sami, and Kate tossed him in the river, only he wasn’t dead and he came back just like he’s back now.

Deimos remarks that Nicole looks lovely as always and says he’ll never forget how radiant she was in red on the night that she killed him. Nicole asks if Dr. Rolf brought him back. Deimos says the one who brought him back is a hell of a lot more powerful than Dr. Rolf and quite a bit more evil. Nicole asks who but Deimos says that information is classified and he may have said too much already. Deimos adds that Nicole always had a way of getting him to open up and drop his guard. Deimos reminds her of how much he opened up his soul to her. Nicole argues that he didn’t have one. Deimos says he’s often thought that it was really ironic that the woman he wanted to spend his life with, ended his life in cold blood with no remorse, and that didn’t sit well with him so he came to tell her that he still holds a grudge. Nicole argues that she did not murder him in cold blood. Deimos says he was there and totally defenseless when she stabbed him in the heart as she flashes back to that night. Deimos asks if she’s remembering how she plunged the knife in to his chest. Deimos says he was an innocent unarmed man. Nicole argues that he broke laws to take her daughter and used her to get what he wanted. Nicole says she didn’t murder him but put him down like a rabid dog. Deimos argues that she played God and thought she got away with it but it’s over because now she’s face to face with the man that knows she’s a murdering whore and that she was never even charged or punished for what she did. Deimos declares that all ends tonight and guarantees that the punishment is going to fit the crime.

Eli goes to Rafe with the forensics team. Rafe informs Eli that the victim is Carmine Melino, the guy that shot Abe. Eli asks if they know who killed him. Rafe says he just came home and found him dead on his kitchen floor. Rafe thinks back to Gabi telling him to talk to Ava for answers about Carmine. Eli notices Rafe’s look and guesses he knows something. Rafe admits that he does.

Ava tells Tripp that they have to get out of Salem, because Charlie won’t stop until he gets both of them. Tripp insists that Charlie is dead. Ava repeats that Charlie is back and she saw him. Tripp tells her to calm down and says this is just like when Charlie drugged her and she thought she saw Charlie kill him. Ava insists that she wasn’t drugged tonight. Tripp feels it doesn’t matter as she could have hallucinations for years to come because the drugs stay in for a long time. Ava remembers her delusions back then but tells him that tonight was real and she could touch Charlie. Ava starts to worry about Allie and says they need to call Allie to warn her and tell her to grab Henry and run.

Allie tells Charlie that he’s not Henry’s father. Charlie argues that she can’t accuse him of rape and then say Henry is not his. Allie complains that he doesn’t even know Henry. Charlie blames Allie for telling everyone that he was a rapist, so everyone wanted him dead, and he died without knowing who his son was, but now he’s back and she can’t stop him. Charlie says she did everything she could to take Henry away from him so now he’s going to take him away from her. Charlie yells at her to get the hell out of his way as he storms to Henry’s bedroom.

Julie leaves Julie’s Place and is startled when she runs in to Kate as she turns the corner. Julie doesn’t know if Kate was coming by for a late night snack but they are closed. Kate says she actually came to see her which Julie questions. Kate says she was going to call but felt she wouldn’t pick up when she saw it was her, but she wanted to invite Julie to Thanksgiving. Julie jokes about what she would bring. Kate was pretty sure she wouldn’t accept so it was a painless way to extend herself. Kate tells Julie that she’s genuinely sorry for Doug’s situation. Julie thanks her but is sure she didn’t come just to say that. Kate informs her that she came to tell Julie that her cousin, Nick Fallon, is back from the dead.

Nick laughs at Gabi jumping out of her skin when he showed up alive at the church. Nick mocks Gabi and Will having their kid baptized when Gabi is a murderer and Will is gay. Gabi argues that the world is better without him. Nick remarks that she made sure she killed him the second time around. Gabi complains that he was trying to take her and Arianna away from everyone they loved. Nick calls it pre-meditated murder and flashes back to Gabi confessing to the police. Gabi cries that she served her time and paid her debt to society. Nick doesn’t care about society and says he’s talking about her debt to him because she shot him three times and got off on a technicality. Gabi argues that she paid in prison and then when she got out, Julie made sure she kept paying for the rest of her life. Nick says it’s not nearly enough. Nick tells Gabi that he survived the second time she murdered him too and now he’s back to make her pay. Nick remarks that the third time’s the charm.

Allie tries to escape while Charlie comes back out and calls her a bitch, saying she knew that Henry wasn’t in his room. Charlie grabs Allie’s phone from her and says the fun and games are over. Charlie demands she tell him where his son is.

Tripp tells Ava that it’s okay as Henry is in the Pub with Roman and Lucas. Ava wants him to call Allie. Tripp doesn’t want to scare her for no reason and insists that Charlie is dead so he can’t hurt her anymore. Ava repeats that she saw him. Tripp feels she just thought she saw him. Tripp wants to take her home, but Ava says she’s not going home because there is a dead body there. Tripp promises there’s not and says he will go with her to prove it.

Rafe tells Eli that what he needs to know is that there’s a possibility that Ava is involved in this. Rafe says they will know more when they get the time of death, but he thinks they will find that Gabi was with Jake at the police station when Carmine was murdered and that Ava was the only one home. Rafe adds that when Ava was running the Vitali crime family, Carmine worked for her. Eli asks if he thinks Carmine came to see her. Rafe assures it wasn’t to see him so he guesses that Carmine knew Jake was in custody, so he came to see Ava. Rafe adds that Gabi also thinks Ava is the one who helped Carmine get away after he shot Abe. Eli tells Rafe to hand over this case to him. Rafe says he’s just going off what Gabi said to him and it wouldn’t be the first time that she fed him a load of crap. Rafe points out that Ava said she was out of the mob, so she could be jerking him around too. Eli reminds Rafe that he will have to make a statement. Rafe then gets a call and informs Eli that Jake DiMera has escaped lockup. Rafe wonders what Gabi has done this time.

Gabi asks if Nick is going to kill her. Nick says that would be too easy as he decided if he ever had the opportunity, he’d want her to suffer so he has decided to kill her boyfriend, Jake. Nick calls Jake a loser and laughs at Gabi. Gabi argues that Jake’s never done anything to him. Nick calls it collateral damage because Gabi would live the rest of her life, knowing Jake’s blood is on her hands. Gabi begs Nick not to kill Jake. Nick asks her what if it’s already too late.

Nicole grabs a pair of scissors and tells Deimos not to come closer. Deimos asks if she’s going to kill him again. Deimos tells her to go ahead and do her worst. Nicole then stabs Deimos with the scissors. Deimos calls her a bitch and begins choking her, but he is weakened and collapses from being stabbed.

Rafe explains to Eli that when Jake and the cop didn’t show up to his cell, they searched and found the cop knocked out cold while Jake is nowhere to be found. Eli calls it a stupid ass thing for Jake to do. Rafe says that’s if it was Jake. Eli questions Rafe not thinking it was him. Rafe argues that it doesn’t make sense since Jake was cooperating and gave a full confession and seemed guilty that his gun was used to shoot Abe. Rafe adds that he told Jake to be patient and that things would sort themselves out so he seemed to agree. Eli questions Gabi. Rafe notes that he told Gabi to be patient, as if that would ever work. Eli wonders if Gabi would take matters in to her own hands. Rafe declares he’s about to find out.

Julie asks what Kate means by saying Nick is back from the dead. Kate responds that two trick or treaters from the Pub said they saw Nick tonight. Julie argues that they probably just saw another trick or treater dressed like Nick. Kate laughs off the idea of Nick Fallon Halloween costumes and calls him a psycho killer which upsets Julie. Julie tells Kate that instead of being hurtful and nasty, she can try showing a little empathy for a young man who had a difficult life and was traumatized by prison. Kate remarks that Nick then set out to traumatize Gabi in the exact same way. Julie responds that Gabi got her revenge by shooting Nick three times. Julie says Kate may not remember but Nick died in her arms. Kate says that’s allegedly.

Gabi questions what Nick means by saying it’s too late. Nick informs her that after he rose up from his grave, he went to the police station to find Jake. Gabi asks how he knew Jake was there. Nick says she’s getting caught up in the details and asks if she wants to know what he did. Gabi asks what happened. Nick tells her that Jake was being escorted to his cell, so he intercepted him, and it was done quickly. Gabi questions if he already killed Jake.

Allie refuses to ever tell Charlie where Henry is and says he’ll never be in the same room as her son agan. Charlie shouts that he’s his son. Allie says not in any way that matters. Charlie asks if Tripp is the father then and mocks her. Allie blames Charlie for screwing her up but says everyone knows what he did and no one attended his funeral.

Carmine’s body is stretchered out of Rafe’s home in a bodybag as Ava comes home with Tripp. Ava tells Tripp that she told him there was a dead body. Tripp apologizes for not believing her as they see Eli inside. Tripp asks Eli what happened. Eli responds that there’s been a homicide. Tripp asks who it was. Eli informs him that it was Carmine, the man who shot Abe. Eli tells Ava that he’s sorry but he has to take her to the police station for questioning.

Nicole checks Deimos’ body to confirm he is dead again and then decides she needs to call Rafe, so she goes to get her phone.

Allie brings up how Charlie is always whining that his mom loved Tripp best. Charlie tells her to stop it. Allie continues but Charlie screams at her to stop talking about Tripp. Allie says Tripp is everything a mother wants while Charlie is a loser. Charlie grabs her and screams at her to shut up.

Tripp asks why Eli needs to question Ava. Eli explains that Carmine is a former associate of Ava’s, who worked for her when she was in charge of the Vitali Mob. Tripp begins to question Ava. Ava insists that she didn’t kill Carmine and that it was her son Charlie. Eli reminds her that Charlie is dead. Ava responds that she needs to talk to Rafe.

Rafe goes to the police station and questions a cop about Gabi and Jake, who says he saw Gabi say goodbye to Jake. Rafe asks if he actually saw her leave. He confirms that she wasn’t there when they brought Jake out of the interrogation room. The cop says the other officer took Jake away in handcuffs. Rafe questions how Jake knocked him out and where he went. Rafe adds that Gabi isn’t answering his calls and wonders what the hell is going on.

Gabi asks if Nick killed Jake. Nick responds that he has an empty grave so he might as well put it to good use.

Julie questions where Kate gets her good news, reminding her that she was holding Nick as his life drained out of him. Kate says that must have been terribly painful for her. Kate agrees that it’s probably not true that Nick has been restored to life, but notes that he has cheated death before. Julie blames her, Gabi, and Sami for trying to drown him in the river. Kate admits he managed to crawl back out of the water but she thinks it’s highly unlikely that he managed to crawl out of the grave after being shot three times. Kate then points out that she did manage to do that, so maybe Nick pulled off the same trick. Kate says she has to get going and wishes Julie a happy Halloween as she walks away.

Gabi questions Nick burying Jake and asks if he’s dead or alive. Nick suggests asking Jake. Gabi then runs off while Nick remarks that he hopes she’s not too late.

Rafe answers Nicole’s call and says it’s not a good time. Nicole tells Rafe that she needs him now as she’s in her office and it’s an emergency.

Eli informs Ava that Rafe is at the police station so she can talk to him there. Tripp decides if she’s going to the station, he’s coming with her. Ava tells him no and that he has to go find Charlie if the police aren’t going to. Ava reminds Tripp that she told him there was a dead body here and there was. Ava insists that Charlie was there and says she has an awful feeling about Allie. Tripp doesn’t want to leave Ava alone. Ava urges him to just go check and prove her wrong. Ava points out that he won’t lose anything by checking because if he doesn’t and something happens to Allie then he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Charlie complains that Allie thinks she’s so smart and that she thought if she talked about Tripp, it would make him forget about Henry, but she’s not smart and he saw right through it. Charlie asks her one more time where his son is. Allie respond that she will never tell him where he is. Charlie sees that nothing he can do will get her to tell him, so he’ll just have to find him on his own. Allie says he’s not here. Charlie asks if she’s trying to send him away and then call the police as soon as he leaves. Charlie declares that he can’t let that happen so he’s going to have to kill her.

Gabi rushes to the grave to begin trying to uncover the dirt from Jake.

Rafe goes to the Basic Black office to see Nicole and says it better be good. Nicole informs Rafe that Deimos was here and he came back to get her, so she killed him by stabbing him with a pair of scissors. Rafe tells her that Deimos Kiriakis is dead. Nicole responds that he is inside, dead on the floor with a pair of scissors in his chest, so he can go look for himself. Rafe then opens the door and tells Nicole that she needs to come in. Nicole enters the office and sees nothing but a pair of scissors on the floor and no Deimos, leaving Nicole shocked.

Eli brings Ava to the interrogation room and handcuffs her to the table. Ava insists to Eli that Charlie came back, killed Carmine, and was then going to kill her. Eli suggests she needs a doctor. Ava begs him to send someone to help Tripp and swears to God that she’s telling the truth.

Tripp bursts in to Nicole and Allie’s apartment to find Charlie holding Allie hostage. Tripp orders Charlie to get the hell away from her.

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