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romance and then here in my restaurant today. And then I had what seems like a million hotel distractions to deal with. But now, you — you, my amazing husband, you get my undivided attention. Uh, there’s a call I think you should know about. Okay, a call from who? Cyrus renault. He wants me to visit him in prison. Hey, sonny, carly. Hey. Oh, hey. I cannot believe you are alive. Good to see you. Great to see you. So, you guys just got back? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we just, uh, got back last night. Oh, you were… traveling together?

[ Sighs ] Yes. Oh.

[ Sighs ] Thanks for doing this, spinelli. Oh, uh, your assistance with jason’s escape was greatly appreciated, so I’m happy to return the favor. Um, any success in sowing seeds of doubt in young spencer’s mind? I’m not sure. Spencer was noncommittal. If anything, he was defensive on his father’s behalf. Okay, w-well, I’ve — I’ve tracked nikolas to the pier, and I’m using a-a directional mic, so it should pick up any conversation there. Yeah. I just hope what I told spencer encourages him to talk to his dad and ask the big questions. Eureka. Spencer’s with his father now. Good. Okay. Why do you want to talk about hayden? She left port charles almost two years ago. And years before that, she was my stepmother. She was clueless about how to handle children, and that endeared her to me a great deal. There was a food fight, and hayden got caught in the crossfire. Why are you bringing that up? That’s ancient history. The bottom line is, is that I liked hayden a hell of a lot more than I like ava. And to this day, I still have no idea, after all these years, why anyone would want hayden dead. Well, if you wanted to get my attention, you’ve certainly gotten it. Can you get this bear out of my face? Oh, I thought it would make you smile, but have it your way. You said you had knowledge of something. I certainly do. And does this knowledge concern me? Only in the most important way. Austin, did — did you just say that gladys is heading to visit valentin? I sure did. Is that a problem for you, brook lynn? Brook lynn, what is going on? Is everything okay? No. What was that all about?

[ Obrecht grunts quietly ] Ohh.

[ Sighs ] Are you feeling better, liesl? I’ll feel better when you’re dead.

[ Panting ] You said a short swim. That was anything but short.

[ Panting ] Had to be done. So, this is it? It’s cassadine island. So I called back?Same state farm agent. Texted the next day? Same guy. Is that even legal? And get this – he remembered my name. Of course. Hey, blink twice if you’re in danger. Whoa, guys. At state farm, we actually get to know you. It’s called service. Come on!

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with vicks vapocool drops. You can hear both nikolas and spencer, right? Yeah, loud and clear. Wow. That mic’s really sensitive. I’m also recording everything. Well, good. Let’s hope nikolas admits to the crime. Come on, spencer. Trust your instincts like I told you. I know you were… fond of hayden. But as a reminder, she made her fair share of enemies along the way. The shooting, it — it was terrible. But fortunately, she made a full recovery. So you’re saying you’re glad she didn’t die. Of course. Even though our marriage fell apart, I’m still relieved hayden wasn’t killed. That’s all you have to say? That’s the story. That’s the story, but it isn’t the truth! Is it, father? I have no idea what’s upsetting brook lynn. I do know gladys has been more than problematic at work lately. Yeah, I heard you two talking about that. Ugh, I have never met anyone more entitled and less deserving than gladys corbin. Right. So, what’s her connection to valentin? I don’t know. Didn’t even know gladys knew valentin. It is very kind of you to stop by, but I am due in surgery shortly, so if you have something to say to me, then clarity is a virtue. Virtue.

[ Chuckles ] What a perfect choice of words. You really hit the nail on the head. I’m sorry. I’m not following you. I’m talking about your girlfriend and her lack of virtue. My girlfriend? Gladys, leave this poor man alone. He is scheduled for surgery. Yeah, he told me. And I’m not about to leave when I’m just getting to the good stuff. You know what? You will have to excuse gladys. She was just at the metro court knocking back manhattans like they’re water. She’s obviously drunk and clearly has a huge crush on you. I am not drunk. Exactly what a drunk person would say. Okay! Would you come — always so bossy, miss high-and-mighty. What gives you the right?

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. Remember, there’s private guards all over this island. Oh, this has got to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I mean, who invented these things? I’m sure it had to be a man. Your dry clothes are in here. Get changed. Aren’t you gonna turn around? I mean, it’s — it’s pretty dark. So tell me, what’s the last thing you remember? Being dragged from drew cain’s prison cell and thrown into mein own.

[ Grunts ] Then someone entered with a syringe.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, I was told you fought like a cornered bobcat. I’m glad you find this all so entertaining. After I was injected with whatever was in that syringe, the world went blank. But I remember quite clearly that you have activated drew cain’s conditioning. How like you to exploit your father’s genius. Well, I thought you despised my father. I’m confident cesar is burning in hell where he belongs. But no one can deny his brilliance. And now you’ve taken advantage of his work. Where’s drew cain? What have you done with him? Unfortunately, we never caught up to peter. But the wsb is on it. So, look, at the beginning of the trip, anna told us that drew was in fact alive, and he was being held in a compound on the island of crete. Drew’s alive? My god, you must be thrilled. There’s more to the story. Peter arranged for drew to be abducted. That whole plane crash over the gulf of aden, that never happened. That whole thing was staged. Where’s drew now? That’s the hard part. We have no idea. Well, anna saw peter shoot drew. Drew fell into the ocean and has not resurfaced. They’re looking for him, but they haven’t found him yet. Yeah, but drew has seal training, and he’s survived a lot, although there’s no proof that he’s alive. Yeah, there’s no proof that he isn’t alive, either. Alright. Listen. Jason and britt are in greece looking for her mother. Yes. You know that? We do know that. And we caught up to them, and we filled them in. So, they’re looking for obrecht, but if drew turns up, they can help him, too. The next time you say the swim is “very doable,” I’ll know exactly what you mean. What’s doable for you is not doable for the average person. It was the only way to get here and avoid being detected. We had no choice but to leave our speedboat as far away as possible. Yeah, but how do we get back to the boat?

[ Sighs ] I got it covered. Don’t get me wrong, I would swim the english channel if I knew it would lead me to my mother. What?

[ Guard speaking greek ]

[ Guard #2 speaking greek ]

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Pampers so, you guys, um, took a lot longer than I expected. Well, yeah, you know, one thing kind of led to another, and, I mean, we started in monte carlo and ended up in crete. Yeah.

[ Carly chuckles ] We hated giving up the search after having gone so far and getting so close. But I had to get back to scout and danny, especially since jason and the wsb are down there searching for drew. If they come up with any sort of information, especially if drew is alive, I need to be here for scout to let her know that her father’s coming home. Yeah. Yeah. I had to come back for rocco, too. Yeah. Uh, you know, I took the liberty of — of visiting my grandson, and he misses his dad very much. Mm-hmm. Well, that’s good. Yeah, we spent the whole day today together. I did the same with my kids. Did you? Yes. And I’m really glad that you came back and made the decision to be in port charles. Now we’re gonna go debrief over dinner, yeah? Is that what you’re gonna call it? Yeah. “Debrief.” Hey, c-can I have a minute with my son, sam? Just — oh, yes, of course. Carly: I will show you to your table. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Look, I, uh… feel terrible. I haven’t seen you much since you, uh, got back from nixon falls. Yeah. Um… I mean, now that renault is in prison, I mean, you can have the freedom to focus on other investigations. Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely a lot quieter here. Port charles is about a thousand times better without renault in it.

[ Guard speaking greek ]

[ Sighs ] We need to find a better hiding place. But where? It’s not like we can check into a hotel. Okay, follow me. Stay low. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself about worrying where drew cain is. You have plenty of your own problems to worry about right now, liesl. Where are we? Cassadine island. But you’re not a cassadine. Where’s victor? Where is victor? You know, he and I had a parting of the ways. Truth this, I have no idea where he is or what happened to him. But the only thing you need to know is that he is no longer available to protect you. And if it’s any consolation, I’m sure wherever victor ended up, he’s still pining for his dear liesl. I don’t understand. Why did you take the trouble to have me drugged and transported here? Why not simply kill me and be done with it? Because of maxie. When you said your fight was brook lynn wasn’t over, what exactly did that mean? I — yeah, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Maxie, can i ask you a question? You know, you made a point of telling me that me chasing my shares at elq at the cost of my medical career, that that would be a real shame. More than a shame — it would have been a tragedy. Okay. So…

[ Chuckles ] Is this genuine concern, or are you just trying to help brook lynn in her manipulation to get me to give up my claim? What were you doing in valentin’s room? I was there to tell that poor, dear man, that you’re a lying schemer who’s passing off some other man’s baby as his. Why the hell would you do that? Valentin’s having surgery. He should know the truth before he dies. Oh, my god. No one is dying, gladys. Dial back the drama. I’m not the one trying to pass off somebody else’s kid as valentin’S. That trollop would be you. Yes. But have you really thought this plan of yours through? I mean, if you tell valentin the truth, then — then your blackmail is over, your meal ticket goes away, and, frankly, so does your job. So if you don’t keep my secret, then you have no leverage on me. What does that matter if maxie and sasha are gonna question every move I make? Did you know they made me go back to work after I told you I was taking a mental health day today? So this really is on you, brook lynn. Get your friends on board, or I’m telling valentin everything. Spencer, where are all these questions coming from? Shawn butler was wrongfully convicted for the attempted murder of my former stepmother.

Mr. Butler did six years

hard time in prison.

Now that I’ve been

in jail a night,

I know how awful

that is.

So if you knew he was innocent

the entire time

and you didn’t tell anyone,

just tell me, okay? Son, listen to me. What are you doing? Don’t!

[ Water splashes ] Are you wearing a wire? Huh? No! No! Isn’t that why you’re

questioning me?

To record me

saying something incriminating about hayden’s shooting? No, you’ve got it all wrong, father! I am here confronting you so that you can tell me that you didn’t try to have hayden killed!

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[ Sighs ] You mean if my mother is drugged or injured or… she can’t make the swim? We’re not gonna have a lot of time to get her off the island. We got to move fast. How do we know this boat works? I don’t know. I’ll check on it. There’s a — there’s a gas can. There’s — there’s some tools, so…

[ Sighs ] We’re so close, jason. We have to find her. I —

[ Sighs ] I mean, with nathan gone, I-I cannot live in a world where besides my nephew james, peter is my only living relative. Peter drugged your mom and took her with him, when it would have been far easier just to get rid of her. He thinks he still needs her. You’re keeping me alive because of maxie? Oh. Oh, trust me. I would love to kill you. Preferably a-a long, slow death. Something similar, perhaps, to what you tried to do to me in that cabin — tying me to that bed, torturing me for months. Remember that? And when you dragged me to wyndemere stable, nearly burning me alive? I remember that. So tell me, liesl, what was it, you and nina — your plan to lure me to st. Lucia? What were you gonna do? Perhaps some more torture? Maybe some waterboarding this time? Much as I would have enjoyed that, my plan was to make it short and sweet. Oh, liesl, come on. I’m offended. What, no pretense, even, for remorse now? I loathe you. When I made the mistake of trusting you, you turned around and framed me for your own crimes. Now you want me to help you with maxie? Yes, but now I have a plan to win her back. And I can’t do it alone. That’s where you come into play. See, you’ve picked up a lot of expertise through your years with my father. In fact, you almost more than anyone know as much about mental conditioning as he ever did, yes?

[ Chuckles ] You want me to condition maxie to forgive you and take you back?

[ Chuckles ] Impossible. Oh, come on, liesl. This is your golden opportunity to extend your life, maybe perhaps even save it altogether. But it will require compliance on your part.

[ Grunts ] That should do it. Okay, should we test it? That’d be noisy. Valid point.[ Guard speaks greek in distance ] The guards are back. Yeah, they’re not heading this way. Spinelli tracked their patrols. They go from east to west, north to south. If they’re passing by, that means they’re not gonna be back for a while. So…it makes it safe for me to go right now. You? What about me? You have to wait here.

[ Grunts ] Jason. No, I was absolutely not trying to influence you into backing off elq. Okay. I’ve seen you around the hospital several times, and I think it’s where you’re at your best. Not like when you’re with the quartermaines. You are not your best there. So, if your lawsuit had been successful, you would have been stuck with this difficult, squabbling family business and not here helping people. So, yeah, I was happy when you chose your medical career over elq, and that’s not because I wanted a win for the quartermaines. It’s because I think you’re a good and caring doctor. At least you were with me when my baby was born. I was. Lucky me. You were so impressive. Here. I-I mean that. I — maxie, here you are in the woods. You’re giving birth to your baby, and you’re not panicking. You don’t seem frightened at all because you’re just concerned for the well-being of a child. All you cared about was your baby. I admire you. Don’t admire me too much. One of the reasons I was happy you dropped your lawsuit is because I couldn’t listen to brook lynn complain about you every time I saw her. I hated being stuck in the middle, and I like you too much to let brook lynn badmouth you. Maxie and sasha aren’t just my friends. They’re also my bosses. And they happen to be very savvy and smart businesswomen. There’s no way they’re gonna believe I gave you a corporate credit card for personal shopping and massages. Mm. Well, then, you should have done the right thing last night when I played you that recording on my phone. Yeah, I should have grabbed your phone and destroyed the recording.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, do you think I was born yesterday? I made copies of the recording and stashed them in multiple locations. You’re an experienced blackmailer. What a shock. The right thing would have been for you as a quartermaine heiress to pay me with your money. And sasha and maxie won’t be any wiser. Then I wouldn’t have to break the heart of that elegant, injured man in that room. Oh, valentin is so sophisticated, he even looks good in that hospital gown.

[ Scoffs ] Here. Take my credit card. I’ll call account management and let them know you’re authorized to use it. Now, will that buy your silence? For now. Hayden was shot years ago. She’s alive and well. None of this is relevant anymore. And you get to decide that?

I know that my stalking ava

was terrible and wrong,

okay, but you and ava,

you’ve committed

your own share of crimes,

hurt your own share

of people.

And neither of you admit

to any of your wrongdoings.

Even now, you’re trying

to do everything possible

to avoid telling me

the truth about hayden. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. My crime versus you trying to have hayden killed, which is worse? So be honest with me, father. Did you do it? Did you arrange to murder my stepmother? Like I said… hayden isn’t dead. It doesn’t matter. Let…it…go. Oh, my god. It’s true. And tonight’s winning numbers are 18, 18 55, 39, 71, and 43 we won! Yes! Noooo… noooo… noooo… quick, the quicker picker upper! Bounty picks up messes quicker and each sheet is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. I’ll hold onto that. Bounty, the quicker picker upper. (Jackie) I’ve made progress with my mental health. So when I started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia… I ignored them. But when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands affected my day to day… I finally had to say ,’it’s not ok.’ It was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. She said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults… while I continue with most of my mental health medications. (Vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington’s disease. Pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. Common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. Don’t take austedo if you have liver problems, are taking reserpine, tetrabenazine, or valbenazine. Austedo may cause irregular or fast heartbeat, restlessness, movements mimicking parkinson’s disease, fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, and sweating. (Jackie) talk to your doctor about austedo…it’s tim e to treat td. Td is not ok. Visit askforaustedo.Com. Do you know what this means? It destroys everything that I’ve ever believed about you. Spencer, you need to drop this. I’ll admit that at first, I was furious when you left me. While I tried to find justice for your so-called death while you were alive and well. But I can blame — oh, I can blame all that on valentin. I can tell myself that you were reacting to what he did to you. But all of this happened way before you had ever even seen valentin. It’s attempted murder. And even worse, you let shawn butler take the fall for your crime. There is no proof that I had any part… I do not need — …in what happened with hayden. I do not need proof. I do not need proof, father. I can see it in your eyes. You know what I do need, though? A reason. Why? Why did you do it? I really liked hayden. Why did you want her dead? Please help me understand, father. Oh, cassadine isn’t admitting anything, right? He’s certainly not denying it. It’s not enough, right? I need him to say it, not talk around it. He has said enough important words. I-I’m sure I could, you know, put a confession together, if that’s what you want. Well, can you guarantee that the cops won’t be able to detect that you edited something together? There are no guarantees. It’s not gonna work, then. There’s got to be another way to find justice for hayden. And for yourself, I might add.

[ Sighs ] I am so sorry about gladys corbin. She was definitely hinting that she had information on something. What exactly did she say? Something about virtue and my girlfriend. Oh. Like I said before, she’s definitely drunk, and she was trying to win points with you since you have a vested interest in deception, so… and how’s it going, working with her as your assistant? Honestly? She’s a total nightmare. So get rid of her. I can’T. Why not? Well, I’m working with her as a favor to sasha. She’s driving sasha and brando crazy. I actually feel a little sorry for gladys. You know, being a mother has changed you. You’re a lot more patient, generous. You’re gonna be a wonderful role model for our daughter. That’s a very kind thing you just said. I appreciate it. Well, you’re a good guy. Thanks. Okay. Now I’m gonna go see what got brook lynn so worked up. I’m just happy it’s not me for once. Yeah. Not this time. Right. Okay, I got to go, but the boat’s ready. Well, that’s super nifty, but I’m more interested in the fact that you’re taking off, and I’m supposed to stay here. Why can’t we both go? Well, because two of us approaching the house doubles the chances of us getting spotted. What is it you want me to do to my former daughter-in-law? You know I’ll never hurt her. I-I wouldn’t do that to nathan’s memory. The last thing I’d ever want is to hurt maxie. But she doesn’t trust me anymore, liesl. In fact, she doesn’t even want to be anywhere near me. But she would welcome you. So what I want is for you to convince maxie to take me back. Because deep down, I know that she still loves me. And we need each other. We need to be together to go search for our little louise. Even if I were to help you, maxie knows how I feel about you. If I suddenly start to sing your praises, she’s bound to be suspicious. Aah! Aah! You bitch! Aah! Walkie-talkie. I’ll radio when I can. Just keep the lights out, okay? In case you need it. Thanks, I guess.

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[ Both laugh ] Dating? That was good. That was a good changing the subject right there. Nah, we’re just, you know, I don’t know, decompressing after that search for drew. Ah, okay. Whatever you want to call it, look, if she puts a smile on your face, then, uh, that’s all I need to know.

[ Chuckles ] You know, dante and i have had our differences, but he’s a really great guy and a talented investigator. I’m really glad he had your back when you were looking for drew. I like dante. Ah! And you’re right. He is a very talented investigator. I’m just glad he was there to help me out. Hey. Have a seat, please. Oh, thanks. I’m going to have the waitress send over our best bottle of champagne. Uh, we don’t need champagne. No, that sounds good. I was just telling sonny it’s not that kind of dinner. Hey. I’m just really glad that you guys made it home safely. And I really do wish you the best. Thank you. Wow. I think carly just gave us her approval. I think my father just did the same thing. I mean, not that we needed it. No, we don’T. But it makes life easier. So? Yeah? The detective and the former con artist? Stranger things have happened. I know. Like you coming back to me. Doing a little retail therapy at the gift shop? Oh. [ Laughs ] Ah, they do have beautiful things. Bit pricy, but I just got a little bonus at work. Oh, that’s awesome. So, did valentin appreciate his oversize stuffed bear? I’m not sure. I might have misjudged his taste. Even though you’re family? Right. So, how well do you know valentin? There you are. I’ve been looking for you. Why were you so freaked out about gladys?

[ Monitor beeping ] Come with me. I have been trying to tell you about this all day. I was trying to tell you before when austin interrupted us with the wonderful news that gladys is here visiting valentin. Thank god I got there in time. Okay, why? You remember yesterday at the pc grill when we were talking about valentin? Well, gladys was recording the entire conversation so she could take notes on the meeting. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. She knows about bailey. She knows that peter’s her father. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. All she heard was that I dread the day that valentin finds out that bailey’s not his daughter. No, but that is enough to blow this whole thing wide open. If gladys opens her big mouth to the wrong person, that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the truth. And then she’s gonna know about bailey, and she won’t be safe from peter anymore. What are we gonna do?

[ Peter breathing heavily ] Obrecht’s escaped. She can’t have gone far. You find her! Find her now! Aah.

[ Groaning ]

[ Guard speaking greek ] Crap, where’s the pistol?

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Soothe your cough naturally. Did you know some deodorants may not last all day? Secret works immediately! And is designed to last for up to 48 hours. With secret, keep it fresh. Available in over 10 amazing scents and aluminum free. Secret I haven’t decided what to do about gladys, but I can count on you with this, right? Of course. I can’t have gladys blowing this up until I know louise is safe from peter. Well, we have no choice. We’ve got to do this, and soon. Okay, whatever you’re thinking, I am in. We have to stop her. Yes. Stop her dead in her tracks. Well, to be honest, I don’t know valentin all that well. Even though you’re family? Distant family. But I’ve always felt a special bond, a-a connection. Why is that? Let’s just say I like the guy, and I don’t want to see him hurt. Spencer, you barely know this man, and you allowed yourself to be manipulated by him? Why? Are you really so angry at me that you wanted me to incriminate myself? I didn’t confront you to get a confession. I came to you to prove mr. Butler wrong. To hear my father say that he didn’t try to have hayden murdered. But you never did. He’s all yours. They sure are cute together. Yeah, they are. You still thinking about renault? There’s something dante said that helped me make up my mind. And I got — I got to — I got to do this before it’s too late. I’m gonna go visit renault in prison.

[ Flashlight clicks ]

Tochter. Mother? You better have a location on that woman. Aah. Hello?! Did you hear me?!

[ Gun cocks ]

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