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Amanda: No word from abby?

Devon: Nope. Not even a text.

Amanda: Well, it’s understandable, you know, given everything that she’s going through. Not knowing if her husband is dead or alive, it must be torture.

Devon: I’m just glad that she hasn’t lost hope yet, ’cause if worst comes to worse and chance didn’t make it, I’m legitimately worried about what this is gonna do to abby.

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Hello? Abby? Hello? Sweetheart, what are you doing there? Huh?

Abby: Do you have any news? Did they find chance?

Victor: No. Not yet. I just came to check up on you. Why is the door unlocked?

Abby: I don’t know how that happened. I was just trying to do some relaxation exercises.

Victor: Well, sit down. When is the last time you ate something or slept?

Abby: Dad, I don’t know. I’m a new mom. I’m always hungry and tired.

Victor: Sweetheart, you need to keep up your strength, okay?

Abby: Dad, what I really need right now is information, and i can’t find anythinG. I need to know what happened to chance.

Victor: Why don’t you go to the kitchen right now and make yourself some hot tea and some toast?

Abby: I’m fine.

Victor: No, sweetheart, you need strength right now. Please do as I say, and next time, keep the door locked.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: So I texted abby earlier just to let her know that we were thinking about her. Thought I’d get something back, maybe a text, but, no, nothing.

Tessa: Well, let’s operate under “no news is good news” in this scenario.

Mariah: I don’t know if I can do that, because any lack of information is — it’s just gonna stress abby out more.

Tessa: I just wish that someone would tell abby that chance is okay and that he’s coming home.

Mariah: But what if christine said is true? What if chance is gone?

Tessa: That would be absolutely devastating for abby.

Mariah: Not just for abby. I’m thinking about somebody else. Poor little bowie.

Nick: I got all your favorites — eggs, bacon, strawberries, yogurt, some oj, freshly squeezed, of course.

Phyllis: So you’re hoping that I forget about our argument because you got yogurt and fruit?

Nick: Look, I’m not trying to use romance to dodge our issues, alright? This is just a small gesture on my part to say to you, “let’s work this out.” I’m not looking for a quick fix. I know it’s gonna take some time. So if we can just sit down and share a meal and get comfortable, then we can have that talk — you know, the real-deal talk, the nitty-gritty, no-holds-barred, because that’s what it’s gonna take, phyllis, for us to get past this.

Phyllis: Alright, I’ll give it a try. Oh, man that is wrinkly.

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Nick: I mean, this feels like a year ago, doing the exact same thing. We were holed up in this room, dissecting our relationship, wondering where we were headed, if anywhere.

Phyllis: Are we just going backwards and going in circles?

Nick: No, I — I think even the strongest of relationships needs to be examined from time to time, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, I suppose.

Nick: Phyllis, I don’t regret for one second the last year and a half of this.

Phyllis: I don’t either. I don’t either. But…

Nick: But what?

Phyllis: But we’re doing well.

[ Sighs ] Something is off, and I don’t know what it is, and, you know, it’s like we’re going backwards.

Nick: You really think that?

Phyllis: Yeah, don’t you? I mean, I want to get to where it was good. I want to be there again. How do we get there? I mean, do you want to try, at least?

Nick: Of course I do. Don’t you?

Phyllis: Yeah, of course i do. I mean, where do we start?

Nick: We could start with an apology.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I don’t have anything to apologize for.

Nick: Yeah, I — I get that. I’m, of course, talking about me. I’m sorry.

Mariah: If bowie loses his dad before he even gets the chance to meet him, that would be too cruel.

Tessa: Please, don’t go down that road. We should follow abby’s lead and stay positive. She’s certain that someone just made a mistake and that he’s coming home to her, so we should share that mind-set.

Mariah: But abby is so fervent in her belief that chance is still alive that it’s running her to the ragged edge, and it’s having an effect on bowie’s emotional state. I can tell.

Tessa: I’m worried.

Mariah: Yeah, we all are.

Tessa: No. About your attachment to the baby. Please don’t go overboard.

Mariah: Relax. It’s really not like that. I mean, naturally, if I’m gonna be worried for abby, my thoughts are gonna drift to the baby. And the possibility of chance being gone, I mean, it’s put a lot of things into perspective. It’s really made me appreciate the gifts that I have in my life. Like you.

Tessa: That’s very sweet.

Noah: Hey!

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: Hey, how are you?

Mariah: You’re running. What’s wrong? Is somebody chasing you, or…?

Noah: [ Chuckles ] I started jogging in london.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Tessa: Is that abby?

Mariah: No, it’s work. Holiday promotional stuff. I need to check in.

Tessa: You’re going into the office?

Mariah: Yeah, but I will catch up with you later.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Alright, I’ll see you.

Noah: See you.

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Noah: What was that about abby?

Tessa: Oh. You haven’t heard.

Noah: What’s going on? Should I call her or…?

Tessa: Oh, no, no. Don’t bother her.

Noah: Seems like it’s weighing on you and mariah, so if you want to talk about it, I’m here.

Tessa: Thanks.

Noah: And if you’re worried about confidentiality, you can trust me.

Tessa: Well, since it affects mariah and your family, you should know. It’s about chance.

Abby: Is he still sleeping?

Victor: Yes, adorable and very peacefully, you know?

Abby: Good.

Victor: I thought ashley was here.

Abby: She was, yeah. She stayed here last night and took care of us, but I sent her home so she could get some rest.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You get something to eat?

Abby: I did, yes. Thank you. I got a sandwich, and you were right. It’s gonna help me keep up my energy while I search for chance.

Victor: Are you searching personally on this or directly?

Abby: Yes.

Victor: Oh.

Abby: I mean, I haven’t heard anything from christine since before I told you what happened. I’m not gonna just sit around here, waitinG.

Victor: I understand.

Abby: Dad, look. There was an explosion at this building in valencia, spain. I found the location from reports online. A building isn’t gonna just explode without someone noticing. And there’s nothing on survivors or victims, but [Sighs] Dad, what little information I can find, it says that it’s the result of a gas leak.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Abby: But christine said it was because of a bomb. Look, I don’t care how it happened, I just — I need proof that my husband is alive.

Victor: I understand.

[ Sighs ] I have some news.

Abby: You do? Why didn’t you say something sooner?

Victor: Because I wanted to make sure that you had something to eat first, okay? Christine was right. This building did not explode because of a gas leak. Someone put a bomb in there after they found out that chance used that building as a safe house. And he and his colleagues were directly targeted. Nope

Abby: Chance’s undercover work was exposed. His agents were left vulnerable, but, dad, that doesn’t mean that anything happened to him. He could just be laying low, trying to protect of his team. I mean, that’s exactly what chance would do. He would be putting their safety first.

Victor: Sweetheart, his bravery has never been questioned. He is a tough, brave guy. Now, from my sources, I know that this incident, this bombing, is very high on the list of priorities for the state department. So while they’re still searching…

Abby: Searching — see, they haven’t given up.

Victor: Let me finish, my love.

[ Sighs ] Apparently, four of his colleagues that he was working with have been classified as… “killed in the line of duty.”

Abby: But, dad, chance was not on that list. He was not one of the four, and that has to mean something. I am telling you, he was not in that building. He’s probably safe somewhere, and when the coast is clear, he will come home.

Amanda: Let’s not jump to worst-case scenario. You know, chance is smart and savvy. Remember how he helped you nail colin when he was trying to steal your inheritance?

Devon: Oh, sure, I do, but i still don’t understand why he would bring a personally engraved watch on such a dangerous mission and risk blowing his cover with it.

Amanda: The watch was found in the safe house. He didn’t have it on him.

Devon: Either way, why are you gonna risk it? Why risk anything like that when you have a family to come back home to?

Amanda: You’re right.

Devon: And meanwhile, abby’s living through a nightmare.

Amanda: He has been gone a long time.

Devon: And the worst part of this now is I know that what was keeping her going was the idea of her husband coming back home. That was the light at the end of the tunnel for her, and if that’s taken away, she’s gonna need a lot of support from the people who love her.

Amanda: And she will get it, if it comes to that.

Devon: [ Scoffs ]

Nick: I apologize that things got so brittle between us in italy.

Phyllis: Well, milan was fun.

Nick: Milan was fun. Kyle and summer’s wedding was a blast. Then we got to tuscany, and my sister’s wedding, not so much. There was a lot going on with my family. Um…I took that out on you. I let my family get to me, and i wish I had never let that happen.

Phyllis: I appreciate that. Thanks. But I thought we were having what you called a hard-core conversation right now.

Nick: We are.

Phyllis: Oh, well, not — not really. I mean, let’s really be honest, ’cause things have not been great between us — I mean brittle, they’ve been brittle — for a while now. And we’ve been really out of sync.

Nick: When do you think that happened?

Phyllis: I can’t really pinpoint it, but my guess is around the time I went after sally and tara because of what they did to summer. And all you did was keep on giving me warnings. That’s all you did. That’s all you said during that time. You said, “phyllis, watch out. Phyllis, don’t do that. Phyllis –”

[ Sighs ]

Nick: But eventually, i supported your plan. I just was concerned that you were gonna go overboard.

Phyllis: Really? ‘Cause that’s kind of something I do. I go overboard. You know, it’s in my dna. It’s who I am. And you telling me not to do that, I just — I don’t get it.

Nick: I never meant to make you feel like you couldn’t be who you are. I just — you know, I was nervous that summer was gonna get hurt or that you were gonna get in trouble. I was just trying to be the voice of reason.

Phyllis: Okay, you know that’s never gonna work on me.

Nick: What?

Phyllis: Reason.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] We know each other so well. Too well. There are profound differences between us.

Nick: I agree with that.

Phyllis: I mean, nick, you had to have known I was gonna go after sally and tara. After what they did to summer, you had to have known I was gonna fight back. By you telling me not to, by you telling me to stop, it just goes against who I am. I mean, it was almost hurtful.

Nick: Well, you know how much my family means to me. They’re a big part of my life. I am very involved in their lives, particularly my sister’s and my mother and sometimes even my father. I’m not proud of that, but it’s who I am.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Believe me, I know.

Nick: Well, you took issue with that in italy. Do you honestly think that was productive?

[ Sneeze ]

Phyllis: Wow, you sound mad.

Nick: Not mad.

Phyllis: You’re not, really? Seriously? Because you were mad in tuscany. Did we ever resolve that? See, that’s the thing, that’s the thing is we have these little grievances, we have these little issues that we just don’t deal with, and then something else comes along and then it turns into a big issue, and we just ignore it and fix it by, you know, hopping into bed with each other.

Nick: I mean, that’s accurate. I’m amazed that method has worked as long as it has for us.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright, well, let’s not do that anymore. If we want to make this work, we have to do things differently. Have we just been taking each other for granted for the last year and a half?

Nick: No, I, uh… I always appreciate you.

Phyllis: Well, I appreciate you. I think that you like the fun, frothy side of me, but I think there are certain parts of my personality that you are not fond of.

Nick: This conversation feels familiar.

Phyllis: Yeah, I think we had it a year ago. And we agreed that we were going to let each other be who we are and accept aspects of each other’s personality. I think we agreed.

Nick: Yes, we did.

Phyllis: Yeah, but right now, we’re arguing about not allowing either one of us to be ourselves.

Nick: I — [ Sighs ] I mean, do you have to love every single thing about the person you’re with? I think that is unreasonable. It doesn’t matter how good of a match you are, there’s gonna be something about that person that you don’t care for.

Phyllis: Okay, yeah, I know, but those are little things. We’re talking about huge chunks of our personality that we’re not fond of.

Nick: Well, it never really seemed to matter until right now.

Phyllis: You’re always gonna be close to your family, aren’t you?

Nick: Yes. We’ve talked about that many times.

Phyllis: Okay, alright. I know.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Your relationship with your family is strained now. But you’re gonna come around like you always do. You’re gonna be sitting at thanksgiving dinner, laughing with them, as if nothing ever happened. You’re never gonna change. Your family’s never gonna change. I’m never gonna change. You know who I am. I’m reckless and I’m wild and I’m brash. So this whole time, have we just been skating around and ignoring every single issue that is bringing us to this conversation right now?

Devon: Gosh, you know what? We’ve been talking so much about abby’s situation, I haven’t asked you about sutton’s trial.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. It’s coming up soon.

Devon: I know it is, and I’m not very happy that michael’s trying to pressure you into testifying against your grandfather. I don’t think it’s fair.

Amanda: Yes, it may not be, but I have made a decision. I haven’t told you about it because you’ve been so consumed with everything going on with abby.

Devon: You gonna do it?

Amanda: Yes. I’m gonna take the stand.

Noah: I can’t believe it. Poor abby. I mean, is there anything I can do to help her?

Tessa: I mean, I understand the impulse to help, but abby is certain that chance is coming back to her. So until more information comes to light, I mean, there’s not really anything we can do. And please don’t tell anyone about this, even your family. I mean, unless they bring it up first.

Noah: I got it. Wait, who else in my family knows, though?

Tessa: I know your grandfather’s trying to help, but I’m not sure how amongst anyone else knows what’s going on.

Noah: I’ll keep it to myself then.

Tessa: Thank you. I mean, we’re trying to help abby, but, you know, she asked for space. I think she thinks that it’ll help her keep a clear head.

Noah: Yeah. No, I get that. Being surrounded by people, no matter how supportive, it — it can still feel like a distraction.

Tessa: I think for abby, she feels as if she accepts the sympathy, that it’s gonna make it worse for her.

Noah: Yeah, it’s a newman trait. We don’t want to accept help from anybody until it’s forced upon us, usually by another newman. She wouldn’t want to face the fear and sadness in everyone’s eyes.

Tessa: Of course. She’s worried. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Noah: I’m assuming, because of the baby, it must be especially hard for mariah, and not to mention, for you.

Abby: There’s so many doors and windows, fire escapes, so many different ways that chance could’ve made it out, and that’s if he was in the building.

Victor: Sweetheart, you make a very good point. Has nina been contacted?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Christine was gonna tell her. I mean, I wanted to, but christine insisted. I guess she’s, um, waiting for confirmation. There’s no need to put chance’s mother through what we’ve all been going through, especially when I know that chance is still alive.

Victor: No, I think nina ought to be informed of what’s going on. I mean, you wouldn’t want to wait here and be kept in the dark about what’s gone on.

Abby: No, you’re right.

Victor: So then, why don’t i call her?

Abby: I’ll call christine and tell her that she needs to let nina know.

Victor: Okay.

Abby: She’ll want to be the one to break the news to her best friend. Dad, we need to stay positive. We can’t give up. Chance wouldn’t want us to.

Victor: I agree with you. Okay? Come here.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Victor: You just remember, i will always be there for you, okay?

Abby: Thank you, daddy.

Victor: Okay.

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“The young and the restless”

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Devon: So you’re going to testify against your grandfather, huh?

Amanda: You sound worried.

Devon: You already know that I’m worried. I don’t need to tell you again why. I just believe that michael can win this case without putting you on the stand.

Amanda: I agree. Michael is a good lawyer. I know that he can make his case without my involvement, but i have to do this, devon. Sutton killed my father, okay? So I can’t shy away from this. I need to look across that courtroom and tell him to his face that I know what he did.

Devon: And I’m sure you’ve thought about this, obviously, a lot, so I support you, 100%. I have your back.

Amanda: Do you ever get tired of being the nicest guy on the planet?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I mean, you should know that’s a front.

[ Both laugh ]

Amanda: Oh, really? Okay, well, then if that’s true, then I guess I am a horrible judge of character.

Devon: No. I mean [Chuckles] I’m no saint at all. I’m angry at someone right now, and I know that it’s not justified.

Amanda: Who?

Devon: Chance. He’s put abby through hell. And I know it’s not fair of me to say that, and I hope and pray that he is safe and he comes home, but if he does, I’m certainly gonna let him know how I feel.

Amanda: Well, I really hope you get that opportunity.

Devon: Yeah, I hope so, too.

Amanda: You’re a really good man, devon hamilton.

Devon: I try to be.

Amanda: I can tell that you’re still worried. So why don’t you go? Okay? Go and make sure that abby and the baby are okay.

Victor: Don’t you cry. Everything will be alright. Okay. Yes. Yes.

Abby: [ Gasps ]

Victor: It’ll be alright.

Abby: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sniffles ]

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, don’t you cry.

Abby: I shouldn’t be around the baby like this.

Mariah: Abby? A-abby? Why was abby running out like that?

Victor: She’s just very upset right now.

Mariah: Is there any news about chance?

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] I don’t have time to explain, okay? Would you take the baby while i run after her?

Mariah: Yeah, of course.

Victor: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. There we go. There we go. There we go. Okay, thank you.

Mariah: Of course.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I think we’re being honest with each other. You know, we’re not fooling ourselves. Yes, we have issues. But I’m trying like hell to see things from your vantage point.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know you are. I appreciate that. I want you to know I’m checking myself. I’m not trying to self-sabotage. You know, I’m not trying to destroy this relationship. I want us to work.

Nick: Well, I think it says a lot that we’re, you know, trying to figure out where we are and how we got here. ‘Cause, despite our differences, you know, we mesh. It’s a push-pull relationship, and right now, we’re focusing more on the push than the pull, and the pull is that we love each other.

Phyllis: I’m looking at the big picture, you know? Usually, I can outweigh the good with the bad, but lately…

Nick: I think the one thing that truly matters is that we love each other and that we’re happy.

Phyllis: Are you happy? I mean, truly happy?

Nick: I mean, the fact that you’re even asking me that implies that you’re not. Are you?

Phyllis: I’m not happy. It hurts to say that. I’m not happy right now. Right now I’m not happy. And I think if you were honest with yourself, you’d say the same thing. I brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.

Nick: Don’t put words in my mouth, okay? I truly respect your feelings. I want you to respect mine, and don’t make me feel like I’m not being honest.

Phyllis: I wasn’t saying that. I wasn’t saying that you aren’t being honest with me or yourself.

Nick: Well, that’s the way it sounded, and if that’s not the case, then you make it sound like I’m not smart enough to understand what I’m truly feeling.

Phyllis: No, I didn’T. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

Nick: [ Sighs ] We’re in a rough patch right now. There’s been miscommunications and mistakes made, but the only thing that matters is us. What we have is amazing, alright? We are a lot more than video games and hot sex.

Phyllis: Of course we are.

Nick: Well, some people say that what we have is easy and comfortable, and I disagree with that.

Phyllis: Well, who said that?

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know what? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

Phyllis: Yes, it does. Have you been talking about our relationship with somebody?

Nick: Who cares what other people think, alright? What we need to do is focus on us and making this work. Can we do that?

Phyllis: Yes, yes. But you’re the one who brought it up. You said that somebody said that we’re hot sex and video games. I’ve never heard anybody say that at all, by the way.

Nick: Forget I mentioned it.

Phyllis: No, I’m not gonna forget that you mentioned it. Who — who are you going to for advice about our relationship?

Nick: Look, I don’t need other people’s opinions. They’re not helping. Especially when they’re coming from someone like jack who’s off waiting in the wings for you.

[ Door opens ]

Mariah: Hello?

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: Hey, what’s going on?

Mariah: Oh. Abby ran out of here and victor chased after her. They left me in charge of the baby.

Devon: Why did abby leave?

Mariah: I don’t know, but she seemed very emotional. Did you come to check on her?

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I did. Just wish there was something i could do.

Mariah: Me, too. I went to work for a little bit. I put out a small fire there, but then I felt compelled to come back here.

Devon: I think until we know something concrete about chance, we just have to hope for the best and prepare for —

Mariah: I know what we have to prepare for.

Devon: Yeah, I know you do. I’m just saying it ’cause it’s gonna take all of our support to help get abby through this.

Mariah: Yeah. We need to be here for abby as much as we possibly can. And for this precious little guy right here.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Chance. I’m gonna hold on to those promises you made the day that you proposed. And that is how I know that you can’t be gone. You would never break your word.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Sniffles ]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Come here.

Abby: I’m sorry.

Victor: Nothing to be sorry for, okay?

Abby: I’m sitting here in the park talking to myself, blubbering like a fool. It’s not my proudest moment.

Victor: It’s okay, okay? You’re feeling very emotional right now. It’s alright to feel that way. It’s alright to let it all out, okay?

Abby: I can’t do it in front of dominic. I mean, he’s so sensitive to my emotional state. That’s why I just — I had to leave.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: All I can tell you is that he will be alright. He’s a strong boy. He’ll be alright.

Abby: Dad, I know that chance is alive. I can feel it in my heart. So I don’t know why I’m falling apart like this, why I am such a mess.

Victor: You’re very upset right now, rightfully so. To live with that uncertainty about what happened to your loved one, I mean, that’s very understandable, alright? You just know that I’ll always be here for you. You can always lean on me. You can always come to me, okay? Come here.

Devon: Hey, mariah, you know that if you need to go to work and take care of things, I can stay here with dominic.

Mariah: No, I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything at work anyways, and I feel like i need to be here, you know, in case something happens. Kind of feels like a part of the pact we made when I first became the surrogate, you know? Have each other’s backs.

Devon: Yeah, I know. I know. So do I. And if bad news is on its way, i want to be here for abby.

Mariah: Yeah, me, too.

[ Knock on door ] Abby?

Devon: I don’t think she’d knock. Hey.

Christine: Hey. Is abby home?

Devon: No, she took off. Do you have any news? Frequent heartburn? Not anymore.

Phyllis: Wait a second. Our issues have nothing to do with jack. Nothing. Jack is just a friend to me.

Nick: This isn’t about friendship. I mean, he declared that he’s still in love with you to both of us.

Phyllis: Oh, who cares? Who cares? He was just being honest. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want the best for us.

Nick: It also doesn’t mean that you need to go running off to jack every time you got a problem.

Phyllis: Oh, my god, that’s not what I’m doing. I just go to jack for he– jack has been a friend, and he has helped me.

Nick: Right. Because he knows you so much better than I do.

Phyllis: Okay, you know what? You know what? We’re getting off topic here. This conversation is supposed to be about us.

Nick: Yeah. That’s what we’re doing, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, but all of a sudden, we’re talking about jack or somebody else that is whispering in your ear about our relationship. That is doing more harm than good. This is about us and nobody else.

Nick: Okay. Well, I need to know, are we together in this or not?

Abby: Thank you for everything.

Victor: You just remember, you’re strong enough to handle this on your own. And if you ever need anyone, you call me, and I’ll be right here, okay? Remember, you have a lot of people who love you. In fact, I see two of them right there.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Hey, guys.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Hi, christine.

Christine: Hi, abby.

Abby: Look, I don’t want to be coddled, so, um, just tell me. Why are you here?

Christine: This was delivered to the agency’s field office today. I…I requested that I be the one to bring it to you. It was found at the site of the explosion.

[ Sighs ] Is this chance’s wedding ring?

Victor: Christine, um, that doesn’t mean that that is his ring. He wouldn’t wear that while doing undercover work.

Christine: I thought that, too, victor, but it turns out he left it on. He adapted it as part of his cover story as a married businessman. Evidently, chance didn’t ever want to take off his ring.

Abby: [ Sniffles ]

Christine: Is this chance’s?

Abby: [ Sighs ] It can’t be.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

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Nina: [ Gasps ] Until this very moment, it didn’t seem real.

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